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HARVEST FESTIVALS. LLANGURIG. CALVINISTIC METHODIST CHAPEL.-Harvest, Thanksgiving meetings were held at the above chapel on Monday. Addresses were delivered by Messrs Lewis Owen, R. Evar.s, Peneae, Price Owen, and the Rev R. H. Jones. At the afternoon service a sum of X124s6cl was collected. There weralaige congrega- tions throughout the day. VELINDRE. BAPTIST CHAPEL.—On Monday the harvest thanksgiving services were heid in the above cbapul, which was crowded, the Rev David Davies, of Maesyrhelen. being the preacher. Three service were held. The Rev W. G. Mansfield conducted the devotional part of the services Mr J. Griffiths con- ducted the singing; Miss L. Reese presided at the organ, and the usual collections were made. BURKIEW. WESLEYAN CHAPEL.—The harvest thanksgiving services in connection with the above chapel took place on Tuesday. At 3 p.m. the Rev W. G. Dawson preached, and in the evening a well attended public meeting was held, presided over by Mr J. R. boffcy, and addressed by Revs W. G. Dawson, R. W. Lowry (Montgomery), Mr W. J. Davies, and Mr Ed wares, Weishpool. Tbe chapel was tastefully decorated by the young ladies of the congregation. LLANFYLLINT. NONCONFORMISTS.—Harvest thanksgiving services were held in the different chapels on Thursday even- ing and Friday. On Thursday a service was held at Pencre Chapel, and on Friday at the Baptist, and in the afternoon at the Calvinistic Methodist, and in the evening at the Wesleyan chapels. The shops we-e closed during the whole day on Friday. The services were all largely attended. Special hymns were 6ung by the choirs. Collections were made on behalf of the British School Funds. LLANLLUGAN. PARISH CHURCH—Harvest thanksgiving services were held on Wednesday. The sacred euifice was beautiluliy decorated for the occasion by Mrs WiLialOB, the Vicarage Mrs Beddoes, Mra Tymm, Mrs Tomlinson. and Miss Johnson. The English sermon was preached by the Rev D. James, Llanfair; the Welsh sermon by the Rev J. Thomas, rector of Llanwyddelan. Harvest hymns were sung, and accompanied on the harmonium by the Vicar. Mies Johnson sang a solo, Angels ever bright and fair," in excellent style. LLANWRIN. Harvest festival services were held by the Cal- vinistic Methodists ot this place on Monday, Sept. 25th. The services consisted d prayer meetings in the morning and afternoon, whilst in the evening the Rev. Mr Williams, of Mallwyd, delivered a very powerful and appropriate sermon, founded on the 14th and 15th verses in the 50th Psalm. The evening; meeting was particularly well attended, many friends from other denominations being present, and we are pleased to learn that the rev. gentleman's sermon was very highly appreciated. The ingathering of the har- vest still remains to be celebrated by the Indepen- dents and Churchmen of the neighbourhood. LLANMEREWIG. PARISH CHURCH.—J he harv.se festival service took place at the above chnrch on Sept. 22nd. Two services were held. A celebration at 11 a.m., and tall choral evensong at 7 p.m., which was well; rendered by the choir, when the preacher, the Rev A. E. H. Hylop, vicar of All Saints, Cardiff. delivered an eloquent and earnest address. Both services were well attended, at the latter there was a crowded congregation. The Misses Owen, of Fron., fraith, with their usual generosity, had given hand- some altar lights and a beautifully embroidered, super-frontal, which were UBed for the first time on tnis occasion. On the day previous to the festival a band of church workers undertook the decorations. Their efforts were crowned with success, the beautiful, flowers, fruits, autumn loaves, and berries, looking most effective in their arrangement. LLANWNOG. BETHEL CHAPEL.The thanksgiving services wcie held in the above chapel on Wednesday. I he congregation was large. Miss Morris presided at harmonium, and the Rev Mr Hughes, of Carno, officiated. PARISH CHURCH.