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WALES AND THE CENSUS. The third volume of the report on the census of England and Wales taken in 1891 has just been issued. The total population of Wales and Monmouthshire is 1,776,405; the number of males being 894 509, and females, 881,096. As there is an excess of nearly a million fem lIes over males in England and Wales, the preponderance of males in Wales and Monmouthshire is remark- able and still more noteworthy is the fact that this preponderance exists because of the large excess of males in Glamorganshire, which has 33,432 more males than females. In nearly every other county the females predominate or the figures are fairly balanced. Early marriage-s prevail in Wales in a. marked degree. Of males there are 423 unmarried and under 20 years of age at the time of the census, and there were eight widowers under 20 years of age. The proportion of married males under 20 is 1 in 2.1J4 in Wales, and in England and Wales 1 in 2,509. Of the females under 20 years of age 2,187 were married, and 10 were widows; a pro- portion of 1 in every 403 of the female population —the number for England and Wales being 1 in 518. The conditions as to marriage of the popula- tion ot Wales and Monmouthshire of all ages is I. fol1()WR Unmarried. Married. Widowed. Males 569,214 292,235 33 iH>0 Females 522,319 292,686 66,891 Agriculture gives employment to 100,218 per- sons of which 9,295 are females of these 42,684 males and 2.990 females are returned as farm labourers and servants, 1,038 are shepherds, and 1,134 are employed in looking after horses. There are 38,411 farmers, 6,076 of them being females. The following tablejshows the population over 10 years of age of both sexes for the several counties, together with the number of persons engaged in agriculture (excluding gardeners and dealers in animals). T 1 population • Employed over 10 years in agriculture. of age. Glamorgan 8,929 518726 Carmarthen 10,078 89,699 Pembroke 8,124 62,241 Cardigan 12,671 67,825 Brecknock 5,962 40,625 Radnor 3,188 13,114 Flint. 2,208 32,531 Montgomery 10,376 51,965 Denbigh 9,187 89.754 Merioneth 6,991 49,804 Carnarvon 9,460 98,551 Anglesey 4,795 26,794 Monmouthshire 8,248 206,034 100,218 1.347,663 2,256 males and 352 females are engaged in the manufacture of woollen cloths, and 569 males and 334 females in the manufacture of flannel. In all the branches of wool and worsted manufacture (excluding dealers), 4,178 persons are employed. In South Wales and Monmouthshire the persons employed are chiefly males; in North Wales, on the contrary, the manufacture of wool and worsted goods is about equally divided between males and females. The principal centres of the manufac- ture are Montgomeryshire and Cardiganshire. The health departments of North Wales cannot be accused of employing too many hands if the census returns are to be relied upon, for in North Wales there are only three persons engaged upon town drainage service, and 14 as wavengers- while there are 24 chimney sweeps in North Wales. Cardiganshire is the most exclusively Welsh county, Merionethshire and Anglesey ranking next. The most English of the Welsh counties are Radnor, Brecknock, and Pembroke-indeed Radnor is almost wholly English, for, with an enumeration of 17,119, only 75 are returned as Welsh-speaking and 924 as bilingual, a very remarkable result, but not difficult to explain on geographical grounds, which also accounts for the fact that Brecknock is largely English. The language return is so important that we give a summary of the result for each county :— I English. Welsh. Bilingual. Monmouth 217,661 9,816 29,748 Glamorganshire 326.481 .142,356 177,726 Carmarthenshire 11,751 63,445 36,937 Pemb, oke-ibire 51,959 13,673 10,804 Cardiganshire 3,979 61,624 17,111 Brecknockshire 34,086 5,228 13,639 Radnorshire 16,270 75 924 Montgomeryshire 31,770 16,414 15,846 Flintshire 12,862 10,484 16,879 Denbighshire 38,310 37,195 35,030 Merionethshire 3,621 45,856 12,023 Carnarvonshire 13.604 78,780 28,330 Anglesey 2,059 26,300 7,201 V A