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LOCAL POLICE COURTS. CAERSWS,—MONDAY. Before Pryce Davies (chairman), J. Smout, Esqrs., and Capt. Anams. WILFULLY TAKING THB YOUNG OF SALMON.—, David Owen, river bailiff, charged George Blythe, Caersws, with the above offence. This was an ad- journed case, the evidence having been given at the j previous sessions, but their worships reserved judg- ment. Defendant was how fined 28s, including costs, or in default seven days' hard labour. TRESPASS IN PURSUIT OF GAME.—Edward Watkin, farmer, Llandinam, charged two Caersws men named Trow and Jones, and old offenders, with trespassing in pursuit of game on the 16th Sept. Trow appeared, but Jones did not. Witness stated that on the above date he was going along the road towards home and he heard some dogs barking as if they were chasing rabbits. Witness got over the hedge into a clover field and there saw the de. fendants. They had two dogs. with them, and they stated that they were only afur a rabbit. John Hamer, platelayer. Caersws corroborated, and Trow was fined 10s and Jones 40s including costs. There were several school oases which were dis- posed of in the usual way. BISHOPS' CASTLE,—MONDAY. Before the Mayor (Mr Councillor Strawson), Coun- cillor Greenhous (ex-mayor), and W. E. Garnott- Botfield, Esq. A BEERHOUSE LICENSE REFUSED.—MC J. A, Talbot, of Newtown, on behalf of the official liquidator of the Montjj9jjj £ ryg]1ire Brewery Com- pany, in liquidation (Mr E. H. Morris, Chirbury), I\1¥Q bt the mortgagees and the present tenant (Mr Edwin Jones), applied for a renewal of the license of the Unicorn beerhouse, which was adjourned at the annual licensing sessions on September 4th on the application of Inspector Lewis on the ground of the manner in which the house was conducted and the conviction of the landlord for permitting drunken- ness, also to enable him to give the proper notice of obj action. The service of the notice, as follows, was admitted First, that you have been twice con- victed against the tenure of your license, and that, having been so convicted, you are not a fit and proper person to hold such a license. Secondly, that the house was not required in the borough of Bishops' Castle as a beer-nouse."—Mr Talbot, at the com- mencement of the proceedings, took a technical objection in the wording of the notice, which he con- tended was not in accordance with the Act of 1869. In support of his objection he quoted the case of Regina v. the Justices of Merthyr Tydvil, and held thitt, the notice being bad, the migistratea had n? alternative but to renew the license.—The magis- trates, after consulting with the clerk, held that the notice was sufficient according to the requirements of the Act of Parliament, and over-ruled the objec- tion.—Mr Talbot asked for a note in writing to be taken, so as to enable him to appeal, if, aft,r they had heard the evidence, they decided against him.- Inspector Lewis then called John Williams, ex-police sergeant, who on oath deposed that he had been stationed in Bishop's Castle since July, lS75, till he left the force in January last, during which time he had known the Unicorn beerhouse, aud that the house had not been well conducted, and the character of the people that frequented it was bad.—Mr Talbot objected to anything being said prior to the tenancy of Jones, and the Bench ruled that the evidence must be confined to Jones's tenancy.—Continuing, witness said that Jones had kept the house about one and a half year. He had not kept it well, and was fined on the licensing day twelve months ago for permitting drunkenness, Ihere had also been a robbery from the person having taken place on the premises. Three hawker women were arrested, and one convicted. He had never spoken to Jones personally upon the manner in which the house had been conducted, but had told Mrs Jones, his wife. Jones had been tenant of the house about eight or ten days at the time of the robbery. He should >ay that it had not been a well-conducted house, and that it was not required in the neighbourhood. It was in a bad state of repair, and was not adapted for a public-house.- Nothing material was eLcited in cross-examination. Sergeant Benjamin Finney stated that he had been stationed in Bihop's Ca.-tie since February last, and that during that dune the house had not been well conducted. On the 2nd o' August the conduct was very bai, the landlord wi. the worsu for drink, and had u. bLck eye, and a tramping woman and some mea were allowed to remain on the premises for hours after they Iven drunk. On the following day he was inÎormtJd tht there was no one in charge of the house (Jones's wife having left him) and on visiting the house found ihe landlord, who was I ha worse for drink, asleep in tlx parlour and on the of August be had to take a. sweep who had bedl to the Unicorn to the lockup. I'here were also lour lull-licensed houses within 16J yards. There was i o accommodation, only a smali r labrB, and the premises were in bid repair, the drains being stopped up and the collar sometimes fUll of water. He was present on September -It whe i Jones was filled 2U, and costs, <1ud the license ordered to be endorsed, for permitting drunkenness on the premises on August 2nd.