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LLANIDLOES FiOEAL FETE. The seventh annual show o! the Llanidloes Horti- calturai Society took place on Wednesday, and was in every sense of the word a complete success. Favoured with fine and pleasant weather, the natural result being that the field was thronged with people. The exhibits were placed in a huge tent, and taken as a whole were thought to surpass those of any previous year. Although this event is one of the last of its kind to occur in the county, it was by no means the least important, and certainly was the most enter- taining. The programme was swelled with several new features, and altogether was of a diversifying character. Probably nothing contributed to the sue. 8338 of a show more than efficient arrangements, and at Llanidloes thi'e were executed in a manner which secured praise on every hand. The competitors in several of the floral classes were rather sparse, but the show was a distinct advance of anything yet at- tempted by the Society. The cottagers' classes were all keenly contested, their produce being worthy of highest praise. Division C, open to gardeners, brought forth much competition, as was the case in the honorary exhibits. The displays of Mr John Davies, Summerfield Park, were excellent, and Mr George Thomas's (Tremynfa) contributions to the show were in fine condition. Messrs Richard Brick and John Oliver, both of Newtown, and Mr E. Bolas, Moat Lane, and Mr Richard Jerman, Llanid- loes, all gained honourable distinctions. Messrs W. Clibran and Son, florists, of Altrincham, were awarded a prize for their display of apples and pears of the finest quality. The exhibition of roots and other farm produoe was one of the most pleasing features of the show, and was of a character, in ex. tent and general excellence, aa would do credit to any country show. The opinion of a well-known farmer, eminently qualified to express an opinion, and who acted as judge, was that the root show was the best he had seen within the county. The dog class secured good entries, the setter breed un- doubtedly claiming prominence. The winner of the collie class was deemed by the judge a splendid ani- mal. A special prize was awarded to Mr J, Rowley Jones, Hafren House, Newtown, for his setter, Prince Llewellyn" and a silver cup, given by the Sunlight Soap Coy., for the best dog in the show was awarded to a fine St. Bernard, Leander." The horses and turn-outs were to the fore, and those singled out for distinction were worthy of the prizes. The sheep dog trials never fail to interest, and both the open and local competition secured full entries. The dogs were allowed fifteen minutes in which to fetch three sheep from a given point, and together with its master drive the animals through four nar- row spaces ;nto a pen in the middle of a field. The large number of spectators watched the dogs work with evident interest, and encouraged, the shepherd by frequent rounds of applause. Tilting and other feats which required dexterity to accomplish took place. The football tournament for silver medals brought six rival teams into the field, and each round was followed by numerous lovers of the game. The Newtown Band was