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JlfiaiSTKATION COURTS. LLANGYNOG. Mr C, E. Lloyd, Revising- Barrister, held his court fiere on Monday, for the parishes of Hirnant, Llan- rfaatadr, Llangynog, Llanwyddyn, and Pennant. Mr JEHU Roberts, and Mr John Jones, Llanfyllin, repre- sented the Liberals, and Mr Shuker the Conservatives. objections had been made by Mr Shuker to Oegapiars in the Llangynog parish Division I. list. Str; of these were sustained, one withdrawn, and one diMlløwed. Two married women were also struck Off Division III., and one ownership claim of the laerajo was not allowed. Two objections sent by 3tr Sbokec to Mr Ellis Roberts, Caereinion, and Mr -Edward Jones, Castell, had been received by them, ifeat got the necessary notices to the Overseers. Mr :Shnk,er produced th9 duplicates to the Overseers, whieh showed that they had been properly posted nud nil necessary formalities observed. The .Barrijoer struck off the names. The name of Thomas Wfttfcins, (C) Glanrhaiadr, was struck off the owner- ,ship Uitt, but the objection to his occupation vote tv" cwor-raled. Mr Shuker objected to two persons ,.of tfao name of John Evans, of Penybontfawr, and vjyofcti nsuE.es were struok off. Two mei: were struck ($10 Llangynog list, on the ground that their wee were the tenants.—Edward Evans, Pencaeon, ,w.geho,wed 2s. costs on the ground that no notice of ,WiAbdMWgJOf objection had been received by him. Tijomaa Thomas, (C) claimed a vote in respect of his 4emipgtioti at Tyny Fedw, Hirnant.—This case, after ,Male evidence was taken, was adjourned to Llan- ffHta, to give an opportunity to the landlord to attend, the claim was finally disallowed, the landlord "fsaar the caiman* father was the tenant, KXANFYLLLV. fj&a Tuesday, Mr Lloyd sat at the Town Hall to Mvfaa the lists for Llanfyllin, Llanfechain, Llan- i Meifod, and other portions of the county of 8lo&t&OB&ry. Mr Ellis Roberts and Mr John Jfoaw appeared for the Liberals, and Mr C. Shuker, at Wel3ipoo!, for the Conservatives. The Liberals .,&blodwd to the claim of John Greave for a vote for ,.j!8Ui Wr which he paid .£10 a year. Cress-examined "M»-JJr Koberts, he said the landlord paid tithes and s'• £ *« oat of -the JB10. Claim disallowed.- The v3Lib#e»l« objected to the claim of John Lewis, Cwm <sn. the ground that three claimed a joint Mr Roberts said as the father died with- mt will the widow would have the property. Mr Shiff"r aaid the widow and the two sons had agreed ù) b&XX&Q j nint tenants, and he put in the agreement. Ví)f;it zilowed.-The borough lists were then proceeded With, when Mr Roberts and Mr Jones appeared for tha Liberals, and Mr Pugh for the Conservatives. baeiuess was purely formal. JJANFAIR. 1& folemexrt E. Lloyd held his court at the Goat sSfotei for revising the overseers' lists for the ijHMtefreft of Castle Caereinion, Llangyniew, Llanfair, ..Sfooafoti, Llanllugan, and Llanwyddelan. The Con- iMtirattvas were represented by Mr C. Shuker, and -Itht,Uberals by Mr E. Powell, Newtown. In Llan- vrydd.41au parish one owner and two occupiers were labteetod to by Mr Shuker and their names were eactc off. The same thing occurred to four occu- piers ttt Listngyniew, also objected to by the Conser- ■VeUiVfM, whilst one ownership claimant and one iodgtee claimant belonging to the very same party wer,o uddad to the list. In tbe Manafon ownership itj» om&Meera had objected to the name of the Rev. EyuJeokins being retained on the list, he having Ibeaa deprived of the living by a verdict of the Con- Sistory Court. The rev. gentleman was present in -the rtwta, and protested against his name being 4cpaoted. He said he had appealed to the Court in liOttdafi ilgainst the verdict of the Consistory Court, Aad aafl hi" appeal had been heard, no privilege he at Maoafon ought to be taken from him. J^ofeins ased rather strong language as to the per- tgeeukfotvihe had undergone, but the Revising Barris- ltw mid he had nothing to do with those matters, but >3iatf&f && to whether his name should remain on the ,0W»ec*h £ p list. Eventually the Barrister reserved his <fcewion on this point until the sitting of the ,coa ft, a.t Welsh pool. In Llaufair parish the Liberals jJjjtrff Ejected to Edward Samuel as not being the tAaaotot a dwelling house. The mother of Samuel &pp&ux)d, and said her eon had been tenant since jinrtlf 1892. The rent book produced was not of a MLiie&^taey nature, to Mr Shuker sent a messenger <to landlord who wrote back in reply that the HOI, jHfci bsen tenant a year and a half. The objection was not allowed. The Conservatives had objected to Jlugb Evans as owner, and Evan Evans as occupier ,at. efie Dolau, but neither of these was smtaiut-d gw,aiulowlierdhip claims wero auowed as well as two Cnue&f votiveoccupation claims. In Ca-tioCacreir,.iOL puw.1t the Conservatives had marie several objection!- go (),wnErs an(I persona on Division 1, ()lDe ot wis eh qr&t-- tofitamed. Thomiv Davios, ianyrhafod, Wtl •tftijstifed to and struck off. WELSHPOOL. Mt" Clement E, Lloyd held his last Court in Jlriwfcjfftmery.shire at the Town Hall, Welshpool, on Mr C. Shuker represented the Conrerva- Mr Edward Powell, Newtown, the Liberals, ia tfaiisfivld par si! the Conservauvea objected to .J(#f.v.t Bvati6 and \Yi;¡Ü<m Griffiths, they having reo from the boiough dui-iug the year. Their im&stfo wane transft-rred to Divisi- n 8. The name of Jlieh ir't /ouee, Red Bwlch. was al.-o struck off. I: :LHgt(Jn parish the claims of Thoa. Corbett and Ja-11pb. Eaton for occupation in succassion were /sUtttvod. as well as two other Conservative claims in Jh township. Mr John Bedaow claimed foi kigaaa Rouse, Trewern, but Mr Scuker showed that iiff WOO acting as bailiff, and paid no rent for the IKNW. His claim was therefore allowed in Division tfaveral Conservauve ownership claimants i; and Buttii gion parishes were allowed I tote* «r;thoat objfctioi:, and the objection made by 4± 16 t/ibe>eal<i <« JB.lward Needle WMS withdrawn. The .<?-.j! £ t*crvativG* mado 16 claims, and sustained 13 fHfuis funr objectioiiS, all of which were allowed. T hi Jjibei-ols mad" five claims, and sustained 4. The ou-servative ga. n wat, 10.








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