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"Fit it with such Furniture as suits-according to the fashion and the time."—Shakespeare. COOKE BROS., COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS. r !SDM! T!! D F Warehouse and Bedding FURNITURE J Offices & Show Rooms- B actory— FOR rr_ BALL, LIBRARY & DINING ROOM, WESLEY STREET. UPPER BRIDGE STREET. 'In Various Woods and all the moat I approved Styles. -MPti I Overmantels f Specially Designed to Match Farnitare. ART POTTERY AND METAL WORK4J -F s q ARTISTIC BEDROOM FURNITURE. WJESLEY J| IRON AND BRASS BEDSTEADS IN GREAT VABIKTY. SPRING, HAIR AND WOOL ESTIMATES MATTRVW«> ESTIMATES Given for Complete Honse Furnishing. XVI 1 A n^OOi^O. Given for Complete House Furnishing. Carpets & Hearthrugs. | (5T OUR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE MAY BE HAD ON APPLICATION", but a Visit to the SHOWROOMS is ne-sary to obtain an id"* of tbs LARGE RANGE OF GOODS which are. Continually on View. To publish a complete Calalogue is impossible, as the change of novelties is constant, and in many cases the designs are original. Show Roonns:-Wesley Street, Newtown. f58 G. C. GITTINS 1 BEGS to announce that he has always ready for de- livery a Large Stock of COFFIN BOARDS (English Oak). FELLOES of all Sizes. And WHEELWRIGHT'S MATERIAL of all Description G. C. G. has also some Capital WELSH PONIES, Trained for Riding and Driving, for Sale. Particulars and Prices on application. ADDRESS-G. C. GITTINS, Brithdir Saw Mills, BERRIEW, Mont. Railway Station Montgomery. e36 ID.A, V I IE S'S CELEBRATED Cough Linctus The most Speedy and Effectual Remedy FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA. BRONCHITIS, HOARSENESS, LOSS OF VOICE, DIFFICULTY OF BREATHING, And all other affections of the Chest, Throat, and Lungs arising from cold. The foilmoing are Selected from many other Teetitnonials Wern, Pool Quay, Welshpool, 20th December, 1887. Dear Sir,—I have used your Congh Linctus in my family for several years, and have never found any other preparation so effectual for Coughs, Difficulty of Breathing, and Chest Complaints, and am pleased to add my testimony to its extraordinary efficacy.- Yours truly, THOS. D. DAVIES. Penygraig, Mochdre, Newtown September 2nd, 1890. Deaf fiir,—I have suffered for three years with a Cough and Shortness of Breath. Seeing an adver- tisement of your Cough Lirctus it induced me to try a bottle, and I am very pleased to inform youthat I found great benefit from it,—Yonra truly, WILLIAM PRYCE. PREPARED ONLY BY G. E. DAVIES, CHEMIST WELSHPOOL. Sold in Newtown by Mr W. H. LAMBERT, Ohomist., Sold in Bottles at la. ltd. and 2s. 9d. asek. __n_ GUNS! GUNS!! GUNS! A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF Breech & Muzzle-Loading Guns AT SPECIALLY LOW PRICES AND GUARANTEED QUALITY. SOLE AGENT for the NATIONAL" Red, White and Blue CARTRIDGES.1 Greatest Penetration, Absence cf Reooil, Lon?<at Killing Bange. ALL1 KINDS Of SPORTING REQUISITES OF BEST QUALITY AND LOWEST PRICES. TURNER, NEWTOWN. ftØ) WEAR IDIOIKIS3 BOOTS! THEY ARE THE BEST AND CHEAPEST. < Finest QUALITY. G,c at VARIETY. Lowest PRICES. COMFORT and STYLE. EVERY PAIR GUARANTEED. 4, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. I e481 Awarded Gold Medals, 1892-93. BATTLE'S «'»T™ £ « SHEEP DIPS Guaranteed to be the Best Dips in the Market. FARMERS ARE INVITED TO TEST BATTLE'S AGAINST ANY OTHER DIP AND JUDGE FOR THEMSELVES. ————— — BATTLES IMPROVED POWDER DIP PREVENTS THE FLY STRIKING THE SHEEP. SEND FOR TESTIMONIALS, Ac., FROM BATTLE, MALTBY AND BOWER, Analytical and Manufacturing Chemists, LINCOLN. f212 WM. LL. POWELL, CAMBRIAN VAULTS, NEWTOWN -I-! WINE ft SPIRIT MERCHANT. I ne tl urn in a Question AND MINERAL WATERS AND CORDUJL a MANUFACTURER, tne uay "TXTHOLESALE Bottler A Dealer in GniimeMfcaa IS—WHERE CAS I PURCHASE A STRONG 22?? SSK* SWIFT, AND SILENT SEWING MACHINE, also other Brewery Companies Aiea and Sbmta k AT THE LOWX&T PRICES ? THE ANSWER all size casks from 8d. per sail. RKUEIV1* FfciM ALL PAKTS IS-WHT, AI HUMPHREY JONES Ging"jU< 0ordi*u''<'TOTj—^ OP «HWW, WHERE THEf CAN BR i PURCHASED PliOM £ 2 IS*■ i Manufactory and Stores— Pr r e P-Ait pobt free on application. 