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BOARDS OF GUARDIANS. NEWTOWN & LLANIDLOES,— WEDNESDAY. The fortnightly meeting of the above Board was held at the Workhouse, Caersws, when there were present. Captain W. H. Adams, chairman, Colonel; Lloyd-Verney, ex. officio Mr R. Bennett, vice.chair- mac, Messrs C. Morgan, David Davies, John Lewis, David Jones, William Alderson, William Gittins, John Thomas, M. A. Davies, Richard Evans, Wm. Francis, John Lloyd, Evan Jones, J. H. Lloyd-Verney, with Mr R. Williams, clerk, and Mr Cecil Taylor, deputy-clerk. CORRESPONDENCE. A letter was read from t'be Atcham Union, enclos- ing a resolution which the guardians were asked to pass. It stated that the guardians ba.d considered the Local Government (Eugland and Wales) Bill. While recognising in it a desire to deal in a liberal comprehensive way with the question of Local Gov- ernment, they regretted to notice the general tend- ency to subordinate boards of guardians to more re- cently created bodies- They were ot opinion that the election in rural districts should ba to the oftice of councillor and guardian. They were also strongly of opinion that it should be made requisite for a candi- date for election to the office of guardian to be at least resident in the parish which he sought to re- present. The resolution referred to the valuable ser- vices in the past of ex-olli,io guardians, and thought that provision might wiih advantage be made for a limited representation for members on boards of guardians and district coancils as aldermen, elected by the elected guardians and councillors. Mr Cornelius Morgan proposed that the petition ba acknowledged and left on the table.—Col Verney seconded, and it was carried. The Clerk stated th,t he had received a letter from the L,cil Government Board cor. firming the appoint- ment; of Mr Richard Morgan as vaccination officer for Llanidloes district. INSUBORDINATION. The Master reported that a woman named Mary Taylor, irom Newtown, an inmate of the house, was very" cheeky," and had gone so far as to stcike an inmate. He stated that she had been in the house before, and was ejected for breaking an old man's arm. Mr Cornelius Morgan said that he knew the woman well. She was a mid hand in Newtown, and none of the mills would empioy her on account of her drunken and dissipated habits. He proposed that she be given notice to quit, wnich was agreed to. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master fur ther reported that Col. Lloyd-Verney his wife had visited tha house and supplied the chil- dren with toys and tea., and tobacco tor the old men and women. The man Tucker, whose three children wore in the house, had been apprehended and brought up at Newtown on Monday, and sentenced to one month's imprisonment for neglecting to sup- port them.—Mr Cornelius Morgan proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Mrs Col. Verney and Col. Verney for their kindness in visiting the house and affording the inmates much pleasure by bringing 'toys for the children, and tea and tobacco for the men and women. He hoped that other ladies would imitate the action of Mrs Verney in visiting the house. Mr David Davies seconded, and it was carried unanimously. Col. Verney responded, and said that it always gave him and his wife much pleasure to afford any little help flhey could to the inmates of the Work- house. OUT-RELIRF. Amount exp-onded in out-relief daring the past fortnightNewtown district, per Mr R. El. Lloyd, j £ 36 14a first week, to 277 recipients; < £ 31 12s 6d second week to 275 recipients. Llanidloes district, per Mr Richard Owen, first week JS46 9s 6d to 391 receipients, second week Y,41 17s 9d to 390 receipts; Llanwnog, per Mr James Hamer, first week J320 12s 6d to 166 recipients, second week X20 12a 6d to 166 recipients. IN-DOOR RELIEF. Number of tramps in the houne, 56. number re- lieved the past fortnight—first week,. 38 against 72 in the corresponding period last year, second week, 54 against 50 during the corresponding period of last year. THE NEWTOWN NURSE. Mr David Davies, alluded to the compensation of the Murse at Newtown, and said that he found from the minutes of the last meeting that £ 5 was voted for the professional Nurse at Newtown. He thought it was hardly fair to the country guardians, as there was hardly one at the meeting when the monev was voted. He therefore gave notice torescind it at the next Board meeting. The Clerk said that the cheque -for the < £ 5 was already signed. Mr David Davies: I think it very unfair to country guardians. Mr Bdnnett said as one of the Newtown guardians he felt rather slighted by Mr Davies's remarks. He said that he did not know anything about it, until the letter was read. Mr C. Morgan said that they had received a letter from Mrs Edward Lowell, who took a very deep in- terest in the poor of Newtown, which was read. The subject was very fully discussed, and only Mr Meddins of Llanidloes spoke against it. He could aseure them that a wiser gift was naver made by the I guardians. This young nurse had been in Newtown about four m nths, and during that time she has made over 500 visits. She had saved a great number of people coming to the Workhouse, and had done a great deal of good in the town. He knew several places where they had paid a person 15s per week for doing less work than this young woman. Mr David Davies said that he simply complained that the farmers had had no chance of voting on the question. Mr Lewis said that he found there was a great deal of cmplaint8 made about the action of the guardians. Tne Clerk said that the only thing the Board could do was to cancel the cheque. It was decided to adjourn the matter until next Board meeting. VAGRANCY. A letter was read from the Local Government Board, and was as follows: Sir,—I am directed by the Local Government Board to acknowledge the re- ceipt of your letter of the 13th ult., transmitting a copy of a resolution passed by the guardians of the Newtown and Llanid,oes Board on the subject of the provision of accommodation for vagrants. I am directed to express their regret that the guardians do not at present consider it necessary to provide some -separate cells for vagrants as recommended by the Board's Inspector, Mr Bircham. The Board will raise no objection to the proposition of appropriating the boys' disused play-room for the purpose of pro- viding additional sleeping accommodation in the event of there being an increase in the number of vagrants applying for relief as a temporary measure, but they consider that the cellar wards used in times of;pressure should not be used at any time because they are improperly lighted and ventilated." ALF. D. ADRIAN, Asst. Sec.1I