present the whole of the day, and discoursed an excellent variety of music. Mr Edward Davies, J.P., of Llandinam, and Mr James Grant, Penyrallt, efficiently filled the offices of presi- dent and vice-president respectively. The Bucoess of the fete is due to the individual exertions of the whole of the Committee, Messrs Wm. Proudfoot, as chairman, R. Morgan, vice-chairman, E. D. Davies, treasurer, Alf. J. Morris and Fred D. Davies 1108 joint hon. sees., being specially worthy of mention. In addition to the above mentioned gentlemen the fol- lowing served on the Committee: Messrs Edward Blayney, Evan Chapman, EliasDakin, Daniel Davies, Hugh Davies, Robert D. Edwards, Thomas Evans, William Francis, William George, Edmund Hamer, Edward Hamer, Henry Hancock, Edward Jones, James Kerr, John Morgan, ThomaiMunford, Charles Owen, John Baxter Owen, Thomas Phillips, William Savage. The officials one and all carried out their duties to the entire satisfaction of all concerned. Their names are as under:—Vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants, eto., Mr J Lambert, Powis Castle Gardens, Welshpool; roots, grain, and sheep dog trials, Henry Owen, Esq., (Amaethon), Dolgoed, Corris; J. R. Pryse, Esq., J. P., Pantebrain Mr Miller, The Court, Abermule; honey, Hugh Pugh Jones, Esq., Dinas Mawddwy dogs, George Helliwell, Esq., Sheffield Needlework, knitting, etc., Mrs E. O. Jones, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Kerr, Mrs George, and Mrs E. Williams; butter, dressed poultry, etc., Miss John- stone, Sylfaen, Welshpool; football tournament, Mr J. Pugh, Pool Quay; horses and turnouts, J. R. Morris, Esq., Oxon, Shrewsbury; T.Steadman,Esq., Mallwjd, Dinas Mawddwy. DIVISION A. Open to cottagers X8 yearly rental. VEGETABLES. Two cabbages—1, David Richards, Llanidloes; 2, W. H. Lewis, Llanidloes; 3, Ann Evans, Lower Walkmill. Two cabbage (red)—1, Edward Owen, Llanidloes; 2, Evan Jones, Foundry-terrace; 3, T. H. Hine, Great Oak-street. Two cauliflowers-1, Edward Owen; 2, W. H. Lewis; 3, T. H. Hine. Plate of eachalots-1, Richard Jerman, Severn Grove Cottage; 2, Edward Owen; 3, G. W. Cope, National School. Six spring onions-I, Robert Sutcliffe, Eastgate- street; 2, John Jones, Glannant; 3, Ann Evans. Six autumn onions-I, Edward Owen; 2, W. H. Lewis; 3, Richard Jerman. Six turnips-1, Riohd. Jerman; 2, David Riohards, Hafren-street; 3, Edward Owen. Twenty pods of peas-I, Rich. Jerman; 2, Edward Owen; 3, John Jones, Glannant. Twenty pods of broad beans—1, Richard Jerman; 2, Edward Owen 3, John Jones. 2, Edward Owen; 3, John Jones. Twenty pods of scarlet runners-I, Ed. Owen; 2, Richard Jerman 3, David Riohards, Hafren-st. Six carrots-I, Robert Sutoliffe; 2, John Jones; 3, Edward Owen. Six parenips-1, Edward Owen; 2, John Jones; 3, David Richards. Six leeks-I, Edward Owen; 2, Richard Jerman; 3, John Jones. Three lettuce—1, W. H. Lewis; 2, A. E. Higgs, Long Bridge-street; 3, Ed. Owen. Six potatoea-l, Ed. Owen; 2, Ann Evans; 3, Richard Jerman. Three sticks celery-I, Ed. Owen 2, W. H. Lewis; 3, Richard Jerman. DIVISION B. Open to cottagers JB12 yearly rental. VEGETABLES. Two cabbages-I, W. Davies, Talwn, Moohdre; 2, Rd. Brick, Newtown; 3, E. Owen, Hafren-street. Two cabbage (red)-l. Thomas Jones, Sohool-lane, Newtowu; 2, David Richard, Hafren-street; 3, E. Bolas, Moat Lane. Two cauliflowers-1, Rd. Briok; 2, Thos. Jones 3, E. Bolas. Esohalots-I, E. Bolas; 2, Rd. Jerman; 3, Richd. Brick. Six autumn onions-I, Thos. Jones; 2, W. H. Lewis; 3, Ed. Owen. Six spring onions—1, Mrs Davies, Mochdre; 2, T. Jones; 3, E. Bolas. Six turnips-1, Richard Briok; 2, Rd. Jerman; 3, Thomas Jones. Twenty-four pods of peas-I, Rd. Brick; 2, Rd. Jerman; 3, Edward Owen. Twenty pods of broad beaus-1, E. Bolas; 2, Rd. Brick 3, Rd. Jerman. Twenty-four pods of scarlet runners-I, Richard Jerman; 2, John Jones, Giannant; 3, Ann Evans. Six carrots-I, Rd. Briok; 2, Wm. Cavill, Upper. green; 3, John Jones. Six -1, Thos. Jones; 2, Ed. Owen; 3, John Jones, T. H. Hine and Wm. Cavill. Three beet roots-1, Wm. Cavill; 2, Ed. Owen; 3, David Richards. Three sticks oelery-I, Richard Brick; 2, Richard Jerman; 3, Thos. Jones. Two cncumbers-1, E. Bolas; 2, Rd. Brick. Two vegetable marrows-1, Evan Jones, Foundry. terrace; 2, Rd. Brick; 3, Rd. Jerman. Early kidney potatoes (twelve)—1 and 2, Richard Briok, Bryn-street, Newtown. Early round-1, T. Jones, Newtown 2, J. Jones. j L t" kidney potatoes (twelve) -1, Richard Brick; 2, Thomas Jones. J L,te round—1, Richard Brick 2, Thos. Jones. Collection of vegetables (-ix)-I, G. W. Cope, National Schools, Llanidloes 2, R. Brick. FRUITS. Dessert apples (six)—1, R. Brick 2, Wm. Francis, B>vlchllyn. Baking apples (six)-I, R. Brick; 2, T. Jones. Plums (twelve)-I, John Jones, Glannant. Red currants-1, Thos. Jones. Black currants—1, Thos. Jones. Collection of four fruits-1, Jos. Bowen, Plas Dinam Lodge, Llandinam. CUT FLOWERS AND FLOWERING PLANTS. Six cut asters-1, Richd. Brick 2, Thos. Jones. Six dahlias—1, R Brick 2, E Bolas. Six stocks-I, R Brick; 2, T Jones. Six Patisies-1. R Brick 2, E Bolas., Six Hoseii-1, R Brick 2, E Bolas. Tnree cut petunias-I, E Bolas. Two geraniums in pot—1, Richard Jerman. Two fuchsias-I, R Jerman. Two Calceolarias-1, R Jerman. DIVISION C. Open to Gardeners. VEGETABLES AND FRUITS. Two ouonmberd-l, E Bolas; 2, R Davies, Sum- merfield. Potatoes (4 varieties)-I, R Brick 2, T Jones. Two marrows—1, R Brick 2, R Jerman. Three sticks of celery—1, R Brick; 2, T Jones. Eight vAgetables-l, R Brick 2, R Jecman. Six fruits-I, Edward Parker, Pentre, Aberhafesp. Bunch of black grapes-I, John Davies, Summer- field Park. Bunch of white grapes—1, John Davies. Dish of tomatoes-I, G Thomas, Tremynfa 2, John Oliver and Son, Newtown. CUT FLOWERS AND FLOWERING PLANTS. Six ttoses-1, John Davies; 2, Wm. Morgan, Bron- urion, Llandinam. Six dahlias—1, John Davies; 2, Rd. Brick. Six hollyhocks-I, G Thomas, Tremynfa. Six asters—Richard Brick; 2, Wm. Morgan. Six sockll-l, B Brick; 2, E Bolas. Three cut lilies-1, R Jerman; 2, JoLn Davies. Six petunias—1, George Thomas. Six panaies-1, W Morgan; 2, R Brick. Four varieties of begonias—1, John Davies; 2, R Jerman. Four fuchsias-I, John Davies. Four geraniums and pelbrgoniums-1, John Davies. Six ferns-I, John Davies. Ten cut flowers-I, John Davies; 2. Geo. Thomas. Six marigolds—1, John Davies; 2, R Brick. DIVISION D. Open to all comers for honorary competition. Two white cibbages-1 .John Davies 