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THE WEEK'S NElfS. *»«-'——~~~'''


THE WEEK'S NElfS. *»«-' — — The English and Welsh Congregational Churches Llansaintffraid have invited Mr R. J. Williams (Solva), of Carmarthen Presbyterian College, to under- take the pastorate in succession to the Rev. Thomas Xfagbes, of Cathays, Cardiff. A daring jewel robbery has taken place at Lord Tfireedmoutli's residence, Guisachan, Straitglass, iu Inverness-shire. The value of the jewels stolen is stated at X400. The Inverness police are mak- jag inquiries, but no arrests have been made. Intelligence has been received of the rescue of the British garrison of Kismanu and $he defeat of the native mutineers and Somalis after heavy fighting. The relief was effected by ieiutenant Lewes, of H.M.S. Blanche, whose fyeee sustained no casualties. Mr John Graham, aged 22, a tourist from Cteckermouth, has met with a sad death in Jforway. While fishing in one of the waters of North Lofoden Islands his boat got adrift. jtte swam after the craft and righted her; but I jpaddenly sank—disappeared in a whirlpool. At the Marylebone Police Court Bernard Dunn, saddler, was committed for trial, charged with Assaulting Mr Brodrick, M.P., in the street. The •bject of. the accused was, he alleged, to bring tinder public notice the injustice he had suffered ia being discharged from Woolwich Arsenal. A shocking occurrence is reported from Comber, Cfcmnty Down. An old woman, who was nursing Sk two-months. old baby, fell asleep and let the child drop into the fire, where it lay until a neigh- Jbour, attracted by its screams, entered the place. When picked up it was found to be burned to a cinder. At the village of Lomnitz, Austria, the Town clerk. committed a murderous assault on the priest of the parish, and left him for dead at the alter. jit then ran upstairs to the top of the steeple, fxota which he threw himself into the street, where he fell dead. There is some hope that the jpriost's life may be saved. DR. POLLARD SAYS OF SHERMAN RUPTURE TREATMENT :—He thanks God and every other influence that determined him to try it. All who want to get rid of Rupture and Tiusses should jgead to J. A. Sherman, Hernia Specialist, 64, Chancery Lane, London, for his book with English indorsements, post free, 7d. The Queen has been pleased to approve the ap- pointment of Lord Justice Bowen as Lord of Appeal, in the room of Lord Hannen resigned. ™ new Judge of appeal is a scholarly man. He is known in the literary world for an able transla- tiøD. of Virgil, while his career on the bench has been noteworthy for acute and powerful reason- ^^bhe members of the Manchester Corporation Waited the Ship Canal works last week, traversing Its entire course from Eastham to Cornbrook. The progress of the works were seen to be very rapid and strong hopes were entertained of the fulfilment of the pred ction that the canal will be opened for traffic" very earJy in the coming year." The town of Nantwich is threatened with a water famine if tne dry weather continues. The supply bus diminished to an extent during the jpastfew weeks, and their is only about one month's supply available. At Hartlepool water for manu- facturing purposes is cut off at two o'clock daily, and the bupply threatens to cease eutirely in a fortnight. John M'Kenna Miller was sentenced to seven years' penal servitude at lascow tor killing the two-year-old illegit mate child of his wife. Ptis- 4NJr broke the child's leg with tongs, dashed it on the floor several times, kicked it under the bed, va-I further brutally ill-treated it ecause it could DOt stand on the broken leg. He was originally charged with murder, but the jury brought in a verdict of manslaughter. At Chadwell, near Melton Mowbray, a goat hav- ing attacked a hive of bees, the infuriated insects trot attacked the goat, which took refuge in some tank undergrowth, and then set upon some geese One of which they killed, leaving hundreds of sting3 about the eyes. Two hordes were next at- tacked, and so severely were they punished that the veterinary surgeon declared hat one of them was not likely to recover. A fatal accident occurred at a timber yard at titalybridge. A large log of timber was being iiofsted by means of a crane from a stock of other timbers. Two men were doing the work, and the Jpremansiwyer, was auperintt n lihg. Whilst the log was suspended in the air one of the men named Ifraoce went underneath, when the clips gave way, ..a the log fell on him, killing him instantly. The body was frightfully mutilated. A serious accident occurred on the Midland Sadway, near Barrow-on-Soar, late on Tuesday ht, by which the special express goods train from the South for Manchester was completely wrecked. All went well until wountsorrel function had been reached, when the whole of the agar part of the train left the metals, and was soon .scattered across the road. Altogether twenty waggons quitted the rails, and of these a consider- able proportion were completely wrecked. A sad fatality occurred at Happis burg, Norfolk. A daughter of General Barton, of London was out bathing, and owing to the strong tide which was mmning out^he got into difficulties. Her brother who was on shore, immediately pulled off his coat And plunged into the sea to her assistance He failed to reach her, however, and was himself drowned before help could reach him. The young lady w-is rescued by the coast guard men, who with great difficulty managed to restore anima- tion A letter from Perth, Western Australia, gives A most enthusiastic account of the new gold rush. It appears that every one is certain of making his fortune, and the steamers from Metb urne are Crammed with would-be millionaires. The excite- ment began when Mr Sylvester Browne, the owner of a claim known as Blaney's Find," ar- rived at Melbourne with 6,000 oz. in his possession in the early part of July. No less than 3,000 dig- gers promptly repaired to the Yilgarn district, in which the claim is situated. The friends of a Miss Libbie Jones, who was lbaried at Bluffton, Indiana, the other day, became auspicious regarding the manner of her death, and insisted that the body should be exhumed. When the lid of the coffin had been removed it was found that the body had turned practically over. Besid e thft dead woman lay a new-born child, born in the vo&n after the woman was buried. John Ranch, & married man in whose house Libbie Jones had found employment as a domestic servaut, has been arrested on a charge of murder. Francis J. Bradley, a young man of good family, was committed for trial at Rugeley on several charges of defrauding clergymen. The accused, whose father lives in Southport, has been staying for some time in toe Rugeley district, where he had a number of acquaintances. It is alleged that he made a practice recently of obtaining M Joans of small sums of money from clergymen tIN1 whom he called, introducing himself as a friend someone known to the clergyman, and asking for temporary assistance on the ground that he had left his purse at home. Is BRITISH SPORT DTING OUT? has often been Sk question for discussion, and it is very satisfac- tory to know that a negative answer can be given. The physicial condition of Englishmen has impro- ved during the past half century, and the cause « this satisfactory change is attributed to the better style of living which has been adopted by *11 classes. Men are more temperate, both in eating and drinking, and, above all, the system is Irept in tone, and the blood purified by medicine « sterling worth, such as Holloway's Pills and Ointment. The taste for sport will never die while people use these remedies, which will cure or relieve any complaint, and give strength in place of weakness. A shocking affair is reported from New; Pallas, County Limerick. During a Gaelic football tour- nament William O'Connell, aged 21, one of the players, was assaulted by some members. of the Opposing team, and knocked down. A man then stabbed him through the heart with a knife, causing instant death. No one has been arrested but the police are searching for the assailant from whom O Connell is alleged to have received the fatal wound. A la- ter telegram from Limerick states that the match was being played at Bilboa. O'Connell was playing for the Down team against the Cappamore Club, and it is stated that ØConneU's assailant was a man from ouftside, who rushed in and stabbed him while the game was in progress, death being almost instate tan-