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SEVERN AND VYRNIEW FISHERIES. To the Editor of the Montgomeryshire Express and Radnor Times. Sir,-I noticnl in a io.;dl papfr of the 6th Septem- ber a paragraph taken from the Country Gentleman re- ferring to i;e Sal,noi* fishing iu the U.)pe.- Severn and its tributaries, upon wh.cii. I Luuid like to make a lew rem, rk". In the lirsi, place it would be madness to expect any salmon in th>* uppor waters ui a season such as we have had througu th ) List spring and summer, when there has burn no wa er to cart y a fish tonce March, uuless, as state i, they had arrived ;n the high watH of January and February. I think it unusual that thUiSb flusnes did not oring up uiore fish, at all events no tisii did com* whatever the Conservators may have said at our meeting. It is i idiculous to notice what is ""IJ at our muetifigs oil this matter by men whose feeling's are devoid of justice and fair play, as is the case up In ne pari of many of the lower repre- sent rtives upon the iioard. 1 dItTer ollilely from him as to the cause of the tciic ty o: fi-li in the upper waters being attribut- able to tliti scwagd of towns, such as Shrewtbury, Welshpool, iNewiowu, etc., they have always up to the priisenc tr-veilau through tne sewage of these towns, and if there were tnousands more of them al- lowed to come they wouid tu^Cjed iu getting to the upper waters. 1 fUll no advocate for allowing the settft-getubc ititt) ttie Severn, on the other hand I would ts ,0011 a^ it is pjesibluput astop to it, but 1 believe there are cities and tuwns lower down the river wi.ero the iarue quantity of sewage poured in may tend to stop tiie fiau i.seeuding, especially one tributary, upon wnicii is situated a tuwn from which a largv qua Uty of poisonous fluid is emptied from the different dye and c.iipet factories, winch I trust, may be stopped without further delay. Another reifou given for the scarcity of fish is the great ob- struction ofTrtit-d by tho weirs t,) their ascension. That is a mutter wli,eh tiaa been kept constant y b0- fore the B .ard, aud I am happy to say a good de.-I has bell done 111 that (iireutiOt; but etill there aie weirs which n^eu attention and alteration, and others where there ¡te'" no pamtis at all which should by all means liave b.^cu do.ie tine e-ataaier. But through ajuis cause or otiier nothing "eems to have betn done to remedy tnis d. awback, not omy as regards st:inoil but trout which ttave. up stream for spawning pur- poses as well as aalmon, and I urn sorry to bay that upon sums of our best trout streams tuere are some we.rsovir w hied no trout cai. get, but I trust by gradual andsteidy woik to see ail Ihe,e obstacles overcome, and the filling in .-hropkhire and Moni- gouieryslure bee .me something want it may re>eoii- abiy expect to be. The Coa..try Ge- tieman has not, I perceive, even st LlI tiw Savoni Conservancy Board, as he would be:01'd now nave found oui. tho real re«sou of scarcity of a mon up IL the upper waters in sotiSoiits whea water wouid carry them, namely, tho disgrace- ful over fishing in tun .owu-r wat.rs. How .s io pos- sible to cxpct salmon cO piss through or jump over 'L110Ud.l1oj" ui killing i:is„rument • ? All the Chairman of the Board has.aia it is miraculous how any fish at ail succacd in yts,iug them, such, I feel confiden is the real aud only reason for the scarcity ot nsu in M-ascns whan the \fa, e1: is pientiiul to bring them. The next g. eu.t question is, U tilt re no remedy for tlti.iJ state vi Hangs ■- I NVII-I b-igiuumg to think there was not, bu I am a iit-t e cuaug. av.e in my viewo iike Haii'jo Off," ami I aw n >w titginuing to per- ceive a, little light through tne dark cioud which lIa, s, long surrounded us. We b -gaa to make the win- ning bait dl R. out last tioara meeting by taxing ourselves to life tuuo of ¡;ll!e £:)U a year for the 1 good of f.t-a river in the way of increasing the duty UP,)11 rod iiceiistri L' 2- '1' nex^suggesnou I would mak:■ in tise luteiv. t of fir; r.ver is ( n,i L trust the p reprint.>rs of Shropshire and Montgomery shire will snow their sympathy wi.h me in rny a e, i r,. to improve tnese fisheries to tins txten-j timi they will go Lu the expei<i»e, winch is oni.y I of btakiug all forus running through their pioperty, which would be of more rKiietr- to dw river 11.11 putting on a dozen water bL.i ffs, bt.ertby ^i-e.-ervi. g the trout; aud -,liieL, fi ill t.S well as tha »ii«uiou iry, dv doing so, by putting oa a few more bailiffs, and not forgetting co qualify every qua-iSsci prvpr.el-oi- iu these two countus, we shall dm. V8i LCJ oar Mil) ai. i.embers of the Board iu each coil t., on tii • Severn WHO are uesirous of see- kig improve i tisnory, auo aieo u-si-ous of seeing jus- tice and fa. r piny ¡'ud,L(1 out to the j.e-/p.« of Salop and Mvn'ij-'Utery^h.vti. H, tins meuns an a this means only I beiiivo we can se..uro the majosity of votes.— Yours obediently, A MoaTaoiii.RtsHiBE CONSERVATOR. --+-




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