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POOL & FORDEN ILGHWAY BOARD MONDAY. A meeting of the above Board was held in the Town Hal), Welshpool. Present—Captain D. H. Mytton (chairman), Mr P. Buttock (vice-chairman), Mes-r,.¡ E. Pritchard, Berr.'ew; W. Daviea. Guilsnotd T. Green. GuiisMeid W. Powell, Leighton B Baddoes, Llaudrinio; E. Evans, Manavon; A. Moe&, Hhoagoch; J. Edwards, Uppicgton; Mr Geo. D. Harriaon. clerk Mr W. P. Hole, surveyor. RORRINQTON AND WOTHEKTON CULVBBTS. The Surveyor reported that the works w--re in progress, but that the estimate would probably be slightly exceeded at Wotherton, as the repairs were toulJd to be more extensive than originally estimated. FOLLY BRUME. It was resolved that the Town Council of W"leh- pool be informfd ,tba.t. the oommi't'e appointed by the Pool and Forden Highway Beard to confer with the Corporation as to the repair of the road in Varchoel will be happy to meet the Corporation at 10-30 a.m. on the 26th jnst. HUBDLET QUA&BT. A letter was re<td from Mr C. S. Pryce, Solicitor, Montgomery, on behatf of Mrs Wosencroft, of Hurdley, with reference to a Quarry in her property belonging to the surveyor's of the township of Hurdley, aud stating that she had recently been successful in an action for tresoass against an adjoining owner, for going over her land to the said quarry. There is little doubt that the quarry be- longs to the Highway Board, and, in its present state is both dangerous to Mrs Woaenoroft'a stock and also an inducement to persona in tho neighbour- hood to trespass on her Ia"d for the purpose of getting atone. The Highway Board ia the only authority that has a right to go over her land to tnch quarry, and by the Enck'eure Award they are responsible tor the fencing around the same. He (Mr C. S. Pryoe) was roqueted by Mrs Woaenoroft to ask the Board if they would undertake to put a fence around the lower end of the quarry. Ifl reply to the letter, it wa< received that the Surveyor examine the Award, and report thereon. QUARRY AT UfPINCtTOM. A letter was relld from Mr !S. Harley Kough, Soticitor, Shrewsbury, in which he stated that he had a conference with Mr Hilt house upon bis estate, at the Middle Heldre. on the 12t:h instant, when that gentleman informed him that the Pool and Jordan Highway Board had been taking stone fro'u Upping- too Town-'bip portion of the Long Mountain, of which be and his friends are Lords of the apil. He advi-ed that while deairou:' of reasonably facilitating the operations of your Board, it would be desirable that a resolution be passed and sent me. asking per- mission to quarry and use the rook ff'r the repair of (specifying) the r,¡ad, on a nominal payment of half. a-crown for each year, commencing at Lady-day last, to cover a maximum seated yearly, quantity, to be agreed upon. and an undertaking that whh'n the workings are diHCOt'tinued to properly slope the ground, the Board in the meantime, and thereafter, gii,r,jiog against, and beinif responsible for any acc'denta to human beingc. and animals, by reason ot the operations of your Board.—The Clerk uuder. took to inquire into and report upon the matter. FINANCE REPORT. The committee repo-ted that the treaaurer'a book waM iaid b-fore the Board, the balance in hia ha.n,js shown therein being t290 10a. lid. They recom- mended that the treasure'- be debited, and the under- mentioned accounts credited, with the following amounts ri-c--iv,-d by him:—Sa)op County Auth city's Acount,.ei39s.; District Fund Account—Fordfo, X93 10s.; Khrxfocb..87 10t.; UppingLon, .Ell 10s.; Cuila&etd..6115 '0< Churchl!toke,- .£119; Utti. d"imo,.e43 10,4. Liatidysili, .642; Crigziou. t36 Bi'fmpton and R,iiston, .617 !U<i.; L?iK[iton, .6.'4; M-ddtetown, .e8r''<.—Th<*eotumit.tee recom,ne.,doi that the sum of .6100 be pai-i to t"e district surveyor fr)r expendtture for wa.?ea, &c., during the m.)i,tli. The o'JWm;ltee had c-xamit,pd the under-mentioned ac(-ounts, and recommeud them to be Ktud—Mr G. it. ilarriion, SAi&ry n"d po8t&ges, .614 5a.; Mr W. P. Hoie, sa.ta.ry, zC5.5.-Arreari Br.nnpton and Rhistan (pa.rt)..87 1Ui. Bausley, je26; Ltiphton (part), Xil 10s. L!a.ndr'nio (part), X43 10-t. Llandyi!1O (p.'r'), .Sti; Middletown (pir,), .H4.— (Signed). D. U. MYTTOX.—Ttiid terminated the