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J nELIGIOV AND TEMPERANCE By a benefaction under the will of the Rev T mies Spurrell of X50,000, the total receipts of the Church Missionary Society for the year have reached, with one exception, the highe&t amount, viz., £ 282.805, ever realised.. Notwithstanding this windfall, the work of the new year is com- menced with an adverse balance. Toe English delegates who have returned from America declare that the World's Sunday School Convention at St. Louis was the largest assembly of its kind ever held. The statist cal returns showed a total for the world of 227,496 Sunday schools, 2,239,674 teachers, and 20,158,134 scholars. The most importan action taken was to endorse the International Lesson system, and to remove certain restrictions which hitherto had rested on the Committee. The annual meetings of the Anglesey Temper- ance Association are reported to have been unusu- ally successful. Amongst the speakers was Lady Reade, who delivered am interesting address, in which she pointed out the various ways in which temperance might be promoted and the spec a] aspects of the question which affected women. Speeches were also delivered and papers read by local ministers and temperance advocates, who offered a number of useful suggestions for the suppression of intemperance. Dr Parker's mission" in Birmingham was. from first to last, an unqualified success. The largest chapels were too small, and then the large Town Hall proved inadequate. Thousand*, swarmed round the building seeking admission. One person states that it took him an hour t. secure admission. Dr Parker is starting a fun-i for such mission purposes, and the Birmingham Nonconformist Committee contributed seventy guineas towards it. The Southpoil Free Churche lore hopeful that his next "mission" will be it. that town. Owing to the heavy floods recently experience in East Bengal, several missionaries are writing to England reporting many disasters to both pro- perty and persons. In one distriet, which oug,t, at the time the missionary WL"Jtt to have been full of rice, nothing but water WAS to be seen, and the croi-s had all been destroyed by the floods-, Sadder still, fever and cholera were rife in man; of the villages, and want and famine existed o^ all hands amongst the people. In view of thes- facts the Baptist Missionary Society's Committee has rosolved to make an immediate appeal fo: special contributions. In oponing the proceedings of the Oxfor Dioceasan Conference the Bishop of Oxford (Dr. Stubbs) said the attack on the Wolsh dioceses wa. a section of a carefully prepared scheme of attack- ing their Church as a whole, and of attacking h-r in her spiritual and temporal, her moral and relig- ious, her national and corporate character. It was an attack by men and schools who were justi- fied in their action by the belief that her teaching wad false, her national position a usurpation, her moral influence opposed to freedom, and her prop- erty unrighteously vested. All that Churchmen held dear was at stake in thia struggle, and so at stake that no compromise was possible. INDKPKNQKNT ORimm 08 GOOD TKMPLAKS.— The twentieth annual session of the English Grand Lodge of Wales was held at Wrexham last week. On Sunday morning a united prayer meeting was conducted by Bro. Wm. Cooke, G. Sec., Newtown, at the Cheater-street Baptist Chapel, and Bro. J. Swarbrick, G.V.T. of Tredegar, preached a special sermon at the Wesleyan Mission Room, Hightown. The offici -1 Good Templar service was held in the Cb ester- street Baptist Chapel on Sunday evening, ",h--I! most of the Grand Lodge officers were present and took part in the service. The sermon wAs preached by Rev. S. Jones. D. Co., of Cefn. There was a good congregation. On Monday evening a reception soiree was held in Hill-street Schoolroom, when there was a large attendance. Bro. Jones Parry expressed regret that the Montgomery boroughs returned a member who did not support the Local Option Bill. On Tuesday the annual session was opened. The Grand Chief Templar (Bro. T. Jones Parry) occupied the chair. The officers* reports were submitted, and showed that the Order had been increased by 1,200 new members. In the after- noon a large procession marched through the streets of the town, headed by a band. In the evening a united juvenile temperance dem mstra- tion was held in the Public Hall, which was packed to over-flowing. The Chairman en- deavoured to address the meeting, but owing to the noise made by the children, it was impossible to hear his remarks. At Wednesday's sitting the following officer were elected :-G.C.T., Mr Jones Parry; G.C., Mr Swarbrick, Tredegar; G.S.J.T., Mr Jenkins, Swansea; G.V.T., Mis- Johns, Cardiff; G.Sec., Alderman Cooke, New- town; G.T., Mi Reddaway, Cardiff. Eight of the brethren of the Order and one sister were elected to the International Supreme Council of the Order. The session concluded on Thurs- day. A committee was appointed to consider the advisability of publishing once a fortnight a Grand Lodge organ. The following officers, in addition to those chosen on Wednesday, were appointed: Grand Chaplain, Mr Taylor, Merthyr Tydvil; Grand Marshall, Mr Davies, Summerhill, Wrexham Grand Guard, Mr Morgan, Llanelly Grand Sentinel, Mr Tucker, Swansea; Grand Vice Chaplin, Miss Pryce, Summerhill; Grand Messenger, Miss Morgan, Llanelly. It was re- solved to open a fund for the purchase of a mission van. With a view of assisting the funds it was decided to hold a bazaar and institute a week of set denial. It was resolved unanimously to hold the next annual conference at Merthyr Tydvil.