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Awarded Gold Medals, 1892-93. T'1* t (IMPROVED) f-*# LJ! !E" c* Q < BATT LE S FLu o & powDER SHEEP DIPS Guaranteed to be the Best Dips in the Market. FJJtMEBS ARE INVITED TO TEST BATTLE'S AGAINST ANY OTHER DIP AND JUDGE FOR THEMSELVES. ——————————— BATTLE'S IMPROVED POWDER DIP PREVENTS THE FLY STRIKING THE SHEEP. SEND FOR TESTIMONIALS, &c., FROM BATTLE, MALTBY AND BOWER, Analytical and Manufacturing Chemists, LINCOLN. ms SWEET AS HONEY. TO SINGERS. TO IMPORT ANT. —— —— PUBLIC SPEAKERS. —— Universally liked by D. Jenkins, Esq., M.B., Rev. E. W. Divies, The patient may work Children and Invalids. recommends it as won- Baptist Minister, Ton as i usual whilat takift derful for the Voice. Rhondda, recommends Davies' Cough MiTfawf Davies' Cough Mixture —In this it exceeds mas, at all Times. Patent Medicines. lw HUGH DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE, THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY HUCH COUGH NUXTURE THE GREAT WEL REMEDY. Hogh Davies's Cough Mixture.—Recommended by the Highest Authority. Dr. Bains, N.D., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., Manchester, says Ha.ving a thorough fknowledg8 cIP he inmates composition of 'DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE,' I can with the erelttest confidence aaawr hose afflicted with an irritable Cough, as in Chronic Bronchitis, Bronchial Aff ecti.)us, Spasmodic, Asth- &c., that it is likely to be extremely serviceable, giving great relief and comfort." DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE is acknowledged generally to be the most speedy and efficaekxUI remedy for Chest complaints and general Colds. Having been before the public for many years, it has trained universal reputation. Thousands testifjr to its marvellous effect in immediately ALLAYING TICKLING COUGHS, Dissolving the Phlegm. asi relieving the distressing labour of breathing peculiar to ASTHMA. The Balsamic Healing and Soothing qualities of DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE place it fu Ii advance of the ordinary Cough Balsams, many of which are compounds of Opium, &c, andIt acts by dissolving the congealed Phlegm, causing free expectoration, relieving the sense !of weight oppression, Tickling in the Throat, and frequent desire to cough, that is so troublesome to the patient* Invaluable for Whooping Cough. Its pleasant taste makes it a boon to children. DAVIES'S PILLS for Indigestion. DAVIES'S PILLS the Cure for Liver Complaints. DAV/FR'R TON id DAVIES'S PILLS the Cure for Headache. £ /t0 ° lunt 1/ DAVIES'S PILLS the Cure for Toothache. A AIT/D/I mflQ Oil O DAVTE^'S PILLS the Cure l'or Wind. HNIIDILIVUO rlLLO. DAVIES'S PILLS the Cure for Costiveness. OnTOAR. nOATPTrt DAVIES'S PILLS the Best Medicine for Females. OOA1AD). DAVIES'S PILLS the Best Cure for Skin Diseises. Sold Everywhere, Is Hd and 2s 9d per box. g- Sold at NEWTOWN by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Dealers. Proprietor:—HUGH DAVIES, Cherrist, MACHYNLLETH, Medallist of the South London School of Pha.rma,cy-Quaiified Dispenser !of the London H. Apothecaries Hall. j-gjjj LARGEST SELECTION IN THE TRADE IN ALL DEPARTMENTS ^rflTr II DIRECT FROM THE MILLS.—Newest Styles in Tweaks, Harris HomesDuff I U 111 Meltons, Beavers, Serges, &c. Fishing, Shooting, and Hunting Tweed* a Specialty., Also, Homespun, Clan Tartan, and SMg-e Costume Cloths for Ladips, specially wov^o in all the Latest Novelties 50 PEli CENT SAVED BY AVOIDING INTE&. MEDIATE PROFITS.—-Travelling Rugs, Shepherd* Mauds, Blankets, Flannels? I Wr f IIX Shirtings, Knitting Yarns, &c. Do your Shopping direct by post, thug obtaininar ■ II LLillU| Goods of acknowledged Excellence at First Cost. Patterns Free. (Name this paper.) All Parcels paid. ALL WOOL CURRIE' M'00UCAI-1-4 SC0TT. LANCHAUQH MILLS, GALASHIELS, N.B. a.VJJ U VUlii NOTE.—Farmers and others can have own Wool Made into any of the above at Bedaced Price#' el70 We Pay Carriage of Wool and Finished Goods from and to all Parts. AGENTS WASTED, LATMERS FREELY IN THE HARDEST WATER lift WATSON'S ■ATCHLESS CLEAHSER III" IS C A AD FOR ALL | THE BEST V jHk lr PURPOSES. LARa-EST SALE OF lib. T A B I, ETS IN THE VO Ft L7>„ ft C A n A re-production of THE SPLENDID PICTURE, -T— R_J J rtCLHLJ "THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE" 9 M I O1 (The famous II Matchless Cleanser" Show Card), will be sent, in good gilt frame, carriage paid. to any, I reader who willforward, with full name and address, 150 Matchless Cleanser Soap VV R A P P £ R si (outside wrapper in RED and BLACK only], addressed to Joseph Watson and Sons* Whitehall Soap Works. Leeds. Wrappers will not be accepted -anless postage is fully prepaid. ALLAN LINE Royal Mail Steamers TO UNITED STATES & CANADA. TJnder contract with the Canadian Govarnment for conveyance of the Canadian Mails.) IFROBI, LIVERPOOL. NUMIDIAN.For Quebec & Montreal.Oct. 5 SARDINIAN For Queoec & Montreal.Oct. 12 MONGOLIAN ForQaebec & Montreal Oct. 19 PARISIAN .For Quebec & Montreal Oct. 26 LAURENTIAN For Quebec & Montreal Nov. 2 FARES FOR OCEAN PASSAGE. Saloon, 10 to 18 Guineas; Second Cabin, £ 7 78. Steerage, -85 5s. Through Tickets to all Stations at Special Rates. Passengers are landed on the railroad wharf and transferred from ship to train without any incon- venience and expense. The company's special con- ductor accompanies West-bound passengers. SjgT NOT E.