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LLA.NIDLOES. SuDDEN DEATH.—A casc3 ot sudden death from heart diaease occurred on Monday last. The person waa Mra Rebecca Rees, Smitbaeld-atreet. She had been ttttended by two medical men, and a certificate of death has befn granted. OBITUARY.—On Wednesday the funeral of Mr Grittith Da-vies, of Goufron farm, who died on Satur- day week, took place at Nowchapet. Deceased had bMn aiting, but hia death came M a painful aurpriae. A large number of frienda attended the funeral. COMING EVIINT. Coming evontt* cast their ahadowa before them," and if the elaborate prepara. t iona which are being made in connection with the church bazaar to be held (to-day) Tuesday and fo! losing days go for anything, the sncceaa of the pro.! jeot is'wolt assured. I -I MusiCAL.—The committee of the Miss Jenme Higifs fund met reoeutly. Dr. Morris in the chair. Several snbaoriptiona which had been promiaeiwere reported as being received, and the committee de* cided to hold concerts, to be given ahortly at frefeglwva, LtaBgnrig. and Tregynon. PROFOSKD TitSTlMOttiAL.—A movement haa jnst been inaugurated in connection with the Working Men's Institute to present Mr J. M. Palmer, the energetic hon. see., with a suitable testimonial. For many years Mr Palmer has taken a deep and heart- felt interest in the aacceaa of the Association, and it ia felt by the membert that a memento should be made aa a atight recognition of his laboura. Dr. Morris is President of the committee, with Mesara W. Aahton a')d J. H. Minsbon.treaa. andhon.sec.reepectively. ACCIDENT.—While out driving near Llwynten, Mr David Jonea. Maeanant, accompanied by his two daughters, had a nasty experience. Mr Jonea had alighted from the vehicle to see to the cart, when the horse bolted, gaing away at a furious pace paat Drafnbyrion. Shortly afterwards the cart, horae, and occupants were overturned into the ditch. The yoangeat daughter had two of the fingers of the right hand oruahed, while her slater was more fortunate, escaping with only a "mall cut above the eye. Mr Evana, Fronfedn. witneeBed the accident from the other aide of the river, through which he waded in order to render glesistance. MARRIAGE.—The Congregational Church was well nlled on Tuesday morwing on the ocioo cf the marriage of Mr Thomaa Brnnt, aon of Mr Richard Brunt, Mount Lana, Hanidloea, to Miss Margarat Annie Price, daughter of Mr JottQ Price, of Pioton- atreet, Llatadloes. The bride WM attired in a amart dreB,s of heliotrope, prettily trimmed with salmon brooada, and earned a llplendld bouquet of nowera. The brideamaids, Miaaes Gertrude and Edith MaMh (Latcbford), nieces of the bride, were nicely dresaed in frocks of cocoa silk, trimmed with lace, and also carried bouquets. Thncetemony waa performed by the Rev. A. C. P.-arce, Wesleyan Minister. The brid, was given away by her father, and the bridegroom was attended by Mr Tom Jones, of Newtown. A wedding breakfaat was provided at the residence of the bride's father, when Me Pearoe presided, and at 1.30 the happy couple left for Warrington to apend their honeymoon. There were a large number of use- ful present-. BIRMINGHAM WATERWORKS AND WORKMEN'8 TRAINS.—For some time past the Municipal Authori- tiea have been in communication with Mr Alfred Aslett. manager of the Cambrian Railway, reapecting the running of workmen'a trains daily between Rhayader and Llanidloet). at a charge of 3a weekly, or Sd per day. The committee having charge of the agitation are to be congratulated u.)on the success' ful termination of their labours, aa the concessions obtained will be an inestimable boon to the workmen of Llanidloea employed in the new waterworks at Rhayader. On Friday. Mr J. D. Daviea, town clerk, received the following communication from Mr Aalett=—MMe of workme?a's tic/Lets.-Dear sir,—On my return from a short holiday I Snd your letters of the llth and 26th of August, aleo the memorial which has been so extensively signed by the Mayor and tb" residents of Hanidlcea, asking for cheap workmen's tickets to be issued daily between Llanidtoes and Rhayader during the construction of the Birming- ham Corporation Reservoir. You will remember at the meeting ttt my omoe with the Mayor of Llanidloea accompanied by Aldermen Thomas and Bowen on 10 h April laat a fare of 2s 6d per week—third class—was proposed. It was, however, then stated that some two or three hundred men would be travelling if such a ticket waa introduced. I understand there are now only about twenty or thirty Danidloea men employed at the Birmingham Corporation Worka. The fare, howver, which I stated I was willing to adopt was 3j 6d per week, which represents quarter fare. I ati!) t))ink this a very reaaonable ngure indeed. I shall also be witling to issue week end tickets, Sa.turda.y to Monday, at the single faro from Rhayader to Llanidloes. I should be gtad to hear that the ar- rangement will five entire satisfaction to the men as wett as to the memorialists."——" Dear sir,—Since writing' my letter of date I have re-conaidered the q iestion of the workmen's tickets, and I will agree to a fare of 6d per day, which will mean 3a a week. This is making a concession which I trust will have the eSeet of inducing' a considerable Number of working men to avail themselves of the privilege.—P.S.—The arrangement to come into force on Monday, 2f)d 0 'tober, and men in search of work can also have ticke:s issued to them.—A.A."










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