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MONTGOMERY TOWN :COUNCIL. THURSDAY. Present: Aid. Col. R. J. Harrison (chairman), Councillors E. R. James, T. Williams, Gpo. Farmer, and E. William, with Messrs Charles Pryce (town clerk), W. P. Hole (Surveyor) and R. Tomley (inspector). THE LATE MB. ROWLEY MORRIS. The CHAIRMAN read a letter from Mr Louis Rowley Morris, son of the above deceased gentleman, in which he stated that his mother and the family wished to convey to the members of the Council their sincere thanks for the vote of sympathy and condo- lence. His father was looking forward with a great deal of pleasure to the translation of the charters of Montgomery, for nothing gave him greater pleasure than working for his beloved county. THE ANCIENT CHARTERS. With regard to the translation of these, Mr J. M. E. Lloyd, barrister, of Lineolns Ion, W.C., wrote stating that he saw from the papers that it was pro- posed to engage a stranger to translate the old docu uuents. He thought that the work should be trans- lated by a Montgomery man, and if the Mayor and Council wished to have them translated, he should be haopy to do the work giatis. The CHAIRMAN thought that Mr Lloyd was labour- ing under a misapprehension with regard to the translation of the documents. He was under the im. pression they were translated. Councillor JAMES Not all, I think. The TOWN CLERK replied that the Chairman was ripht. The CHAIRMAN I do not think we should take any ■tejja in the matter at present, until an acknowledged antiquary comes into the district. The Rev. Valen- tine Lloyd can give us more information about these old documents than anybody else in the district, and we had better ask his opinion. The Town Clerk will write to Mr Lloyd stating we are much obliged to him for his offer, but I don't think there is any question of translation before us just now. No doubt it is a great Iocs to the county through the deaths of Mr Morris Jonea and Mr Rowley Morris, who was by at the best antiquarian we had in the county. It was resolved to acknowledge Mr Lloyd's letter, thanking him for his offer, and mention that the Counofl had no ii, a of translating the documents. THE LAND. With respect to the contemplated improvement of the fencing of the Fioslands, Councillor T. Williams reported that the cost of a fence and repairs to the buildings would be .£13.-CounClllor E. Williams said the sum was lower than Councillor T. Williams' first e.-timtte.-Counuillor T. Williams No, it is my estimate, JB10 and £ 3.—It was ultimately decided to carry out the work. REAPPOINTMENT. Upon the proposition of the Chairman, seconded by Councillor James, Mr R. Tomley was re-appointed Inspector at the same salary as heretofore. THE MEDICAL OFFICER'S SALARY. A letter was read from the Local Government Board with regard to the appointment of Dr. Thurs- field as Medical Officer for the Montgomery Urban Sanitary Distriat. The Board had come to the coii- elusion that they would not be justified in giving their sanction to the appointment, unless a salary of at leaat X20 was paid to the officer. The CLERK remarked that he had replied stating that Dr. Thursfield was appointed Medical Officer of Health to the Urban Sanitary District when such district was taken away from that of Forden Rural Sanitary Authority, including at that time the b 'rough of Montgomery. When the change took place the sum of £ 5 was apportioned as the salary of the Medical Officer to the latter authority. It would be seen therefore, that this sum was not assigned to Dr. Thursfield as a separate salary, but was appor- tioned to him in respect of the Montgomery district, and it was hoped that under these circumstances the Local Government Board would see their way to sanc- tion the appointment, and agree to the payment of the connty grant in respect to the salary. The CHAIRMAN remarked that it would be as well to explain that the reason why the separation of the Montgomery district from the Forden Rural Sanitary Authority was under the Act of 1885, brought in by Sir Charles Dilke, which provided that all unreformed corporations should become mnnioipal corporations, or an Urban Sanitary Authority; therefore Mont- gomery was separated from Forden Rural Sanitary Authority, and Dr. Thursfield's salary was reduced by the Forden Authority, and the amount taken off, his salary is paid by this borough. He thought the Clerk uhould write explaining these circumstauces, ani pointing out that the appointment had been per- mitted up to now. The Council agreed to the Chairman's suggestion. BAD SMELLS AND DIPHTHERIA. A letter was received from the Mayor, stating that he would be absent from town on the date of meet- ing, and calling the attention of the Council to the bad smells which existed in various parts of the town. He asked the Council to direct the notice of the sanitary officer to the nuisances. They were located near the police-station, at Whittingham, and with cholera at their doon, these matters should be at- tended to. The CHAIRMAN said he had smelt a very nasty smell coming up the hill into the town. Councillor T. WILLIAMS said at times the stench was horrible. The INSPECTOR: Morris Weaver had some sour pig's wash there, and it smelt strong. The CHAIRMAN Tell him that if he does it again he will be summoned. We cannot all be poisoned with sour wash. Councillor JAMES pointed out that if the nuisance occurred again it should be immediately removed. The CHAIRMAN intimated this to the Inspeotor, and added that if the notice of abatement were not obeyed, proceedings were to be taken. Councillor JAMES: We must back up our In. spector. The INSPECTOR also reported that there were a few cases of diphtheria in the borough. MAIN ROADS. Councillor James drew the attention of the Coun- cil to the expenditure on main roads within the borough. The amount spent was .£214 last year, of 91 which sum they had received from the County Coun- cil J2181, leaving a balance of between £ 20 and d £ 30 due to the Town Council. The SURVEYOR said that he had written to the Coun- ty Surveyor on the subject, asking him to make an ap- pointment so that the question could be settled, but he had received no reply to his communication,