2, Wm. Francis, Dollys Hall, Llanidloes; 3, D Bowen, PlaS Dinam. Two red cabbages—1. W Morgan, Broneirion, LlanV dinam; 2, T Watkins, Caersws; 3, John Davies. Two cauliflowers-1, John Davies; 2, George f homas; 3, W Morgan. Plate of esobalots-1, E Bolas; 2, John Davies; 3, John Norman, Llandinam. Six spring onions-I, E Bolas; 2, Mrs Davies, ratwn 3, John Davies. Six autumn onions-I, Mrs Davies, 2, George Thomas. Six garden turnips-1, John Daviea 2, John Nor. man; 3. G Thomas. Twenty-four pods of peas-I, G Thomas 2, John Davies; 3, John Norman. Twenty pods broad beans-I, D Bowen 2, G Thomas; 3, John Davies. Twenty-four pods of scarlet runners—1, John Davies; 2, G Thomas; 3. W Morgan. Six oarrots-I, T Watkins; 2, G Thomas; 3, John Davies. Six parsnipa-l, J Norman; 2, John Davies; 3, G Thomas. Three beet roote-I, D Bowen; 2, John Davies; 3, G Thomas. Three sticks celery—1, John Norman; 2, W Francis 3, John Davies. Two cueumbers-l, E Bolas; 2, John Davies; 3, Wm. Francis. Two vegetable marrows—1, John Oliver and Son, 2, Geo. Thomas; 3, John Davies. Early kidney pote.s-I, G Thomas; 2, W Francis; 3, D Bowen. i Early round—1, G Thomas; 2, John Davies; 3, W Francis. Late kidneys—1, G Thomas; 2, John Davies; 3, D Bowen. Late round-1, John Oliver and Son, Newtown; 2, G Thomas; 3, E Bolas. Collection of vegetables (six kinds)—1, J Davies; 2, D Bowen 3, Geo. Thomas. Six dessert apples—1, G Thomas 2, W Francis. Six baking ap le.3-1, D Bowen; 2, W Morgan. Six pears—1, W Morgan 2, W Francis. Twelve plnms-l, W Morgan; 2, John Oliver and Son, Newtown. Plate red Igooseberries-1, W Morgan. Collection of fruit (four varieties)—1, John Davies; 2, George Bowen. Dish of tomatoes-I, Geo. Thoaaas. Six out roses—1, W Morgan; 2, T L Pryce, Birchen House, Trefeglwys. Six cut dahlias—1, John Oliver; 2. E Bolas. Six out hollyhocks—1, G Thomas; 2, Six out astera-I, John Norman; 2, John Oliver & Son, Newtown. Six out stocks-I, Geo. Thomas 2, John Oliver A Son, Newtown. Six out petunias—1, Geo. Thomas 2. G Bowen. Six cut pansies—1, Wm. Morgan; 2, Geo. Thomas. Begonias in pots—1, G Tftomas. Cot flowers (ten varieties)-I, John Oliver and Son, Newtown 2, Geo. Thomas. Six out marigolds—1, G Thomas; 2, G Bowen. BUTTKR. Two half-pounds fresh butter—1, T L Pryce, Birchen House, Trefeglwys 2, Mrs Jones, Croes- llwyn, Llanidloes. CHEESE. Two skim cheeses—1, Mary E Kinsey, Red House, Llanidloes. HONEY. Twelve lib. sections of honey—1, Mrs Humphreys, Westgate-road. Twelve lib. bottles of extracted honey—1, Mr Gough, Caersws 2, Miss C Morris, Trade Hall, Llan. idloes. FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT. Winners, Fix ailver medals, (six teams competed)- 1, Dollys Wanderers; 2, Llanidloes Red Star. SHEEP DOG TRIALS. OPEN. 1 and 2, Dr. A. G. Richardson, Rhayader, "Young Bob," two vears, black and tan, and Merry," three years, black and white; 3, W. Rigby, N. & S. Wales Bank, Rhayader, "Turk," black, tan and white. LOCAL. 