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THE WEEK'S NE IVS. t | 'Whilst a man named Bea.sley was taking off s band from machinery at the Chatham paper -vaius, Ashford, the pole he was using penetrated Kiia chest, causing immediate death. Two alleged coiners of base money were taken le £ ore the Blackpool magistrates. A detective Jaad arrested them on suspicion, and a search of their clothing resulted in the discovery of several IMMO half-crowns. At an adjourned sitting of the magistrates a number of beerhouse keepers in Manchester were xefnaed the renewal of their licences in consequence vt objections made by the police. Irregularaties in management were the grounds of objection in s%U the cases. Two Frenchmen were remanded at the Bow- øtreøt Police Court, charged with fraudulently obtaining money from heads of monasteries and convents abroad by falsely representing that they were in possession of religious relics" and would forward them on receipt of cash. A sad drowning fatality was reported by the JKeddish Police. Tom Jones Pryce, aged 14, was talking with some companions along the banks Olthe river running through Reddish Vale when they saw some boys fighting on the other side. They proceeded to cross the river by a plank to tIIItØ the fight, and Pryce fell in the river and was 4nnrned in presence of his companions. An accident occurred to Earl Shrewsbury's coach. the Greyhound, which runs da.ly from jioxton to Alton Towers. Two additional horses were being attached at Alton when one became smtive, and the others suddenly starting swerved flwcaach around, and it fell over. Of the twelve jMftsengers several were more or less injured, but Stone, it is believed, seriously. A distressing affair happened on the river Weaver near Northwich. A long canal boat was ijing at a wharf. While captain Theobold and tmfltbar man were arranging the cargo the tpoat capsized. Mrs Theobold and her four child- ren were in the cabin at the time. She and two etI the children were saved, but the other two mohmreu, one a baby which was tied in the chair, were drowned. John James Taggart, of Witton, Blackburn, while at work in the Star Paper Mill, noticed that the strap attached to his machine was slack. Be leaned over to attend to it, and overbalancing frimself fell on to the pulley. He was swept icoand, and instantly killed, his back being broken jmd his body terribly mutilated. Taggart had .9 just lost his wife. His nine children are there- fore left orphans. A shocking affair took place in a lit tle street xmuiing off one of the main thoroughfares in imsmingham. 'Two newsboys, named Hands and Santh, quarrelled about their earnings and began to fight. Hands, who is 18 years ot itg". was jbeafcea by Smith, who was only 15, and in his rage jmlled out a penknife and struck Smith in tht abdomen. Smith walked a few yards and ther IBU to the ground. He was taken to th hospital, bat died as he was being carried into thd o iidiog. JEt assail~.it is in custody. t:> SirMasaey Lopes had a narrow escape from •drowning in the river Ta/y. On Satijrd-y even. ing an alarm was raised that a horse ud cart wetd been swept into the river n(i carrie t away lpy th's tide. Sir Massey proceeded with .)t;ers to the rescue and dihe horse, cart, and driver were feought to land. While engaged in th work oi rescue Sir Massey Lopes was swept off tne quay, aad fell into water 10ft. deep. Efforts to save I him were instantly made, and eventually he was tronght to land, apparently none the worse tor ftus immersion. I DXSOBBDIENCE IN THE ARMY is looked upon as One of the gravest crimes a soldier can be guilty at and in the pastit has often been punished with Aeatb, The fate of a battle and the liven ot thousands of men, let alone our national honour, ltave often been dependent upon the prompt c rry- jag out of what might have seemed a trivtl order Discipline without good health, however, would be Jike a house without a foundation therefore, Igreat pains are taken to keep our fighting men Srse from disease. Holloway's Piils have always been found an excellent medicue for tbis purpose, a&, in addition to cleansing the blood, they in v L go ttte and give tone to the system. Some remarkable circumstances transpired at IRC&,rboroyigh in oonnection with the arrest of a ITork clerk named Edwin Cattly (22), on a charge of stealing a gold pin valued at 25s., from the per- mm of Mr Joseph Taylor. The pin was found on the prisoner when he was arrested. At the police station Detective Inspector Johnson and Detective Sergeant Aldtn searched the man, and finding partridges upon him asked him for his revolver. This he said had been forwarded to Liverpool with Ibis luggage, but upon entering the cell in which the man was confined, a police constable found that he had shot himself in the breast. A recently discharged small revolver was lying by his side lsud the wound was bleeding freely. The polict, theory was that the prisoner had the revolver con- •eealed in his trouser's leg near the calf. A Local Government Board inquiry wa held A Royton with reference to an application by the Jler&ey and Irwell Joiut Committee for per- mission to prosecute Messrs. Jowett, Waterhouse and Co., Limited brewers, Roy ton, in respect of 'their alleged pollution of certain streams. Under the provisions of the Mersey and Irwell Com- mittee's Act, 1892, the sanction of the Local government Board is needed before proceedings for alleged pollution can be taken against a jpiivateifrm, and it was to determine whether a prima facie case for trial before the local magis- trates existed that Mr Arnt Id Taylor held the inquiry. The case for the Committee was ad- mitted by the other side, and it was stated to be < question now of how best to remedy the evil ømplained of. An inquest was held at Shrewsbury, on Tuesday, touching the death of James Astley, a Shrews- bury printer, who died in the Salop Infirmary from injuries received by a fall from a ladd r. The evidence adduced to the dfect that the deceased, who was 39 years of age, was engaged gathering nuts. He used a ladder for the pur- pose, and when on the top rung a strange feeling 4ame over him, and he fell over into a ditch. He shouted loudly for help, but no one heard him and the unfortunate man lay in a partially unconsci- ous state for several hours. He was eventually found by a gardener n imed Sharman and was re- moved to the Salop Infirmary, where it was found that he had fractured his spine. He die I from the injuries received. The jury returned a ver- dict of accidental death. Hsury Keen, 19, locksmith, living with his jlftrents at 64, Long-street, Walsall, committed suicide under horrible circumstances. The poor fellow had for some time been suffering from indigestion, and had been unable to work for about a week. He had also been subject to delusions. On Sunday he was at home all day, and about eight o'clock at night he went out of the house, leaving his mother there, and soon after she was alarmed by the noise of a loud explosion in an adj )ining workshop. She went to ascertain the cause, and in the top workshop found her son sitting in a chair, with his had almost blown to pieces. Subsequent inquiries showed that the deceased had been in the habit of keeping gunpowder in the workshop, and it seemed pretty clear that he had put a quantity into a vice-box, and, having sat down beside it, had placed his head close to the box and screwed the vice down until the friction produced an explosion. At the Old Bailey, Edward and Lucy Wood, man and wife, were indicted, the former for steal- ing and the latter for receiving a letter contain- ing postal orders. The male prisoner had been twenty-five years in the Postal service, and he was engaged in the Stockwell district as a postman, Numerous complaints had been re- eeived of the loss of letters, and the authorites took steps to find out the thief. Test letters were sent, and one of these just outside the prisoner's around was placed amongst those which the pris- oner was about to deliver. He went within 80 yards of the address of the test letter, but did not deliver it, and the next that was heard of it was when the postal order it contained was presented ))y the female prisoner for payment. The wife pleaded guilty to stealing the letter, and said fxer husband did not know anything about the matter.— The jury found the male prisoner mi; catilty, and he was discharged. The female pris- oner pleaded guilty to forging the signatures to the orders, and was sentenced to six. months' hard pbcm*