—The thanksgiving services were held on Wednesday in the above church. The oon- j gregations at both services were large, especially at i the evening one. The preachers for the occasion I were the Rev Mr Prothercoe, vicar of Penstrowed, and 1 the Rev T. Hashes, vicar of Llaugurig. The I officii tint? clergy were the Rev Mr Edwards, and the Rev J. Hughes, curate, the Viear of the parish, the Rev D. Parry reading the first lesson. The singing throughout was very good, the anthem being "Thou visitest the earth and blessast it," and Mr Williams, I Carno, played the orgfin. The church was elegantly decora t'Ô, and the offertories were lor the Bangor Church Extension Fund. LLANDINAM. PARISH CHURCH.—The harvest thanksgiving ser- vice was held in the above church on Friday. The service commenced by singing Come, ye faithful people, come." The Rev Mr Williams, St. Harmon*, intoned the prayers and litany iu the afternoon. The sermon wan preached by the Rev Mr Vaughan, curate of Llanbryumair. In the evening the service was intoned by Rev Jonathan Hughes, Caersws, and the preacher was the Rev Mr Jones, vicar of Carno. The anthem < sung was the Magnificat." The churjh was tastefully decorated by Mrs M. Jones, The Vicarage; the Misses Beadnall (2), of Tyddyn j Hall; Misses Hauier (2), Llandinam Hall; Misses Evans (2), Getlydowel.; Mrs Davies, The Cottage Misses Kees (2), Lion lnll; Mr and Mrs H. and John Rees, and Mr and Mrs Edward Morgan. Fruit, fl jwers and corn were sent by Mr and Mrs W. Savage, oi Glaaveinion Mr Devereaux Prvceand Mr Davies, Maestnawr Capt. and Mrs Evan Kinney, Maesmawr; Mr and Mrs Himer, Llandinam Hall; and others. There was a goad attendance at both services, and the collections will be divided between the Mont- gomeryshire Infirmary and the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. DOLFOR. PARISH CHURCH.—i'he usual festival services were held on Friday week, and were in every way as successful and enjoyable as ever. The usual large concourse of visitors streamed into the village, and at the last service mtny were unable to gain even standing room in the church. The Vicar intoned litany and evening service in an excellent manner. The preacher was Rev Prebendary Williams, M.A.. Abeiy&tvvyth, who delivered very earnest and appro- priate sermons. The Rev J. Edwards, formerly rector of Penstrowed, also took part in the services. The singing showed an improvement, more attention being paid to the proper expression, etc. The anthems were Dr Stumer's beautiful, but difficult composition, Ye shall dwoll in the land," and Simper's jubilant anthem, All thy work shall praise Tnee." The bass and soprano solos were taken efficiently hy Mr Albert Williams and Miss Pughe Morgan. Some old friends—Mr William Francis, Mr John Morgan (choir master. Pentre Baptist Chapel), land Mr D. Morgan, Nyodd-as usual, joined the choir; nnd it was very pleading to see Baptists, Wesleyans, an:) Methodists assisting in numerous ways to make the festival a united service of praise. The church presented its customary handsome appearance. A miniature c' .rn rick, nicely con- structed by Mr Jones, Penybank, was an admired novelty. Splendid wreathiug of oati, numerous crOllsed and designs, etc., were sent by Mrs Jones, Plasmados; Miss Jones, Cider House; Mibs Jones. Cefnperfa; Mrs Jones, Smithy; G. A. Haig, E-q., f enithon Hall; Miss Davies, D«lfor Inn Mrs Morgan, C-moorn Mrs Hughes, Hollybank; -Miss Jamdrell, Old Court; Mrs Richards, C Nm.male Miss Jones, Dolfor Hall; Capt. Pryce-Joness, Mr T. W. P. Morgan, Mrs Powell, Genauhafod; Miss Pryce, Caelydan; Miss Kinney, Dingle Mr Morgan, Puilperran; Mr