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PROOFS, NOT ALLEGATIONS. LOUD was the boast of confidence when leaders of the Church Defence Association referred to the signatures attached to the petitions against the Suspensory Bill. They indignantly repu- diated the charges of fraud, misrepresentation and forgery which were brought against them, but what can Church officials say in answer to the offences of which some of her clerical adherents have, been found guilty of practising. There is nothing so dishonourable or so greatly to be deprecated as the circulation of unfounded allega- tions, but the report of the Public Petitions Committee has advanced the charges tnade from mere imputations to established facts. It would be unch iritable to say that all Churchmen wish to adopt these unworthy methods but it has been proved that in numerous instances everything has not been as straightforward as it should have been. It is clearly the duty of the Church to clear herself of seeming participation in these practices by punishing the persons who have offended against the law of honesty. It is with much pride that Churchmen exclaim that their Church may be disestablished and disendowed to-morrow yet she would stand immovable. Every Dissenter fervently prays that may be so, but what Nonconformists are striving for is to elevate the Church up to the spiritual level of Dissent. THE ROBERT OWEN MEMORIAL. A FEW weeks ago a letter was published in these columns suggesting that the CHAIRMAN of the Newtown Local Board should take the initiative with regard to the proposal to erect a suitable monument to the memory of the great philanthrophist, ROBERT OWEN, of Newtown. The letter in point of tone was not all that could be desired, but it is rumoured that Capt. PRYCE- JONES is taking active steps in the matter. The provision of a memorial to so honoured a man is not one to be dealt with and referred to in the spirit of party bias, but if the movement is to be successful there must be an uniting of political and religious forces, and with that end attained there is no obstacle in the way to prevent the project being brought to a successful issue. THE SANITATION OF NEWTOWN. IT is not merely for the sake or love of finding fault with Newtown Local Board that we direct attention to the medical report submitted to that body by Dr. PALMER. We believe the sewerage system and the sanitary conditions of the town to be bad, and the report only adds confirmation tc that opinion. Considering the excessive heat, and the abominable effluvia which pervades the town, it is little short of miraculous that an outbreak of fever has not occurred. Reports ad infinitum have been placed before the members by both MEDICAL OFFICER and SURVEYOR. On many occasions the former has expressed a strong opinion that the Notification (Infectious) Diseases Act should be adopted by the Board. Under the Act all cases of infectious disease are compulsorily notified to the authority, and by that means the Board is able to investigate the vicinity of the first outbreak, and take such remedial measures as will prevent the spread of infection. Secrecy is the principal thing to guard against. The object of the Act M to enable public bodies to deal with infectious disease on its immediate appearance. The reason why the Board should studiously refrain from adopting the measure remains hidden in obscurity. It would be un- charitable to suggest that the members hold back, because medical gentlemen can claim a fee of half-a-crown for every reported case. We hope the Sanitary Committee, which is awakening to its responsibilities, will in the near future bring up a favourable recommendation. Is it not possible to deal with the stink-holes in the streets ? Apropos of sanitary matters, a circular was received from the Local Government Board with reference to the pollution of rivers. No one will deny the need of attention to be paid to the Severn at Newtown. It is a daily occurrence for filth and refuse to be deliberately cast into the river. Any person interested can stand on either bridge and see the act committed in broad daylight, for it is not in the loneliness and darkness of night that people offend. It is sickening to walk by the river bank. On every hand is abundant evidence of neglect; but we trust the Board will now take the matter up, and adopt salutory measures to prevent the deposit of filth and surplus articles in the river. GAS AND WATER. THE programme of Newtown Local Board is daily becoming more important. It is pleasing to note that the majority of its members are progressive. They have awakened to the fact that if the rates are to be decreased there must be other sources of income be- sides thecolleotion of levies madoupon the ratepayers. It is only want of capital which keeps the Board from becoming owners of the Market Hall, and Gas and Water Companies. This is rather a large order, but finding complete purchase impossible -At present, the Board have done all they can towards leasing the Market Hall, and are striving to lower the moni. s paid for water and gas. In one instance, the water, they are already on the toad to success, and we hope that era the six months have transpired, the town will re-consider its decision and unanimously decide to lease the Market Hall, whereby a sum of about £ 200 will go towards lessening local taxation. Until! the Committee appointed to consider the gas question bring up a report, comment is scarcely called for. If the illuminating power can be increased and the price lowered, we shall be among the first to congra- tulate our enterprising local senators. THROUGH! THE Home Rule Bill made its last appearance in the House of Commons on Friday, when the third reading was passed by a majority of thirty-four. In ppite of the wrecking exploits of the Opposition, the GRAND OLD MAN has successfully steered his ship through. It is difficult and nigh to impossible to fully guage the tremendous advance made. even should the Lords throw the measure out, and the cheers which greeted the PREMIER both in and out of the House after the division, which will be re-echoed throughout the country in the hearts, if not by the voices, of all the Liberal host!

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