1 fUllBRHN MINERAL WATER WOVff ———— NEWTOWJ*. NOT* TW* AX>1>BB83 J— „ HALL. 5>TREBT, WKLSHPOOl itl.niH t*m WESTMINSTER HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. PRELIMINARY NOTICE! T. D. EVANS (Formerly with Mr. Wm. Jones, Trade Hall) Begs to ;anmounce that he has taken the above premises, and will shortly open with an entirely New Stock of high-class DRAPERY GOODS. fl89 Selected purveyor of Flour, Oatmeal, and Feeding Stuffs to the Oswestry Llanfyllin, and other Boards of Guardians, and of Horse Provender the Newtown Local Board. THE "AGRICULTURAL OUT-LOOK" BAD TIMES AND HOW TO MEND THEM. FARMERS, DEALERS, AND COTTAGERS CAN OBTAIN Prime Roller -Flour and Pure Feeding Stuffs Direct from the Mill And-thus-save the middleman's half-crown per sack profit by sending to the Wholesate Corn Stores in the Frolic, near the Parish Church, in NEWTOWN, I Open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. I Wholesale Price List for the Current Week. B. d. lbs. EXTRA PATENT ROLLER FLOUR 31 6 280 PATENT DO. DO. 29 6 BEST FINE 27 9 FINIS 26 9 BEST SECONDS 25 9 No. 2 SECONDS 23 9 No. 3 SECONDS 21 9 PRIME YELLOW INDIAN MEAL 12 11 240 PRIME FLAT CORN 12 9 If CRUSHED INDIAN CORN (for Horsed) 12 9 SMALL ROUND CORN 12 6 WHITE SHARPS 10 9 200 GURGEONS 7 0 160 NICB SWEET Home-made BRAN 4 6 100 SPLIT BEANS 13 9 200 SPLIT BEANS 13 9 200 CRUSHED OATS 9 6 140 FOWL CORN (Specially Mixed) 13 6 240 BEST BICE MEAL 11 9 PURE ^ENGLISH BARLEY MEAL 13 6 200 An Allowance of 3d. per sack made off all Orders for 20 Sacks and upwards. Half or Quarter Sacks Weighed tap for Cottagers at Wholesale Prices. N B.—No Books are kept for credit purposes, and to obtain Staff a at the above wholesale prices ftie An Allowance of 3d. per sack made off all Orders for 20 Sacks and upwards. Half or Quarter Sacks Weighed tap for Cottagers at Wholesale Prices. N B.—No Books are kept for credit purposes, and to obtain Staff a at the above wholesale prices ftie CASH MUST. BE SHNT WITH THE ORD3CR. Sacks must be paid for with the Goods, and will be allowed for IF RETURNED IN GOOD CONDITION WITHIN ONE MONTH. SPECIAL QUOTATIONS TO LARGE BUYERS. QUOTATIONS also given for delivery of 2 or 4 ton Lots at any local Canal or Railway Station. ORDERS FOR 50 SACK LOTS and UDwards should be sent by post two days before. Orders by Post should always be accompanied by BANK D RAf T or CHEQUE, and should b; sent Direct to Mr. FREDERICK BATHER Morda sheam and Water Mills, OSWESTRY. Tefefttadhie Address-" Bather, Oswestry." AAWNT FOR—" The Alliance Life and Fr e Offices," Chairman: Lord Rothschild; Subscribed Japital, Five Million Pounds Sterling.—" The Scottish Provident Life Assurance," Capital* Seven Millions. ] -"Tbe Cornhill Accidental Assurance Company,'? Capital, i51,000.000 Has paid over is nwiHiimatiunfar Accidents.—" The Royal Exchange Fire Office," Total funds, £ 4,000,000. j t '1:- l THOMAS FARR. FRANK H- SIIAYLEE, SØlf Off THE LATE JAMES FARR, ? ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR, RWP ROAD, WELSHPOoii. Coach Builder, I v cvt'Ar^- NATIONAL, IFVXR&KII SKVEBN 6TRKET, WEL8HPOOL. Sews street, Welshpool. b -v i.a9-" WANTEDS, ETC. 1 REGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS.—M™ Rider, 2, Waterloo Place, Welshpool. e554 WANTED, a Strong Lad as apprentice to thf V V Wheelwright Trade.—Apply to D. R. Gathiu. Bettws. fl68 WANTED, JAM POTS, any quantity, 1 and21bs Good price given. Apply, Hiubotts's Confec tionery Works, Newtown. fl78 WANTED an APPRENTICE, about 14, to tb< Grocery and Provision Trade.