1, David Lloyd, Gom, Llanidloes, "Bos." sable; 2, Edward Williams, Tyddyn, Velinddu, Eisuidloes, "Fly," 4 years, black and tan; 3, Charles Davies, Dolhafren, Caersws, Scot." HORSES AND TURNOUTS. Mare and foal for agricultural purposes—1, Edward Davies, Lower Glynbroohan, Llanidloes; 2, Thos. Rowlands, Talbot, Llanwnog. Mare or gelding, under four years old, for agricul- tural purposes-I, John Davies, Bodaiooh, Llanidloes; 2, Richard Edwards, Talgarth, Trefeglwys. Cob or roadster, 14 hands or over—1, Richard Evans, Compton House, Llanidloes; 2, Solomon Hamer & Sons, China-street, Llanidloes; h.o. Geo. Roberts, Long Bridge-street, Llanidloes, and Dr. Morris, Bodlondeb, Llanidloes. Roadster, mare or gelding (under 14 hands)—1, John Hamer, Bwlohmarsh, Nantmel, Radnorshire; 2, Miss C. Morris, Trade Hall, LIAnidloes. Pony (not exceeding 12i hands)—1, Master F. Ll. S. Marpole, Lion Hotel, Llanidloes; 2, Thomas Coates, Cefndolgwden, Trefeglwys. TURN-OUT. Turn-out, single horse and trap, complete—1, T. Morgan, Commeroial-street, Newtown; 2, Edward Davies, Trewythen Hotel, Llanidloes; 3, Dr. Morris, Bodlondeb, Llanidloes. MILITARY TOURNAMENT. HEADS AND POSTS. First prize given by Mr D. Kinsey. Brynllys— 1, Sergt. W. C. H. Jones, gun maker, Newtown, 19 points; 2, Sergt. T. S. Jones, Lydham, Bishop's Castle, 18 points; 3, Corporal Jones, Tycooh, New- town, 17 points. TENT PEGGING. First prize given by Mrs Kinsey, Brynllys—1, Sergt. T. S. Jones, Lydham, Bishops Castle, 18 points; 2, Corporal Jones, Tyooch, Newtown, 16 points 3, Trooper C. Miller, Court, Abermule, 14 points. FARM PRODUCE. Wheat, white heads, with straw (24)—1, Edward Jones, The Park, Caersws; 2, Evan Evans, Pen- rhyddlan, Llandinam. Red wheat, 24 heads with straw—1, T. L. Pryce, Birchen House. Trefeglwys; 2, Richard Watkin, Brynwgan, Llanwnog; c, Edmund Hamer, China. street, Llanidloes. Barley, 24 heads—1, Edward Jones, The Park, Caersws; 2, Edward Jones, Penygraig, Llandinam; c, Thomas Griffiths, Hornby, Llanidloes. White oats, 24 heads-1. Thomas Evans, Cefn Coch, Aberhafesp 2, Dd. Lloyd, Gorn, Llanidloes; h.c., John Ingram, Eisteddle, St. Harmons; c, Edward Jones, The Park, Caeraws. Black Oats, 24 heads-I, Thomas Evans, Cefn Coch, Aberhafesp; 2, Riohard Lloyd, Cefngwilgy, Llanidloes h.o., Edmund Hamer, China-street, Llanidloes; c, David Lloyd, The Gorn, Llanidloes. Turnips, 8 rootø-l, Dd. Lloyd, Gorn, Llanidloes; 2, David Lloyd, Gorn, Llanidloes; h.c., John Jones, Pentre. Turnips (swedes) 8 roots—1, David Evans, Dollys, Llanidloes; 2, David Jerman, Penrhyddlan, Llan* linam; c, John Morgan, Cenima-,vr. LLmidloos, and Edmund Hamer, Chma-atreet, Llanidioes. Mangel wurtzel (r?d)— 2, E iwurd Hamer, Plyn- timnn House, Llanidloes; h.c., T. L. Pryce, Birchen House, Trefeglwys; c, Roger Kinsey, Red House, Llanidloes. POULTRY, EGGS, BUTTER AND CHEESE. Couple dressed fowls-1, Margaret Ann Rees, Tylwcii, Llanidloes; 2, Annie Jones, Neuadd Newydd, Oaersws Couple dressed ducks—1, Alfred Jones, Sycbnant, St. Harmons; 2, Mrs Jenkins, Tycoch, Llanidloes. 12 eggs-1, John Beedle, Cefn, Llanidloes; 2, Mra Jones, Croesllwyn, Llanidloes. Two half-pounds fresh butter. Prizes given by Mr David Owen, Great Oak-street, Llanidloes-l, r. L. Pryce. Birchen House, Trefeglwys; 2, Mrs Jones, Croesllwyn, Llanidloes. 