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LL4NFYLLIN DISTRICT HIGHWaY BOARD. THURSDAY.—Present = Messrs Thomas Gill (chair- man), C. R. Jones (ex-officio), H. Ellis, Tbomas Watkins, W. Theodore, Pryce Astley, David Jones, Evan Evans, E. Yaughan, J. T. Williams, and H«n. v Roberts. J PONTYCRAI FOOTPATH. Mr Ingram, of Poutycrai, Llanertyl, wrote calling attention to this footpath, which he had himseif opened, and asking the Board to maintain the s»ms. -The Clerk said the matter had been brought up many times, and the Board had refused to repair it. —Tne Surveyor said it was used by Mr Ingram, and no one else, and had been closed for many yettra.- 011 the motion of the Chairman it was resolved to de- cline to repair it. MELINYGRUG BRIDGE. A letter was read from Mr E. M. Jones, solicitor, Welshpool, on behalf of the trustees of the Meliny- grug Estate, denying their liability to repair ti,1,3 bridge, and stating that there was no reason what- ever why the Llanfyllin Highway Board snould loX- pect landowners to saddle themselves with public burdens. Mr P. Astley said the bridge was in a very dangerous state. Threshing m:ichine proprietors had refused to take thoir machines across it, and theie was no other way of going. The bridge was in a very important spot, and should be attended to at once by somebody.-After some discussion it was decided to spend a sum not exceeding t 10 in repaiis. UI8TRICT SUKVEYOR'S REPORT. Mr J. Storer presented his report, which was as follows Ll&uwddyn, -According to your instruc- tions I went to Llanwddyn to see the water engineer with a view to pointing out to him the work required to be done at different parts around the lake, but he was to busy to attend to me."—Mr David Jones said he would like to ask, with reference to this mat- ter, who was liable for the repair of the road arcmuci the lake in case the water should wash parts of i.t away.—The Clerk said that point wets raised before the magistrates when they applied for their certifi- cate that the road was completed. The Justices gave their certificate that the road had been completed to their satisfaction, and the liability to repair, there- fore, led upon the Highway Board.-Air J. Thomp- son Williams said the greatest damage likely to be done would fall upon the County Council, and not on the Highway Board.—" Llanrhaiadr,—Respecting Aberrhaiadr footbridge, I beg to state that it will be quite impossible to repair the present one, owing to its rotten state."—It was decided to erect a new footbridge, and that Sir Watkin be asked to give the necessary larch timber.—" Llangadfan,—I should like to receive your instructions respecting the large culvert made of timber near the Calvinietic Viethodist Chapet, Cann Office, which is out of re- pair. This culvert is on a watercourse which carries water to Cann Office Mill, which belongs to Lord Po wig. "-Resolved to ask Mr Forrester Addie to re- pair the culvert.—"Tynycol Cnlvert.-The stones for the new culvert have been carted by the neighbour- ing farmers, and the work of building will be com- menced at once."—" Harvest Men.-I should be glad to have your permi lsion to take these men on the road again, as I have several jobs that should be done now during the fine weather. "-Granted. The following was the expenditure during the past month on the district roacis :-Manual labour, t47 lIs; team tabour. t5 7s 3 J materials, .£17 16a 8d total' .£70 14) lid." GODOR FORD. Mr David Jones said ne had been requested to bring this matter before the Board again. There were stepping stones across this ford, but they had been removed some time back by somebody. He thought they ought to be replaced, as they were a great convenience.—Several of the members having expressed the opinion that a small footbridge would be safer and more efficient than stepping-btones, &t. Jones and Mr Thomas Watkins were requested to seek the views of the people in that neighoourhood.






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