—Apply EVAN PABRY, Warwick House, Rhayader. fl88 WHY Send your Lace Curtains and Feathers on' of Newtown to be Cleaned and Dyed wher you can have them equally aa well, or better and cheaper, at HOWELL'S, Eagles Lane, off Market-st.. Newtown. Feathers cleaned or dyed and curled in f. few hoars. Curtains Cleaned, Gentlemen's Clothe, Cleaned and Pressed clual to new. Ladies. Ligh Dresses and Jackets Cieined and Fiuished. Having had 27 years experience in the above.-Works: HOWELL'S, Eagles Lane, Newtown. o410 TO BE LET. TO LET—Front Sitting Room and Bed'oom.— 17, New-road, Newtown. f224 TO BE LET. a useful FARM of 70 acre3 —Apply to Mr E. H. Morris, Chironry, Shropshire. f222 TO LET, Chapel House at New Wells. Tenant to act as Chapel care-taker.—Apply, Rev. H. R Evans, Rhiwfyd, Abermule. f169 TO BE LET, Wernddu Farm, situate near the village of Chnrchstoke, containing about 240 acres, possession 25th March, 1894.—For further particulars apply to Mr E. Lloyd, The Rectory, Berriew. f97 TO LET,—A COACH-HOUSE AND STABLE, situated on Pool->oad, Newtown. Ample room for two horses, and good coach-house.—Apply, Office of this Paper. fl40 OOD GRASS KEEP until March 24th, 1894. on Pen Ithon Estate, Radnorshire, in Lots. Some is good aftergrass mown early.—Address: Mr Poole, Pen Ithon. Newtown, Montgomeryshire. fl63 MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PENNANT, within two miles from Montgomery and within one from Abermule stations on the Cam- brian Railways. TO BE LET, this Commodious RESIDENCE, with gardens, orchards, lawn tennis grounds, and with about 700 acres of shooting. From 10 to 90 acres of meadow land in front of house may be had if desired.—Apply to R. Lewis-Andrew, Esq., Glanhpf 11611, Abermule, or Mr Wrn. Pritchard, Land and Eatate Agent, Tanyfron, Garthmyl, Mont. c390 LOST, STRA YED, ETC. STRAYED to Brook House, Kerry, a cross-bred WETHER. Owner may have the same by giv- ing proper description and paying expenses. Unless claimed within 21 days will be sold. f209 STRAYED from Coedpoeth Hill, Mochdre. TWO LAMBS, marked R M on each side, raddled on the neck, shoulder, and loins. Anyone giving infor- mation to R. Morgan will be rewarded. f223 STRAYED, from New Mills. 2 EWES and Four LAMBS, and Two YEARLING SHEEP; L on Rump and on each sirle —Any information to bo given to W. Lewis, The Mill, New Mills, Newtown, Mont. fll6 STRAYED from Temperance Hotel, Tre^ynon, about six or seven weeks ago. a Welsh SHEEP, fresh pitched P across rump; old pitch and ear mark known.—Anyone giving information to B. H. Phillips, will be rewarded. fl60 STOLEN OR STRAYED, from the Picton Inn Yard, Newtown, last fair, a light red Hereford COW, white faced, white to top of shoulder, and a little white over rump.-Information may be given to Police Sergeant Morgan, Newtown. fiti4 SALES BY PRIVATE TREATY. A PPLES.-About 15 Tons of C der Apples, to t8 -OL sold, also a quantity of the best table fruit, hand gathered.-Apply to the Bailiff, Rhyd-whiman, Montgomery. f216 OFFERS WANTED for 10 Ordinary Shares of £ 5 each fully paid in the Montgomeryshire Brewery Co., Limited.-Henry Jones, Plas Tregayan, Llan- guyllog, Anglrsey. fl72 GRAPES and PEACHES can be had on apply- ing to the GARDBNEET, Aberhafesp Hall, New- town. f555 FOR SALE OR HIRE, a Brace of perfectly broken SETTERS.—For price and particular s apply to J. R. Jones, Newtown. fiol FISI-IE VISIT PISH DAILY DIRECT FROM THE BEST FISHING STATIONS. MARGARINE, equal to Butter, FOR 14 Pound Cool, 9s. 9J.; 7 Pound Cool, 5s. Carriage Paid to any Station. HIGHEST PRICES GIVEN FOR RABBITS AND ALL GAME. EVANS, GAME DEALER SEVERN STEEET, NEWTOWN. e2 ALPACA, LIGHT TWEED AND FLANNEL TENNIS JACKETS. CRICKETING & rjlENNIS rjIROUSERS. TENNIS SHIRTS. Good Assortment of Sizes and Prices. HENRY MORGAN CROWN SHOP, NEWTOWN.

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