-ln reply to Mr Talbot, the officer said th it his chi f ground for ••bjeotion was that Joans permitted ul. Mr Talbot addressing the Bench, said that they ha i ruled against/him on his objection, and should like an expression of opinion from chem. As to Jones's character and the case of August 2nd, if they held that Jones was not of such a character as they could renew the license to, he would not waste their timj on that point, but would take their opinion and then make another application.—The Bench said that at present the only matter before them was in reference to Jones's case a)onc-Alr Talbot asked them nut to sacrifice the property, which would be a grea.t hard- ship to the mortagees, but to renw the lie; nse on Ilia (Mr T.ilbot) giving' an undertaking that Jone-i should quit the piemises in a month, and they would and a, suitable tenant wnoshall be approved of by th, police.—Mr Botfield asked if Mr Talbot was going to call evidence as to Jones's character, and received a reply in the negative, as he (Mr Talbot) had advised him that it, was uot necessary in accordance with the uoticj given.—The magistrates then retired, and on their i e: iirn, afler a short absence, the sai. the iicense was refuted on tho ground thst the, appli- cant had failed to produce satisfactory evidence of good ehiracter.—Mr Talbot was about to make u further application, wheu the Bench said that tho license was dead, and no further proceedings could be entertained except an application at nex:. licensing meeting for a new license.—Mr Talbot intimated that they should -.ap;,eal, and the Bench fixed tbi recognizances at two sureties in .£O each.—The license of the Castle Hotel was transferred from tbe executors of the LLte Mr John li. Pooie to Mrs Poole, thtre being no opposition. WELSHPOOL COUNTY SESSIONS — I'.iONDAT. Before Capt. Mytton, Col. Harrison, and 3. Powell, I E-qra. MAINTENANCE CASES.—In reference to the cas? against Alfred ,p,ake, who was charged at, the lass, Sessions with not supporting hi-5 mother, Mr S. Pryce said the defendant hid represented to the Guardians that he was not in a position to pay, and he had ascertained that this was not coriect.— Owing to a technical:y in regard to the service at the summ ms, the case was strain adjourned—Ev.ai Davies, of 33, Gilmore-lane, Bohon, was summoned in regard to the maintenance of his father.—Mr C 8. Pryce said defendant h.id written expressing his willingness to pay 3s par week, he had-,tho said he woul.l t,ak" hi f.tl:or to his ho!)¡o in Bolton, bnt he was afraid the smoke would kiil him.—Orde-* made foi- 2i Per week-—>2r C. 8 ag .in made his ap- plication for the appropriatioa of 'ho balance of tha rent of the pro party of the pauper lunatic John Williams, who was now at Bietoa. Af;<-r paying in- terest on mortgage the sum of j8U> would bo let", from the r>vopor' y. The wife was an able bodied ivou),tii.-M- J. Fortr.no corroborated, but the wife siid she was 73 years of age, arid had had eighteen children.—The ord-»r was nwie.—In tho ea-'e of Catherine Pryce a lunatic h the Bicioo Aavium, Mr C. S. Pryce stated that her husband had been in tho asylum ailea-t five times. The proparty, which was at New \1W¡;¡ was worth £;>0 10s. Tne Guardians asked for 7, 9d per week.—Granted. WELSiiPOOL BOROUGH SESSIONS,— TUESDAY. Before the Mayor (R O. Jonos, Esq.), D. Wall, D. ] P. Owen, W. Kogers, E>-qrs., and Coi. Twyford. DRUNK ON LICENSED PKEMXSES.—Thom-ts Ellis, land.ord ot the TM^ot Inn, was charged by e.c. It with being drunk at tne Talbot LIH un the 8th SiJpt.-1I M -irtin Wo isfam, Newtown, tlPIHflred for defe .d int—la stating his P. said that on t he }>0r0 dat;> he, in company wi; h P.O. Joues, visited the Talbot Inn, about ei^'ht o'clock in tne evening1 Tb*re w-.<s nobody in tho house, and witness rapoed and walked into the backyard, but could find not, dy about t.ne premises. He (I and corn, ma: cod knoc.ing on tho stairs. Defendant tnen (Ira.-ik. Witness said to hitu this i-> a fin- thiug leaving nobody in charge of the Di.'Vndant said "'if you want anything come otu in 'he Chelsea Lane, and I .-vilt s .on settle wuh you."—Mr Woosr.am It is a rather awkward stairs to come down.— Witness: I d) not think it is. liavo you ever beeli up it.-Wit. u"ss No, but I have seen ii Woosnani: Did yo-,i. No. 1 did not. — Mr Woosnam: Was tiler", any dis- turbance litre r—Witness: None Ilr YVoodii »MI How did you know he was drunk ?—Wifc- ness; I j ud ;cd by defendant's appearance.