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SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE. HOME FARM, GREGYNOG, mile from Treevnon, and 5 each from Newtown and Abermule Stations. SALE OF FARMING STOCK. IWTM, i RS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE |fl have been honoured with instructions from fiight Hcnble. Lord Sudeley, to Sell by Auction nt Gregynog, ON WEDNESDAY NEXT, SEPTEMBER 20TH, tu whole of the LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, comprising a" CROSS-BRED SHROPSHIRE SHEEP, -Wis, 70 Young STOCK EWES, 35 FAT EWES, A FAT LAMBS, 73 WETHER and EWE LAMBS, Z YEARLING WETHERS, and Z STOCK RAMS a WELL-BRED COBS & COLTS. Including a Valuable BROOD MAltE and Several promising COLTS. 18 SMART HILL PONIES, About 15 TONS of PRIME HAY (to go oID; AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS & TOOLS, juuLothei Miscellaneous Effects. ifrgpplipgti at One, Sale to commenca at Two o'clock. Catalogues on application to the AUCTIONEERS, Chirbury, Shropshire. fl74 WELSHPOOL SMITHFIELD. *"— MONDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 1893. -m<rE88R8. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE J91. will hold a Special Sale of ART SUCKERS, CART AND HACK HORSES For which they Solicit Further Entries. f201 LLWYNYBRAIN, CAERSWS. ØPOBTANT SALE OF AN OLD-ESTABLISHED AGRICULTURAL STOCK. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE are instructed by the Representatives of the late Mr Wm. Jones, to Sell by Auction, on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5th, 1893, The whole of the high-class FARMING STOCK, comptining an Excellent Flock of 41 £ KERRY-HILL SHEEP, So HEREFORD AND CROSS-BRED CATTLE, 12 Cart and Hack Horses and Colts Grain in the Stacks, the produce of about 75 acres; a grand lot of Winter Keep, Grass Keep, and other Effects. Catalogues on application. f202 IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE, Messrs. Morris, Harsliall & Poole Hare the pleasure to announce the following IMPORTANT SALES- ^fD'RURY NORTH.—Live Stock and Furniture, by order of Mr Richardson. WEDNESDAY, SEP- TKKBEB 20th. JBUCKNELL HOUSE, BUCKNELL.—Farming Stock, by order of Representatives of late Mr Brown. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22vd. JPBOOKVILLE, BISHOP'S CASTLE.—Furniture and Effects, by order of John Craston, Esq. WXDNESDAT, SEPTEMBER 27th. ALEXANDRIA TERRACE, Montgomery.—Furni- ture and Effects, by order of the Representatives of the late Mrs Elliot. THURSDAY, SEPT. 28th. JFKIKZ ELAND, BEGUILDY.—Farming Stock, by order of Mr Williams. THURSDAY, OCT. 12th. fUSLDBE, UPPINGTON, Farming Stock, by order of Mrs Morgan. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 1893. JDEBLANDS, BISHOP'S CASTLE-Farming Stock, by order of Mr Robert Davies. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18th. OfFfClS Chirbury, Welshpool and Newtown. f206 MESSRS. B. GILLART AND SONS. 0# ——— NORTH WALES. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. COUNTIES OF MONTGOMERY & MERIONETH. fikhlv Important Sale of Valuable Freehold FARMS and other PROPERTIES. "fe/TEBSBS. R. GILLART & SONS have received JCSL instructions to offer FOR SALE by Public OCTOBER NEXT, The following very valuable Freehold Properties, viz: MONTGOMERYSHIRE— PARISH OF MACHYNLLETH: Hafodygarreg rarm, Lime Kiln, Cottage, and Garden. PARISH OF CEMMES: Doltwymyn, and Peny. gftne. Farms and Cottages, Gardens, and Lands jit Cwmllyne. PARISH OF LLANLLWCHAIARN (Newtown): Ifiae substantially and well-built Dwelling Houses and Premise* situate in Crescent-street and Com. gsercial-street, Newtown. MERIONETHSHIRE- PARISH OF PENNAL: Houses, Buildings, gardens, and Accommodation Lands, situate in or xlear the Village of Pennal, about three miles from Kachynlleth. PARISH OF TOWYN: Nantygwenlli, Caeceinach, And Llanerchybleiddie, and Breichiercaeau Farms. Also the Freehold reversion of Houses and Premises fituate in Corbefct-square, and Church-street, Towyn. The above Properties are let to suitable tenants. Further particulars will appear in future adver. tisements, and plans and particulars, which are in ixmrte of preparation, may be obtained in due course 40t the Estate Office, Plas Machynlleth, from Messrs. Upton, Atkey and Upton, Solicitors, 14, Austin Friera, London, E.C., or the Auctioneers, Towyn, Merioneth, and Maohynlleth. fl65 THE WORKMAN'S WATCH. The Guinea Watch. JB1 1 0 A Good Sound Article. The Two Guinea Watch 92 2 0 Patent Lever, Strong and Durable. The Three Guinea Watch 23 3 0 Patent Lever, in Strong Silver Cues. SW The above are all Warranted for One" AI'tro and Three Years respectively. GOLD WEDDING RINGS. FORD, "ff ATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, Ac vmwrronvw. t/IIO 4 SALES BY AUCTION. HIt. J. E. THISTLE. ON TUESDAY NEXT, SEPTEMBER 26TH. THE NEWTOWN DRAUGHT FOAL SHOW AND ANNUAL HORSE SALE, Will be held in The PADDOCK, opposite The SPORTSMAN INN WHEN MR. JOHN E. THISTLE will submit for public competition about DRAUGHT & OTHER FOALS, WAGGON 50HORRES & COLTS, HACK & HARNESS —— HORSES AND PONIES. 8" A GRAND I.OT OF SUCKERS entered by the following well-known sires, viz. (most of them el,gible for Stud Book). Royal Duke 3'd ( ), Carbonion (12894), Ancient Briton (6625), Bahaillon Champion ( ), Duke 5th (9212). To be included in the above sale- A GRAND PAIR OF THICK-SET COB FILLIES, rising 3, (The property of Mr T. Phillips, Llanidloes. A SPLENDID MATCH PAIR OF PONIES, (The property of A. D. Dawson, Esq.) Entries for Catalogue to be made to the AUCTION- EER at THE BEAR HOTEL, NEWTOWN, this day np to 1 p.m. Catalogues at the above Hotel, or Post Free from the Auctioneer, Montgomery. fl52 SCHOLASTIC. HIGH MIDDLE CLASS BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, FOR YOUNG LADIES, CLEVELAND HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. Principals-The MISSBS BELL. The aim of the Principals is to supply at a moderate cost, a sound and superior education, with careful training and home comforts. Prospectuses on application. a329 NEWTOWN GRAMMAR SCHOOL HEAD MASTER- Ernest J. Bunnett, B.A. (Cambridge Mathematical Honours), late Assistant Master at LIVERPOOL COLLEGE, eto. Assisted by a RESIDENT MASTER. BOARDERS assnred of a Comfortable Home. For PROSPECTUS and TERMS for Boarders and Day Boys, apply to the HEAD MASTER. PRIVATE LESSONS to Ladies and Gentlemen in Mathematics and Painting. bl62 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NORTH WALES, BANGOR, Incorporated under Royal Charter. DEPARTMENTS :-Arts, Science, Agriculture. AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT. A COMPLETE COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN AGRICULTURE HAS NOW BEEN ORGANIZED. Full information about College Classes, Scholar- ships, Diplomas in Agriculture, Certificates in Dairying, &c., will be found in the Agricultural