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BETTWS-Y-COED. FASHIONABLE MARRIAGE. On Wednesday, in 6ne weather, the wedding took place of Mr J. E. Humphreys (of the firm James and Humphreya, solicitors and registrars, LIanrwst), with Miss Augusta Faichney, Gwydyr Arms Ho'o), BetLws-y-ooed, formerly manageress of the Victoria Hotel, LIanrwst. The ceremony took place in the morning at the Parish Church, and was solemnizt d by the resident Vicar, the Rev R. Jones, in tiîe presence of a fashionable crowd of visitors, fronds. and weM wishers. The bride, who looked exceedingly well, was attired in a bfantiful travelling dress of cinamon colour with white and silver waistcoat, and hat wi'h white feathers to match. The hride wae married in her traveHin? crstume, because of a rec"nt bert-avem'nt in the famify; she was given a,vjy b 'v her brother. Mr L'aiehney, of L)a:;ddulas. Tbn bridesmaid, Miss Jones, Glasowm Hat!, Penmachuo was also ntceiy abd sni'abty atdred. The <f&ee of best man was wpl) SHed by thebrid"6'room's broth"t, Mr L!ew. D. Humphreys, of Carno, Montgomeryshire, their native place TMe bride's trosseau came from Messrs Lee's, Baaoett street, Liverpool, and the wedding cake from Boilands, of Cneater. Both the bride and bridegoroom are well known in the neighbourhood tor their geniality and kindaefs, the former beiLJg t daughter af au old and much respected famiy, wi.o have tenanted for many years the welt-known n ht el.si hotel, "Gwydyr Arm< The bridgroru coming from Carno, has been a resident in the IJei {h. bourhood for over eight years, and has into e:it.ed himself in every good movement, bein<f a proiBioent member tf the debating (society- and the committee that founded the reading room, etc. Both in business and private, Mr Humphreys has won for himself a large circle of fderlds The extent of friendly feelmg exjiting towards the happy eoupie was conspicuous by the cro-,Ya that wiLcesaed the ceremony and their departure for Scotland in th" afternoon, and the abundance of rice they shower(-d at ech available opportunity. The gallant bride. groom must be complimented for the ttole manner in which he handled the umbrella in shielding the bride from the heavy a'ld repeated showers of rice while traversing the p<ith from church to carriage. The presents were most costly and numerous, and pre- sented a lovely scene The bridegroom's gift to the bnde was a handsome gold necktet and diamond locket; he also gave to the bridesmaid a beautiful gold curb bracelet. The bridegroom's mother, Mrs Humphreys, Carno, gave to the bride an exquisit-i gold and peart brticet,.tt. Mrs Fttichney, Llanddulaa, gave a valuable silver tea and coffee service. Miss Faichney (slater) gave tt 6ne and costly collec- tion of silver plate. Mr Hew. D. Humphreys (the best man) added to the presents with a ({rand case of carvers. The other presents received were as foUows:— Mr James, solicitor, Llanrwst-A cheque Mrs Jonea, Carneddau—Silver fish car vet s Mr Jonea, Nesbi't—Silver ca'-e of carvers Mr R. Jonea, Watliug-street, Litmrwet—Silver Claret jug Mrs M. Jones, Watling.street, Llanrwst—Pair of vaaea Dr and Mra McCollocb—"Waterloo" bieenit, butter and cheese stand Miss Eraser, Gwydyr Caatle—Celery glass Miss Owen, Johu-htreet, Hanrwat—Pair of sUver candlesticks