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-J_- _n. ¡ •Tit it with suoh Furniture as suits-according to the fashion and the time:'—Shakespeare.■ j COOKE BROS., COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS. Ri Warehouse and Bedding FURNITURE Offices & Show Rooms- Factory— 1IBRASTS DINING (001, WESLEY STREET. UPPER BRIDGE STREET. Ia Various Woods and all the most I I approved Styles. — Overmantels ,■ "r*"i Specially Designed to Match Furniture. ART POTTERY AND METAL WORK. SB ft M ESTA LLISliM!iT. ARTISTIC ■^p^ilSI^ BEDROOM FURNlrrURE. WESLE S IRON AND BRAS3 BEDSTEADS '——————t IN G1tEAT VSTTMATFS SPRING, HAIR AND WOOL ESTIMATES Given for Complete House Fa nuking. MATTRESSES. Given for Complete House Furnishing. Carpets & Hearthrugs. i S2g° OUK ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE MAY BE HAD ON APPLICATION, but a Visit to the SHOWROOMS is necessary to obtain an irl n th=» LARGE RANGK OF GOODS which arf. Ooutinually on View. To publish a complete Catalogue is impossible, as the change of novelties is constant, and in many cases the designs are original. Show Rooms:-Wesley Street, Newtown. f58 CHAFF CUTTERS, TURNIP CUTTERS, GRIST MILLS, HORSE GEARS. NEWEST DESIGNS LEVER. WITH LATEST STOP AND IM ,PROVEMENTS. ;p. REVERSE MOTION. Working. ALL PRICES REDUCED FOR THIS SEASON. TURNER, Implement Depot, NEWTOWN. ■ fOOO THOMAS FARR, SON OF THE LATE JAMES FARR. SALOP ROAD. Coach Builder, SEVERN STREET, WELSLTPOW- 8 AM L. POWELL, EAGLE BREWERY, NEWTOWN j SPECIAL HOME-BREWED HARVEST ALES IN ALL SIZE CASKS, Sd., 8d., IOd., and Is. PER GALLOJJ. DUBLIN STonT in all Size Casks AT BREWERY PRICES. CHOJJB SELECTION OF WINES AND SPIRITS. 01C THOMAS JEHU, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT DEALER, AGENT TO ALL NOTED MAKERS, FITTINGS KEPT IN STOCK AND REPAIRS ATTENDED TO, ALSO BUILDER OF DOG CARTS IN ALL SIZES, ESTIMAfES GIVEN FOR REPAIRS A PAINTING LLANFAIR, WELSHPOOL. I NEW SEASON TEAS' 1/- |K 1/8 1/4 P 2/- THESE BEAUTIFUL PURE TEAS from JL India and Ceylon are the Finest of their respective kinds; they are carefully selected and combine the FINEST FLAVOUR with the greatest strength; and are the Best Ready-money Value ever offered to the public. DELICIOUS HOME-CURED HAMS & BACON. Prize Medal Danish Butter Colour. CORN, FLOUR, CHEESE, AND EVERY OTHER ARTICLE IN THE TRADE. JOHN SWAIN, THE INDIAN & CEYLON TEA STORES, 23, HIGH STREET, NEWTOWN. (GO You must have SOUND BOOTS, or pay a Doctor's bill! XDIOKIS3 BOOTS ARE SOUTSTD & RELIABLE. They keep the Feet Warm and Dry and preserve the health. EVERY PAIR IS GUARANTEED TO WEAR WELL AND LOOK WELL, AND THEY ARE CHEAP. 4, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. e481 WESTMINSTER HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. PRELIMINARY NOTICE! T. D. EVANS (Formerly with Mr. Wm. Jones, Trade Hall) Begs to announce that he has taken the above premises, and will shortly open with an entirely New Stock of high-class DRAPERY GOODS. <189 Awarded Gold Medals, 1892-93. BATTLE'S FS'S. SHEEP DIPS Guaranteed to be the Best Dips in the Market. FARMERS ARE INVITED TO TEST BATTLE'S AGAINST ANY OTHER DIP AND JUDGE FOR THEMSELVES. BATTLE'S IMPROVED POWDER DIP PREVENTS THE FLY .STRIKING THE SHEEP. ■Mv- SEND FOR TESTIMONIALS, &e., FROM BATTLE, MALTBY AND BOWER, Analytical and Manufacturing Chemists, LINCOLN. ma THE MARKET STREET COFFEE HOUSE, NEWTOWN. Hot Dinners GOOD DAILY. COMMERCIAL, COFFEE AND BATH ROOMS. (ff TBK !,FCOFFEEi 20 BEDS. BEST!QUALITY. 