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CONFLAGRATIONS AT CAERSWS AND LLANWNOG. A HOUSE BURNT DOWN. A serious outbreak of fire occurred on Mor afternoon, at Caersws Workhouse, and resulte the total destruction of a cow-building aud i sheds. The alarm was given about twu o'clocl two of the inma es. and a messenger was ha despatched to the village. In response, a It number of willing workers, headed by Mr Eva builder, qaickly wended their way to the House, aou rendered praiseworthy efforts to extinguish the fi-imes. The workhouse fire engine was brought out, and with all speed got to work. Foriunaiely the wind took the flatnes trotu the direction of the work. house buildings, or the fire might have been a very serious mishap. The fierceness of the flames was increased, and the volumes of smoke made denser, by the ignition of about ten gallons i f paraffin oil, which was stored in a building adjacent to too cow-shed. At one period it was thought that the dead-house would have been lighted, owing to the extreme heat which was thrown out, but by plenti- fully pouring water on the erection this calamity was averted. For five hours the fire raged, during which time a quantity of oats and straw, together with numerous implements, were wholly or paitially <3. Tho .j",m¡a=" "ntM tn pbont A'1* and is covered by insurance. A word of praise is due to all the inmates who worked heartily, and also to Mr John Evans, and his men. Rev. J. Hughes, Mr G. Morgan, Inspector Davies, Llandinam, Mr Jones, Cambrian House, and Mr Jones, Corner Shop. The same eveuing another fire happened in the village of Llanwnog. The conSagrat on was more serious than the outbreak at Caersws, as in this case the house of Mr Evan Jonee, a bridge carpenter, in the employ of the Cambrian Railways, tog ether with the whole of his furniture, was completely destroyed. Mr Jooes was away at work in the neighbourhood of Aberdovey at the time of the occurrence, and the dis- covery of the fire was made by his wife about half- past nine. The building, an oid structure with a thatched roof, standing deluened in some fields, was of a very inflammable nature, and the flames spread w.th alarming rapidity. The children were in bed. aud Mrs Jones rescued them with great peril aud difficul- ty. during which duty she sustained teveral burns. The little ones, six in number, were simply clothed in their night dresses, and were kiudiy tken in and sheltered by sympathising neighbours. Owiogtottio prculiar situation and nature of the composition of the house it was impossible to do anything to save it or its contents, except to watch the flames perform the work of demolition, which was accomplisned in & short time. Nearly everything was destroyed, the amoant of the damage bting estimated at .£5(), Un- fortunately, the propartv was uninsured.