Davies, Tycornel; Mr Jones, Weeg; Mr Jones, Cwmdu; Mr Hamer, Brynbedwen; Mr Watson, Ty-ty-llog Mus Rees, Glaacce-i School Children, etc. The tea was well patronised. At the tables, presiding and assisting, were Mrs Pughe Morgan, Vicarage Mra and the Misses Jon-a, Peny. bank; Mrs Powell, Cwm Miss Lloyd, Mill; Miss Edwards, Newtown; Miss Jonps, Hall; Miss Jones, Voel; Mra Powell, Genaahafod; Miss Jones, The Farm; Mifls Owen, Mrs Smout, Mra Watson, and Mrs J. Morgan. Mra Williams and Mrs Cieaton efficiently managed and supervised the whole. Feare were entertained that difficulties would be enooun. tered in the water supply, but thanks to Mr Jandrell, Old Court; Mr Morgan, Labour-in-Vain; Mr Wil- liams, etc., etc., all went off splendidly. Mr R Jones placed his field at the disposal of the little ones, who were well looked after, and tightly stuffed with cakes, apples, money, etc., by Mr and Mrs Rees, Glascoed; Mr Corfield and otherll. The squire of the parish was not present, yet he did not forget the children, and kindly sent cash, and also promised a money reward to every scholar who attends regularly. As it is intended in a few days to open a Post Office Penny Bank in school, many no doubt will receive something substantial towaras deposits. The collec- tions were for the new b8.itinlf apparatus fund, and amounted to Y.5 or .£6, which will be inoreased by Lhe offerings at the Sunday services. Mr Macron* presided at the organ in his usual masterly style, ROSEGROVE. PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL.-The, harvest )festival was held on Sunday and Monday, September '24th and 25th. Sermons were preached by the Rev G. Rennison. The decorations were carried out in a modest and tasteful manner by Mrs Boughtwood and Mrs Hart. LLAITHDDU. Thanksgiving services were held on Thursday, the 21st inst. The morning service was a prayer meeting. In the afternoon and evening were preaching ser- vices. The preacher was the Rev. D. S. Evans, of Bwlchsamau. The services were well attended and the people listened to two excellent sermons from the preacher. MAESYRHELEM. Thanksgiving services were held on Wednesday, the 20th Sept. A prayer meeting was held in the morning. The afternoon and evening were preaching services, the preicher being the Rev. J. A. Thomas, of St. Melion's, Cardiff. The chapel was crowded at both services, and the preacher was listened to very attentively by the people. LLANIDLOES. ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL.-The services wrr held on Sunday and Monday, September 24th and 25th. Sermons wero preached on Sunday morning and evening by the Rev F. Hunter. and in the afternoon, addresses were delivered, interspersed with solos and recitations by Miss Mary Mills, Misr, o E. A. Morgan and Mr D. Davies. The chapel was neatly decorated with the season's fruits and flowers, and large congregations attended. A prayer meeting was held on the Mond iy, after which tbb sale of the vegetables etc. was held. SARN. Harvest thanksgiving services were hell. in the Sara Baptist Chapel on Wednesday, September 20th when two excellent sermons were preached by the Rev. T. E. Williams, of Newtown. The rev. gentle. man based his afternoon discourse upon Matt xivii., 45-53. and showed the icfluenoe of Christ's dea h on the old dispensation, as shawn by the rending of the veil; second, on the material world, as shown by the rending of the rocks, darkness, Ac.; third, on the world to come, as shown by the resurrection of the saints. In the evening he took three texts-John i., 42; Acts v., 15; and Hebrews xi., 4. PENSTROWED. Toe harvest festival was held on Sunday afternocr at the pretty Church of St. George's, which was tastefully decorated for the occasion with c')rn, flowers, fruit, vegetables, &c., seat