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SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE. ..a: MESSES, MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE will be obliged by an EAELY INTIMATION from those who intend favouring them with in- structions to conduct their SALE OF FARMING ffTOCK during the coming autumn, so that suitable 40ston may be arranged. Present Fixtures:— ^PTTESDAT, OCTOBER 4th—PAYLOE HALL, Leint- wardine, Herefordshire, by order of Alfred Parr, Esq. ICTSSDAY, OCT. 18 th—PANT AC ARAGLE, Beguildy, by order of the Representatives of the late Mr Thomas Hamer. JBABIT IN OCTOBicia-THE TURGY, BEGUILDY, by order of Mr Henry Hamer. JSffP OF OCTOBER—LYDHAM FARM, BISHOP'S CASTLE, by order of the Representatives of the late Mr Jerman. UP OF OCTOBER—WHITCOTE, CLUN, by order of Mr John Parry. Hewtown Office-At The Bear Hotel. Chirbury, Shropshire. August 27th, 1892. dl39 WELSHPOOL SMITHFIELD. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH, 1892. SPECIAL SALE OF SHEEP. MESSES, MORRIS, MARSHALL, 4 POOLE in addition to their Fortnightly Sale of FAT AND STORE CATTLE, Will hold a Special Sale of DRAFT EWES, SHROPSHIRE AND CROSS-BRED RAMS. U- James Whitaker, Esq., of Hampton Hall, wffi send tO CAPITAL SHROPSHIRE YEARLING RAMS. all pasture rangers, to the above Sale. Early entries solicited. dl24 ØLE OF ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY Situate in SEVERN STREET, WELSHPOOL. MESSES. MOEEIS, MAESHALL & POOLE are instructed to Sell by Auction, at the ROYAL OAK HOTEL, WELSHPOOL, on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th, 1892, At 3 for 4 in the Afternoon, in one lot or otherwise so may be determined and subject to conditions, all those VALUABLE DWELLING HOUSES, I Occpoying a very desirable position in the town of iff ■>ool, and known as 25 and 26, Severn-street, j t J important thoroughfare there is a frontage | jf t>5 feet.. Also a detached Three-Stall Stable. £ oach HOUBO, Saddle Room and Stable Yard, with good entrance from Severn-street, adjoining the properties of Miss Mytton and others. No. 25, SEVERN-STREET is a superior Residence conveniently arranged, and comprises on the ground floor Entrance Hall, Three Reception Rooms, Back Jtitchen and Scullery, excellent Cellars in basement; Vbree Best Bedrooms, Bath room and W.C. on first landing, and Two Servants' Rooms. Also a large trailed Garden at the back, the whole at present in the occupation of Mr E. H. Jones. No. 26, SEVERN-STREET, the adjoining House, few many years used as Solicitor's Offices (for which pnjpose or a private dwelling house it is admirably ADAPTED) is at present in the occupation of Mr Charles Jones, and contains Three Rooms on the ground floor, in addition to the Fire-proof Strong Room, Three Large Offices on first floor, aDd three other *oomst W.C. and Lavatory on upper landing, together frith the adjacent Wash-house, Stable, Saddle Room, other Outbuildings. The DETACHED STABLE and Coach House occupy a good position, are very conveniently imaged, and are at present in the occupation of Mr William Walters. The Premises may be inspected by permission of iho respective Tenants, and further particulars may be obtained from the AUCTIONEERS, Chirbury, Shropshire, or ME. G. D. HABEISON, apt Solicitor, Welshpool. KERRY FAIR, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th, 1892. MESSES, MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE JM. will SELL BY AUCTION, a Selection of 12 KERRY HILL RAMS, from the well known flock of C. J. Leyland, Esq., 8Dd a number of OTHER SHEEP. Further Entries solicited. dl40 MR. J. E. THISTLE. Newtown Prize Foal Show & Horse Sale -W*7TLL BE HELD IN THE PADDOCK ft OPPOSITE THE SPORTSMAN INN, ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th, 1892. Entry Forms and full particulars on application to JOHN E. THISTLE, Auctioneer, Montgomery. MESSRS. COOKE BROS. THIS DAY i(TUESDAY), AUG. 30th 1892. OPPOSITE THE BUCK INN, NEWTOWN. SALE BY AUCTION of Two PONY TUBS and 0 SPRING CART, in excellent condition Lady's Saddle; HOUSEHOLD FUENITURE and Effects. To commence at Two p.m. COOKE BROS., Auctioneers. ANTE-ROOM, PUBLIC ROOMS, NEWTOWN. IMPORTANT SALE. MESSRS. COOKE BROS. have received positive JEML instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, as