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SHROPSHIRE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. NEWTOWN v. WELLINGTON ST. GEORGES. Tcfuns:—Newtown: Goal, A. Edwards; bMk9, A. Town- send and T. Worthinton; half-backs, E. Rees, T. Chapman, and H. Tucker: right wing, W. E. Pryce-Jones and A. Whalley; left wing, W. Parry and W. Morgan; centre, A. W. Pryce.Jones.—Wellington Goal. Haynes backs, E. Morris and A. Turley half-backs, T. Bates, Roden, and J. Pickering; right wing, J. Meeson and A. Pmkerton; left wing, A. Taylor and T. Jones; centre, Mr T. Mcllwraith Messrs H. Owen and F. Price. The visitin won the toss, and elected to kick down hill. and in addition to this disadTantage the homesters had tRe sun in their eyes and the wind them. On the signal being given for sta.rting, Newtown took the ball up the right wing, but a kick from Morris transferred the play to the other end of the field, where the play was confined for a few minuttes. W. E, Pryce-Jones got possession and centred, the ball passing to Parry, who dribbled tlw ball the Wellington but Morris again Pickerin- pMsed to Bould, and ran the ball past the Ctmtre line. Chapman stopped the rnsh, but Taylor got the leather and look'd like scoring, when Worthington charged snccess- fally. Hamb were given to Newtown immediately after- wards. but nothing came of the advantage owing to the anperb play of Meeson. A Insty cheer was raised t)s Morgan headed the ball over the bar from the foot of Worthington. From the kick-off Bould got possession and made a finc run, in which the \-i8itin left wing played a couspicnous part. Towniend was equtl to the occasion, and the ball to Parry. who with Morgan ran it down the field. A foul -,va s given Newtown, and placed the well, but again the h-Ane telTitory was ixivaded, Edwai-ds finding it necessary to use his hands. For some unaccountable reason the home side" ftinked" their and for fully five minutf's the goal was in jeopardy. Give and take play thf;n ecaaed, Whalley eventually kicking over. A corner to Newtown followed, and A. W. Pryce-Jones performed the 8I\me feltt. acivity then took plMo in the neighbourhood of the home pots. and an opportunity for scoring was missed by Taylor. A corner fell to the Dragons, but the ball was sent behind. On being re-etarted Mfsson got possession and centred, Bowld making a. splendid ahot. Edwards run ont, but be- fore he could return to his post, Pinkartcn, with unerring aim, caused a loud cheer to go up by sending it through the pdsts, after play. On the wki<;tle being founded Newtown carried the ball down the neid, and Parry kicked nver. We11inlfton next a corner. but resulted, handa being allowed to Newtown. No farther points wero made when the whistle blew for half.tilne. The ball on being restarted fonnd its way into Wellington Newtown, h%ving the I\<lvanta¡re of the wind, play- iug in their real form. Å scrimma¡re ensued in front of goal, Haynes nnding it necessary to clear with his hands. Tnrley then kicked tin ball up the Reld, Chu& man returned, ,tnd another scrimmtge ensued; and amig deaft-ning Newtown scored their first point. Flushed with success the home team played well for a time and pressed, Rees making a splendid ehot. A comer kick fell to Newtown, which Morgan just missed h' ading through. thi3 had to fist out, but Newtown, irrt-prMsihIe for the moment, returned to the attack, with the result that A. W. notched what proved to be the winninlf goal. From this point the homesters fell off both ili combilmtion and The Drllgons ex- harlllines from scoriiig, Taylor just missing thø vl goal. Even play followed, nutil the isitors gained a foul. Whalley got possession, and passed to his colleague, who made a good run. A free kick was given to Newtown, but placed the ball in a orchard. From the floal kick an exceptionally smart ran was made by Boald, Llinkerton, and the latter, however, failing at the critical moment. The Dragons immediately afterwards secured a free kick in front of goal, and followed with ob- taining corner, bnt neither were turned to ac- count. The attack was then transferred to the other side, and twice the ball was sent over the bar. In this way time was played ont, the scores ut the soand of the wmstte being' So fa.r as is known the following ia the result of the matches in the League ptayed:— matches in the Leagne played:- Mutches Gon.!s P. W. L. D. For AK't. Ptf. Newtown. 3 3 0 0 17 3 Ii Shrewsbury Town. 4 3 1 0 14 12 6 Ironbrid?e. 2 2 0 0 9 3 4 St.George'a. 2 1 1 0 3 3 2 Hereford. 3 1 1 0 5 5 2 WeUinj.rtonTown.a 1 1 0 4 5 2 MarketDr&yton. 3 1 2 0 3 8 2 Whitchurch. 1 0 1 0 3 5 0 Newport. 3 0 3 0 4 10 0 CaweatryUnited. 2 0 2 0 3 10 0

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