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MACHYNLLETH ANNUAL I AGRICULTURAL £ HORTICULTURAL The sixth annual show was held in Plas Machyn- SHOW. lleth grounds on Friday, uoder very favourable cir- cumstances. Very large numbers attended, and the show was regarded as a great success. The entries in the different classes were more numerous, and if anything the exhibits were of a better quality. Lord Henry Vane Tempest is the president of the society, and Mr Sackville Phelps Rowlands, vice-president. The post of secretary was ably filled by Mr Thomas Lloyd. Refreshments were supplied upon the ground, and this year the ladies of the Machynlleth branch of the North Wales Women's Temperance Union introduced quite a new feature into the proceedings. The absence of a neat and respectable tea tent at various local events held during the year has often been commented upon, and the friends of temperai ce have to a great extent being held responsible but it was a pleasure to notice that ample provision had been made at this show. A neatly arranged tent was under the supervision of Mrs Ffoulkes Jones, presi- dent of the aociety, and Miss Catherine Pugh, secre- tary, who were assisted by a large number of ladies, and instead of the orthodox bar there were email tables placed at intervals at which a p,rty of four or more could conveniently take tea. The experiment was a success, and deserves to re- ceive the attention of Good Templars in all parts of the country. Judges-Jumping, Saddle, and Harness Horses Lord Henry Vane-Tempest, Plas Machynlleth, O. Slaney Wynne, Esq., Dolrhyd. Dolgelley, C. R. Williams, Esq., Dohnelynllyn, Dolgelley, C. E. G. Owen, Esq., Hengwrtucha, Dolgelley. Agricultural Horses, Stallions, and Mountain' Pomes :-r Vaughan Davies, Esq., Taoybwlcli, Aber- yatwith, William Humphreys, Esq., Aberkin, Cric- eieth. Black Cattle.—William Humphreys, Esq., Aberkin, Criccieth, Thos. Vaughan, Esq., Sychtyn, Llanerfyl. Hereford Cattle.—E. W. Savage, Esq., Glandulas, I Hew town, Samuel Miller, Esq The Court, Abermule. Welsh Sheep and Shearing.—Mr Humphrey Jones, Dolgelley, Mr John Tudor, junior, Penlan. Sheep Dogs.-Mr Henry Owen, Dolgoed, Corris, Mr William Owen, Lion Hotel, Bala. Terriers, Setters, and Spaniels.—Colonel Williams, Fynoncaradog, Bow-street, R. W. Williams Wynn, Esq., Cefn,-St. Asaph, J. Lascelles, Esq., Penmaen- dovey, Machynlleth. Poultry, Batter, Eggs, and Honey.—Mr R. Thomp- son, Bod-Owen, Welshpool. Roots and Grain.-M.r E. W. Savage, Glandulas, Newtown, Mr S. Miller, The Court, Abermule. Garden Produce.—Mr J. Doig, Ynysmaengwyn, Towyn, Mr J. Vearey, Gogerddan, Bow-street, Mr R. C. Williams, Crosswood Park, Aberystwith, Mr William Roberts, Peniarth, Towyn. THE FLOWERS, ETC. were arranged in a large tent and attracted a good deal of attention. Amongst the special exhibits were those of Messrs Dickson and Sons, Chester, who had a stall of some very fine helianthus, gladio- les of various shades, dahlias, etc. Messrs Clibran and Sens, Altrincham (represented by Mr Lewis, Arthog, Dolgelley) exhibited a splendid assortment of apples, for which they were awarded a special cer- tificate of merit. They also showed some exceptionally fine tomatoes, which bad on the previous day ob- tained first prize at Shrewsbury. The competition among the cottagers' exhibits was a very close one, and the large and varied assortment of apples on the øtalh clearly proved that they could be grown as well in that district aa