2 skim cheese—1, Mary E. Kinsey, Red House, Llanidloes. DOGS. Mastiff (dog or bitch)—1 and 2, Richard Morgan, Rhay ador, Lord Radnor and Lady Radnor." Greyhound (dog or bitch)—1, A. Lindsay Careless, Brynhaulog, Swansea, Undercliffe Smoker;" 2, J. T. Lloyd, Broad-street, Newtown, Lass of the Buck v.h.o., W. H. Slater, Pool-road, Newtown. ] Collie (dog or bitch)—1, David Williams, Builtb, Oswald; 2, J. W. Jones, Or-sedd Farm, Selattyn, Oswestry, Glyndwr reserved, T. J. Chappell, 124, Coisworth-street, Moss Side, Manchester; v.h.c., Rev Wm. Beavan, 5, Llwyn-terrace, Oswestry; h.c., Vtioiras Millar, Hawthorne-road, Shrewsbury; h.c., R B Findon, Bridgnorth, fcia;op. C Hie pup pie (under 12 months)—1, J W Jone?, Orseda Farm, Selattyn, Oswestry, "Glyndwr"; 2, Thomas Millar, Hawthorne-road, Shrewsbury; r, R B Findon, Bridgnorth, Salop. Setter (any variety)—1 and r, J. R. Jones, Hafren House, Newtown, Prince Llewellyn" and Charlie Montgomery"; 2, F. E. Birch, Market-street, New- town, Tickler v.h.c. and h c, T. F. Waters, Buck- ley Arms, Dinas Mawddwy. Spaniel (dog or bitch).—1, Win. S. Holmes, Wel- lington, Longboy 2, George Morgan, 26, Alfred Street, Neath; r, James Grant, Penyrallt, Llanidloes. Welsh terrier (dog or bitch\—1, Robert Hartley, Sea Cot, Perarth, S. Wales, Vostizzu 2, Richd. Lloyd, 8o, High-street, Portmadoo, Madoc Toby r, D. Jones, Market Restaurant, Swansea," Dyodd." Fox terrier (dog or bitch).—1, R. Morris, The Sportsman, Newtown, Double" 2, John Coleman, Royal Vaults, Shrewsbury r, James Taylor, Fleece Inn, Wrexham; v h c, Thomas Lloyd, Rose Villa, Newtown, "Young Reptonian." Fox terrier (puppy under 12 months old).-I, John Coleman. Royal Vaults, Shrewsbury, Royal Mix- ture" 2, C. E. Colgreave, Tower View, Gobowen. Terrier (any other variety).—1, David Morgan, 5, Chequers Alley, Carmarthen, Merlin Hill" 2, John Marston, Durham Ox, Nottingham, "Notts Venio r, Richard Humphreys, Great Oak-street, Lianidloes, Steady Bondsman"; ho, Arthur Charles Williams, 73, Nott Square, Carmarthen, "Buffalo Bill." Puppy under 12 months (any variety except collie and fox terrier).—1, Tom Thompson. 66, Sydenham Place, Bradford, Leander" 2, John Coleman, Royal Vaults, Shrewsbury, General Gordon r, John Marston, Durham Ox, Nottingham, "Notts Venio" v h c, Robert Hartly, Sea Cot, Penarth, A. Lindsay Careless, Brynhaulog House, Swansea; h c, George Morgan, Alfred-street, Neath. Any other variety (dog or bitch).—Tom Thompson, 66, Sydeoham Place, Bradford, Leander" 2, John Coleman, Royal Vaults, Shrewsbury, General Gordon 3, John H. Woodfin, Barley Mow Inn, French Lock, near Wellington, New Farthing"; r, John Marston, Durham Ox, Nottingham; The, William Davies, 11, Commercial-streeL, Neath, Neath Bess." Selling class under 95 (dog or bitch).—1, John H. Woodfin, French Lock, near Wellington 2, A. Lind- say Careless, Swansea, Greyhound Dog." Collie (dog or bitch).-I, Miss Davies, Short Bridge, Newtown, "Clifton Juno"; 2, R;chard Francis, Porth, C,.erawm, Joe" r, Thomas Evans, Cwmddu, Llanidloes, "Wallace ho, John Prince, Gellidywyll, St. Harmon, Blucher the Brave." Setter tdt g or bitch).—1 and r, John R. Jones. Hafren House, Newtown, "Prince Llewellyn" and 'Charlie Montgomery"; 2, F. E. Birch, Market- street, Co Tickler"; h c, Charles Davies, Dolhafren, Caersws. Fox terrier (dog or bitch).—1, R. Morris, The Sportsman, Newtown, Double 2, Thomas Lloyd, Rose Villa, Newtown, Young Reptonian." Airedale Terrier (dog or bitch).