Mr and Mrs S. London, Bettwa-y-caed—Silver toast rack Misses Pullan. Royal Oak—Silver butter stand Mrs WiUiama, Bethes.ia-Pair of ba-kets (chiua) M rand Mra Corns, Bet'wa-y-coed—Cushion M'sa M. Thomas—Brass coal scuttle Miea J Davies-Set af ornament Mrs David Jones, aodcitor, Llanrwat—Dessert epooo MraB.R Owen. Llanrwat—Table doth Mr 0. Jonea. Watiing-atreet, Hanrwat—Tomatoe dish Misi! H. J. Hughes, Willoughby House-Silver butter knife Mrs Behenna-Copper kettle Mr W. Hashes—Breakfast tray Miss E. Thomas-Chpe.e stii3d and hot water jug Miss Evan", Llanddulia—Biscuit iitliad and jug S..rg-etnt and Mrs Owen—Dining r()úm table cioth Miss A. J. Williqms -B"a.ea fire tron& Mrand Mrs B. P-irry, PendytfEyn—PairofpictcMa Mrs M. Pughe-Serviet tea Mit:s M. Daviea—Pair of piotnrea in plush Mias J. Jones—Bedroom towels Misa A. Daning—Flower pot Mr Charies Form@town-Qabinet frampa Mrs Williams, Pontypa:t—China card packet Mr Allard, solicitor, and Mr Owen North and South Wales Bank (jointly)—Dining room timepiece Mr Roberta, Black H,,r,e-Egg stand Mrs Owen, George.8tret-Sardiue servfM Mrp O'¥pns, Combe, Miss Ada Cridiand, and Miss M. Kennedy-Kitchen nrensila Miss Elltin P,rry-Matd Miss Louie D .v!es-Hot, water jng, etc. Mr and Mrs William Gria!th«—Silver saltf (in case) Mrs H. Laird-Silk Maltese lace hH-dkerchicf Miss Jonea, Pen'Dachno—Tanta'tt-a Mr and Mra Spinks—0.1 painting Mr and Mrs Arvinson. Bangor—Afternoon tea set Miaaea Hjghes. Gla",frYII-PL"eserve btand Mr and Mrs Miila—Skin mat Mrs Witliama, Rfgent flouk!e-Eiier down quilt Mr and M, a J. A. Jones—Butter knife Mr and Mra Daniel Jouas, bettw,Welrh shawl Mr and Mrs W. J. Junes, Lianrwat—Occasional tabttt Mr and Mrs Evan Jones, Pyllan—Afternoon tea service Mi Jones, Pl}t Onice—Plush framed photo Mises Jones, Swallow PaltB Hotel—Dtebsiug case and letter rack Superintendent Jonea—Tobacco jar Messrs Hugbea and Bnrrowft—Got'g Mr JameA. Dj-ff,yn Aur-Ih{'qu" Mr Wm Kvans. Bettws—Kjtcf'en table (sycatnore) Mrs Daviea—Silver-plated teapot Mrs Margaret W'lLam-, Geor..e.¡otr{'e:-Cushion Mr and Mr)< Griffith 0 oVlm, Lisurwst-D&ro meter Mr H McChester—Tea co''y aad holder Mr J. J. L oyd, P inting OSioe—Occa.t<ior:al table. Mr Evftn M. JOlle." George-street—Bteakfast cruet Mra Evans, G'amabor Hotal, Bettys—Silver ink- stand Mr Lloyd. Pwll Uyda-n. Co,-uo-Table cover Mr and Mra WHson, Carno—Silver inkhtand Mr Joriei. Castle, Carno—Bedroom ware Mr Roberta, PynantCtrno—Jut<a Mr and Mra Doyd. Carno—Claret jug Mr and Mrs Ashton, Carno—Sugar and cream stand Miea M. Lewis, Ctstle Carno—Copper kettle Mr Alfred Srcthrwy,a 'Itcitor—Cheque Mr T. B. Grimth. s,);icitor-Bryadyffryn-galad bowl and Ferver8 MrJ. Blackwstil. J.P., Hendre—Aneroid Mr Thomas Williams, Llan) wst—Celery glass a.rd stand Mr R. P. Ruirboi,. Ljanrwat—S:Iver card basket Mr T JArman, Blaekwalt—TaBtalue Mr W. P. Roberts, tolicitor—Egg stand and toast rack Mra Jacks, Bromley Ha.11—Ornamoct and bedroom light Mr Geo. Wyn?,o. Llanrwst—Travelhnsr ruar MM, Miss, and Master Faichncy, Denbigh—Satchel letter oaaa and ornimentm Mr and Mrs Wynne, Eagles Hotel—Fich carvers (in case) MMs A. M. Jones, Bux'ou—Butter knife anr! otheM. The hospitality ff the family was conspicuous in prividing a capital luncheon for friends coming from a diatanoe to witaeaa the marriage.