Prospectus (free on application), which also contains information respecting Extension Lectures, Teachers' Classes, Field Experiments, and Dairy Schools. The average cost of living in Bangor, including college fees, is about X40 for the college year. The Next Session begins on October 3rd, 1893. JOHN EDWARD LLOYD, M.A. f78 Secretary and Registrar. LLANIDLOES GRAMMAR SCHOOL. To be Opened Sept. 1893. HEAD MASTER: W. D. LEWIS EVANS, M.A., London Late Cynddelw Scholar at the University College of Wales, First Class Honours in English Lan- guage and Literature at B.A.; Second in order of merit on M.A. list. Assisted by Qualified Masters. Pupils prepared for Scholarships at the Welsh University Colleges, London Matriculation, Civil Service, Denominational Colleges, &c., and for Commercial Life. REFERENCES:—Principal Edwards, Bala; Princi- pal Roberts, DrHerford, and Prof. Angus, U.C.W. Revs J. Miles, A. Morris, and LI. Edwards, Aber- ystwyth. NEXT TERM BEGINS SEPT. 5TE. Prospectus, &c., on application o Headmaster, Woodlands, Llanidloes. fIO3 n03 J. H. ANDERSON, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, 26, Broad St., Welshpool (Established 1842) HOUSES COMPLETELY FURNISHED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. Dining, Drawing & Bedroom Suites BRASS IRON BEDSTEADS, Spring, Hair, & Flock Mattresses, FEATHER BEDS, &c. Full-sizdtl Iron Bedstead from 9s. French do., with brass rails head and foot, only Palliasses 8a. per pair. Every other article in the Furnishing Department at eqvally low prices. Estimates given foi every deaonption Cabinet Work. FUNERALS FURNISHED FURNITURE REMOVED AND STORED. ESTIMATES FREE. imoval to all parts. The largest & best construct, FURNITURE TAN obtainable. rtoxte Wwrshoose,—17, High Street, WeWipool. PUBLIC NOTICES. FORDEN UNION. SCHOOLMISTRESS WANTED. THE Guardians of this Union are desirous of JL receiving Applications for the Appointment of Schoolmistress at the Union Workhouse. Ihe School concists of between 20 and 30 children, and candidates must be certificated teachers. The Salary will be at the rate of t25 per annum, with Board, Washing', and Apartments in the Work- honse, and reference will be given to those candidates who can play the harmonium. The appointment will be subject to the sanction of the Local Government Board. Applications, with Teatimonialit of recent date, must be sent to me on or before Tuesday, the 26tb day of September iost., and the selected candidate will be required to commence her duties on the earliest suitable date. By Order of the Board, CHARLES S. PRYCE, Clerk. Montgomery, 14th September, 1893. f215 NEWTOWN AND LLANIDLOES UNION. CONTRACTS. THE BOARD OF GUARDIANS, at their JL Meeting to be held on WEDNESDAY, the 20th SEPTEMBER INST., will receive Tenders (accompanied by samples where practicable) for the supply of the Union Workhouse during the Three Months ending Christmas Next, with the following articles, delivered at the Workhouse:— Well-fed Ox or Cow Beef, either alternate quarters or fore quarters, eross cat behind the shoulders, with legs or rump per lb. Wether or Ewe Mutton, per lb. Best Suet, per lb. Be,t Household Flour, per sack (Sample oj Bread to accompany Tender.) Best Oatmeal, per sack. Coal (Best Main), per tou, delivered at Caersws Station, colliery weight; tender to state name of colliery, and colliery ticket to be sent to the Master on delivery of coal. And with the following