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r PUBLIC NOTICES. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. IMPORTANT ACCELERATION, JULY, AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER, 1893. LONDON, BIRMINGHAM, WOLVERHAMPTON, ,&c., WITH ABERYSTWYTH, BARMOUTH, BRECON. &c. Downs. a.m. p p.m. ep. 9 30 Barmouth dep. 2 15 Hir'ittgltain (New-st) 11 30 Tpwyu „ 2 66 W'fckiuptond^N.W.) „ 12 3 AberdQvey 3 10 ry 1 35 Aberysfcwith 2 50 Hewtowti arr. 2 43 Borth 3 12 Lisnicnoes 3 15 Machynlleth. » 8 45 Kksiynder „ 3 40 Brecon 1 23 Buifili Wells 4 19 i ,(luilth Wel. 2 55 Brecoa 5 15 Khayader 3 40 .Machynlleth 3 .40 Llanidloes. •• 4 11 Borth. „ 4 9, Newtown 4 47 JLhervstwytU 4 30 Shrewsbury arr. 6 5 .Abectiavey 4.10 W'huuipton (LNW) „ 7 29 *Towyn „ 4 20 Bir'gham (New-st,) 7 55 B&roMoib* 4 ,50 London (Euston). „ 10 15 I.T y 4 20 Bir'gham (New-st,) 7 55 4,50 London (Euston). „ 1015 ♦This train is continued from Barmouth to Criocieth, Portmadoc, and Pwllheli. For further informa- tion see Time Bills. € HEAP .WE^K END AND FORTNIGHTLY TICKETS* are now issued to Aberystwyth, Barmouth, and other WATERING PLACES on the Cambrian Coast. For full particulars respecting >i>lJ::M and train times, see bills, to be had at all Stations. 1VTEWTOWN$AELY CLOSING MOVEMENT. Ou EVERY FRIDAY in JULY, AUGUST, &t>& SK PTE MB Ell, CHEAP RETURN TICKETS will be ISSUED FRpM NE, WTOWN to I LÙLndinam at 2 30,p m. 1 gd. Montgomery at 2 13 p.m. ( Welshpool at 2 13 p.m. I 1/3 iThird Class Fares fcr the Double Journey. Children binder Three Years of Age. Free; above Three and rumler Twelve, Half-fare.. First Class Tickets issued At 4oable the Third Class Fares. The Tickets will be available for RETURN the SAME DAY as follows ^From Llandinam at 7 43 p.m., Montgomery 7 15 p.m. or 9 57 p.m., Welshpool 7 0 p.m. or 9 45 p.m. ALFRED ASLETT, Secretary aud General Manager. i" •NEW ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLET Issued by the Cambrian Railways Company, Price 2d. WHERE TO STAY AND WHAT TO SEE IN WILD AND PICTURESQUE WALES, Containing 17 Meisenbach Views of Aberystwyth Sarmoath, and other Cambrian Seaside and Holiday BMOIU, from Photographs by Mr J: Maclardy. of -Ogwa". with a list of Hotels, Inns, Farmhouse and "Country Lodgings. To be obtained at all English aac1 Welsh Railway Booketalls and at all Cambrian Stations. Also from ALFRED ASLETT, Secretary and General Manager. Company's Offices, Oswestry, August, 1893. WHAT THE PRESS SAY! It is a useful little book, and we hope it will in. ,Ilwe many readers to visit the charming pcenes -.vhich tie on and about tl.e Cambrian.—Oswestry AdeertZzer. Invaluable to all Holiday Makers.—Llangollen Ad. Mertiztr. Tho information ta of a thoroughly practical nature. TIu Gentlewoman. Arranged in A manner which will be of immense ,mvice to the Traveller. Moo, fgomerysaire Express. IH*#fcrated with viewII of the most enchanting beauty spots in a country so prolific in acenic gran- deur,—I he Earning Reporter. *Dm€arribrian Railways Company have earned the «rwfcffc»tfevf iiOlidav 'Makers By publHJbffcg this Sandy reliable little guide.—The Journal of Commeras. A v phowy little pamphlet full of information SWfd illustrations, also a wonderful List of Farm nottse and Country Lodgings.—Western Morning Jiewn, gft. aid be in the handa of every Tourist.-Oswestrv iSvmtieteial Circular. £ A OOO FREE INSURANCE. GREAT THOUGHTS THB LITERARY PRODUCT OF THE WORLD'S BEST MINDS. im Weeklr; 6d. Monthly Half-yearly Vols., in Cloth, Gilt Letters, 4s. 6d. each. Vols, in Stock- It S. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17. VERY SUITABLE For Preachers, Teachers, Thinkers, and Speakers. A FEW SELECTED TESTIMONIALS. READ WHAT THEY SAY. The late Rev. C. H. SPURGEON wrote:—"It atnket mo there id nothing in literature to excel -tbe«n im their own line." Sir THEODORE MARTIN. Biographer of the late ,Ipriufie Consort, says :—" The publication is one which derve6 to be widely known and strongly Zetlotumeuded." The "Into LORD BISHOP of Carlisle, speaking at the awning of the Stanley Library at King' Lynn, said :—" Somebody has hit npon the notion of jptthlisfomg a penny paper, Great Thoughts—and I certsMft'v think it worth a penny and more." ThAVen. Archdeio ^n FARRAR saYiI Yours is a, raowa excellent and timely periodical." Tlwt £ «r. NEWMAN HALL says:—"I am charmed with ffreat Thoughts It is the best substitute I know for the pernicious literature of the day. I towimmend it to my friends everywhere." ('GREAT THOUGHTS," •Jittfecr Weekly or Monthly, can always be obtained of alt M<#weagentft &nd Booksellers. A. W. H4r.L, Publisher 28, 29, 30,-31, Hutton .Fleet Street, London, E.C. "A WATCH IS A NECESSITY OF CIVILISED LIFE." Give your old watches to the youngsters, i and have an Up to date Watch FROM E.H. MORGAN 18, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN, in Metal Cases from 10/6 to 30/. Government Hall Marked Sitvrer Cases from 18/6 to P,5 5s. fa Government Hall Marked Gold Oases from 35/- to £ 20 EVERY WATCH GUARANTEED. ■ Whit Js here? Gold, yellow, glittering precious gold. Titnon of Athens, iv., 3. Pare Guinea Gold Wedding Rings (A jteesent of Half-a-dozen Tea Spoons-good quality- ¡ pi ffott to each purchaser). 1"14 BAK( N.G Pi)wi)zR.-Pilre an(i wiloiesome. JKTFRWI^S'S BAKING PQWDER.-Entirely free from alnin. •fJoEvrjXit's BAKING POWDER.—Largest sale in the KftwlC. R BORWTKAII'E BAKING POWDER.-Beat that money bul- t


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