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0 Amongst the list of awards made at the Chicago exhibition, appears the nanns of Raw..on and Evans the latter being Mr Samnel Evans, late of Aber- mule Mills. The award was made for oraamental glass. u In the House of Commons on Monday night, Mr Pritchard Morgan created some interest by by hand- ing in a question in the following terms, To ajk the Chancellur of the Exohequer whether it is a f ict that in "another pa.ce a noble Lord who had for some time pait been an inmate of a Junatfo asylum, was brought out of that asylum and voted in the division on the Bill Bill for the Better Government of Ireland and formed one of the majority which rejected the Bill; if 80, whether such vote ought tobj counted, whether the noble Lord has been safely returned to the place wtece he came, whether there were ai y other, and if so how many instances of a similar nature, and what stepd it any will be taken to rei, (i suoh votes null and void."—The question was no allowed to be put.