bove, a Choice Collection of GENUINE OIL PAINTINGS, (tter-Colour DRAWINGS, Scarce ETCHINGS, and STEEL PLATE ENGRAVINGS, 9 an assortment of Dresden and Vienna China ORNAMENTS, Wednesday, August 31st, 1892. Sale to commence at 2.30 in the Afternoon, and 6-30 in the Evening. y Lota may be purchased by Private Treaty gthe day of Sale. On view Mornrg of Sale, harge for packing. CATALOGUES M y he had Auctioneers' Offices, Newtown. til35 PUBLIC NOTICES. NEWTOWN AND LLANIDLOES UNION. PARISHES OF NEWTOWN AND LLAN- LLWCHAIARN. THE OVERSEERS of the Parishes of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn hereby give Notice that the Poor Rate now due must be paid on or before the 15th of September next, or proceedings will be taken for its recovery. RICHARD GOODWIN, Collector. 28, Crescent-street, Newtown. dl28 BOROUGH OF MONTGOMERY. NOTICE. THE time for delivering TENDERS for the JL carrying out of tho Works connected with the Water Supply is EXTENDED to the 28th day of September. Plana and Specifications can be seen at my office. CHARLES S. PRYCE, Montgomery, Town Clerk. 25th August, 1892. dl33 NOTICE. WE beg to inform our Customers that Mr. C. TV H. WILLIAMS is no longer in our employ; therefore, all Accounts due to us must be paid to us only, after this date. Orders sent direct to us will receive our best attention. Yours truly, JOSEPH WILLIAMS & SON, Cambrian Wharf, OsweRtry. dl22 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NORTH WALES, BANGOR. (Incorporated under Royal Charter. Departments Arts, Science, Agriculture). AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT. A Complete course of Instruction in Agriculture and Dairying has now been organised. Full information about College Classes, Scholar- ships, Diplomas in Agriculture, Certificates in Dairy- ing, &c., will be found in the Agricultural Prospectus (free on application), which also contains information respecting Extension Lectures, Teachers' Classes, Field Experiments, and Dairy Demonstration. The average cost of living in Bangor, including College Fees, is about .£40 for the college year. The next Session begins on October 4th, 1892. | JOHN EDWARD LLOYD, M.A., d67 Secretary and Registrar. ILANDEINDOD WELLS. THE CELEBRATED WELSH SPA. TEN ROOMED HOUSE AND SHOP riV) LET (through illness); suit any Business.— JUg Apply to Eees Eickards, Boot Maker. d73 MONTGOMERYSHIRE. [ PENNANT, within two miles from Montgomery and within one from Abermule stations on the Cam- brian Railways. TO BE LET, this Commodious EESIDENCE, with gardens, orchards, lawn tennis grounds, and with about 700 acres of shooting. From 10 to 20 acres of meadow land in front of house may be had if de,eired.-Apply to R. Lewis-Andrew, Esq., Glanhaf- ren, Abermule, or Mr Wm. Pritchard, Land and Estate Agent, Tanyfron, Garthmyl, Mont. 0390 TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, ALL that Dwelling-house, Outbuilding and Land, called CWMEARL BANK COTTAGE, situate near the Sarn, Kerry.—For particulars apply to Mr BENNETT ROWLANDS, Licensed Valuer, New- town. dl32 TO SPORTSMEN. TO BE SOLD, a Strong Shooting 12-bore Breech Loader, twist barrels, double grip, with steel rebounding locks, snap fore-end. A wonderful killing gun. Price, X3 5s.-Apply, W. C. H. JONES, Gun Maker, Newtown. dl27 NEW ROAD, NEWTOWN. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, all that Desirable Plot of Land, comprising about 1,600 square yards, in the occupation of Mrs Mary Stephens, and forming a most eligible BUILDING SITE.—Apply to Messrs. WILLIAMS, GITTINS & TAYLOR, Solicitors. dl03 TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY. LOT 1. ALL THAT VERY DESIRABLE Farm called "Ucheldre Canol," in the parish of Bettws Cadewen, and about six miles from the town of New- town, with Home and Homestead, comprising 102a. lr. 18p. of productive arable, meadow, and pasture land, now in the occupation of Mr THOMAS JOKES. LOT 3. All that cottage and land situate at the Fron, in the parish of Berriew (and about two miles from Montgomery Railway Station), comprising 2a. lr. 23p., in the occupation of Mr C. DAVIES. For further particulars apply to Mr WILLIAM PRITCHARD, Land and Estate Agent, Tanyfron, Garthmyl, Mont. o644 CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. THE ROYAL NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF WALES AT RHYL, SEPTEMBER 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th, 1892. ON September 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, CHEAP EXCURSION TICKETS will be issned to EHYL as under:- Times of Starting. Third Class Fares for on on the Double Journey. Sept. 7th. Sept 5th, One Day One Day 6th & Sth. Tickets Tickets issued on issued on Sep. 7th. Sep. 5th, 6th From a.m. a.m. 7th, & 8th. Llanidloes. 