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NEWTOWN. A NEW DEPARTURE.- On Monday last, at a meeting' of the Hainn Tent of Reeha-bitea, held at WiHia.ms and Co's Refreshment Rooms, a resolution was unanimously adopted whereby female members should be admitted to be entitled to medical attend- ance and funeral benefit. SUNDAY Music.—On Sunday afternoon the New- town Silver Band rendered the eleventh recital in Broad.atrwet. There were a large number of specta- tors, and the recital was greatly enjoyed. Pro. gramme:—Grand march, "Tanhauser" (Wanner); cornet solo, The Better Land (Cowen); Kyrie and Gloria from Mozart's "13th mass" air (varied), The Auatrian Hymn" (arr. by E. Swift); chorus, "The Heavens are telling" (Haydn); chorale, "Aberystwith" (Dr. Parry). PRESENTATION.—On Monday afternoon Mr Wm. Jenkins, overseer at this ofEce, was made the re- cipient of a handsome btue and gold tea service and copper kettle on the occasion of his marriage and as a alight token of the respect with which bo is held by his fellow employes. The previous week he was also presented with two paintings (by Mr Salter) by the Newtown Competitive Choir, as a return for his hearty assistance always rendered to the choir in the post of conductor. CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL Fl-OWZR SERVICE.— On Sunday afternoon a flower service in connect on with the Church Sunday School waa held in the Pariah Church. The uaual service was conducted by the Rector (the R. A. Fiahboume), and appropriate hymns were aung, and an excellent address delivered by the Rev. J. Lewis, Inspector of National Schools in rotigious knowledge. During the singing of the nrat hymn the children walked up to the communion uil with their baskets of fruit and nowera, number- ing about 45, which were received by the Rector and Mr Lewis were assisted by Mr Bennett Rowlands, Sunday school superintendent. A collection on behalf of the Sunday schools was made. At the close of the service, Mra Fishboume, and a. committee of teachers distributed a great number of baskets of fruits and flowers among the invalid poor of the church. The remainder waa, as usual, presented to the Montgomeryshire Innrmary. THE NNW FLusaiNG ScHNMB.—Beadera will remember that at a meeting of the Newtown and Llanllwohaiarn Lc Oiti Board held a few weeka back, the Water Committee brought forward a new achome for nuahing the town's neweM hy means of a cart, which would not only be more effectual in its work, but advisable from an economical standpoint. It was accepted, and at a specie meeting permission was given for hiring a flushing cart to make experiments with a view to testing the praotibilityof the scheme. OnThmreday morning theae experiments were carried out in the presence of the commit ee appointed, Captain K. Pryce-Jones. Mesw. G. H. EHiaon, C. Morgan, H. Roberta. John Huarhea and Edward Jonea. The cart was filled and taken to the manhole at the top of the Green, into which it wai f, mpt ied. Several members of the committee were stationed at the manhol3 in New Road for the purpose of watch- ing the effects, and through which the water rubbed in a perfect volume, carrying with it sediment which had long been stationary. The manhole at the top of High-atreet was next viaited and the aamo reault waa observed to happen at the manhole in The Crffa. The water cart i< net only capable of being uaed for Suahing, but it is also adapted for watering the streeta, and ita abiUttea in thia !atte' respect were then tested in Broad S'reet. Thttt work wae enectua-liy carried out. The new cart covers a greater area, and it was found that the whole width of the road onuld be watered in two joumeyf, whereas the old cart could only complete 'he work in three toura. The committee wert thoroughly fatianed with the expefimonta made, and oo doabt will present a favourable report to thf Board. The body of the cart or tank is m"do t'f wrought iron pl&tea. rivtted together, and is capable -f holding 460 gallons of water. Thedimen<)ioaaof the 6)ltU)f holea is 1 foot 4 inches by 1 foot 1 inch. and the discharge valve is 8 h che". In addition, aa street watering otu't, it is capable of spreading a ahower of water nearty 20 feet. The time occupied 'n SJltjng the tank waa four-and.a-half minutes, while i. discharged itaelf in forty-nve seconda.



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