principally from the Rectory, Glanhafren, Glandulas, Ffrydd, and Dulas Cottage. Mr Howcroft sent a neatly made miniature corn stack. The Rev. J. Edwards, late rector of the parish, preached an eloquent sermon to a crowded congregation. The service was taken by the Rev. R. L. Protheroe The singing was excellent under the leadership of Mr W. Brown, Ffrydd. Mrs Protheroe presided at the organ. LLANWYDDELAN. The festival was held at the parish church on Thurs- day week. The church was decorated with corn, fruit, ferns and flowers,by the Misses Thomas, assisted by several friends. The choir, accompanied by Mitis J. Thomas, rung the anthem," 0 Lord how mmifoiri" with spirit and energy, and the chants and hymns were heartily sung by the choir and congregation. The English preacher was Rev. V. Jones. rector of T,egynon, and th- Welsh preacher was the R-v T. James, Llanftiir, who both kept the large congrega- tion spell bonnd for about, eighty minutes. The col- lection was for church expenses. MONTGOMERY. CALVINISTIC MSTHODISTs.-The Thanksgiving service was held on Thursday evening. The Rev T. C. Jones, of Welshpool, preached, taking as his text Mark vi, 42, "And they did all eat and were filled." I The collection made at the close realised X10 16s. WESLEYAN CHAPEL.—A special service was held in the VVesieyan Chapel on Thursday evening in thanksgiving for the harvest safely gatnered in. The chapel was tastefully decorated with fruit, etc., on* noteworthy feature being a fully ripened head of maiza grown in the adjoining garden. Mr Robert Grindley, of Welshpool, occupied the chair, and the ¡ speakers who deiivpred addresses were the R v Goodhugh Dawson, Rev Bi. W. Lowry, Messrs W. J. Davies, Welshpool; T. James, Rhiston T. Basnett, Welshpool; and Richard Owen, Bacheldre. A col- lection was taken at the close. Miss Jennie Evans, presided at the harmonium. FRON. The harvest festival was held on the 22nd. Sept. Thectinrch bad been decorated by MissM. Williams, Miss Hannah Roberts, Miss Alice Beedlee, Rev. J. Beddoes, Mr George Davies. and Mr b. Smilh. Tomatoes, marrows, asters, barb.)rries, &c., were s nb from Glanhafreu grapes geraniums, asteis, &o., from Garthrnyl hall, grapes, from Mr Talbot, Croesawdy, Newtown, wheat, barley, and oats from Mr Watkins, Red House, apples from Mrs. A. Davies, Mrs Pryce < Lloyd, Mrs Bebb, Mrs Joseph Richards, Mrs C. j Watkiu Indian corn plants from Mrs Lewis Andrew Mrs. A. Davies, Mrs Evan Evans, asters from Mrs. Gornal, Mi*s H. Evans, and Mrs S. Smith, and other contributions were sent by Mrs. Davies, Abernant, Edia Pritchard, M. J Patty, E. Lewis, and M. A Williams. The service was intoned by the Rev. J. Roberts, and thn lessons were read by the Revs. J. Morgan ard J. B lines, and an excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. R. J. Roberta, Pool Qaay. Miss M'nnie Price. Li.A.M., sang two solos in her nauil style. The psalms and hymns were sung by th, choir and congregation in a most hearty manner. Miss Williams and Mr Wroughton presided at the American organ. The collection was in aid of the i St. Asaph Church Extension Society. I CHURCHSTOKE. SNEAD CHURCH.—The harvest thanksgiving ser- vice was held at the above church on Sunday after- noon. There was a good congregation, and the ser- vice was bright and hearty. The church had been nicely decorated by Mra Jones, and Miss Slocock, Hyssington Vicarage Miss Mountford, Snead Mill; Mr Bailey, Snead and Mr H. Turner, Llanerch. WESLEYAN CHAPEL.