anywhere else. Melons were a good feature, but some of them had been left to long and had gone beyond table use. Carrots were very clean and remarkaby free from canker, and the horn variety of carrots were never better. Onions, pars- nips, and roots were very good and sound. Some excellent samples of grain were exhibited, and the first prize was taken by Mr W. Rees, Dovey Valley Hotel. Altogether the competition for vegetables and roots waa very .good and a complete success. A root of Indian corn grown at Glaseoed Cottage, Machynlleth, attracted a good deal of attention. HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, ETC. There was a fair number of horses entered for com- Sedition, but they were not altogether satisfactory. hire horses and stallions stood out prominently, and were the best feature of this part of the Show. Cattle was a very small lot. but very good quality for the country. The joow that took first prize was an exceptionally good one, but the judges would have preferred it being a little better about the loins. There were some very good ewes among the sheep, which were quite up to the standard of last year. Not so many entered as last year, and this was accounted for by the fact that the farmers were bnay in the harvest. It is rather surprising .that the farmers of the district do not take a greater interest in the show by sending more stock for competition. The dogs were a good class, but there was not so many smooth terriers as last year, although the quality was far better. A larger number of setters were on show, and better samples. AmonF the rough terriers there was a defioiency in quality ao compared with last year. There were very few entries in the poultry division considering the many natural advantages the people in the neighbourhood possess for the rearing of fowls and ducks, and the competitions waa not as good as they ought to have been. The horse leaping attracted considerable attention, and "Comet," a horse the property of Mr Jerome, of Birmingham, was beaten by Mr A. O. Davies, Machynlleth. THE LUNCHEON took place in a tent on the ground, and was presided over by the Lord Henry Vane Tempest, who was aupported by Mr Vaughan Davies, Mr Owen Slaney Wynn, etc. After the loyal toasts had been proposed and duly honoured his LORDSHIP rose, amid applause, to pro- pose the health of the Judges, who had so kindly consented to come and give their decision on the exhibits that day (hear, hear). They had come at great inconvenience, and he was sure that they had done justice to all competitors, and be knew that they would agree with him that they could not find more honest judges than those they had with them that day (applause). Mr OWEN .SLANEY WYNN, in responding, said that he thanked Lord Henry for the kind way in which he had spoken of the judges. It was always a pleasure for him to come down to Machynlleth, where he met so many of those he knew in days gone past, And where happy days were recalled (applause), The judges no doubt did their best in judging between the merits of the different animals for competition. Referring to the kindness of the Dewager Marchioness of Londonderry, he said that her ladyship had the interests of the town at heart, and there was no greater benefactress to a town than was her ladyship to Machynlleth (applause). The Noble CHAIRMAN, in responding, said that her ladyship was at all times moat pleased to do anything to assist the local movements. She exhibited