Articles for six months ending Lady day next Currants, Blue. Golden Syrup, Moist Sugar, Cheese, Soft Soap, per firkin; Pale Soap of finest quality, per cwt Tea, Coffee (in beans or roasted), Tobacco, White Pepper, Mustard and Starch, per lb.; Wash- ing Soda, Rice, and Split Peas, per cwt., Strong Boots and Shoes for all ages and eexee; Grey Calico, Blue and White Striped Linen, Kendal Linsey, Ging- ham, Forfar, Flax Sheeting (72 inch and 36), Flannel 9d. to 10ld. per yard, Men's Grey Worsted Stockings, Women's Black ditto, Floor Cloths. Brushes and Brooms, making Men's and Boys' Clothing at per suit, and for reparing ditto per day, Good Elm Coffins and good Oak ditto, in each case with good plate and coffin furniture, name, age, and date of death on plate; the funeral to be conducted and expenses paid by the Relieving Officer. No tender will be received unless it is on a printed form, which may be obtained on application to the Clerk or to the Believing Officers, and which, if accepted, will be sealed by the Guardians and constitute the con- tra ot. In addition to such contract the Guardians may require a bond from the contractor with sureties for its performance. Price list to accompany samples Names of Persons tendering not to be written on samples or patterns. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. By Order of the Board, R. WILLIAMS, Clerk. Newtown, 7th September, 1893. flSl. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT. SCHOOL BOARD ACCOUNTS. I THE Undersigned, Hereby Give Notice, that 9 the AUDITS of the Accounts cf the under- mentioned School Boards for the year ending 29th September, 1893, will severally commence at the respective plaoes and at the respective times specified below. lime appointed Name of School Place at for Audit. Board. which Audit —————————— will be held. Date. Hour. Union 1893, Workhouse Thursday a.m. at Caersws. 2nd Nov. 9 0 Carno 9 30 Llandinam 10 0 Llobnidloes 1030 Llangurrig „ „ 11 0 Newtown and. Llanllwchairn U.D. „ „ 11 30 at noon Ll&nwyddelan, U.D. „ „ 12 0 p m. Trefeglwys „ „ 12 30 Dated the 12th day of September, 1893. (Signed), E. MORGAN, District Auditor of the North Wales Audit District. f213 CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. ON SATURDAY, SEPT. 23rd, 1893, CHEAP 3, 5 or 8 DAY'S TICKETS will be issued TO LIVERPOOL. MANCHESTER, LEEDS, HUDDKRSFIELD, SHEFFIELD, BRADFORD, BUXTON, MATLOCK. BIRKENHEAD, STOCK. PORT, WARRINGTON and BATLEY. ON THE SAME DATE CHEAP DAY EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued from Llanidloes, Newtown, Montgomery, Welshpool, Llanymynech, Lianfyllin, Oawestry, and Ellesmere, TO MANCHESTER (for the Lancashire Plate). OSWESTRY DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL SHOW AT OSWESTRY, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st, 1893. ON the above date CHEAP DAY EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued to OSWESTRY, as follows. Third class fares for the double journey. Time of starting and fares- Machynlleth 8 33 or 9 50 a.m.") Cenmes Road 840 ) Llanbrynmair 853 ) Carno 910 „ Caersws 926 3a. Llanidloes 9 22 „ Dolwen 9 27 I Llandinam 9 34 „ • Moat Lane Junction 10 0 „ J Newtown 10 15 „ i Abermule 10 25 „ [ 2s. 6d. Kerry 850 ) Montgomery 10 35 ) „ Forden 10 43 „ J za* Welshpool 7 45 a.m. 1140 Is. 8d. Buttington 7 50 It 1145 Is. 5d. Pool Quay 7 55 1150 Is. 2d. Four Crosses 8 4 12 0 noon 10d. Lianfyllin 7 25 „ 9 40 a.m. Llanfechain 7 39 „ 9 54 > Is. Llansaintffraid. 