—On Thursday the harvest thanksgiving took place at the above chapel. The service in the afternoon was well attended, and an appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev R. W. Lowry, Montgomery. Tea was afterwards provided in the schoolroom, at which the following laldiea assisted:—Mrs Jones, Pentre Mra Williams, Lower Melliugton Mrs James, Rhiaton; and Mrs Davies, Alport. In the evening the chapel was again crowded, the meeting being presided over by Mr R. B. Williams, Lower Mellington. Stirring addresses were delivered by the Rev W. G. Doiowaou, Rev R. W. Lowry, and Mr W. Davies. Songs were creditably rendered by Mr and Miss Oweu, and Mr Rogers, Bacheldre; Misses Jones, Rockley. Miss Fricker, Swansea and Miss Jones, Pentre. The chapel was, as usual, prettiiy decorated by members of the con- gregation. MOCHDRE BAPTIST CHAPEL.-Tlle harvest thanksgiving eer. vices were he.d at the above chapel on the afternoon and evening of Thursday last, when two masterly sermons were preached by the Rev T. E. Williams, Newtown. The weather being fine, the congregations were large, and the coilec ions liberal. CALVINISTIC METHODIST CH&PiBL.-The Rev E. Parry, M.A., preached the harvest thanksgiving sermon at the above chnpel on Friday evening to a large congregation. Ttie sermon was powerful, and th., collection, which goes to the Presbytery Building Fund, was larger than that of the previous year. THE PARISH CHURCH.—Tbe harvest thanksgiving services were heid here on Thursday. Tea was given services were held here on Thursday. Tea was given to the childreu of the National Schools and their parents, the Sunday SCJIOOI and Ch.,ir during the afternoon, aud tickets sold to other friendb who came in go"ef numbers. The tea-makers were Mrs Tomp- sou, Mrs Inglis, Mrs Evicna, and Mrs Farmer. Tue evening service whioh fol io t d was very well attended, the preacher being ;he Rev E. Edwards, M A., Vicar of Trefeglwys. Mr Macrons kindly preside v at (he organ. Tne decoratious, which were verv tastelul, were carried out by the Misses Savage, Giaiidu.as A. Griffith", M. Francis, E. Evans, and Wilding, Mr and Mrs Iuglia, and Mrs and Miss Touipson. The parishioners contributed very generously corti, flowers, fruit, aud vegetables for the beautifying ot the church. It should be added that Misses Evans. A Griffiths, M. Francis, and Inidis, and Messrs Bowdler, Tilsley, Wilding, and Francis helped very oonsid >rably towards making the teaparty a mc#et-8. The offertory, t I 5is 7d, i-i to oe given to the Diocesan Societies. WESLEYAN CHAPEL.—On Sunday the harvest festival services were held at the above chapel. Tne interior of the building was charmingly decorated with choice flowers, fruits, and grasses, and presented a pleasing appearance. In the evening the servic- was conducted by Mr A. T. Spalding, who was assisted by Dl" D. B. Ross and Mr H. A. Parry, of Newtown, both of whom delivered suitable and appropriate addresses. The adornment of the church was skilfully performed by the Misses Savage (3), Glandulas; Mrs and Miss Lloyd, the Mill; Miss Dickson, Rhydydarrin and Miss Alice Leach. Corn, fruit and flowers were generously given by Mr E. W. Savage, Glandulas; Mr Powell, Cwm, Dolfor; Mr Lloyd. the Mill; Mr Edwarda, Black Hall; Mr Edwards, Talwrn; Mrs Alfred leach, Nantyglyn; Miss Dickson, and Mr Robert Morris.-The thanks- giving servicd was continued on Monday and further oommemorated by the holding of a tea. The tables were presided over by Mrs Savage (Glandulas) as. sisted by the Misses Savage, Mrs Lloyd (The Miil) assisted by Miss Lloyd, Mrs Leach assisted by Miss Leacli. In the evening a public meeting was held in the chapel, which was crowded to excess. The ehair was occupied by Dr. D. P. Rosa, Newtown, who suitably addressed the meeting. Addressee wore also delivered by the Rev. F. Hunter, Newtown, Mr Zuras, and Mr H. A. Parry. Suitable hymns were rendered during the evening. Mr Zuraa added fur .her attractions to the proceedings by tinging a solo which WM very much appreciated. WESLEYAN CHAPEL—On Friday, Sept. th. the hirrest than^giviDir i-ervicas were held in the above chapel. At 3 o'clock a ;jI" >vel' meeting was held, and presided over by Mr J. Francis, the Station. At 6.30 the Rev J^nkm Jones, of Newtown, preached an elnquenl sermon. The attendances were good. Mrs G. M. Evans presided at the harmonium. Col- lections were made aft"r exeb service. GARTH MYL. PROVIDENCE.