stock herself, and had taken some prizes (applause). Mr VAUGHAN DAVIES said that he rose to propose the toast of Success to the Show. He thought the farmers during the present agricultural depression should rally around each other at those shows, and by their united efforts help to fight the great struggle. But he was glad to observe that there was no falling off in the show as compared with previous years. There were some most excellent roots on exhibition, and the best he had seen for many years. He was very much surprised to see such very good cart horses in the neighbourhood. At one time Mont gomer)- shire held a very good name in Wales for cart horses; but some years ago she almost lost that reputation. However, that day, there were aome excellent cart horses and cart mares on exhibit, which he felt were a credit to the agriculturists of the district (applau3e). He was much struck by a black bull calf amongst the cattle, and he felt con. vinced that it would lay the foundation of a sure jBtock-getter for the future (applause). The CHAIRMAN, as president, responded to the toast, and said that he was of opinion that the show was as good as any held previously (hear, hear). ;lr E. J. OWBN proposed the health of the Presi- dent, wiiicii Wfw duly drank and acknowledged by Lord HENRY. The comdany then rose. t CLASS A. I White Cabbages-I, Lewis Richards, renrhiew, Cwmllunan; 2, Evan Jones, Poplar Terrace; 3, Lewis Richards. Red Cabbage—1, T. Jarman, Garth; 2, D. Thomas, Miesglas 3, Evan Jones, Poplar Terrace. Vegetable Marrow—1 and 2, R. Edwards, Llan- gwvn 3, D. Hughes, Llasfihangel. Carrote-1 and 2, R. Vaughan 3, John Leah, N ewlands Lodge. Rhubarb-1, John Weaver; 2, John Edwards, Garshon 3. R. Vaughan. Peas-I, R. Rowlands; 2, R. Edwards; 3, R. Vaughan. Broad Beans—1, Wm. Jones, Aberdulas, Corria; 2. Evan Morgan, smith; 3, J. M. Jones, Lion, Xlanwrin. Dwarf Beans-l and 2, D. Hughes; 3, B. Rowlands Scarlet Runner-I, Henry. James 2, E. Edwards 3, R. Rowlands. Leeks-1, John Evans; 2, R. Rowlands; 3, R. Vaoghan. Shallots (large)-I, A. Thomas; 2, R. Rowlands 3, H. Owens. Shallots (small)—1, John Jones, Lien, Llanwrin; 2 and 3, John Evans, Garth. Parsley—1 and 2, E. Edwards, Cross, Clariach 3, T. Jarman. Cauliflower—1, John Leek 2, H. Owen. Raddish (red lump)-I, D. Hughes; 2, H. Thomas; 3, K. Rowlands. Reddish (white)—1, Wm. Jones; 2, R. Rowlands; 9, H. Thomas. Lettuce (cabbage)—1, J. Weaver; 2, R. Vatiglian 3. K. Eiiwar.:s. Lettuce (cos—1 ana 2. R. Edwards 3, R. Vaughan 13i.sket of Vegetables—1. Win. Jones; 2, John l,ce\ Early Kidney Potatoes—1, H. Thomas, Penyfford; 2 and 3, R. Edwards. Early Round Potacoes-I, R. Edwards; 2, D. Hughes 3, G. Humphreys, Penegoes. Late Kidney-I, D. Hughes; 2, John Davies; 3, R. Vaughan. Late Round—1, E. Edwards; 2, John Davies; 3, Wm. Jones. Apples (kitchen)—1, D. Hughes 2, E. Edwards. Apples (doesert)-I, D. Hughes; 2, John Jones, Royal Oak, Talieein. Peas-1, John Jones 2, P.C. Phillips, Taliesin. Plums (damson)-I, John Davies; 2, Henry James. Plums (any variety)-land 2, D. Hughes. Gooseberries (red)-I, E. Edwards; 2, John Leek. Currants (red;—1, John Leek. Currants (white)-2, John Leek. Asters—1, H. Owen 2, John Leek. Dahlias-I, H. Owen 2, John Davies. Pausies-I, H. Owen; 2, R. Rowlands. Stocks—1, R. Rowlands 2, John Leek. Geranium in pot 'single)—1, John Leek. Collection of Garden Flowers—1, Henry James; 2, H. Owen. Special prize given by Mr Wm. Cbilbran. for the best collection of