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BOARDS- OF GUARDIANS. NEWTOWN & LLANIDLOES,— WEDNESDAY. Present: Capt. W. H. Adams (chairman), Mr Rd. Beunett (vice-chairman), Messrs Cornelius Morgan, John Lewis, David Divies, Evan Jones. Richard Not- ting, David Jones, William Francis, Edwd. Edwards, D. Hiffgs, Samuel Meddins, Evan Powell, Wm. Alder- son, Wm. Gittins, M. H. Davies, Edward George, and William Jones; with Messrs R. Williams (clerk), A. R. Breese (master), R. H. Lloyd, R. Owen, and J. Hamer (relieving officers). A MOTION OF SYMPATHY. The Chairman: I have a very disagreeable duty placed upon me to-day to perform, and that is-I am sure when I ask yon to vote with me upon the reso- lution which I shall put to you, I tbiok I shall have yonr unanimous vote ne on it. Since our last meeting nere a great calamity has fallen upon one of oor officers, an officer who I am sure is highly respected by ua all; and in a few words I beg to propose that we pass a most hearty vote of condolence to our Clerk, Mr Williams. Mr John Lewis seconded He did so for more than one reason. He was sorry that owing to the discus- sion. of a vexed quest on at the meetings of the Sanitary Authority and School Attendance Committee, on Tuesday, that the duty was omitted. No one was more ready than himself to propose a vote of sym- pathy. There were other reasons why he should do 8), the great esteem in which Mr Williams was held by them, and he very cordially seconded the vote of condolence. The motion was then put, and carried unanimously. Mr Williams: I cannot trust myself to say more than thii;-t,hat I thank you very much for your vote of condolence. HALF-YEARLY ESTIMATE.— DECREASE ON THE YEAR. The Clerk presented the half-yearly estimate of receipts and expenditure up to March 3lst, 1894. He ^a.j/4 that the purport of the estimate waB that the Board would require for the coming half-year X3,888, and that would amount to a rate of Sid upon the whole of the parishes. The corresponding half of last year was eightpence and one-eighteenth. The difference was caused through there being a little larger balance in band last year, otherwise on the estimates the expenditure was æl84 less. The Chairman: Cannot you manage to do it with tile sam" rate ?- The Clerk: No; we have out them down very low As it in. The Chairman: It is only a mere fractional in- ^The Clerk: Taking the whole year the rate will amount to Is S^d. i Mr Morgan said the rate in Llanllwchaiarn was Is 2d How was that? The Clerk There are various things included II there. The collector's salary and School Board rate. Mr Morgan: And Newtown only one shilling? Mr Lewis, How does the whole of the rate this year compare with those of previous years? The Cleik: They compare very favourably. We have had to pay Is 3d pec half-year, and this on the half-year Mr Lewis I want to know exactly how does this year's expenditure compare with last year's expendi- ture, so that we may make a little reduction each year. It is highly imperative our expenditure should he comitg less, otherwise we shall be less (laughter). Mr Francis There is no fear of that, as we have got such economists as you on the Board (laughter). Mr Lewi3: I think we shall be extinct before the century is over, unless we get some radical change. The Chairman We shall have a radical change the wrong way when the district councils come. Five well are to be elected for each parish and have entire regulation of the business, no matter whether Lhey are ratepayers or not. Mr D'tvid Jones Pick them up on the road. TheCu rk: We are calling upon the parishes now for the whOiG year £ 9,733, as against XIU,14j;1 the previous year. That is a saving of something like £ 400. Mr Lewis That is something like. Mr C. Morgan moved, and Mr David Davies seconded, that the estimates brought up be adopted, and on being put it was carried. STATISTICAL. The foUowiug amounts have been distributed in out- relief during the past fortuight: Newtown (per Mr R. H. Lloyd), £ 67 10s. to 272 persons; Llanidloes (per Mr R. Owen), £ 36 15s 9d to 386 recipients; and L anwnog (per Mr J. Hamer), X41 19s to 167 recipi- ents. The Master reported that the number in the House was 55. The number rf tramps relieved during the past fortnight was 126, as compared with 84 same period last year. FIRES. The Master reported that an ou break of fire occurred in the outbuildings on Monday. They were destroyed with the contents. The Board decided to send in a claim to the Insurance Company lor £ k0 7s. —for implements destroyed, and to ask Mr Evans, builder, of Caersws, to submit an estimate as to the amount of damage done and the cost of replacing the buildings. LLANFYLLIN,-THURSDAY. Present: Messrs Evan Evans. chairman, William Roberts, vice-chairman, J. Jones, and Captain Hayhurst-France, ex-ojjicio, Messrs J. Ryle, B. Bedioes, Dd. Evans, Thomas Roberts, Robert Roberts, Llanrhaiadr, Thomas