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I CRICKET. LLANFYLLIN v. LLWYN. Played on Saturday week atLlwyn. Llanfyllyn. W Rees c Ryle b J H Evans 9 R Williams c T P Evans, b J H Evans 0 Walter Jones b Corballis 7 P E Watkins c Ryle b Corballis 0 A Evans c Ryle b Corballis 4 Rev Th Jones b Corballis 0 J H Jones b Corballis 7 E H Jones b Corballis 8 R Jones c and b J H Evans 1 Rev J W Thomas b Corballis 7 J Jones not out 8 Extras. 6 57 Llwyn. R Simpson c W Jones b P Watkins. 51 A J Ryle b E H Jones 14 J H Evans lbw W Jones 34 H Westby b W Jones 0 F F Corballis b W Jones 6 T P Evans c A Evans b P E Watkins 3 J M Dugdale c E H Jones b W Jones 1 J P Evans b P E Watkins 0 P Dugdale b W Jones 0 W Dugdale b W Jones 0 W Fullagerb W Jones 0 Extras H 120 In the second inningsjLlanfyllin scored 53 for eight wickets. ABERYSTWYTH v. MACHYNLLETH. Played Oil the Plas Grounds, Machynlleth, on Satur- day, and resulted in an easy win for the visitors. In the first innings, Bishop's analysis read-9 overs, 4 maidens, 6 runs, 3 wickets and T Morgan 8'1 overs, 11 runs, 7 wickets. In the second innings Bishop took 4 wicket for 14 runs; and T Morgan 4 for 20. Score:— Aberystwyth. F E Boycott c Lewis b H Jones 17 st Evans b Griffiths 8 Robert Jones run out 3 not out 26 Tom Morgan b H Ll. Jones 11 c Martin b H Ll. Jones 4 Jas Morgan c Edwards b Gillart 10 c D Jones b N Ll. Jones 1 M Hughes c Edwards b H LI. Jones 0 b N LI. Jones 1 R 0 Bishop b Gillart 3 A N Other b H Ll. Jones 2 J J L Rowe b Gillart 5 G H Pitt b Gillart 0 WOakley b Gillart 3 R L Davies not out 1 Extras 4 Extras 7 59 Total for 4 wkts 47 Machynlleth. N Lloyd Jones b T Mor. gan. 0 c T Morgan b Bishop 1 H Lloyd Jones c Oakley b T Morgan 3 not out 21 R Gillart c Oakley b T Morgan 8 b T Morgan 3 Lord A Vane Tempest c R Jones b T Morgan 0 run out 6 J G Martin b Bishop 1 b Bishop 2 H Lewis lbw b Bishop 1 b Bishop 0 R Edwards c and b T Morgan 0 c Oakley b T Morgan 1 G Griffith c Oakley b T Morgan. 3 c and b T Morgan 0 M Evans b Bishop 0 b T Morgan 0 D Jones o Boycott b T Morgan 0 b Bishop 1 0 Arthur not out 1 b T Morgan 0 Extras 5 Extras 6 22 41 GUILSFIELD v. NEWTOWN. Played at Guilsfisld on Saturday. Newtown could do nothing with the howling of W and G E Robinson, and were all out for 36. For Guilsfield W Robinson played a good not out innings of 69, Howarth played a good innings of 40. Score :— Newtown. W F Richards c R Mytton b G E Robinson 5 W Jones c R Mytton b W Robinson 0 J R Hall c P Mytton b G E Robinson 2 Wiliiams b W Robinson 0 H Breeze c and b W Robinson 0 R Williams b G E Robinson 4 T Jones b G E Robinson 8 H Morgan c Barratt b W Robinson 1 P Morgan c G Mytton b W Robinson 3 Parry b W Robinson 2 White not out. 1 Extras 10 -u 36 Guilsfield. G E Robinson c T Jones b Richards 0 W Robinson not out 69 H Mytton c Morgan b Richards 7 H 0 Barrett b Jones 0 F Howarth c Morgan b Williams 40 W Payne not out 12 A R Mytton G H Mytton E Jones T Austin P Myttou Extras 8 136 E. W. W. 2ND. v. OAKHURST (OSWKSTET.) A pleasant game was played between the above teams on Saturday week on the ground of the for- mer. Oakhurst. Evans c Pugh b Harper 2 Parry c J M Jones b A Jones 13 Groves 1 b w b Pugh 24 Watkin run out 2 Lewis not out 17 Thomas c A 0 Davies b Pugh 0 Brackstone c E Davies b Pugh. 0 Bellis b A Jones 2 EX Lras 5 65 R. W. W. 2ND. JMJonesbWatkin 3 A Jones c Watkin b Evans 6 J Harper b Watkin 4 E R Pugh b Evans 15 T Morgan Ibw b Watkin 4 E Davies b do 25 A 0 Davies c Watkin b Evans 1 H Allen not out 0 E xtrile 6 64 H. R. E. HARRISON'S XI v. MONTGOMERY. Played at Caerhowell on August 24th. Score- H. R. E. Harrison's XI. H R E Harrison c Hall. 29 Whitaker b Harris & B Whitaker b A Eaton. 0 L W Jones b Harris 2 J H Yearsley c Williams 14 C P Harrison b do 0 Robinson Ibw b Harris. 10 G H Mytton c Eaton 0 H Meyrick lbw b do 2 ExtraB 18 W E Pryce-Jones not out 22 H F Mytton b Harris 1 107 Montgomery. A Eaton b Harrison OcH Whitaker 7 T S Davies c & b Jones 2 b Harrison 0 L Griffiths b Harrison 1 b do 5 F R Hall b L Jones 11 b do 3 H E Breeze b Pryce-Jones 3 c Whitaker b Harr'sn 1 R T Harris b Harrison. 0 b Harrison 1 C B Williams b do 0 not out 20 P R Eaton run out 5 b Jonea 12 J E Williams Dot out 1 b Harrison 0 E Jones b Harrison 1 b do 0 W Richards b do 2 b do 0 Extras 13 Extras 10 39 59 H. R. E. HARRISON'S XI v. G. H. MYfTON'S XI. Played at Caerhowell on August 25th. Scores— Mr Harrison s XI. H C Meyrick b H-France 2 E Harrihon c & b Y'fsley 68 Pryce-Jones b H-Frattce 10 not out 21 A Robinson b H-Frai-ice 0 not out 12 W Fitzhugh st Mytton b Yearsley 7 b Whitaker 17 Loones b Hayh'st-France 2 T Williams not out 1 Napier bu'yhurst. France 0 Fryer-Jones b H-France 0 E R Jones lbw b do 2 C Harrison st A Mytton 0 Extras 15 ExtrM 11 107 61 Mr Mytton's XI. Hay hurst-France b Jones 0 H Westby c Meyrick 0 Yearsley c Pryce-Jones 24 G Fitzhugh not out 6 A Pryce-Jones b L Jones 3 G Myttono H P-Jones 0 B Whitaker b L Jones. 17 A Mytton o Meyrick 5 H Mytton b Fitzhugh 12 Extras 20 H Whitaker c Robinson 1 B Herbert b L Jones 0 68