-This Line provides the cheapest and most convenient route to all parts of Canada, Manitoba, the North-west Provinces, British Columbia, and the Western States of Amcrica. Cheap through rates to Austria and New Zealand via C.P.R., Vancouver, and Honolulu. $ 10 Bonus to Settlers asd Homestead Certificates relating to the Government Free Grant Lands of 160 Acres. To "TOURISTS, .SPORTSMEN, and others.— [•found Trip Tickets combining excursions to Niagarn Falls, the wouderfal scenery and Sporting Districts i? the Rocky Mountains and British Columbia, and or.ber places of interest in United States and Canada. rogTamme of tours on application. tf the Rocky Mountains and British Columbia, and or.ber places of interest in United States and Canada. rogTamme of tours on application. SPECIAL RETURN RATES TO THE CHICAGO WORLD'S FAIR. UBritiBh delegates new reports and all the latest naps and pamphlets free. Direct services from Glasgow to New York ami Boston and Philadelphia all the year round. run particulars on application to ALLAN BROTHERS OO., James S;roet, LIVKKPO PA BR St. BON, Printers, TfceOrose, Nowl-.WU g, SlOKAivDS, fiorsemarket, Newtown. JOHN KTNSEY, Marble and Stone Works, j Llandin.itu. | WM. WALTERS, Wellington Hotel, 8 \Vi'lsi; | DAVID JEHU, An ctxonoer, Llanfair. 1 MORRIS & SON, Drapers, Llanidloes. | W- H. SMITH, 82, Park Avenue, j 0J1 Oawert j THE POPULAR LAW BOOK, ALWAYS KEPT Up TO DATB No MORE LAWYERS' BiLLa t Now Ready, THIRTIETH EDITION (1893), 700 elosplv. Authorities. Price, post free, 6s. Sd. (saved at every consultation !) cloth. T71VERY MAN'S OWN LAWYER: A HANDY i-J BOOK OF THE PRINCIPLES OF LAW & EOTTTTV By A BARRISTER. 30th Edition (1893). Brought m> to date, meludmpr the Betting and Loans (Infants) Act 1RQ9- Gaming- Act, 1892 Shop Hours Act, 1892 Pnblic LibrS Act, 1892; Small Holdings Act, 1892; Witneses I Public Inqu.ries) Protection Act, 1892 Clergy Discipline Act 18n« Forged Transfer Acts, 1891 and 1893; Custody of Children: Act, 1891; blander of Women Act, 1891, etc With full particulars how to Sell or Mortgage Land through the Land Registry without professional assistance. Also the important changes in the Law made by the Bankruptcy Act 1890 an<f Conveyancmg and Real Property Act, 1892 the New Law a* to bmall Propertied nnder the Intestates' Estates Act, isoo- the Directors' Liability Act, 1890; Prevention of Cruelty ro Children Act, 1889; with many oth :r recent Acts. COMPRISING Rights and Wrongs of Individuals-Commercial Law-Law rf Go°d8 ^tolen or Lost—Criminal Law—Parish Law- County Court Law-Game and Fishery Laws-Poor Men'* Lawsmts—Bets and Wagers-Bills of Exchange—Agreement*- —copyright—Patents—Trade Maries—Insurance—Libel and Slander Divorce—Mortgages—Stock Exchange Practicn— '.trespass—Nuisances—Transfer of Land—Wills etc etc EXPLAINING THE LAW FOB Landlord and Tenant—Master and Servant—Workmen inff Apprentices — Heirs—Legatees — Husband and AVife-Exe- cutors and Trustees-Guardian and Ward—Married Woman -Intant,-Partners and Agents-Lender and Borrow^ Debtor and Creditor—Purchasers and Vendors—Comm,tii<*r —Friendly Societies—Churchwardens —Clergymen—Doctors —bankers—Farmers—Contractors Snortsmen Farriers- Horse Dealers—Auctioneers—House Xpfnt -Ioti,l Keeperir -P,,iwnbrokeis Surveyors RaiIwnys Carners Con- stnbll's, etc., "tc. ?f, <!Yor-7 ^"ness man, and all who wish I/O abolish lawyers bills."— Weekly Times This excellent handbook • • • admirably done, 'admirably arranged and admirably cheap."—Leeds Mercury. CROSBY LOCKWOOB & SON, STATIONERS* HALL COURT. LONDON, And Sold by PHILLIPS & SON, Booksellers,Newtown ftSir2* M P N wh0 intend t0 Man* ISLKSL SHOULD SHE THE MAGIC MIRROR,, 0 may concern them. Important &y B HWU Pis t0 a" 'n i'1-henltn HippinesS StfBionfiB assured by its bright rejections, ft. sateguard from evil to all who possess it, I-tee per post ,or :o bt.-tntps. APIWISS-. IRLT-s.R 3. WlLKIN-SGfl, 43, Fitzalan S?u/re. SHEFHFLP Em? 5 R E A K F A 8 T S U P p a Pft Nw%1 I .V. GRATEFU L-COFA FORT[ NC*. COCO I "OILING W ATE R Of