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KERRY & LLANMEREWIG SUMMER FESTIYAL- The second annual show of flowers, fruit, and vegetables, was held on Saturday. The weather was fine, and the event was large;y patronised, large quantities of people coming from Newtown and Welshpool. The exhibits were placed in a large marquee, supplied by Mr J hn Pilot, of Newtown, in Maesyllan field, a picturesque spot, surrounded by lofty hills, the slopes of which were beautifully wooded. The flowers and fruit show was good, but by far the best feature was the exhibition of vegetables, Many of the prizes in the cottagers' class were keenly contested for, and Messrs J. S. Price, J. Evans, J. Edwards, and W. Trow de-erve considerable praise for their exhibits, and fully deserve-i the distinctions they gained. Noticeable amongst thy prize winners was P.C. Owen, of Kerry, who is evidently not oi ly an expert in catching evil-doers, but has proved his ability and knowledge in gardenia^. Messrs Dickson, florists, Chester, sent a good sho w of flowers, not for competition, and similar lots c"me from Mrs Nares. The Moat, Sir Pryce Pryce-Jones, M,P., Mr W. F! Thomas, Dolgnan, and Mr W. Walton, Dolforgan. An excellent programme of athletic sports, horse races, etc., took place during he afternoon, and the presence of the Newtown Excelsior Band considerably enhanced the proceedings. b the evening dance music was played, and many couples enjoyed the light fantastic." The work of arranging the details of the festival was admirably und.ertaken an.1 success- fully carried out by a large committee, who were greatly assisted by the energetic labours of Mr John Evans, Post office, who performed the secretarial duties. The following gentlemen composed the committee: Messrs. John Milnes (chairman), J. W. Poundley (treasurer), J. Evans (secretary), -Davies (Drefor), J. H. Stephens (Abermule), W. Alderson, E. Astley, E. Bebb, R. Beddoes, H. Chapma J. Jtt. Charlton. T. Corbett, E. Edwards, E. Embrey, J. F. Evans, — F»yer, M. B. George, J. Hugh T. M. Humphreys, J. Jones, R. Jones, C. Jones, T. Jones, T. Jones. D. Jones, J. Jones, J. Mackay, T. McCreatb, S. Miller, jun., R. Morgan, T. Pughe Morgan, F. T. Newell, J Owen, G. E. Pryce, P. Pryce, G. Shute, H. Shute, J. Trow, F. Williams, J. O. Wiliiams, W. H. Williams. and J. Venables. The judges of the fruit and vegetables and races were as follows :-Vegetables, etc-—Mr Rothwell, Leighton, and Mr W. Jones, Garthmy); farm prod- uce-Mr J. Pryce, Highgate, and Mr T. Jones, Stalloe poultry and butter—Mr R. Thomson wild flowerø-Mrs Nares and Mrs Poundley. Amateur athletic sports and races :-Startez of sports—Mr Walter Edwards; starter of b"J"? and pony races— Mr T. E. Humphreys; referee—Mr J. Mackay; judges of sporte-Mr J. H. Stephens and Mr S. Miller, junr.; judges of horse and pony races-Mr A. D. Dawson and Mr T. E. Skidmnre; judge of quoit-1 ing—Mr G. Hawkius; handicarper—Mr W. Baxen. dale secretary-Mr J. Evans treasurer—Mr J. W. Poundley; stewards of athletic sports—Mr W. Alderson, Mr M. B. George, Mr T. Jones, Brynliy. warch; atewards of horse and por y raose-Mr J. H. Stephens, Mr J. Venables, Mr E Edwards; clerks of the scales-gr T. Corbett and Mr J. H. Stephens. COTTAGERS' CLASS. Collection of vegetables (si; kinds)-I, Joseph Edwards, Kerry; 2, J. Da vies. Kerry. Six carrots-I, W. Trow, Pentre; 2, W. Bebb, Kerry. Scarlet runuers-1, Joseph Edwards; 2, Edward Breese, Kerry. K:dney beanfir-1, F. Newell, the Station; 2, Joseph Edwards. Broad beam-1, J. R. Pryce, Kerry 2, W. Trow. Autumn oniorA-1, Ed. Breese 2, J. Da vies. PllrBnips-l, J. S. Price; 2, J, Da vies. TurpLipa-1, J. Davies; 2, W. Trow. Early kidney potatoes-1, Thos. Brown; 2, J Evans, Kerry. 