—On Wtdnesday last the annual Thankspivir g services were held. Two meetings were organized, afternoon and evenir.g, and stiitable sermons preached by the Revs J. Dawson and R. W. Lowry. During the evening Mr Zuras, the Greek Evangelist, gave a pithy address. The chapel was prettily adorned with a profusion of fruit and flowers. The attendance was fair. MrT. Evans accompanied. PEN ITHON. PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL.—The harvest festival was held on Friday, September 29th. A public tea at six o'clock (presided over by Mrs Wycherley, Mrs C. Jones, and Mrs R. Evans), and was followed by a concert conducted by Mr Wm. Francis. Solos, duets, and quartets were effectiveiy rei.derel and repeatedly encored. Mr R. Evans pre. sided. The follow ng artistes took part in the con- cert—Mrs Tanner-Francis, Mrs Maliet, Miss Evans, Miss Barratt, Mr W. Francis, and Mr Trow. The Stsrvicee were continued on Sunday, when sermons were preached by Rev G. Rennison. WELSHPOO. The Walsh Independents held their thanksgiving services on Wednesday and Thursday last, at their place of worship, High-street. A Engli-h service was held on the first I:igh;, when the Rev J. Idrisyn Jones officiated. On Thursday sermons were preached at lu-30, 2. and 6-30 by the Rev D. Jones, L ansilin, and Rv W. B. Murks, Criccieth. Col- lections were made on behalf of the funds, and the services were very well attended. The thanksgiving services were held at the Wes- leyan Chapel on Tnur^aay. The chapel was prettily decorated for the occasion, and presented a very t etutifal appearance. The window sills were tirianged witn frnit and flowers, intermixed with sutumn lpaves and ferns. At the entrance of each pew were placed bunches of flowers, barberries, leaves and ivy. In front of the gallery a large text with the words, "He C'iuseth the grass to grow for cattle, and herb for the service of man," was prominent, with ivy and fruit hnnp around it. Above the pulpit were mottoes with the words, The pat-tares are clothed with flocks." The valleys also are covered with corn," while in the centre, below two large wreaths of leaves, were the words on a red ground, Young men and maidens, old men and children, Praise ye the Lord." The pulpit was covered with tastefully arranged corn and ferns, while below on a raised dais, vegetables, fruit, and flowers blended together with choice terns and tinted leaves. The general Purround- ings, not forgetting the Irrangements of fruit and vegetables at the vestibule, and hanging baskets of moss and leaves in side, was a sight not to be easily forgotten. The following assisted in the decorations:—Pulpit, etc., Mrs W. J. Davies, Mrs Tom Davies, Miss Rogers, Miss Lizzie Davies, load Mr Wm, Watson; windows, Miss Boffey, Miss Wynne, Miss Lizzie Lewis, and Mr Bertie Wj nne; pews, Miss Flora Wynne, Miss Freda Dawson, and Mr Roberts, Waterloo Terrace; pillars, «tc., Mrs Dawson and Miss Pratt. The gallery was attended to by MrT. A. Basnett. At 3 p.m. a sermon was preached by the Rev Thomas Orton, Shrewsbury, and at 7 p.m. a cantata, entitled "The golden sheaf," was given by the choir, conducted by Mr Tom Davies, and accom- panied by Miss James. The various solos were given by Miss lioliey, Mr VV. J. Davies, Master Rupert Davies, aud Mr Torn Davies. The conductor deserves the highest praise for his careful training of the choir. Unfortunately there was a lack of enthusiasm by the large congregation, which at such titties assists materially a choir and conductor. The cantata itself was suitable for such an occasion. The Rev W. G. Dawson at the close made Olli very practical remarks. Votes of thanks were accorded to decorators and all those who had taken part. The instrument wis kindly lent by Mr Fetward Davies, and collections were made on behalf of the Trust Funds. NEWTOWN. THE PARISEI CHUUOH.