7 45 „ 10 0 ) Children under three years of age, free; above three and under twelve, half-price. First olass tickets issued at double the third class fares. Passengers RETURN same day as under:—For Llansantffraidd, Lianfyllin. Welshpool, and inter- mediate Stations, by special train at 5 45 p.m. and by ordinary train at 9 10 p.m. For other stations at dO D.M. ALFRED ASLETT. Secretary and General Manager. Company's Offices, Oswestry, Sept. 1893. Tickets, bills, and every information to be had at the above-SMned Stations. .0 GENERAL ANNO UN CEMENTS. — T WESLEYAN CHAPEL, LLANDYSSIL. HARVEST- -THANKSGIVING, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd. TEA AT 3.30. TICKETS—SIXPENCE EACH SERVICE AT 6 O'CLOCK. fifclO PUBLIC ROOMS, LLANIDLOES- A GRAND Church Bazaar WILL BE HELD ON TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 27, 28, and 29, 1893, Under the Patrol. aga of His WORSHIP THE MAYOR, ar.d other distinguished Pert-oaagea. A LARGB QUANTITY OF MOSf EXCELLENT & ARTISTIC WORK Will be offered for Sale at strictly Moderate Pricts. A SUBSTANTIAL BRIDGE will be erected from the Public Rooms to the Masonic and other Rooms at the Trewythen Hotel, where a variety of Mystical, Theatrical & Miscellaneous ENTERTAINMENTS will take pla#e, including the Laughable Farces, Icion Parle Francais," "A Regular Fix," "A Fair Encounter." Mrs Jarley's Famous WAXWORKS, Nigger Minstrels, Children's Entertainments, Art Gallery, ELECTRIC BATTERY, etc., etc. The following Ladies have kindly consented t. preside at the StSlia:-STALL Ar Marchioness (D) of Londonderry, Mrs Lloyd-Verney, Clochfaen. STALL B-r Mrs Francis, Wallog T Mrs Lloyd-Kinsey. STALL C: Mrs Kitto, Glandwr. STALL D: Mrs Kerr, Summerfield Park; Mrs Paull. Greenfield. STALL E: Mra Davies, Plas-yn-dre; Mrs Kinsey, Brynilys. STALL F: Mrs Jones, Vicarage. PARISH STALL Mrs Jones, Vicarage -r Mrs George Benbow, Mrs Cope, Mrs George Robert& REFRESHMENT STALL R Mrs and Miss Marshall,. Severn View. FLOWER STALL Miss Kitto, Glandwr. The Bazaar will be opened on Tuesday, September 26th, by the MARCHIONBSS (D.) OR LONDONDERRY, at 12 o'cloek precisely. On Wednesday, September 27th, by the LORD EISHOP OF BANGOR, at 2 o'clock. On the two remaining days, the Bazaar will be opened at 2 o'clock by other Patrons. Admission— One Shilling; after 6 p.m. Sixpence Children under 12 years half-price. Tickets (not transferable), to adfeit One Person at any tim& when the Bazaar is open ^eluding Opening Ceremony), Two Shillings ana u-^peaoe. RAILWAY ARRANGEMENTS.—On September 26tb. 27th, 28th, and 29th the Cambrian Railways will issue Cheap Day return tickets to Llanidloes from Machynlleth, Newtown, Welshpool, Builth Wells, and intermediate Stations, by ordinary trains due to leave Machynlleth 9.50 a.m., and 1.20 p.m. (Passengers from Stations between Machynlleth and Moat Lane leave by trains due to leave Cemmaes Road at 8 43 a.m. and 1.35 p.m.). Newtown 11.59 and 2.46 p.m., Welshpool 11.25 a.m. and 2.21) p.m., Builth Wells 9.13 a.m. and 12.8 noon, Rhayader 8.46 a.m. and 1253 p.m. Passengers return by any Ordinary Stopping Train on date of issue. EDM. 0. JONES, Vicar, Chairman, SAML. IKIN, Treasurer, W. DAVID ROBERTS, Curate Hon. JOHN DAVIKS ) Secretaries. f214 BWLCHYITRIDD. A Tea and Competitive Meeting Will be held on Christmas Day, 1893. Further particulars will shortly appear. f217 A DAY AT THE WELLS. A CHEAP