-I, Richard Humphreys, Great Oak-street, Llanidloes, Steady Bondsman 2, T. Englest. Commeroial-street, New- town, "Jess"; r, David Bennett, Short Bridge- street, Newtown, "Bess"; ho, John Parker, High- street, Llanidloes, Prince." SPECIAL PRIZES. Prize presented by Messrs Daniel Bros., Norwich, for the best six dishes of vegetables. distinct varieties -1, Richard Brick, Bryn-street, Newtown; 2, Thos. J-onea, School Lane, Newtown. {'" Best collection of plants in Class D. Prize pre- j sented by Messrs Biddies and Co., Loughborough— 1, George Thomas, Llanidloes. 12 choice dahlia plants and 6 dahlia blooms. Prize presented by Messrs Jones and Sons, Shrewsbury— 1, John Davies, Summerfield Park, Llanidloes. ix cut asters. Prize presented by Messrs Jones and Sons, Shrewsbury-I, Richard Briok, Bryn- street, Newtown. Collection of hardy annuals, 8 distinct varieties. Prize presented by Messrs Clibran and Sons, Altrinc- hxm-1, John Oliver, Park-street, Newtown; 2, D. Bowen, Llanidloes. Bouquet of wild flowers. Prizes presented by Miss Thomas, Tremynfa, LI-nidloes-1, May Mill*, Severn House, Llanidloes; 2, Martha Evans, Lower Walk- mill, Llanidloes; 3, Hannah Jane Evans, lower Walkmill. Llanidloes. Artistic device of wild flowers. Prize presented by Mrs Lewis, Mount Severn, Llanidloes-l, May Mills, Severn House, Llanidloes. Four half-pouads fresh butter, made by a farmer's daughter. Prizes presented by Mr A. J. Francis, Long Bridge-street-1, T. L. Pryce, Birchen House, Trefeglwys; 2, MrB Tilsley, CwmdlJan. NEEDLEWORK, KNITTING, Ac. Best made Flannel Shirt. Prizes given by Mrs George, Bryndwr, LlaIÙdloeø-l, Mrs Pugh, Crown Inn, Llanidloes. Best hand-made Chemise. Prizes given by Mrs Kerr, Snmmerfield, Llanidlces-1, Jennie Jones, Cinaoed, Llangurig 2, Mary E. Jones, Cincoed. Best hand-made nightgown. Prizes given by Mrs Marshall, Severn View, Llanidloes-1, Jennie Jones, Cinooed, Llangurig; 2, Miss Jones, Dolriwen. Beat pair gent's ribbed hand-knittei hose. Prize given by Mrs David Jones, Shop-yr-Oen, Llanidloes —1, Mary E Jones, Cinooed, Llangurig. Best pair ladies' stockings. Prize given by Mrs Jones, Shop.yr-Oen—1, Mrs Pugh. Crown Inn, Llan- idloes 2, Mrs Jerman, Great Oak-street, Llanid. loes. Best ladies' crochet wool petticoat. Prizes given by Mrs Stuart Rendel—1, Mrs Pugh, Crown Inn, Llanidloes. WEIGHT JUDGING COMPETITION. Fat ox, weighing 1671 The per quarter. The first three prizes were equally divided between the fol. lowing, whose estimate of their weight is placed after their names:- R. D. Ed war la, Glandulas, Llanidloes 167 lbs. J. Meredith, Birches, Llanidloes 168 Owen, Jamesford, Montgomery 168 The fourth prize was divided between" the following:- Edward Evans, Bronhaulwen, Llanidloes 166 lbs. E. L. Jones, Church Bank Honse, Welshpool 166 Fat Sheep, weight 761bs—The prize was equally divided between the following- Thomas Rees, Penyrallt, Llanidloes 76 lbs. Thomas Davies, Pant, Trefeglwys. 76 „ Thomas Alderson, Glanmihely 76 A.Woosnam, Upp. Esgir, Llandinam 76 Fat Lamb, weight 39ilbs—The prize was equally divided between— David Evans, Dol-llys, Llanidloes. 39 lbs. John George, Cefn, Trefeglwys 39 John Meredith, Birches, Llanidloes 39i