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THBOAT IRRITATION AND COUGH.—Soreness and dryness, tickling and ir itatioa, inducing congh and affecting the voice. For these symptoms use Eppii,s Glycerine Jujubes. In contact with the glands at the moment they ara excited by the act of sucking, the Glycerine in these agreeable confections beoomes actively healing. Sold only in boxes, 7 £ d., tins Is. lid., labelled JAMES Epps & Co., Homceopathic Chemists, London." Dr. Moore, in his work on Nose and Throat Diseases," says: The Glycerine Jujubes prepared by James Epps & Co., are of undoubted snrvioe as a curative or palliative azent." while Dr. Gordon Holmes, Senior Physician to the Municipal Throat and Ear Infirmary, writes After an exten- ded trial, I have found your Glycerine Jujubes of Considerable benefit in almost all forms of throat dis- ewse." A MANLY MESSAGE TO Boys.-Lorcl Charles Beresford is devotedly attached to boys, and does all in his power for the middies whom he meets on service. In the course of an interview with a representative of Chums recently, he sent to the readers of that paper a special message of good advice on success in life, and here it is Tell them from me, Whatever happens, run straight." Tbib h my invariable advice to boys, and I can't better it. No matter what results tell the truth- even if it gets you into a row, speak the honest unvarnished truth like a man. Never be afraid to say straight out, I did it." They may take my word for it that the boy who has the pluck to get into a row often turns out the best, for it takes some pluck to get into a row. Then the next thing is, Be utterly unselfish." Nothing but unhappines* can r suit if a person is selfish. Everything he does will be misunderstood and misconstruded. Everyone cm do something for his country by doing something for others. IP STUIffG 1 HOMOCEA neutralises RECOLLECT the poison of stings "HOMOCEA" subdues Idam. j at once. «wtion and allays No Wasps, Gnats. or other In- sects trouble the per- son who uses this wonderful and unique ointment. 31 t Is. ld., and 28. 9d. per Box, of all Chemists, Or Post Freelirara the Homocea Co., 21, Hamilton Sq., Birkenhead.

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