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r-- THE WEEK'S NE) VS. Two prize fighters named Ryan and Ford have 1Jeen committed for trial for engaging in a prize ht at the Manchester Gymnastic Club. Sir John Gilbert has been made an honorary freeman of the City of London in recognition of Ilia eminence as an artist and of his recent gift of I JJictllres to the Corporation. The search for the missing Russian ironclad JSooealka has only resulted in the discovery of jsome more pieces of wreck. The total number of -victims is estimated at 200. The members of the Liberal Churchmen's Union luure sent an address to Mr Gladstone congratu- lating him on the fact that the Home Rule Bill tau passed through the House of Commons. A weaver named Ainsworth, residing at Nelson, was, whilst under the influence of drink, with difficulty prevented by his brother from cutting his throat with a razor. The magistrates have sent him to the workhouse for a few days. At the meeting of the Irish National Federation in Dublin a resolution was passed expressing yegret at the delay in the actiou of the Lord Chancellor correcting the esiating monopoly of the flench by Tory and anti-Nationalist partisans. 16 CADBUR v s COCOA hts, in a remarkable degree, those natural elements of., austen- nee which give the system endur^uce and hardihood, buii ling up muscle and bodily vigour, with a steady action £ iat renders it a must acceptable and reliable beverage." -Health. During souio (twlitay extensions on the Nortl JSaitera fine near L-eds a temporary woo im, tridge fell without warning upon a passing en^inj. Iwo navvies, named Garrett and Lacy, killed, and a third, named Green, was seriously njured. Five men undor the bridge es ;aped. Even in the Orkney Islands people get mad Laøt week a poor fellow suddenly lost his reason, And threw large stones through the windows of his father's house. One of them hit his mother, and severely wounded her. The madman t .en threw himself over a precipice, and died shortly after from the injuries. Three or f ur lads, whose ages rarge from twelve to fourteen, were playing near Sheffi hi, when one of them produced a revolver, belonging, it is said, to his father. Not knowing it was loaded he playfully pointed it at a companion aad •uiled the trigger. The weapon went off, and a Mad named Russell received a bullet in his head. Aa the Countess of Huntingdon was .iding- across country between Parsoustown and Sharan- 4Ww Lar pony failei to clear a fence nd fell backwards on her, breaking her collar-bone arl i inflicting other injuries. Despite the great pain the countesa remounted and rode to Parsonstown, where surgical aid was obtained and the fractured lbone set. There will be fighting in South Africa before Maag. Fort Victoria uavices state that natives jrho have arrived there report that the young warriors have broken away from Lobengula's authority, and confirm the intelligence that the Bfatabeles are preparing for a big fight. Th Company's force is getting ready for the expected ter. Bmily Tubervillehas been giving the workhouse authorities at Brierley Hill an amount of trouble. When charged at the police court with disorderly conduct she counterfeited ilineas. but no sooner tud been taken back to the workhouse than it took seven men to man-ge her. Her language ma also unbecoming. She has been sent to prison for a month. A serious accident occurred on the site of the gww Post-office, Victoria-street, Liverpool, where the fonnda ions of the new buildings are in jKOcess of being laid. A large travelling crane anering on scaffolding through some accident toppled over, and fell to the bottom of the excavations, about fifteen feet. The engine over- turned in its descent, and was wrecked. For- tonately the only man hurt was the driver While excavating in connection with the new grail way from W rexham to Ellesmere two skulls and a number of bones have been unearthed. -The/ were discovered about nine inches below the arfsior There is much speculation as to how thme remains came to be interred. One party is Inclined to think that they were placed there by some doctor in the distant past, while others aesert their belief that they are the grim remains some terrible tragedy the particulars of which aPt now forgotten. On Tuesday evening, whilst the performances were taking place in Womb well's menagerie, at Sirkenhead, Captain Lawrence, the lion tamer, watered the den of the lioness Spitfire, and while fatting it through its performances, the lioness savagely attacked him. tearing his clothes to ribands, and mauling him severely. He managed to beat the infuriated animal off, and retired. Aftor changing his attire Lxwrence once more pluckily entered the den and compelled the lioness, after a severe struggle, to go through her per- formance. An imp rtant circular has been issued by the jfSducation Department respecting the new system Of schools contemplated by i he Evening Continua- tion School Code. Their lordships consider that those subjects should be chosen which are most aqitable to the locality and the class of scholars for which the school is intended, and that evening achools should not be established as mere grant- naming machines, but as a means of raising and furthering the education of the scholar so as to fans a solid foundation of knowledge upon which lie can build in his later life. Mary Backhouse, a married woman living apart frolD her husband in a cellar at 23, Charlotte- t, Preston, left her two children in bed on the floor of the cellar, while she went to market. Ten minutes afterwards a girl, who lives in the fame house, went to a man named Tiim thy Singleton and told him the cellar was on fire, and that one of the children was screaming. He ran to the cellar, burst open the door, and found the -ehild in flames. The poor little sufferer was taken to the infirmary and died the same night. Burnt matches were found in the cellar. At the Central Criminil Court, after seven days' feearing, the trial was concluded of the five men named Hill, Goldring, Weir, Henry, and French charged witi conspiring, in conjunction with a nan named Frank Bowerman, who pleaded guilty, $o defraud the public in connection with an alleged frandulent negotiation of bills of exchange o the amount of £11,000 obtained from the Earl of Dudley. Hill was sentenced to ten years' penal servitude, Goldring to twelve months' hard labour, Bowerman to eighteen months, Henry to opyin months, and Weir and French to eight months' hard labour. A lad nam d Samuel Holland was charged with discharging fireworks to the common danger of the public at Thorne-street, Wandsworth Road, According to the evidence of Police Constable Campbell, the prisoner was one of the ringleaders of a gang of boys who gave a firework display. They threw fireworks under the horses attached to tramcard, filled empty ginger beer bottles with aquibs and thus converted them into bombs, and wound up by pushing open the doors of an adjacent church and throwing lighted fireworks amongst the congregation. The prisoner was ordered to pay a fine, or go to prison for 14 days with hard labour. A smart-looking young gentleman from Mar Chester is reported to have been carrying on an impudent glad extensive system of swindling Douglas boarriing- boase keepers and others. He eecured lodgings, representing that his father was an hotAl keeper near aaeheeter, and no suspicion was aroused. After ataying a week or so and borrowing money be decamped without paying his lodgil)g or refunding the borrowed money. He took a lady for a. drive and disappeared without paying the car driver, who could sot And him. He went to other houses and vanished without settling hit bills. He was finally arrested, aDd will probably have to suffer for his conduct. UNITY IS STRENGTH may indeed be said with regard to Holloway's Pills and Ointment, for when used together, they are remarkable in their effects upon disease. No matter how stubborn the symp- toms may be, they cannot long withstand these remedies. All sufferers, whom other treatments have failed to relieve, should try the celebrated Ointment, which will strengthen and cure them. The Pills recommend themselves to the attention of all sufferers. No injurious consequences can jresult from their use no mistake can be made in their administration. In indigestion, confirmed ,OLrWpoia, and.chronic constipation, the most bene- Odal effects have been, and always must be, obtained from the wholesome power exerted by ,Jomm purifying Pills over the digestion.

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