12 pods of peas—1, J. Evanq 2, J. Edwards, Paraley-1, J. S. Price 2, J. Ecans. Ltte kidney potatoes—1, W. Beob; 2. J. Edward- Early ronnd potatoee-l, W. Bennett, Dolfor; 2, R. Evans, Kerry. Late round potatoes-I. W. Trüw; 2, E. Breese. Second early round-I. J. Edwards; 2, Walter Davies, Kerry., Second early kidney potatoes—1, W. Trow; 2, Thomas Brown. White cabbage-1, J. a. Prioe; 2. Edward Breese. CocUower-1, Richard Kvans; 2, J. S. Prioe. f Celery-1, J. Evans 2. Tbos. Brown. Lettuce—1, Thomas Brown. ha.tots-l. Waiter Davies 2. Edward Breece. Savoys—1, J. S. Price 2, J. Davies. Collection of herbs—1, Jos. Edwards 2, D. Hum- phreys. Leeks—1, J. Evans: 2. J. Davies. FtiUIT. Dessert apples-I, W Trow, Thos Brown and W Bennett, Dolfor. Kitchen apples-1, W Bennett; 2, Edward Btbb. Kitchen plums-I, Samuel Br.ese, Kerry. Gooseberries—1, Jos rid wards 2, Thomas Brown. Red currants-I. J Evans. CUT FLOWERS. Asters—1. J Edwards 2 J Davies. Dahlias-I, J Evans 2, J S Price. Rose»—2, Thomns Brown and J Evans. Perennials-I, J Evans. Annuals—1, J E-twards and J Charlton; 2, J Davies. POT PLANTS. Fucbsia-1, J Evans 2, G E Pryce, Kerry. Gpraninm-l, J S Price. Miseellaneoniz-1. J S Pryce: 2, J Evans. Best design of fl jwprs—1, J EvaDs; 2, J S Price. Best display of flowers-I, D Jones, Chutch House; 2, Jos Edwards. CLASS II. For exhibitors whose rateable value of bouie and immediate premise's does not exceed je30 per annmm. Bunch of Six Carrots—1, J. M. Milnes; 2. VV. Dalies. Forest. Bunch of Six Parsnips-1, J. Owen, Kerry; 2, Bebb. Timber Yard. 12 Pods of Searl-t. Rurmprs-I, Rev D. D. Pisrce, Sa. n: 2, Edward Hughes. Kerry. 20 Pods of Broad Beins-1, Thomas Brown, Rose Hill; 2 Evan Bcbb. Bunch Ilf Six Lepks-I. Richard Morgan, Bahail- !on, a'.d Edward Griffiths, Bovawen 2, Rev D. D. Pierce. Sarn. BOIJch of 12 Spring Onions—1, J. Davies, Drefor; 2, J. M. Milnes. Collection of Vegetables—1, Rev D. D. Pierce, Sara; 2, \V. R. Thomas, Abermule. 12 Pods of Peas—1 and 2. John Owen, Kerry. Early Kidney Potatoes—1, W. Davies 2, Rev D. D. Pierce. Early liound Potatoes—1, D. Jones, Church House, 2, John Owen. S»fond Early Kidney Potatoes-1. John Owen 2, D. Jones. Second E-irly Round Potatoes-1, Mrs Brown, Ty Et.!wys; 2. T. Brown, Rose Hill. Late Round Potatoe-3-1. Edward Hughes; 2, T. Brown. White Ca.bbage-1. E. Hughes 2, J. Owen. Red Cabbage—1, Mrs Brown. Late Kidney Potatoes—1, Mrs Brown 2, Tbomatf Brown. Red Cabbage—1, Mrs Brown. Cauliflower-I, Edward Hughes. Ceery-1. John Brown, Kerry 2, Edwd. Hughes. Shallots-I, John Bowen; 2, John Owen. Savovs-1, John Owen 2, E. Hughes. TurnipR-I, J. Mackay, Saw Mill; 2, Rev D. D. Pierce. FRUIT. Gooseberries—1, W. K. l'homas, Abermule. Dessert Apples-I and 2, J. O. Williams, Cilthrew. Cocking- Apples—1, E. Bebb 2, John Jones, Grove Place. Dessert Pears-1, J. Davies, Drefor; 2, JoLn Jones. Cooking Pears-1, J. O. Williams; 2, J. Jones. Dessert Plums-1, E- Embrey, Abermule 2, Thogw. Brown and J. D;¡.v;¡>" CUT FLOWERS. Asters (three varietks)—1, Evan Bebb; 2, E. Embrey. Dahlias (three varieties)—1, D. Jones; 2, Evan Bebb. Rises (three varieties)-l, E. Embrey; 2, Evan Bebb. Stock=> (tbrl'c varieties)—1, John Owen; 2, J. D, Davies, Drefor. Best arrangement of Wild Flowers-1, Edith Davies, Dref.ir; 2, Fmily Brown; 3, Fanny Hughes. Sarah Carlton s d sr.l&y was alsohiehly commended. Ami'ir.l* four kinds)—1, Master Chapman, Dolfor; 2, J. M. Milnes. FARM PRODUCE. 