— Mr Woosnam Did you see defendant, have anytiid g to drinkr—Witness: I did not.—Mr Woosnam called defendant, who stated that he never saw the prose- cutor on the day in question and denied being drunk. Jones came to the house, but he did not charge him with drunkenness.—D. C. C. Crowden said that as the defendant contradicted the witness he thought it would be advisable to have Jones, who was away that day, and he therefore asked for an adjournment.—Mr I Woosnam objected to an adjournment, and saidithat now the police had found themselves in a difficulty they must needs ask their Worships for an adjourn- ment. They knew that Jones would be away, and they ought to have asked for an adjournment previous to the hearing.—Adjourned.—David Evans, High Street, was charged with being at the Talbot Inn under the influence of drink.-P.C. Rees stated that on the 8th September, about ten minutes to eleven he visited the house and found the defendant with Ellis, in the kitchen under the influence of drink. Defendant asked witness if he wanted anything to drink, and on replying in the negative he wanted to know what witness wanted there if he did not want anything to drink. The landlord was sitting at the time in a screen. In reply to Mr Woosnam, witness said that there was nobody else in the house. There was a half-pint jug on the table before Evans, but he did not notice whether there was anything in it. De. fendant walked out, and staggered down the street. WitnesF-, charged him with being drunk on licensed premises.—This case was also adjourned. Mr Woosnam applied for expenses. He said that it had been no fault of theirs that the adjournment had been brought about. He had been summoned there and his client had been put to expense.—The Bench did I not grant the application, WITHDRAWAL.—Mr G. D. Harrison applied for leave to withdraw the summons in the case of Grice v. Rogers for trespass, which was granted. DRUNK AND USING BAD LANGUAGE.—Richard Jones, Peuearth Mill, was charged by P.S. Humphreys with being drunk and using abusive language.-Prosecutor stated that on the 13th ult. he found the defendant being turned out of the Oak. He was very druuk and using very bad language.— D. C. C. Crowden stated that the defendant had not been before the court for the last twelve months, and he was fined 5s and costs. IN DANGER OF HER LIFE.-Fanny Morgan, Groe-, Guilsfield, charged Wallace Jones, grocer's apprentice, Hall Street, with assaulting her. Com- plainant stated that she was going towards Guils- field on the 13th September when the defendant came up after her and called her a lia. She had a basket of potatoes on her arm, and she threw one at the de. fendant but missed him. He then commenced to throw stones at complainant with such force "that she was in danger of her life." The stones struck her on the side and arms, and caused her much pain. —Defendant asked complainant if she was sure he called her a liar.-Witness, with emphasis, "Yes, you did."—Defendant said she hit him with a pota- too on the back of the heai. He had witness's to prove it.-Prosecutrix said she wished to call wit- nesses, but they were not at present in court, but would be in a few minutes; they had been summoned. —The Mayor said they would dismiss the case, and as he did so a person in the Court shouted out at the top of his voice that there were witnesses to prove the case. TRESPASSING.—Arthur Parry, of Berriew Street, charged Evan Williams, of Stanley St., with trespas. ing on his hay stack on the 13th and 14th September Witness stated that he had caught the defendant there several timps on the hay, and had cautione him previously. There were other boys on the LtRek, but defendant was one that was always troubling him. He had a large board put up on which was a notice cautioniog trespassers.—Defendant eaid that 0:1 Wednesday morning there were two tramps there, and it was not him that damaged the hay. He denied that he was on the hay on either date.—D. C. C Crowden reminded their Worships that thin youn, man had been had up about a mouth ago forobrfttuct- in the pavement, and the case was adjourned for a month to see how he behaved in the meantime. Hj was afterwards further charged with using obscene language.—The Bench fined him 5a including coils and the Mayor said that thay hoped that it would b a warning to lliiri, becuse if he appeared before them again thy should have to send him to prison. NEWTOWN, —WEDNESDAY. Before R.. Lloyd, E-q. DRUNK AND USING OBSCENE LANGUAGE.— James Woo 1, tramp, wos brought up in custody of P.O. UAv c'a and charged with being drunk and using obscene Ixnguage on the previous night in Brid»;v- street at 8 o'cLck. The constable r?qu^8ted defen- dant to go home, and he then became disorderly, and he WJS obliged to tak> him into custody.—Fined 7>3 6J, or in default seven days. Pr.soner went to gaol.





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