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I RFOUTFLREMLI^FKLEPE?SL 1 BOOKS. TRY ONE, TRY ALL. > 1 (IVIFJII'FJXILTRNFFINI'[^ C 4 |"J I II | |W|| BI II ► TC\ EASIEST. QUICKEST, CHEAPEST,.& T'" WORLD H c k ft I In Half tbe Time, with Half tbe M f i «• m Labour, you can produce More 1J ° j x: ■■ Polish with Two Penny Packets If a ► k >2 I ■ of Rising Sun than with Half- U i £ 4 Dozen of ordinary Blacklead. w^m o IITA L {2 m s 1 J IWjm GIVLSTOA-LL'KlgDSOF METALS A H4 l2SDffl50flBfflSiE0BaJ Ep? S 4 Sold in 3d., 6d. & 1- Bottles. No Mixing, 2 So Scratches, Scarcely any Rubbing. 2. r ^CHANCELLOR'S PLATE POWDER. m g 4 m There is no preparation of which we know to equal 3 4 *2 4 te excellence.^—ENQUIRE WITHIN.—3d. per box. 3 L a |.y ■.Taj 12,1 1 MS SW CONTAiNS INPROPERPROPORTlON5 v o < ihwhihhmmbwmmw > >i i -s REQUIRES no addition or preparation, f E./ II 5 « UvE8 Time, Labour, and Uncertain ty. L PIIODUCES BeautlfnlWhite 0101181 Linen. g j 5 Ilk year Grocer to get them for you. P C. CHANCELLOR & Co.. LONDON, E.C. 4 RULES FOR STAKCHING. A most valuable little book for those who do their starching at home. Post free for 2 stamps. C. CHANCELLOR & Co., LONDON, E.C. HINTS FOR HOUSEWIVES. 12-page Pamphlet containing useful domestic hints. Poet free 1 stamp. F. F FRY, 58, Belleville Road. Wandsworth Common, LONDON, S.W. WM. LL. POWELL, CAMBRIAN VAULTS, NEWTOW WINE & SPIBTT MERCHANT, AND MINERAL WATERS AND CORDIAL MANUFACTURER, WHOLESALE Bottler A Dealer in Guinnew's an W Findlater's Celebrated DUBLIN 8TOTTTS r' and Allsopp's BURTON ALES & STOUTS other Brewery Companies Ales and Stouts all size casks from 8d. per gall. Celebrated Soda Water, Lithia Water, Potas Water, Seltzer Water, Lemonade, Ginger Beer. Ginger Ale. Cordials of every description. SPECIALTY:- Hampers of Wines & Spirits from lOa. and upwards Manufactory and Stores- CAMBRIAN MINERAL WATER WOR 3 NEWTOWN. AU orders strictly attended diOO A Wonderful Medicine. BEECHAM'S PILLS A RE universally admitted to be worth a Guinea a £ .a. Box for Bilious and Nervous Disorders, such as Wind and Pain in the Stomach, Sick Headache, Gid. diness, Jhilness and Swelling after Meals, Dizziness and Drowsiness, Cold Chilis, Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite. Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, Scurvy and Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, frightful Dreams, and all nervous and Trembling Sensations, etc. The first dose will give relief in wenty minutes. Every sufferer a earnestly invited o try one Box of these Pills, and they will be ac- knowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few doses of them carry off all humours, and sring about all that is required. No female should be without them. There is no medicine to be found equal to Beecham's Pills for removing any obstruc- tion or irregularity of the system. If taken acoord- ng to the directions given with each box, they will oon restore females of all ages to sound and robust wealth. This has been proved by thousands who ave tried them, and found the benefits which are nsured by their use. For a Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, and all Disorders of the Liver, they act like magic, and a ew dosea will be found to work wonders on the most mportant organs in the human machine. They strengthen the whole muscular system, restore the ong loat complexion, bring back the keen edge of ap. petite, and arouse into action with the rosebud health the whole physical energy of the human rame. These are FACTS testified continually by members of all classes of Society, and one of the best guarantees to the Nervous and Debilitatedness. BEECHAM'S PILLS have the Largest Sale of any Patat Medtcine in the World. Beecham's Magic Cough Pills. As a remedy for Coughs in general, Asthma, Bron. ehial Affections, Hoarseness, Shortness of Breath, Tightness and Oppression of the Chest, Wheezing Ac., these Pills stftud unrivalled. They are the best ever offered to the public, and will speedily remove hat sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing which nightly deprive the patient of rest. Let any person give BEECHAM'S CtfUGH PILLS a trial, nd the most violent Cough will in a short time be oved. Prepared only, and Sold Wholesale and Retail, by Proprietor, Thoncas Beecham, St. Helena Lan- shire, in Boxes 9td., Is ltd.. and 2s 9d. each. Sold by all Druggists and Patent Medioine Dealer ftrywhere; N.B.-Fall directions are given with each box.cl7 MONEY IMMEDIATELY LENT FROM X10 TO £ 5,000 AT LOWER INTEREST THAN OTHERS.. TOLadiesand Gentlemen, Noblemen, Clergymen,! Schoolmasters. Clerks, Officers, Gentlemen's Servants, and others in good situations, Farmers, Gardeners, Carrier, Tradesmen, Cab proprietors, Shopkeepers. Lodging-house Keepers, Private House- holders, and others, on their own security, without bondsmen, on Note of Hand alone; repayments arranged to suit borrowers' own convenience all communications strictly private and confidential; no genuine application refused, and honourable and straightforward t ransac.tions guaranteed.