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NEWTOWN & LLANLLWCHAIARN SCHOOL BOARD. The ordinary monthly meeting of the above Board was held in the New Church-street Board Schools, on Monday evening. Present Messrs William Cooke (chairman). A..Ford, W. F. Thomas and J. Humphreys with Mr itichard Williams (depu■ y-clerk) .—The first business under discussion was the letter sent by Mr Saer, head master, Now Cburch-street School, proposing to establish jointly evening classes, the consideration of which was adjourned from the last meeting.—The Chairman said several members had coincided in the opinion that the better plan of remunerating tne masters would be for them to pay themselves by means of the fees charged the pupils, rather than the Board should pay tbem a fixed salary. It must not be forgotten that the project was an experiment, and it was not known whether it would succeed, and on those conditions Messrs Saer and Wall were willing to accept the school. The Chair- man referring to the provision of school books, said the persons who attended would be expected to find them, and all that the Board would be asked to- provide were room and fire and light for two evenings- every week.—Mr Ford: A hich room do they intend using r-The Chairman replied that if only a small number attended, the class-room would be used. Mr Ford then proposed that the room be orantirl and expressed the opinion that the use of the large room, if possible, should be avoided.—Mr John Humphreys seconded, and the resolution was unanimously passed.—Mr Ford: About what is the age of scholars who are likely to attend?—The Chairman: Twelve years and upwards.—Mr John Humphreys remarked that the classes were intended mainly tor those who had ief t school.—The Chairman It the younger children are attending the school during the day time, they will not desire to attend in the eveniug.-The Clerk reported that the drawing examination would take place on the 15th instam, when it was requisite oue member of the Board should be in attendance.—Mr John Humphreys and I air uooKe, ac the request of the Board, agreed to be present.—The Clerk reported the receipt of lett rs trom the Misses MacBurnie, tendering their resigna- tion as assistant teachers under the Board. They assigned as the reason for leaving that they wished to improve their positions, and asked for a testi- monial.—The Chairman said he believed the Misses MacBurnie were somewhat anxious to get appoint- ments nearer their relatives.—Mr Ford remarked tnat he had been a member of the Board since both teaohers had been appointed, and he had great pleasure in moving that the Clerk be instructed to write testimonials, giving expression to the warm feelmgs of approbation with which the Board regarded the ptrlormance of the duties of the two la nes. He considered they had been a credit to the fChool, and he was really sorry they were going to leave the service of the Board, but they could not ?■[, J ?i r0muneration which their qualifications entitled them to receive. He moved that the Clerk write a testimonial in the most glowing terms possible. Mr W. F. Thomas seconded.-The,e uulogiums were cordially endorsed by Mr John Humphreys and the Chairman, and the motion was carried unanimously.-Mr Cooke said that it would be well if the members of the Board were to make enquiries as to the constitution of the staff of tue school, which would necessarily have to be reo arranged after the examination. They would find that the staffs of the various schools were very unequal.-Mr Thomas and Mr Humphreys briefly spoke to the same effect, and the euoiect was adjourned.








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