TRIP will be run from Aberystwyth, Borth, Machynlleth, Newtown, Llanidloes, and all intermediate Stations, to RHAYADER (for Nantgwillt and Elan Valley), BUILTH, LLAN- DRINDOD, LLANWRTYD & LLANGAMMARCH WELLS, on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd, 1893. The Train will leave Aberystwith at 7 0 a.m., Maohynlleth 7 50 a.m., Newtown 815a.m., Llanidloes 9 20 a.m., and Return from Llandrindod at 6 10 p m., Llanwrtyd 6 0 p.m., Llangammarch 6 5 p.m., Builth 610 p.m., and Rhayader at 6 40 p.m. IMPORTANT ACCELERATION, JULY, AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER, 1893. LONDON, BIRMINGHAM, WOLVERHAMPTON, Ac., WITH ABERYSrWYTH, BARMOUTH, BRECON, Ac. Down. a.m. Up. p.m. London (Euston) .dep. 9 30 Barmouth dep. 2 15 Bir'ingham (New-st) „ II 30 Towyn 2 56 Whampton (L.N.W.) „ 12 3- Aberdoyey 3 10 Shrewsbury „ 1 35 Aberystwith „ 2 50 Newtown arr. 2 43 Borth 3 12 Llanidloes „ 3 15 Machynlleth 3 45 3 40 j Brecon 1 23 Bnilth Wells „ 4 19 Builth Wells „ 2 55 Brecon „ 5 15 Rhayader „ 3 40 Machynlleth „ 3 40 Llanidloes „ 4 11 Borth 11 4 9 Newtown 447 Aberystwyth 4 30 Shrewsbury arr. 6 5 Aberdovey 4 10 W'hampton (LNW) „ 7 29 Towyn „ 4 20 Bir'gham (New-st,) „ 7 55 Barmonth • 4 50 London (Euston). 10 15 This train is continued from Barmouth to Criccieth, Portmadoo, and Pwllheli. For further informa- tion see Time Bills. CHEAP WEEK END AND FORTNIGHTLY TICKETS are now issued to Aberystwyth, Barmouth, and other WATERING PLACES on the Cambrian Coast. For full particulars respecting fares and train times, see bills, to be had at all Stations. NEWTOWN EARLY CLOSING MOVEMENT. iN On EVERY FRIDAY in JULY, AUGUST, and SEPTEMBER, CHEAP RETURN TICKETS will be ISSUED FROM NEWTOWN to Llandinam at 2 30 p m. j) QJ Montgomery at 2 13 p.m. ) Welshpool at 2 13 p.m. 1/3 Third Class Fares fcr the Double Journey. Children under Three Years of Age. Free; above Three and under Twelve, Half-fare. First Class Tickets issued at double the Third Class Fares. The Tickets will be available for RETURN the SAME DAY as follows —From Llandinam at 7 43 p.m., Montgomery 7 15 p.m. or 9 57 p.m., Welsbpool 7 0 p.m. or 9 45 p.m. ALFRED ASLETT, Secrttary aad General Manager. Ii:' GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. NEWTOWN BAPTIST CHURCH. A SALE OF WORK AND RUMMAGE SALE Will be held in THE VICTORIA HALL, NEWTOWN, October 13th and 14th, 1893. CONTRIBUTIONS, in Money or Ki¡.d, will h thankfully received. E. P. MORKIS, 7 tt fl93 A. S. COOKE, jHon-Sec*- A6IJ AOH 'SNVA3 "H M -Xftjuqs 8jv[u3i^j«d Unj a calu JJIM t1Ø!J8r¡U 8WB[o-^jg jaq;o -(seaiAJes Jtaq} eA!ä Ot pa^uesuoo £ [ptni[ eAvq oqjh) 'sjopnjJj Ugff-PUTH njaiss 3H jo uoi^oojip oqi japun etnmvjiku^ '868L '41Sl aaaoxoo 'Avoiyj 'Nl\\O.J.M.:IN: 'TIVH Oil 3 lid eq 1I! isaiS eq niAl (quID SAoqv eq. jo spunj eq. jo pn» uj) ^jqouoqBUIUSA^ (INVJIO Y •amo Tivaxooji NJAOUASN Under the distinguised Patronage and presence of SIR BRYCE PRYCE-JONES, M.P. I AND CAPTAIN E. PRYCE-JONES. J BOSTOCK, WOMBWELL & BAILEY,S CIRCUS, HIPPODROME AND MENAGERIE I COMPRISING THE LARGEST CIRCUS. THE GRANDEST HIPPODROME. THE MOST EXTENSIVE MENAGERIE. The most NOVEL THEATRE OF VARIETIES. THE MOST INTERESTING CURIOSITY MUSEUM. THE BEST OF I HORSES AND PONIES. THE BEST OF RIDERS (Ladies and Gentlemen) THE BEST OF ACROBATS. THE BEST OF GYMNASTS. I THE BEST OF CLOWNS, and the TWO I GREATEST ANIMAL TRAINERS on RECORD. I In fact the Largest, Grandest, Richest, and Best all round