vegetables—1, R. Rowlands, Lllin. fachreth. VEGETABLES-CLABS B. White Cabbage—1, Major Bonsall, Galltyllon 2, T. Jones, Maengwyn-street. Red Cabbage-I, Evan Evans, Llanfachreth; 2, T. W. Bonsall, Morbee. Vegetable Marrow—1 and 2, Alfred Harris, Maoh- ynlleth. Carrots—1, R. Vaughan, Llanegyn 2, Evan Jones, Felingerig. Early Horn C&rrots—~1, G. W. H. W&ksfiold, Garthgwynion; 2, Evan Jones, Felingerig. Turnips-I, G. W. H. Wakefield, Garthgwynion; 2, R. Edwards, Llanegwyn. Autumn Onions—1, W. J. Rowlands, Llanfiaangel; 2, Major Bonsall. Spring Onions-1 and 2, John Jones. Potatoe Onions-I, W. J. Rowlands, Llanfihangel; 2, A. J. W. James, Dolybont. Parsnips—1, R. Vaughan 2, G. W. H. Wakefield. Rhubub-l, R. Evans; 2, A. J. W. James. Peas-I, G. W. H. Wakefield; 2, B. Edwards. Broad Beans-I, E. Williams 2, F. Evans. Scarlet Runners-1, J. Lascelles, Ponmaendovey 2, Alfred Harris, Machynlleth. Dwarf Beans—1 and 2, B. Edwards. Large Shallots-1, E. Evans:; 2, W. J. Rowlands. Small Sballote-1, A. Harris 3, W. J. Rowlands. Parsley-I, Evan Evans; 2, Alfred Harris. Cauliflowers-1, Major Bonsall 2, Rev. T. W. Trevor, Rectory. Red Turnip Radish-l and 2, G. Morris, Fron- felen, Corris. White Radish-I, Lydia Thomas, Penyffordd; 2, Evan Evans. Lettuoo-l and 2, Jones, Rock Villa. Cos Lettuce—1, J. Lascelles; 2, R. Edwards. Collection of Herbs-1, Evan Evans; 2, Rev. T. W. Trevor. Basket of Vegetables-1. Rev. T. W. Trevor; 2, E. Williams. Leeks-I, G. W. H. Wakefield; 2, W. J. Rowlands. Celery—1, H. James, Llwyngwain; 2, Rev. T. W. Trevor. Cucumber—1, J. Lacelles; 2. Major Bonsall. Beet—1, R. Edwards; 2, R. Vaughan, Llanegryn. Tomatoes—1, Major Bonsall; 2, J. Lascelles. Early Kidney Potatoes—1, W. Evans, Bwlcheross- farm 2, Rev. T. W. Trevor. Early Round Potatoes—1, E. Williams 2, R. Vaughan. Late Kidney—1 and 2, Alfred Harris. Late Roond-l and 2, Rev. T. W. Trevor. Apples (kitchen)—1, Mrs Jenkins, Gogdinan; 2, A. G. James. Apples (dessert)—1, 0. Daniel, Towyn.; 2, Major Bonsall. Pears-I, P. C. Phillips, Taliesin; 2, Major Bonsall. Gooseberries—1, Edward E. Parry, Dolgau. Melon—1, J. Lascelles. Pansies-1, Evan Evans, Llanfachreth. Ferns—1, Alfred Harris; 2, Rev. T. W. Trevor. Roses—2, Major Bonsall. Dahlias—1, E. Evana; 2, Major Bonsall. Asters-I, Alfred Harris; 2, J. Lascelles. Stocks—1, John Jones, Workhouse, Best tastefully arranged vase of cut flowers by a lady-1, Miss Neilie Taylor, Garth Lodge; 2, Miss Cissie Lascelles. Collection of wild flowers (cut)-I, W. F. Davies, Landsend: 2, Miss Nellie Taylor. Garth Lodge. Beat Collection of Vegetables (six distinct sorts) which have been grown from seeds supplied by Messrs Wm. Clibran-I, Major Bonsall. For the best collection of Vegetables (6 sorts) grown from seeds supplied by Messrs Daniel Bros, -I,Rowland Smith, Llanfachroth; 2, Alfred Harris. Best Collection of Vegetables I, C. Taylor, Garth Lodge. Best Collection of Cut Floweril-l, C. Taylor; 2, Hugh Owen. Llanfachreth. Best Collection of Pot Flowers-I, C. Taylor; 2 Nurse Jones, Londonderry Cottage Hospital. Turnips (garden)-l and 2, D. Hughes, Llanfi- hangel; 3, John Davies, Craigyrheuffordd. Autumn Onions—1, D. Hughes; 2, J. M Jones, Lion, Llanwrin 3, John Owen, Glandulas. Spring Onions—1, R. Vaughan; 2 and 3, David Hughes. Potatoe Onions—1 and 2, D. Hughes; 3, H. Owens. PoLranips-I and 3, John Evans, Garth Road; 2, R. Vaughan. HORSES. Best horse 15 handlt high or over for jumping—1 Alfred O. Davies, Penrallc, Machynlleth, "Marquis, 2, Alfred