6A HOUSE Special Attention given to One Penny. (3ommercial GentlAmen. 'EtI Hot or Cold Bathe. SixpeRoe. House Open from left, One 8 a.m. to 10 3Op.m. PeDDY. PROPRIETORS The Newtown Coffee & Cocoa House Co.Ld. MANAGERESS MRS. GEORGE. flTl RE-OPENING FO "PARIS EMPORIUM," BRIDGE STREET, NEWTOWN, BY EDWARD LEWIS, ON TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 26 tl^(Fair-day), WITH A NEW STOCK OF READY-MADE CLOTHING. TO SUIT ALL CLASSES. 'I Business will be conducted on the Ready Money System. SMALL PROFITS AND QUICK RETURNS. LONDON HOUSE, SEPT. 16th. FRANK H. SHAYLER, ARCHITECT AND -5URVEYOR, WELSHPOOL. SILVER MEDALIST NATIONAL COMPETITION. 2d, Severn .Street, WelshpooL •E579 MRS PILOT, 13, Bridge Street, Newtown, iH continues to give the HIGHEST PRICE that 3aa» 'be obtained for OLD CLOTHES. üÐ WANTEDS, ETC. REGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS.—Mrs. Rider, 2. Waterloo Place, Welshpool. e554 WANTED, a respectable young Girl, as NURSE. TV -Apply, L, Bryti Villa, Newtown. f241 WANTED, a Strong Lad as apprentice to the Wheelwright Trade.—Apply toD. R. Gethin, Bettws. fl68 WANTED, JAM POTS, any quantity, 1 and 2 lbs. Good price given. Apply, Hit>botts's Confec- tionery Works, Newtown. fl78 WANTED, for a Farm House, an experienced person as working HOUSEKEEPER; Dairy. —Address with references, D. c/o Fletcher, Church stoke, Montgomeryshire. f237 WHY Send your Lace Curtails and Feathers out of Newtown to be Cleaned and Dyed when yon can hat* them equally as x ell, or better and cheaper, at HOWELL'S, Eagles Lane, off Market-st., Newtown. Feathers cleaned or dyed and curled in a few hours. Curtains Cleaned, Gentlemen's Clothes Cleaned and Pr^aetd c-lual to new. Ladies, Light Dresses and Jackets Cleaned aiie Finished. Having had 27 years experience in the above.-Works: HOWELL'S, Eagles Laue. Newtown. 8410 TO BE LET. TO LET—Front Sitting Room and Bedioom.— 17, New-road, Newtown. f224 GOOD SOUND WINTERING FOR SHEEP- Apply, David Edwards, Ironfounder, Newtown. t240 TO BE LET, a useful FARM of 70 acres—Apply to Mr E. EL Morris, Chirbary, Shropshire. f222 TO BE LET, Wernddu Farm, situate near the village of Churcbstoke, containing about 240 zacrei,, possession 25th March, 1894.-For further particulars apply to Mr E. Lloyd, The Rectory, feeraew. f97 TO LET (with possession at the end of present year's holding), a most desirable Farm known AS BRYNBEDWEN and WENALLT, containing 227 acres of good sound land, with capital house and buildings; also large Cottage and Wainhouse at- tached, with plenty of shade and water, situate abont mils* "from Newtown, adjoining main road.—Apply to T. Rees, Glascoed, Dolfor. f244 MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PENNANT, within two miles from Montgomery and within one from Abermule stations on the CaM. hrian Railways. TO BE LET, this Commodious RESIDENCE, with gardens, orchards, lawn tennis ground*, and with about 700 acrea of shooting. From 10 to 20 acres of meadow land in front of house may be had if desired.