Show that ever travelled, presenting to ( its patrons, for one admission, Ten Times more I than has ever been attempted by any other Public I Amusement Caterers. I ADMISSION-3i1., 2s., and Is.; Children, 6d. One I -0- Charge admits to all Sights therefore look out for this, the Greatest Travelling Organisation on Earth. It will be exhibited at LLANIDLOES, WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20TH, NEWTOWN, THURSDAY, SEPT. 21ST, MONTGOMERY, FRIDAY. SEPT. 22ND, WELSHPOOL. SATURDAY, SEPT. 23RD. TWO GRAND PERFORMANCES DAILY-The First at 2.30, and the Second at 7 p.m. Managing Director-E. H. BOSTOCK. G. H. BELL'S ANNUAL GRAND CONCERT Will take place on Friday, October 27th, IN THE PUBLIC ROOMS, NEWTOWN. f196 ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, NEWTOWN. A BAZAAR In aid of the Building Debt of the above Church wil be held in the AUTUMN OF THIS YEAR. Contributions Solicited. TOM ROBERTS Severn Square, Newtown, e444 Sec. pro. tem. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Welshpool Shire and Hackney Horse Show, 1893. The LAST DAY for receiving Entries in LEAPING and TURN-OUT Classes is W MONDAY, Sept. 25th. Prize Lists and Entry Forms supplied on application to— JOHN EVANS, SECRETARY, 24, BROAD STREET, WELSHPOOL. fl99 SUN INSURANCE OFFICE (:FIRE) FOUNDED 1710. Sum insured in 1892, I A391,800,000. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS Grand Football Match. LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. EWTOWN V. WELLINGTON ST. GEORGE'S l' On the Cnnrimrs" SATURDAY NEXT. September 23rd. Kick off 4 o'clock. Admission 3d. Ladies fr-e. Reserved Ground 2d extra, f225 THURSDAY, SEPT. 21st, 18D3. THE 31ST GREAT AGRICULTURAL SHOW (PRESIDENT The Right Hon. The Earl of Powis), WILL BE HELD AT OSWESTRY. UNPRECEDENTED ENTRIES! Horse Parades, Trotting, Leaping, f Turnouts. THE BAND OF THE 2ND. Y.B. XING'S SHROPSHIRE LIGHT INFAKTfiT WILL PLAY SELECTIONS. CHEAP RE FRESH MEATS AND LUNCHEON ADMISSION la., NO EXTRAS. The Cambrian Railways Combeny will ioneehosp Excursion Tickets to Osweetry. Newbo- return 2s. 6d. For particulars see Comptny'a Handbills. THOS. WHITFIELD, Oswestry. am „ f207 WELSHPOOL SHIRE AND HACKNEY, HORSE SHOW AND SALE (Under the management of tht Montgomeryshire District Entire Horeu Association)* will be held in the SMITHFIELD, WELSHPOOL, and a FIELD near thereto, on Friday, 29th September, 1893, When VALUABLE PRIZES will be gifts. The Splendid Band of the 4th Batt. South Wales Borctorers (By permission of Col. Harrison) hat been engaged for the occasion. SHOW OPEN to the PUBLIC at 10 am. PUBLIC LUNCHEON in Smithfield at 1.30 JUDGING OF LEAPING CLASSES at 2 p.m. JUDGING OF TURN-OUTS at 3 p.m. Admission, ONE SHILLING. RAILWAY ARRANGEMENTS.—On Sept. 29 th the Cambrian Railways Company will issue Cheap Return Tickets to Welshpool from Oswestry, Lianfyllin, Llanidloes, Nowtown, and intermediate stations. For particulars see small bills. JOHN EVANS, SKEIIABT, 24, BROAD STREET, WELSHPOOL. fl39 THE Harvest Festival WILL BE HELD AT THI: PARISH CHURCH, NEWTOWN, On Michaelmas Day, Sept. :29th. There will be a oelebration of the HolyfCommnnioB at 8 o'clock; and Evensong at 7 o'olook. PREACHER Preacher: Rev. CECIL HOOK, Vicar ef Oswestry. Collection for the Montgomeryshire Infirmary, 1170 NEWTOWN ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD New Year's Day, 1894. LIST OF PRIZES WILL SHORTLY .1tIJ I A. S. COOKE, Has. Sec.