5 50 6 50 Dolwen 4 55 6 55 f Llandinam 5 0 7 0 ( 48 M fe Moat Lane 5 5 7 6 Newtown 5 15 7 15 1 Aberonnle. 5 25 7 23 I Kerry. 6 55 Montgomery 5 36 7 32 Forden 5 40 7 38 Welshpool 5 50 7 50 Buttington 5 55 7 55 ? 4s 5a 6d Pool Quay 6 0 8 0 J Four Crosses 6 10 8 9 Llanymynech 6 15 8 14 Llans'tffraidd 5 50 7 55 Llanfechain 5 45 7 49 Llanfyllin. 5 35 7 35 J Children under Three years of age Free: above Three and under Twelve years of age Half-Price. Tickets, Bills, and every information to be had at the frbove-named Stations. ALFRED ASLETT a ( Secretary General Manager, PUBLIC NOTICES. REGISTRATION OF VOTERS FOR THE BOROUGH OF MONTGOMERY AND PLACES SHARING THEREWITH. (Parliamentary, Municipal, and County Government Revision.) OTICE is Hereby Given, that FREDERICK JL^f MARSHALL, Esq., the Barrister appointed to revise the List of Parliamentary Voters, Burgesses, and County Electors, for the Borough of Montgomery and the several Boroughs or Places sharing there- with, has fixed his Courts for the Revision of such Lists at the several places and times hereunder mentioned, that is to say- At the Lion Hotel, in MACHYNLLETH, on Saturday, the 17th day of September next, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, for the Townships and Liberties of the Parish of Machynlleth, and the Township of Issy-garreg. At the Public Rooms, in LLANIDLOES, on Tuesday, the 20th day of September next, at One o'clock in the afternoon, for the Parish of Llanidloes. At the Public Rooms, in NEWTOWN, on Wednes- day, the 21st day of September next, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, for the Parish of Newtown, and for the Townships of Hendidly and Gwestyd, in the Parish of Llanllwchaiarn. At the Town Hall, in MONTGOMERY, on Thurs- day, the 22nd day of September next, at One o'clock in the afternoon, for the Borough and Parish of Montgomery. At the Town Hall, in LLANFYLLIN, on Saturday, the 24th day of September next, at Half-past Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the Parish of Llanfyllin. At the Town Hall, in WELSHPOOL, on Tuesday, the 27th day of September next, at Twelve o'clock at noon, for the Lower, Middle and Upper Divisions of the Parish of Pool, and the Township of Gungrog Fechan in the Parish of Guilsfield. And the Overseers of the several Parishes, Town- ships, Divisions and Places within each of the aforesaid Parliamentary Boroughs, or sharing places, are required to attend at the opening of the Court appointed to be held for the same, and then and there to deliver to the said Barrister all original Notices of Claims and Objections received by them, and produce all rates made for the Relief of the Poor of their respective Parishes, Townships, Divisions and Places between the 31st day of July in the Last Year, and the 31st day of July in the Present Year; and all Documents, Papers, and Writings in their possession, custody, or power, touching any matter necessary for revising the List of Parliamentary Voters, Burgesses and County Electors for such Parishes, Townships, Divisions, and Places. Dated this 11th day of August, 1892. CHARLES S. PRYCE, dl06 Town Clerk of Montgomery. REGISTRATION OF VOTERS JTOR THE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. NOTICE is Hereby Given, that FREDERICK MARSHALL, Esq., Barrister-at-law, has been duly appointed to revise the Lists of Voters in the Election of a Knight of the Shire for the County of Montgomery, and the Lists of County Electors, and that he will make a Circuit of the County, and hold Courts for that purpose at the several times and places undermentioned, that is to say:— At MACHYNLLETH, at the Lion Hotel, on Saturday, the 17th day of September next, at 12 o'clock at noon, for the Parishes of Cemmes, Darowen, Llanwrin, and