-Apply to R. Lewis-Andrew, Esq., Glanhaf- ren, Abermule, or Mr Wm. Pritchard, Land and Estate Agent, Tanyfron, Gartbmyl, Mont. c390 LOST, STRAYED, ETC. -I STOLEN or Strayed, tlince April last, a dark S brown Monntain BONY, rather light under; ear marks-thumb notch under left ear, and swallow fork in point of right ear in foal when last seen.— Anyone giving information to John Jones, Cider House, Dolfor, shall be rewarded, and all expenses paid. f230 LOST, in or near Newtown, on Thursday, the 14th inst.. a Gentleman's DIAMOND RING.— Finder will be handsomely rewarded on returning it to the Express Office. f219 STRAYED to Brook House, Kerry, a cross-bred WETHER. Owner may have the same by giv- ing T'foper description and paying expenses. Unless claimed within 21 days will be sold. f209 STRAYED from Coedpooth Hill, Mochdre. TWO LAMBS, marked R M on each side, raddled on the neck, shoulder, and loins. Anyone giving infor- mation to R. Morgan will be rewarded. f223 STOLEN OR STRAYED, from the Picton Inn S Yard, Newtown. last faiir, a light r".1 Hereford COW, white faced, white to top of shoulder, and » little white over r-amp.-Information may be given to Police Sergeant Morgan, Newtown. fl64 SALES BY PRIVATE TREATY. IjIMPTY CASKS—28 and 54 Spirit Casks, al*o J Ram Puncheons, for sale.—Apply, Charles B. Williams, Checker's Inn, Montgomery. f239 0 RAPES and PEACHES can b -had on apply- VT ing to the GARDENER, Aberhafeep Hall, New. town. 4'555 FOR SALE OR HIRE, a Brace of perfectly broken SETTERS.—For price and particulars apply to d. R. Janes, Newtown. flOl The Burning Question of the Day IS—WHERE CAN I PURCHASE A STRONG SWIFT, AND SILENr SEWING MACHINE, AT THE LOWEST PRICES? THE ANSWER RECEIVED FROM ALL PARTS IS—WHY, AT HUMPHREY JONES OF COURSE, WHERE THEY CAN BE PURCHASED FROM CZ 15s. Od. Price lists sent post free on application. NOTE THE ADDRESS ?— HALL STREET, WELSHPOOl ESTABLISHED 1880. 128 & 29, Crown-Street, Newtown, N. Wales. WILLIAM TRANCPRD, TIN PLATE WORKER, BELL-HANGER, GAS FITTER ETC. Beery description of Dairy Vessels kept in Stock or Made to Order. e443 Families Itippfied Daffy. THOMAS ItEES, BAKER, G ROCtt, AND PROVISION MERCHANT, CANAL sItoP. AND Market Hall, Newtown, BROWN & MALT TAEAL). I CURRANT, SULTANA, SEED OAK PS. Tea Putieg& School Treats [applied, ON MO&BRATII TERMS. home-FED HAM & BACON From Xlhaicest Dairy Fed Pigs. Your OrdeM Solicited. MOO i SCHOLASTIC. aiGLl MIDDLE CLASS BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, FOR YOUNG LADIES, CLEVELAND HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. Principals—The MISSES BELL. The aim of the Principals ia to supply at a moderate cost. a sound and superior education, witti careful training and homa comforts. Prospectuses on application. a323 NEWTOWN GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER- Ernest J. Bunnett, B.A. (Cambridge Mathematical Honours), I.ate Assistant Master at LIVERPOOL COLLEGE, etc* Assisted by a RESIDENT MASTER. BOARDERS assured of a Comfortable Home. For PROSPECTUS and TE mus for Boarders and Day Boys, apply to the HEAD MASTER. PRIVATE LESSONS to Ladies and Gentlemen ÚS ifathematica end Painting. bl UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NORTH WALES, BANGOR, Incorporated under Royttl Charter. DEPARTMENTS :-Arts, Science, Agriculture. AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT. A COMPLETE COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN AGRICULTURES HAS NOW BEEN ORGANIZED. Full information about College Classes, Scholar- ships, Diplomas in Agriculture, Certificates ia Dairying, &c., will be found in the Agricultural Prospectus (free on application), which also contains information respecting Extension Lectures, Teachers* Classes, Field Experiments, and Dairy Schools. The average cost of living in Bangor, including college fees, is about, £ 40 for the college year. The Next Session begins on October 3rd, 1893. JOHN EDWARD LLOYD, M.A. f78 Secretary and Registrar, LLANIDLOES GRAMMAR SCHOOL. To be Opened Sept. 1893. HEAD MASTER: W. D. LEWIS EVANS, M.A., London Late Cynddelw Scholar at the Univereity Collme of Wales, "First ClafS Honours in English Lan- guage and Literature at B.A Second in order of merit on M.A. list. Assisted by Qualified Masters. Pnpils prepared for Scholarships at the Welsh University Colleges, London Matriculation, Civil Service, Denominational Colleges, &c., and for Commercial Life. REFERENCES :-Principal Edwards, Bala: Princi- pal Roberts, DrHerford, and Prof. Angns, U.C.W. Revs J Miles, A. Morris, and LI. Edwards, Abex** ystwyth. NEXT TERM BEGINS SEPT. 5TH. Prospectus. Ac., on application o Headtras'er, Woodlands, Llanidloes. fioa "A WATCH IS A NECESSITY OF CIVILISED LIFE." Give your old watches to the yonngsters. and have an :f! Up to date Watch FROM E. H. MORGAN 18, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN, In Metal Cases from 10/6 t6 30/- In Government Hall Marked Silver Cases from 18/6 to 95 59. In Government Hall Marked Gold Cases from 35/- to zC20 EVERY WATCH GUARANTEED. "What is here P Gold, yellow, glittrrin^ precions cold. Timon of Athens, iv., 3. Pure Guinea Gold Wedding Kings (A present of Half-a-dozen Tea Spoons-good qtmlity- given to each purchaser). .1t. WM. LL. POWELL, CAMBRIAN VAULTS, NEWTOW WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, AND MINERAL WATERS AND CORDIAL MANUFACTURER, WHOLESALE Bottler & Dealer in Gainne*? an Findlater's Celebrated DUBLIN 8TOV.TS Bass' and Allsopp's BURTON ALES & SlOUTfr also other Brewery Companies Ales and Stouts all size casks from 8d. per gall. Celebrated Soda Water, Lithia Water, FciM Water, Seltzer Water, Lemonade, Ginger Beer. Ginger Ale. Cordials of every description. SPECIALTY:— Hampers of Wines A Spirits frow 10s. and npaaida Manufactory and Stores— CAMBRIAN MINERAL WATER wour NEWTOWN. All orders strictly attended Ø9 J. H. ANDERSON, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, 26, Broad St., WelshpooJ (Established 1842) SOUSES COMPLETELY FURNISHED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. Dining, Drawing & Bedroom Suites BRASS 4 IRON BEDSTEADS, Spring, Hair, & Flock Mattresses, FEATHER BEDS, Ac. Foll-sised Iron Bedstead from 9s. French do., with brass rails head and toot, oniy Palliasses 8s. per pair. Every other artiole in the Furnishing Dov*r-t mew* tt eooally low pricap. Estimates given foi every description Cabinet Work. FUNERALS FURNISHED FURNITURE REMOVED AND STORED. ESTIMATES FREE. smoval to all parts. Tbe largest" beet oonatnct, r FURNITURE VAN obtainable. "tMit W*nehocee,—17, High Street, WelahpoeL