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BOARDS OF GUARDIANS. FORDEN,—WEDNESDAY. Present: Col. Harrison, presiding, Mr W. Rogers, vice-chairman, Rev. J. S*w»*r, ex-officio, and Messrs. Samuel Miller, Wm. Price, Pryoe-Jones, E. R. Owen, Berriew. W. E. Jones, Chirbury, T. Rogers, Forden, J. Davies, Landysail, E. James. Montgomery, R. Section, D. tfowell, Trelyaton, Joseph Middle, Worthen, and C. S. Pryoe, clerk. AN UNCAPHED CHEQU-N. The Clerk said that there was a cheque drawn in 1883 tor a woman named Mary Preaoe amounting to 17s 61. The amount had not been claimed at the oank, and it had been carried over from year to year. Mr Price asked who she was. The Clerk eaid he believed she was a cook in the House. Col Harrison said that if she had any claim against them she would make it. It was dec ded that the treasurer be debited with the cheque and a special minute made of it. STATISTiC. The following amount has been expended in out relief dnring the pa.t fortnight, £ 34 7.. 8d, as fol. lows:—Per Mr k. Tomley, Montgomery district-, X12 18s 2d to 82 recipients; per Mr J. Fortune, Welshpool, .21112% 10,1 to 71 recipients per Mr J. Oliver, Worthen, JBIO 2s 8d to 69 rec pients. Amount in treasurer's hands, £ 1,02417s 4d. Number in the House during the fortnight 103, against 93 during tho corresponding period of last year. Number ot tramps relieved during thu past fortnight 185 against 99 last year. APPOINTMENT OF SCHOOLXTSTREBS. The Clerk said that an advertisement had appeared in the locil papsrs applying for a schoolmistress He said that with regard to this application and others of the kind they should not be opened but by the Chairman (hear, hear), and he thought they ought to adhere to the rule. Mr Pryce-Jones asked what the duties of the schoolmistress were, and whether she had to do any rough work. The Chairman read tha requirements. The applicants for the situation were ELhal Jeiman, of Llanidloes Giandwr School, and Mary Ann Daviea. the present governess, who stated in her letter that she had mJode up her mind since she sent in her resignation to remiia as governess if they would allow her. The Uuirdians went into com- mittee on the mattst and decided to re-appoint Miss Davies. zaTmATBS. The Finance Committee presented its estimates for the next half-year. The charges amounted to £ 2,605, while the credits were £ 835, leaving £ 1,770 to be raised. This sum represented nominally a rate of 3f 1 in the £ but a sum of .£129, which the Salop County Council had paid during the current half-year instead oi next, had reduced the estimated receipts by that amount. The common charges woula there fore, when the credit balance was apportioned, rep- resent ab/mt 3id, the same rate as last year. Mr W. Rogers proposed, and Mr James seconded, and the eport was adopted. STONE BREAKING. Mr James, on behalf of the Committee, reported that six tons of stone had been purchased for break- ing by the tramps. It was decided to write the Conuty Surveyor asking what price he would giv<- for the stone when broken. The master reported that he had started the tramps on the stone-breaking task, alloting two owt. to be broken by each man. M ACHYNLLET H,- WEDNESDAY. Present: Measrs E. Hughes, Aberfrydlan, chair. man John Roes, Towyn; Ellis Hughes, Cemmes; W. H. Jones, Aberdovey; John Rowlands, solicitor, Machynlleth; John Owen, Towyn; Owen Edwards, Scuboryeoed; Mr D. Evans. clerk; and Mr D. Morgan, assistant clerk. STATISTICS. Out-relief administered during the past fortnight, Machynlleth district, per Mr J. Jones.. £ 23 4 to 95 panoers, a decrease of 4a lOd in relief, and of five paupers; Pennal district, per Mr Wm. Jones. .£27 14 to 96 paupers, a decrease of .£19:! 10d in re- lief, and of one pauper; and Darowen district, per Mr D. Howell, .£43 lis 9d to 164 paupers, a decrease of 9s lid in relief and of one pauper. Number in tbe house, 42; last year, corresponding period, 33; vagrants relieved during the past fortnight, 60 'ast year, corresponding period, 78. THE HOURK. The Master reported that the Marchioness (D) of Londonderry called at the House on September 25th and presented the inmates with tickets for admit- tance to a cantata which would be given in the town on Thursday. The Master applied for a gas lamp to be fixed in front of the House. The matter had been before the Board last year, but had been allowed to dr Jp inasmuch as it was intended to place a lamp opposite the House on the High-road.—It was re- solved to have a lamp erected at the entrance door.




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