Penegoes, the Town and Liberties of Machynlleth, the Townships of Isygarreg and Uwchygarreg, and the Township of Caereinion Fechan, in the Parish of Mallwyd. At LLANBRYNMAIR, at the Wynnstay Arms, on Monday, the 19th day of September next, at half-past 2 o'clock in the afternoon, for the Parishes of Carno and Llanbrynmair. At LLANIDLOES, at the Public Rooms, on Tuesday, the 20th day of September next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Parishes of Llan- dinam, Llangurig, Llanidloes (without and within the Borough of Llanidloes) and Trefeglwys. At NEWTOWN, at the Public Rooms, on Wed- nesday, the 21st day of September next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the parishes of Aber. hafesp, Bettws, Kerry, (two parts), Llanllwchaiarn (two parts), Llanmerewig, Llanwnog, Moughtre, Newtown, Penstrowed, and Tregynon. At MONTGOMERY, at the Guildhall, on Thurs- day, the 22nd day of September next, at half-past 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Townships of Aston and Castlewright, and the Parishes of Berriew (with- out and within the Borough of Pool), Chorchstoke, Forden, Hyssington, Llandyssil, Montgomery, and Snead. At LLANGYNOG, at the Board Schoolroom, on Friday, the 23rd day of September next, at 12 o'clock at noon, for the Parishes of Hirnant, Llangynog (two parts), Llanrhaiadr yn Mochnant, Llairwddyn, and Pennant. At LLANFYLLIN, at the Town Hall, on Satur- day, the 24th day of September next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Parishes of Llanfechan, Llanfihangel, Llanfyllin (two parts), Llansaintffraid (in Pool Hundred), and Myfod. At LLANDISILIO, at the Golden Lion Hotel, on Saturday, the 24th day of September next, at 4-35 o'clock in the afternoon, for the Townships of Bausley, Carreghofa, and Criggion, and the Parishes of Llandisilo, Llandrinio, and Llansaintffraid (in Deytheur Hundred). At LLANFAIR, at the Goat Hotel, on Monday, the 26th day of September next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Parishes of Castle Caereinion (without and within the Borough of Pool), Llanfair (two parts), Llangyniew, Llanllugan, Llanwyddelan, ana Manaton. At CANN OFFICE, on Monday, the 26th day of September next, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, for the Parishes of Garthbeibio, Llanerfyl, and Llan- gadfan. At WELSHPOOL, at the Town Hall, on Tuesday, the 27th day of September next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Parishes of Guilsfield (without and within the Borough of Pool), Pool Lower Division, Pool Middle Division, and Pool Upper Division, and the Townships of Cletterwood, Hope, Leighton, Middletown, Rhosgoch, Trelystan, Trewern, and Uppington, and for all other Parishes, Townships, Precinots, and Places, if any, within the said County of Montgomery, not hereinbefore specified. And NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the Over- seers of the said several Parishes, Townships, and Places, that they are required to publish the above notice, and PUNCTUALLY to attend at the Court at which their List is appointed to be revised, and to bring with them all original Notices of Claims of Voters and Notices of Objections to Voters, delivered or transmitted to them, and also all Rates made for the Relief of the Poor, between the Fifth day of January, 1891, and the last day of July, 1892. GEORGE DEVEREUX HARRISON, Clerk of the County Council Welshpool, August 17th, 1892. dl09 LOYAL "KING OSWALD" LODGE OF ODDFELLOWS (M.U.) THE 14th ANNUAL EXCURSION. ARRANGEMENTS have been made with the Cambrian Railways Company to run a CHEAP FAST TEAIN to ABERYSTWYTH, on Thursday, SEPTEMBER 1st, 1892, as under. Third Class for Double Journey. Starting from Welshpool at 7 35 A/A Newtown 7 55 vS Children under twelve, half-fare. The train will stop at BORTH for Excursionists wishing to break their journey at that place. Du at Borth about 9 50 a.m., and Aberystwyth aboufl 1010 a.m. RETURN TIMES—From Aberystwyth 6 45 p.m., and Borth 7 5 p.m. EXTENSION OF TICKETS.