24 heads of white wi-eit-1, S Miller, The Court; 2, Mr Lewis, Cwimnule. 2-i heads of ted wheat—1, T Jones, Gilfach; 2, J Venables, Penygelli. 2,1. heads of barley—1, H Watkin, Cefn Called J g, T Humphreys, Cloddia. 24 heads of oats-I, R Morsran, Bahaillon; 2. S Miller, The Court; Mr E Griffiths, Bovawen, was commended. 12 carrots-I, R Morsan. 6 urnips-I, J Venables, Penygelli; Mr D- Jones, Dolfor, was commended. 6 turnip swedea-1. W Alderson, Llamneheli; 2; T Humphreys. Mr T Jones. Gilfacb, was highly com- mended, and Messrs Jones aud J Davies were com- mended. 6 mangold wurtzel (red)-r-1, T Jones; 2, W Alderson. 6 mangold wurtzel (yellow)-I, S Miller; 2, W Anderson. Messrs T Humphreys and R Morgan were highly commended. Black oats-I, R Beavan, Weston; 2. T. Macreith, POULTRY. Best dressed fowls-I, T Humphreys: 2, Edward Griffiths. Best dressed ducks-1, H Wat kins; 2, T Jonest Gilfach. Best 31ba of fresh butter-1, T; Jones, BrynlJ. warch 2, D Jones, Dolfor 3, T Macreath, Treioen 4, T Humphreys. BEES AND HONEY. English bees in an observatory hive-1, Fred Evans, Kerry. Honey in comb-1, J Charlton, Dolforgan; 2, Q. Chute. Exhibition of honey in any other form-I, Fred Evans. Exhibition of run or extracted honey—1, Fred Evans. ATHLETIC SPORTS AND RACES. Half-mile flit race (handicap). Open-First prize,, X2 2s second, 10s. Second prise given by Dr Pur" chase, Newtmvn.—1, J W Griffith, 2, W H Hamer, Newtown F.C. One mile bicycle ra-e (handicap). Open. First prize, £ 2 2s second, £ 1 Is. Second prize given by Mr C W No-ton, Newtown.—1, Owen Edwards, Chirk 2, Tom Norton, Newtown; 3, G L Tilsley, Welshpool. 120 yards flat race (handieap). Open. First prize. 10" second, 2s 6d. First prize given by Messrs J and E O'.von. ewtown.-1. Clement Pilot, New- town 2, Sidney Bowen. Kerry. One mile flat race ("ra cb) Local. First prize, £ 1 5s second. 15 Fr st prize gived by Mr Janner, Kerry; second prize given by Mr Herbert Jones, Newtown.—1, Wm Cress, Abermule 2, John Miller, Ab-rinule. Half-mile Flat Race (Handicap. Local.) First 'iriz^, 10* seco id, 2s Gd. F rst prize given by Mr J. Palmer. N^wtowu.—1, Syoney Bowen, Kerry: 2, John Miller, Abermule. 220 yards Flat liace for boy-i under 14'. (Handicap. IVcal—two mile radius ) First prize, 2s 6J second. Is 6d Both prises piven by Mr Milnes.—1, J. 'barlton, Dolforwan 2. Edward Morris, Kerry. 240 yards Obstgele Rac; (Scratch. Local.) First irize, 10-; second. 2 6d. First prize given by Mr W. P. Phillips, Newtown.—1, John Miller, Aber- mule 2, Wi)mm Cro-s, Abermu e. Tilting riitch (Open.) F.rst prize, t2 2e; second, £ 1.—1. sergeant Jones, Tycoch 2, Sergeant W. C. II. Jones. Galloway Race, 11 miles. Noi exceeding 15 bands, 10stone. Sweepstakes. Weight allowance 7 lbs per inch. 10 miles radius.-1, Mr C. Miller; 2, Mr Jones, Nfwtown. Trotting Matih (Open.) Prizes about .£6. No winner of p race Dan be entered.—1, Mr Martin WOOS VARI 2, MrJ. Jones, Tycoch. Mr J. Bennett's horse came-in second, but was disqualified for break- Ill into a gallop. Pony race, one mile. Not exceeding 13-2 9 stone, weight allowance 7 lbs per inch. 10 miles radius. FirRt prize, XI is; sec nd 10s 6d. First prize, given "y Messrs Palmpr and silver, Newtown.—1, Mr T. Jones, Cwm,; 2, Mr C. Miller, Abermule.