Jones, David Pryce, Robert Roberts, Llanfechain, John Hughes, John Jones. J. Thompson Williams, Robert Richards, John Humphreys, and Charles Jones, with W. A. Puehe, cleck. fItli&¡. IDIOT PAUPERS. "lJ Ht)l"4 lUüfJ The Clerk reported that, the cost of maintaining the idiot child now in the Workhouse, at the school at Exeter, would be 12s per week. From this amount a grant of 46 would be made. It was decided to ascertain che cost at a similar institution at Man. chester. With regard to the boy now at the Bicton Asylum whom it is proposed to remove to a training institution, a letter was read from the Asylum Authorities stating that there was no improvement in the case, nor waa there likely to be auy. The boy had scarcely any intelligence, and they did not con- sider him capable of any training.—No action was taken in the matter. THE MSIFOD DEAF AND DUMB CASE. Mr Roberts, Ystumcolwyn, asked what was being done in this case. The Board had agreed to pay half the cost of the child's maintenance at a training institution. The total 3oat would be about £ 20 The people of Meifod hAd contributed .£5, and as the case was in Guilsfield parish, it was thought that Guilsfield ought to contribute the other £ 5. But the- Guilsfield people were behind, and the boy's time was being lost. Mr Pryce, "f Guilsfield, said he did not think the case was sufficiently well known to command the -yinpatbv of tnw Guilsfield gentry. The boy lived on the fiinge of Guilsfield parish, and as they were awaie, their parish extended to within a very short distance of Meifod village. Captain France suggested that Mr Wynn, of Coedymaen, should be approached wish a view to securing his influence in favour of the boy, in which case they might get the boy into an institution free of cost. Mr J. Jones, Gailsfield, did not think that was- possible in this cise tinee Mr Wynn had subscribed towards the fund, and if he had thought it possible to get the boy in free of cost he would have doi e 80. Aflo. ON RT 1J X'T IID (J O l;t.81s.d tc mention the matter to Mr Wynn, and the Guardians for the parishes of Guilsfield and Meifod were asked to visit the Doy in company with Dr. Gill, and report to the next meeting. THE RECENT INQUIRY. After the reading of the correspondence, the Chair- man said they all knew what had happened in the Board recently. The case had been referred to the Local Government Board, and he had received a letter from the Local Government Board, stating that they had taken the matter into their own hands, and ask- ing to be informed of what would take place at tho next meeting of the Guardians. He did not think they had anything more to do with it. The case had gone out of their hands altogether. They would, therefore, proceed with the business of the Board. The relieving officers were called in, and business proceeded with, when Mr Ryle, interrupting, asked whether there were no letters to read from the Local Government Board. The Chairman then said These are letters that I have received from the Local Government Board if the Board wishes to have them read:—Dear sir, I am directed by the Local Government Board to transmit to you the enclosed copy of a letter which they have this day addressed to Mr W. A. Pughe, requiring him to resign the position of clerk of the Guctrd^ans. The Board request to be informed after the Guardians' next meeting whether Mr Pughe's resignation has been received." This is a copy of the letter they have written to Mr Pughe Dear Sir, I am directed by the Local Government Board to ritate thit in consequence of the resolution passed by the Guardians of the Llanfyllin Union, on the 7th ult., the Board's Inspector, Mr Bircham, acting on their inatrnctionf, attended the meeting of the Guar- dians on the 31st ult. Mr Bircham reports that he was then informed by the Guardians of what had taken place at the meeting of the 3rd ult., by which you appear to have assaulted one of the Guardians in the Boardroom or in the office adjoining, and that vou were not present to offer any explanation or tender any expression of regret, and that though Mr B rcham during the last meeting requested you to attend, you declined to come, and further that you also absented yourself without assigning any reason from the previous meeting on the 17th ult. Under these circumstances the Board regret to feel that they have but one course to pursue, and they must require you to send in to the Guardians your resigna- tion of your office as Clerk of your Board at the next meeting of th9 Guardians on the 14th inst." The Clerk said he had replied to the letter written to him by the Local Government Board, and hoped to receive an answer betore the next Board. At the next meeting, if they would be kind enough to allow the matter to stand adjourned, he should be prepared to make a full statement regarding the action he had taken.—This was agreed to, and the subject dropped.