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THE WEEK'S NEWS. j At Wybunbury, near Nantwich, four houses were destroyed by fire, and a fireman injured. Of a total of seventy houses forming the village of Costacomelice, near Belluno, Northern Italy, all but three have been destroyed by fire. At Halifax. Nova Scotia, the premises of Messrs Stairs, Son, and Mcrrows, said to be the largest hardware manufacturers in Eastern Canada, have been destroyed by fire. Wasps are becoming a nuisance in Gower. A day or two ago a pic-nic party had to abandon all their pastry to the little cusses who had settled on their good things in their millions, The death is announced at Kirkcaldy of James Brown, princinal shipwright of the Victoria, who was rescued after being a considerable time in the water. Brown succumbed from shock to the nervous system. On Monday Joseph M'Lennan was fined Xio -and costs to- having used the hairdressing pre- mises at 4, Cheapside, Liverpool, for betting pur- poses; and Luke Fortune, hairdresser, was fined £ 5 and costs for aiding and abetting M'Lennan. At Edinburgh John Todd Brown, a clerk, was remitted to the High Court of Justiciary charged with murdering his wife, who was found dead on Saturday in their house at 4, Henry-place. The accused was arrested after attending the funeral. At the inquest at Kilrush on the bodies of four of the seventeen persons who were drowned by the capsizing of a boat on the river Shannon, a coroner's jury added to their verdict or death by drowning that the boat was overcrowded and unseaworthy. CADBURY'S COCOA has, in a remarkable degree, -those natural elements of sustenance which give the system endurance and hardihood, building up muscle and bodily vigour, with a steady action that renders it a most acceptable and reliable "beverage." -HeaUh. .= A woman attempted to commit suicide by Jumping on to the lines of the Great Western jBailway, near Acton. She leaped off the bridge in front of an approaching train, but missed it, and fell by the side of the metals, injuring her head rather severely. In conseqence of a violent storm last week the Vistula rose 20ft and overflowed its banks at Kasmierz. A large number of houses were com- pletely destroyed and 30 wooden structures -washed away. Twenty-five people are reported to have lost their lives. A te'egram from Memphis, Tennessee, states that Charles Tart, a negro farm labourer, who recently murdered his employer, was forcibly taken from a train by a mob, who afterwards placed him against a tree, and riddled him with shots from rifles and revolvers. DR. POLLARD SAYS OF SHERMAN RUPTURE TREATMENT :-He thanks God and every other influence that determined him to try it. All who want to get rid of Rupture and Trusses should send to J. A. Sherman, Hernia Speciali-t, 64, Chancery Lane, London, for his book with English csdorsements, post free, 7d. About eleven o'clock on Wednesday a man who occupied one of the seats of the North Albert Pierhead committed suicide by shoo ing himself through the mouth. The body was conveyed to the Prince's Dock Mortuary, and afterwards identified as that of 1 homas Bellis, mechanical dentist, Northbrook-street, who at one time was battery-sergeant-major of the 8th L.A.V., but left the corps some time ago. A man named John Smith is in custody at Olasgow on the charge of attempting to poison his sweetheart, Margaret M'Callan, twenty-one years of age, a servant in the employment of Mr Burnett, architect, St. Kilda House, Dowanhill, a fashionable suburb of Glasgow. It is alleged that Smith gave the girl a quantity of nitric acid. She is now under treatment in the hospital, her throat being so terribly burnt that she cannot speak. The unexpected happened in the results of the county cricket matches concluded on Wednesday. At Lord's, Lancashire suffered defeat by Middlesex 'by seven wickets; at Sheffield, Yorkshire beat Kent by eight wickets; and at Clifton, with 33 runs in hand, Gloucestershire bea.t Surrey for the. iirst time in eight years. At Birmingham, the Australians had a well-earned victory over an eleven from the second-class counties by four wickets. Mr Thomas Hirst, J.P., of Ashfield-house, Burnley, h, s been seriously injured by an acci- dent in the cricket field during a recent match between a team of Burnley tradesmen and an eleven of a local brewery. Mr Hirst, who was acting as umpire,was struck with great force on the temple by the ball, and had to be assisted from the field. Since then he has been under th" care of several eminent specialists, but he has lost the sight of one eye. The smart capture of a gang of pick-pockets (effected by the Blackpool police has aroused con- siderable curiosity, and the Blackpool Police Court was crowded when the prisoners, whose names are George Taylor, John Smith, Thomas Barnes, Mary Smith, and Ellen Barnes, were placed in the dock. The evidence showed that the prisoners bad been convicted all over the country.—They were all found guilty, and each sen'euced to three calendar months in gaol with hard labour. At the half-yearly meeting of Brunner, Mond, and Co., held in Liverpool, the directors' report and statement of accounts were adopted, and dividends on the preference capital at the rate of 1 per cent. per annum, and on the ordinary capital at the rate of 100 per cent. p-r annum, declared for the half-year ending 30th June last. The chairman (Mr J. T. Brunner, M.P.) remarked that that was their twenty-fifth general meeting, and on an occasion like that, which was like a silver wedding, such a dividend was quite appro- priate. The Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha died at a quarter to twelve o'clock on Tuesday night, after an illness of several weeks. The late Duke was a brother of the Prince Consort. The Duke of Edinburgh was on Wednesday formally recognised as the heir to the Ducal Throne, and took the oath to the constitution in the presence of the Emperor William, who attended the ceremony by the express request of the duke. All the Ministers of State were present. It is understood that eventually the duke will abdicate in favour of his son, Prince Alfred. At the Marylebone Police Court Bernard Dunn, saddler, Woolwich, was charged with having assaulted the Hon. St. John Brodrick, M.P., by striking him three or four times with a riding whip in Lower Seymour-street, Portman-square. Prisoner, whose defence was that Mr Brodrick, during the last Administration, had made false statements about him in the House of Commons, and that he had committed a technical assauJt to bring his case before the public, was remanded for a week in order that inquiry might be made into his mental condition. EVERY HOUSE may shortly be supplied with electric light by a simple pieco of mechanism placed over the kitchen chimney, if a new plan of ISdison's for generating electricity directly from heat is succesful. Thus the poorest person could have the benefit of a useful invention which is now regarded as a luxury only for the comfort of the rich. Mr. Thomas Holloway, however, has given a greater blessing to humanity than has yet been afforded by the most wonderful dis- coveries of science. His Pills and Ointment have succeeded in cases where the greatest author- ities on medical treatment have failed. What- ever the condition of the patient may be, these znedicines will effect a cure if such a thing is immanly possible. Early on the morning of 2nd July two detectives moticed four youths-who were well known- strolling about the Boulevard Sevastopol with a fishing-rod and line. Suspecting the intentions of these extremely early sportsmen, they followed them until they reached a large boot shop, where the party stopped, and while one of them fixed a large hook to the line the others nois-lessly broke the skylight of a cellar containing the reserve Stock of the establishment. When all was ready the line was dropped and the sport began. Many vairs of hoots and shoes were hooked and dropped before they came to the surface, but 11 pairs wera safely landed when the detectives interrupted the proceedings and arrested the gang. The tfchermen were sentenced to terms of imprison- pNeqfc xgfjring from six months to two years.

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