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ST. ASAPH DIOCESAN CONFERENCE. MEETINGS AT NEWTOWN. The annual meetings of the St. Asaph Diocesan Conference were held at Newtown on Thursday and Friday. At 8 a.m. there was a celebration of the Holy Communion at the Parish Church and at All Saints' Church, Llanllwchaiarn. At eleven o'clock lervioe was heid in the Parish Church, when there A as t large and representative congregation. The pro- cessional hymn was The Church's one foundation," vud the Bishop's pastoral staff was borne before the Bishop by the Rev P. M. Hamilton, curate. The service was conducted by the Rector, the Rev E A. Fishbourne. The psalms chanted were 48 and j'22 The first lesson wis read by the Von. Archdeac- Thomas, and the second lesson by the Dean of St. Asaph. The Rev F. M. Hamilton intoned the piayers. The hymn before the sermon was Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire In the unavoidable absence of the Bishop of Derry the sermon wa, preached by the Rev Principal Gent, of Chelsea, whose text was 1 Corinthians, xii., 11. In the course of hid sermon he said a special solemnity seemed to hang over a diooesan conference tn Wales because they did not know how soon the attack upon the Welsh Church would be re-com- menced. In such conferences they met together and iitHJUised matters, and passed resolutions which night have issues and heart-reachings far beyond their deliberations in their eoantv town. They knew not how soon the attaok upon the Church of Wales would here-commenced, and in view of this t behoved them to gird on their armour for battle. 3a would impress upon them the faet that their strength did not lie in the advantages which accrued ,0 them because they were an Established Churoh. iome paople asserted that the Church in Wales would e stronger if Disestablishment took place. If Dis- fStabliahment would be an advantage, why not try it ipon the whole Church. Perhaps, if the whole 'Jhurch in England and Wales was disestablished it 'night result in good, although his opinion was that t would not. At any rate that would be Disestab- ishmeut upon a grand scale. It was unfair to try Disestablishment upon a small portion of the Church which was not remarkable for its worldly wealth. Therefore they should resist Disestablish- ment to the last gasp. But let them at any rate emember that their true strength did not lie in that whioh accrued to them because they belonged to the Established Church. If they wanted to make them- lelves the Church in Wales in a stronger sense—they .vere the Church in Wales already—it must be by purifying their hearts and by showing such examples hat those who surrounded them would know that 'hey had been with Jesus. Such things were matters for prayer, meditation, thought and practice. They wanted the Welsh people to see that the Church had been appointed the minister of God to them of the grandest religion that had ever been revealed to men. —The hymn during the offertory was, Father of all o'er land and sea," and the recessional hymn was, Oaward, Christian Soldiers."—The Bishop pro- nounced the Benediction.