O. Davies, do. Sunlight." Beat horse under 15 hands high for jumping-I,, Alfred 0. Davies, Penrallt, Machynlleth, "Cymro," 2, W. H. Wemyss, Aberystwith. Best borse for jumping (open)—1, Alfred O. Davies, Penrallt, "Cymro." Best stallion for agricultural purposes, that has travelled the district of the show during the season of 1893 (prize given by Dr. Davies)—1, David Evane, Rhoscellanfawr, Borth, Blagdon Bang-up," 2, Corbett, Towyn. Best roadster or cob stallion for harness or saddle— 1, David Evans, Rhoscellanfawr, Borth, New Fashion," 2, David Evans, do., "Perfection." Beat roadster, mare or gelding, 15 hands or over, ridden (pace and action considered)-I, Alfred O. Davies, Penrallt, Machynlleth, Sunlight," 2, P. Dyball, Aberystwith; h.c., Tom Ste adman, Mallwyd, "Lady Cardigan." Best cob or roadster, mare or geidmg, under 15 hands, ridden (pace and action considered)—1, Miss Florence Pryse, Gogerddan, Bow Street; 2, Tom Steadman, Mallwyd "Physic," h.o., Alfred O. Davies, Penrallt, Machynlleth, Golden X." Best turn-out, comprising single horse and trap complete, bona-fide property of exhibitor—I, Alfred 0. Davies, Penrallt, Machynlleth c, E. Jones, Lion Hotel, Machynlleth h.c., Dr. Grosholz, Towyn. Best mare or gelding for agricultural purposes— 1, Edward Hughes, Aberffrydlan; 2, Wm. Francis, Aberhiriaeth, Cemmaes; h.c., David Evans, Rhos- cellanfawr, Borth, "Agnes." Best mare for agricuitu; al purposes, with foal at foot—1, Lewis Pugh, Rhiwsaeson, Llanbrynmair; 2, David Evans, Rhoscellanfawr, Borth, "Agnes." Best yearling colt or filly for agricultural purposes —1, Marchioness (D) of Londonderry, Machynlleth 2, William Francis, Abeihiriaeth, Cemmaes; c, William Owen, Mathafarn. Best sucker got by Grand Lad or Bardolph (prize given by Mr Morgan Morgan, Ffridd Mill, blachynileth)-I, John Davies, Brynclyglo, Machyn- lletb; 2, William Owen, Mathafarn. Best mountain pony, not exceeding 13 hands high -1, J. Morris, Penywern, Henllys, Borth, R.S.O.; 2. John R. Hughes, Dorglwyd, Commins Coch, Mont. 3, W. E. Lovegrove, Dinas Mawddwy, Nobby." CATTLE (OPEN TO ALL COMERS). Best black bull of any age-I, William Vaughan, Llyasyn, Llanerfyl, Welshpool; c, J. Henry Sivan Evana Llanwrin. Best Hereford bull of any age—1, M. Ryder, Tyuchaf, Llanwrin; 2, Ed. Hughes, Aberffrydlan. Best black in oalf or milch cow of any age—1 and c. David Lewis, Hendrissirion, Llanwrin; 2, William Vaughan, Llyssyn, Llanerfyl. Best Hereford in calf or milch cow of any age— 1 and 2, R. Ryder, Maes:nachraeth, Cemmaes; h.c. and c., Edward Hughes, Aberffrydlan. Best cow of any other breed in calf or milch—1, Marchioness (D) of Londonderry, Machynlleth; 2, Richard Jones, Penegoes Mill; c., A. P. Howell, Llanbrynmair. SHEEP. Best pen of five Welsh ewes that have reared lambs this year—1 and 2, Henry Evans, Escuan, Towyn. Best Welsh ram of any age-l and h.c., Henry Evans, Escuan, Towyn; 2, Gwen Davies, Caradda, Llanwrin; c., Wm. Jones, Fridd, Machynlleth. Best Welsh ram lamb—1 and 2, Henry Evans, Escuan, Towyn; c., David Wigley, Rhydyrderin, Cemmaes. Beat pen of sheep, dipped in Quibells sheep dip (prize given by Messrs Quibell Bros., Newark)—1, Henry Evans, Escuan, Towyn. SHEARING COMPETITION. Quickest shearing two lambe-t, John Davies, Caradda, Llanwrin; 2, Hugh Rowlands, Pantooch, Esgairgeiliog; 3, John Griffiths, Cambrynmawr, Talybont. < r ■■ DOGS Z £ Xr, '(OPEN TO ALL COMERS). ;V-V First prize winners in any show not eligible. Best looking sheep