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MONTGOMERY. SUNDAY SCHOOL TRip.-A whole town astir at 6 a.m. is certainly a, novel sight, yet such was to b, seen at Montgomery on Monday. U. der the aoaoices of the Calvinistio Methodist Sunday school, a special cheap trip was run to Barmouth. The business establishments were all closed, and as most of the tradesmen joiued the trip, the number 10 make tbe jonrney was thus considerably augmented. The excursion started from Montgomery at 7-50, the train being accompanied by Chief Inspector George Thomas. Although the day had dawned anything but propitiouslv, as the mornine pr, greased so un. tie weather improve, and when Barmouth was reached old Sol was uhining his hottest. After en- joying: the many deliifhtsof Barmouth the trippere sat down to tea at the Baxtcn Temperance Hotel. rlhe following ladiea rendered efficient service as tea- makers: Mrs Owens, Jamesferd Mra Tomley, Mr Davies, Sp ins;field; Mrs Jones, Jamesford; Miss Jones, Marrington; Mies Evans, Timberth: Miss R oharda and Miss M. A. Evans: and they received th saiatance of Mrs E. Berwick, Miss Annie Berwick, Misa Jones, Princess-street; Miss Powell, Chirbury; Misses Bessie and Ciesie Eaton, Miss Jennie Thomas, JHisn Amelia Jones, Misses Aggie and Lizzie Owen, e c. As nearly two hundred eat down to tea it will be readily understood that with the appetites of those partaking of the tea, sharpened by the eea air, the ta- k vraituol particularly light. The beauties or the Panorama walk and the other resorts of the- neighbourhood were afterwards enjoyed until the lime for the rrlttrn journey, and Montgomery being reached abaut touo'e!ook.



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