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MR BUCKLEY'S OTTEtt HOUNDS. On Tuesday last these hounds had another \pry ^ood day s sport, which was witnessed by a lAgs ni|ln-f>er °f ladies and gentlemen, who all remained throughout the proceedings. The place of meeting WitS Buttuigton Bridge, and a more lovely auiuma morning could not possibly be wished lor, and those who saw and admired the pretty vi-w from the bridge will not etLL-ily forget it. The sun t-hone out most brightly, at.d the woiied slopes of the Briedaen Hilis, the Long Mountain, Mcel-j'-golfa, and the hallt appeared to the greatest aavantage in the bril- liant su ishine, which brougnt out ail the differeat hues of the vari- gated foliage of the trees. Punctu- ally at the time appo'n ed-a quarter to nine—the hounds made th^ir appearance, being in the pink of condition, which reflected the greatest c edit on the huntsman, b van Jenkins. Owiugibo the unavoidable absence of the master—Mr Edmund Buckley-they were in charge of Captain Westby, who was as- sisted by several very willing helpers. The hounds commenced iramediately above Buttington Bridge, and no sooner had they reached the banks ot the river Severn than their deep-toned notes proclaimed that they had hit on a drag. while they carried on most merrily aLd musically for about a mile up the river, in the direction of Welshpool, when in a holt on the south bunk of the river the otter was marked unani- mously by the five terriers and all the hounds, and & very lively scene it was, until the otter bolted down the stream, with the hounds in close pursuit, and for a long time those fortunate enough to t-e present be- he d as fine an exhibition of the fascinating sport of "hunting the otter" as could possibiy oe desired. Tht: fun was fast and furious, and the hounds and terriers gave the otter no rest until he managed to make his way down atream, over a ford into a very long aDd deep pool, where he continued occasionally to elude bi-, pursuers, who would not be denied but k all worked with a will, nd the hounds kept the ot, er contnually on the move up and dowu the stream for -upwards of three hours, when at last, as the hounds had worked hsrd and fast all the time without the least intermission, it was decided to give up the pur- suit so as to allow the hounds sufficient time to travel to Montgomery Railway Station, where their van was in waiting to convey them home to New- town; and tbo" elided a very pleasant day's sport, which was enjoyed by all present. Several persons, who had never before witnessed an otter hunt, were inclined to believe there must have been two ottera on foot at once, as they deemed it impossible that the same otter could be viewed in such a short space of time in places eo very far apart from each other but those experienced in such matters well know the great speed at whieh the otter, when pursued by hounds, can travel through the water. It is this, and the determined and desperate manner in which the animal fights to the death, which makes the sport 99 exciting.