dog-I. W. R. Williams, Bank, l\IachynUeth, Ca r10, 2, William Lewis, Cefncoch Hotel, Llanegryn 3, William Jones, Brynacre, Liacbrynmair. Best rough terrier-I, Dr. Davies, Machynlleth; 2, James Roe, Derwenlas, Macbynlleth; h.c., John Holt, Maesglas, Machynlleth, Black." Best fox terrier—1, J. L. Lloyd, 7. Broad-street, Newtown; 2, P. Chaplin, Bryntegwell, Aberdovey; h.c., T. B. Lloyd, Rose-villa, Newtown. Beat Lavernack setter—1, Thomas Jones, Craidy. don, Corris; h.c., John Beedle, Llanbrynmair. Beat setter, any other breed—1, Thomas Jarman, Garth, Machynlleth.; 2, J. G. W. Bonsall, Fron- fraith, Aberystwith Punch." Best Spauiel-1, J L Lloyd, 7, Broad-street, New. town, Young Baronet"; 2, Dr Grosholz, Towyn; h c, D M Davies, Aberyetwith. POULTRY. Best, pen of Cock and Hen, Dorkin breed—1, R C Anwyl, Llwygwy. Best pen of Cock and Hen, Game (any oolonr)-I, H L Smith, Llanbrynmair; 2, Rev R J Edwards, Corrie. Best pen of Cock and Hen, Hamburghs—1, Joseph Evans, Derwenlas; 2, R Rowlands, Penybank. Best pen of Cock and Hen—1, David Owen, Shop, Llanwrin; 2, R C. Anwyl, Llwygwy 3, Thomas Clay. I ton, Gas Works, Machynlleth. Best pen of Drake and one Duck, Aylesbury breed -1, Dr Davies, Penrallt, Machynlleth; 2, D Wigley, Cemmaes. Beat pen of Drake and one Duck, any variety—1, Alfred Davies, Tynyfawnog; 2, G P Thomaa, Aber. hosan c, E E Jones, Gas-house, Dolgelley. Best pen of twu young Geese of this year's hatch— 1, Mary Davies, Poisnaut, Llanwtin 2, Miss Pugh, Maesliuni, Penegoes. BUTTER. Best fresh Bu-ter, iiot leas than 41bs made up into ilbe-1, Lewis Rees, Pwllglaa; 2 and 3, Elizabeth Owen, Llyulleoedd 4, Marchioness Dowager of Londonderry; h c, Mrs James, Cefncoch, Machyn- lleth; c, Mrs Breese, Esgairwean, Llanwrin. EGGS. Best basket of Eglls. not less than 12-1, Thomas Thomas, Maohynlleth 2, Mra Conway, Llynlloedd; h c, Mary Jones, Penegoes. GRAIN. Bebt sample of Who&& in the ear, not leas than 50 the growth of 1893-1, W. Rses, Dovoy Valley Hotel, Cemmaes Road; 2, William Edwards, Rhydygwiel, Cemmaes. Best sample of barley in the ear, not less than 50. the growth of 1893-1, E Pritchard, Tynohir, Glan- dovey 2, J Morns, Penywern, Henllys, Borth. Best sample of oats in the ear, not less than 50, the growth of 1893-1, E Pritchard 2, Marchioness Dowager ef Londonderry. For the bert sample of black Tartarian oats in the ear, not less thun 50, the growth of 1893-1, David LwÎt4, Tyewyn, Machynlleth; 2, David Lewis, Hendresifion, Llanwrin. ROOTS. (Open tu tenant farmers only). Best turmp, 8 roots to be shown— 1, William Edwards, Rhydysrwiel, Commes; 2, Henry Hughes, Tymawr, Llanbrynmair. Bast swede, » r-th-I John Wbittington, Gor phwysfa, Cemmes 2, Hugh Francis, Pentrecelyn. For the best Mangei Wurtzel, red or yellow, 8 roots to be shown-1, J VN- hittilgton; 2, Richari Jenkins, tienhafod, Glandovey. HONEY. (Open to all Comers). Best sample of honey in oombs-I, R C Williams, Cross Wood Park, Aberyatwyth. Best dish or jar of elarifi d honey—1, R Gough, Caeraws h c, K Roberts, schydygarnedd. EXTRA PRIZES. Given by the Mareiiioness Dowager of Londonderry. (Open to residents within a radius of 7 miles.) Best pair of knitted hose in a pattern—1, Mrs E M Wakefield, Garthgwynion; 2, Miss Annie Jones, Fronheulog, Cemuaes; 3, Mrs James, Llwyngwern Lodge. Best pair of plain knitted hose, home-spun yarn— 1, Jaue Lewis. Pentrerhedyn-street, Machynlleth; 2, Miss Annie Jones, Fronheulog, uemmaes.







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