—Intending borrowers are invited, before applying elsewhere, to call or write to actual lender. MR. B. EDWARDS. 3, Severn Terrace, Smithfield Road, Shrewsbury. Town or country; distance no object. Letter I mmediately attended to. Established 1851. 193 TDO world is fRE of u said the preacher. Quite right, brother; bat you failed to add that a great proportion of said j trouble, which comes in the form of Rhsumatio and Neuralgic pains, could be easily removed by the timely use of that old and reliable friend, St. Jacobs Oil," which acts quickly and surely. An outward application which conquers pain, as sure as the sun shines. It acts like magic. It penetrates deep, reaching the seat of the disease, which all other remedies fail to reach. St. Jacobs Oil treats the cause of the disease by penetrating to where the disease lies, hence its superiority to all other Rheumatic and Gout remedies. St. Jacobs Oil is totally unlike any other remedy. It is peculiar to itself. The drugs from which it is made are gathered from the four quarters of the globe. A million bottles are sold every year. It has the largest sale, is the most popular, and does the most good of any medicine on earth. St. Jacobs Oil is endorsed by the nobility, the clergy, and gentry of Great Britain, and by the leading citizens of the world. Tailoring and Outfitting ESTABLISHMENT, 14, BERRIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. I tbat I ^ve just received a Choice SELECTIOIN ot the NEWEST DESI7NS in WOOLLEN CLOTHS, and that, as in past Masons, it will be my constant endeavour to gain the con- fidence and recommendation of my Oo*tomers by supplying at M,.derat- Prices well-made Garments with good style and fit), of thoroughly Bound and durable materials. I would call special attention to the following lines:— Black Worsted COATS AND VESTS, made to measure, from 30/- Scotch Tweed BUSINESS SUITS, from 40/- A Splendid Line in TROUSERINGS AT ]4/_ the Pair, REMARKABLY CHEAP. Soliciting a continuanoe of past kind favoort, "WALTER J. DAVIES. NEW ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLET Issued by the Cambrian Railways Compaay. Prioe 2d. "WHERE TO STAY AND WHAT TO SEE" IN WILD AND PJCrUEESQUE WALES, Containing 17 Meisenbach V:ewl! of Aberystwyth Barmanth, and other Cambrian Seaside and Holiday Keeorts, from Photographs by Mr J. Maolardy, of Oswestry, with a list of Hotels, Inns. FaraboaMand Country Lodgings. To be obtained at all FagUsh and Welsh Railway Bookstal's and at all Caabriaa Stations. Also from ALFRED ASLETT, Secretary and General Managa. Company's Offices, Oswestry, August, 1893. WHAT THE PRESS SAY I It is a useful little book. and we hope it will is. duce many readers to visit the charming inrnee which lie on and about tLe Cambrian.—Onocetrw A dnertiter. Invaluable to all Holiday Makers.—Llampollm Adm vrrtizer. The information is of a thoroughly praotioal nature. The Geniletoomm. Arr&nged in a manner which will be of imaMBtt service to the Traveller.—Montgomeryshire Express, Illustrated with views of the most eDOlladhw beauty spots, in a country so prolific in soonio paa. deur.-The Evening Reporter. The Cambrian Railways Company have earned the gratitude of Holiday Makers by publishing thÎI handy reliable little guide.-The Journal oj Commerce, A very showy little pamphlet full of information and illustrations, also a wonderful List of Jm House and Country Lodgings.— Western itmnimn News. Snould be in the bands of every Tourist.—'Omeettrg stnmercial Circular. A WATCH IS A NECESSITY OF CIVILISED LIFE." Give your old watches to the youngstsri, and have an Up to date Watch FROM E. H. MORGAN 18, BROAD STREET. NEWTOWN, In Metal Cases from 10/6 to 30/. In Government Hall Marked Silver Cases from 18/6 tO ZS 5& In Government Hall Marked Gold Cases from 35/- to P.20 EVERY WATCH GUARANTEED. What is here? Gold, yellow, glittering preciouj pW. H- Timon of Athens, iv., 8. Pure Guinea Gold Wedding Rings (A present of Half-a-dozen Tea Spoons-good fintlUf given to each purchaser). *14 The Burning Question of the Day IS-WHERE CAN I PURCHASE A STRONG SWIFT, AND SILENT SEWING MACHINE, AT THE LOWEST PRICES? THE ANSWER RECEIVED FROM ALL PARTS IS-VIRY, AT HUMPHREY JONES OF COURSE, WHERE THEY CAN BE PURCHASED FROM .£Z 158. Od. Price lists sent post free on application. NOTE THE ADDRESS :— HALL STREET, WELSHPOOL ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs, in either sex (acquired or oon#titu- tic-nal), Gravel, and Pains in the Back Guaranteed frre from Mercury. Sold in Boxes, 4 6d each brail Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors, throughout tb* worl'i or sent to any address for sixty -fnmrw bv th" Makers, THE LINCOLN a::D MIDLAJTD COUNTIES DRUG COMPANY, Lmcom. Wholesale Ag^B. BARCLAY & Sows, London, and all tha Who '*•-»» Houses