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LLANFAIR-CAEREINION. THE FLOWER SHow.-Tarough inadvertence we omitted from the libt of private stall-hold^ra the name of Mr Thomas Proctor, Bridge-street, who had a fine exhibition of home and ready-made boota and shoea. The leather out of which the boots were made was also ahown. The leather was manufactured by Mr Tom Jones, tanner and currier. SCHOOL TREAT, &c.-It was qaite a gala day at Llanfair on Tuesday. The High Sheriff of Mont- gomeryshire (Mr J. C. Hilton, of Glynhiriaeth and Spring Gardens, Manchester) treated the chil- dren attending the three schools within the parish to tBa' car-&tit cake, &c., at the Board Schools. The aged poor were also specially iuvited by ticket to tea. A Large number of tradespeople, tenants, and friends were amongst the guests. It is computed that 800 at leuao «at down to tea. Mr Hilton was acoompaniei at tea by Mrs Hilton, Miss Hilton, Mr Edwin KG, hiedy Hilton, Mrs Occleaton (Manchester), and Mua Kennedy (of Ayr, Scotland). Mr and Mra Hilton took the deepest interest in the teat and showed the greatest anxiety for the enjoyment of all tney invited, They were ably assisted in the under- t I ktnir by their active and energetic agent (Mr Thomas Biwen, Dolgead Hall) and a committee to whom Mr John G. Jones, Brynpeuarth, and Mr W. Story were honorary secretaries. The ladies who presided at tha tea were Mrs Thomas, Bodeiuon, and Mrs Bowen, Dolgead Hall (the lady-superinten- dents in charge of the atores), Mrs Hilton, Mrs Jonea, Brynpenarth, Mrs Samuel Ellis, Victoria House, Mrs Tom Jones, Mrs Lloyd Humphreys, Cumbrian House, Mrs David Jehu, Bridge-street; Mrs C. W. Humphreys, Tyiissa, Mrs Watkin, Bryn. mair, Mrs James, Bridge-atreet, Mrs John Thomas, Eincon Houae, Mrs Edmunds, Bank, Mrs C. E. Hum- phreys, Mount Einion, Mrs Proctor, Bridge-street, Mrs Story, Stone Cottage, Mrs Tudor, Corner Shop, Mrs Smith, Bryniiiriartm, Miss Morgan, Beechgrove, and Miss Morgan, Manchester House. A large num- ber of young ladies also assisted. The tables were beautifully decorated with flowers. The streets looked gay with bunting. Two evergreen arches decorated with flowers and mottoes spanned the streets near the Bank and Wjnnstay. The children mustered together by the National Schools, where they were marshalled together by the bead teachers of the schools, viz., Mr E. Dryhurst Roberts, Mr Henry Bishop, Mr Henry Bishop, Mrs Buckley, and their assistants, and formed into procession, whence they paraded the streets, headed by the Llaufair Brass Band, and wended their way to the Board Schools. A large banner was carried in front and the flags carried by the children farther enlivened the scene. The little ones were well attended to at the Board Schools, the High Sheriff devoting himself entirely to their comfort and enjoyment. The aged poor s-it down to tea after the children. Amongst the invited guests were: Rev. T. D. James (curate), Mr Thomas Watkin, J.P., Dr. Humphreys, Mr G. Edmunds, Bank, Mr R. M. Jervia, solicitor, Dr. Thomas, Mr Lloyd Humphreys, Mr W. Theodore, C.C., Mr Charles Humphrey, Mr C. W. Humphreys, Mr John Thomas, draper. After tea the children marched in procession to the Derry Field, where elaborate arrangements had been made for holding the sports previously announced by posters, which were managed by Mr Edwiu Kennedy Hilton. The following, amongst others, acted a lieutenants:—Mr Thomas Bowen, Mr J. G. Jones, Rev. T. D. James, Mr K. Boweu, Mr Tom Jones, Mr David Davies, Mr H. Bishop, &c. Prizes were given in the shape of sweets, ties, pocket kaives, &c., t) successful winners iu the juvenile sp rt.3. In the sports for adulta the following prizes wero awarded :—100 yards race, 1, Thomas Adams, 2, W. Wood; long jump, 1, Joseph Astley. 2, David Astley; hurdle race, 1, Joseph Astley, 2, Thomas A tlay; 200 yards race, 1, Joseph Astley, 2, John Willi <ms; high jump, 1, David Riohard Jones, 2. Josepii Astley sack race, 1, John Jones, 2, Henry Jones; 400 yards race, 1, Joseph Astley, 2, Joseph Hughes, 3, Albert E. Hughes; tug-of-war, 1, T. Jones, Mulinyddol, tenm; pole jump, 1, Joseph Aitley, 2, Thomas Aitley; obstacle race, 1, Joseph Astley, 2. David Astley, 3, Thrmas Evan Jones and Wm. Wood; donkey race, 1, Edwin Evans's, 2, John Astley's, 3, Thos. Arthur's pony race, 1, John Lloyd Humphreys's, 2, Albert E. Hughes's, 3, Fred. Price Jones s. The baud played at intervals in the field during the evening. After the prizes had been distributed to the successful winners, Mr Thomas Watkin, in eulogistic terms, proposed a vote of thauka to the High Sheriff and Mrs Hilton for the treat. He said the day had been an enjoyable one, and they had observed that the most innocent of creatures, such as the little birds and lambs, enjoyed themselves more than anything else. That day's en- joyment wouid do them good, would do the children good, and their health would benefit by it. He ad- mired seeing the children throw themselves so thoroughly into the competitions, and he hoped they would take a lesson from it to do well in whatever they uiidettook to do, to have regard to quality as well as quantity. Mr Hilton, as High Sheriff, as they were awu,re, held a very high office of social position, but from that elevated position he did not forget tha people d Llinfair. Mr Hilton had a long pur,"e and a bit? iieltrt-a heart big enough to treat 1 he whole neighbourhood. The vote was seconded by Mr G. E lmunds, Bank, and supported by the Rov. T. D. James, and carried with great cheering and" three- times-three." Three cheers for each member of the family were then called for and warmly acceded to. Mr Hilton, in acknowledging the vote of thanks, said it afforded Mrs Hilton and himself great satisfaction to find they had all enjoyed themselves. He thanked the IRdies who presided at the tea and the members of th committee for the valuable assistance rendered by them ,to enable the treat being carried out satis- factorily. The company then dispersed, after a most enjoyable day, the band taking the lead and marching to the town. A large quantity of currant cake, bread, tea and sugar, &c,, waa distributed to the poor






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