—The festival services were heM o i Friday. Holy Communion was cele- brated at 8.30, Matins read at 10 o'clock, and even- ing service commenced at 7.30, wnen the church was crowded. The ch iir sang as the processional hymn "Come, ye thankful people come." The prayers were in- toned by the lev. E. A. Fishbonrne and the Rev. F. M. Hamilton. The choir sang exceedingly well the anthem, Oh God who is like unto thee ?" (Foster), (the solo being taken by Mr C. E. Clarke), and reflects great credit on the choir master, Mr J. Macrone. The singing throughout the service was excellent, and the solo by Master Harry Kitto was rnnch appreciated. A mot appropriate sermon was preajhedby the Rev. E. M. Weathtrly.of Oswestry, who took his text from Hebrew i, 14 Are they not ministering spirits sent forth to minifter lor them who shall be heirs of salvation." The decorations were profuse, and the sacred edifice looked extremely well. The following ladies assisted in the decorations :—Mrs Lewis Andrew, Miss Talbot, Miss Miss Swift, Miss Dolby, Miss Schofield, Miss Kinley, Miss ICinsey, Mrs and Miss James, Mifs Turner, Mr and Mrs Ker- shaw, Mrs and Miss Macrone. Miss Langworthy, Miss Pryce, [BrynaireJ, Miss Hodges, Mrs Bennett Rowlands, Mrs Ash- worth, Mrs Henry Jones, Mr C. E. Clark, and Mr Lewis. The Re-Table was decorated with vases of astjrs, stocks, gerauiuuis and other flowers. The chandeliers within the communion rails were hung with the twigs of tinted birch bongns, together with ferns and fnshias, and at the foot of I the chandeliers were placed gloxianias in pots. The pillars piliars of the communion rails were tlUotefullydecorated with I ferns, grain, and grasses, and at the foot of the pillars in a bdd of moss were arranged rosy tomatoes. TheChoir Stalls were embellished With buuefies of strain and apples arranged j in an artistic manner. The walls of the Chancel were hung i with crosses composed of evergreen. The reading desks had rings of berries encircling them and profusely hung with grasses of various descriptions, snnflowers, marigolds, grain, and the flower of asparagus. Towering above the flowers were fine specimens ef bullrnshes, and at the foot of the desks were, arranged flowers in pots. The Screen was surrounded with evergreens, intermixed with asters and other flowers. From the top of the Lectern a large bunch of grapes hung • iowii, and grasses and grapes made a pretty picture. The Pulpit was decorated with roses, asters and dahlias, and the pillars were entwined with barberries. Suspended on the wail above the pulpit were large buubes of grapes. At the foot of the pulpit were poppier, geraniums, and vionotis. The Font was one mass of flowers and evergreens. Raised from the top of the font was a cro?8 composed of white flowers which were intermixed with moss. Around the edge were arranged white water lilies. Hanging from the sides were long sprays of ivy which reached the ground, and upon which were placed flowers of all colours and description*. At the loot of the font was placed a bed of moss, on which were arranged fruit, while hanging over were splendid bunches of grapes. On the windows were placed moss and ivy, which lorraed a bedding for numerous flowers of all colours and de- sei iptions. Thechnrch altogether was exquisitely decorated and was much admired by those who were present.











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