—On payment of Is. 6d. extra at the Booking Offices at Aberystwyth or Borth, passengers may have their Tickets extended for retaru up to Monday, September 5th. SCHOLASTIC. FOR Training Young Gentlemen to become OFFICERS in the MERCANTILE NAVY Fee 55 Guineas per annum. SCHOOL SHIP "CONWAY," Liverpool. MFor Prospectus, &c., apply to Captain A. T. ILLEB, R.N. HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, PUBLIC HALL, NEWTOWN. CHRISTMAS TERM commences on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH. PRIVATE LESSONS given in FRENCH, DRAWING AND PAINTING. dl26 For Terms apply to Miss M. ISSARD. LADIES BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, ST. MARY'S VILLA, NEWTOWN. The MISSES EVANS, assisted by an efficient Certificated Governess. Matbematios-E. J. BUNNETT, ESQ., B.A. Violin—W. S. STEPHENSON, ESQ. Pupils prepared for Local Exams. Private Lessons given in Music, French, Drawing, and Painting. THE AUTUMN TERM WILL COMMENCE ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th. 043 HIGH SCHOOL, OLDFORD, WELSHPOOL, RE-OPENS AUGUST 30TH. Thorough Commercial and Classical Education. I Pupils prepared for Public Exams. I PRLNCIPAL-MR. T. HJLES, F.S.Sc., &e. Private Lessons given in French (acquired abroad), Shorthand (certificated), Mathematics, and Book-keeping. HIGH MIDDLE CLASS BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, FOR YOUNG LADIES, CLEVELAND HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. Principals—The MIBSES BELL. The aim of the Principals is to supply at a moderate cost, a sound and superior education, with careful training and home comforts. Prospectuses on application. THE AUTUMN TERM WILL COMMENCE TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th. a329 NEWTOWN GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER- Ernest J. Bunnett, B.A. (Cambridge Mathematical Honours), late Assistant Master at LIVERPOOL COLLEGE, etc. Assisted by a RESIDENT MASTER. BOARDERS assured of a Comfortable Home. For PROSPECTUS and TERMS for Boarders and Day Boys, apply to the HEAD MASTER. ISiX FATE LESSONS to Ladies and Gentlemen in Mathematics and Painting. bl62 TRADE NOTICES. ALFRED SLIM, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, WELSHPOOL. Agent for Messrs. SALT & CO.'S, TRUEMAN, HANBURY & Co.'s BURTON ALES. LONDON & DUBLIN STOUT, &c., &c. ALE Supplied in any Sized Casks AND DELIVERED FREE. Good Sound HARVEST BEER at 8d. per Gall. d47 THE WORKMAN'S WATCH. The Guinea Watch. 91 1 0 A Good Sound Article. The Two Guinea Watch L2 2 0 Patent Lever, Strong and Durable. The Three Guinea Watch £ 3 3 0 Patent Lever, in Strong Silver Cases. 8ir The above are all Warranted for One Two and Three Years respectively. GOLD WEDDING RINGS. FORD, WATCHMAKER. JEWELLER, &c. NEWTOWN. 8070 BEST ALE & STOUT BREWED. Allsopp and Sons' Ltd. MAGNIFICENT ALES AND STOUT As only the best HOPS and MALT are used, and every means is taken to maintain the hig*< Standard of ALLSOPP AND SONS' BREW INGS, a comparison with any other ALE o STOUT is invited. TRY THE INVALID STOUT. TheXabore ALE or STOUT supplied at BURTOI PRICES in Casks 54, 36, 18, or 9 Gallons each. Ordera promptly attended to and delivered free nearest Railway Station. LOCAL AGENT— C. MORGAN, Brynhafren, Crescent, NEWTOWN, V TRADE NOTICES. MRS PILOT, 13, Bridge Street, Newtown, Still continues to give the HIGHEST PRICE that can be obtained for OLD CLOTHES. a577 BRIGHTON TEMPERANCE HOUSE, 48, Pool Road, Newtown. M. JONES, Proprietress. WELL-AIRED BEDS. GOOD ACCOMMODATION. TEA AND COFFEE ALWAYS READY. dl34 SAML. POWELL, EAGLE BREWERY, NEWTOWN. SPECIAL HOME-BREWED HARVEST ALES IN ALL SIZE CASKS, W., Set., IOd., and Ie. PER GALLON. DUBLIN STOUT in all Size Casks AT BREWERY PRICES. CHOICE SELECTION OF WINES ANDSPIRITS. 01C The Newtown Aerated Waters & Bottled Beer & Porter Company, Limited. E above Company having been Pur- chased by Messrs. W. STOKES and C. C. JONES with a view of manufacturing Aerated Waters from the celebrated Ladywell Springs, hope, by Strict Atten- tion to Business (combined with Cleanliness), to merit a share of the Public Patronage and Support. Bottlers of the Finest DUBLIN STOUT & BURTON ALES. A FIRST-CLASS MAN having been ENGAGED, W.S. & C.C.J. will endeavour to supply superior ARTICLES AT POPULAR PRICES. PRICE LIST and TERMS to be had on Application. OFFICES NEW ROAD, NEWTOWN. d72 tJ/2 té& THE WHOLE OF THE SUMMER STOCK IN THESE DEPARTMENTS WILL BE MARKED AT AN IMMENSE REDUCTION During the Month of August. BOYS', YOUTHS', AND MEN'S SUITS, HATS, SCARFS, SHIRTS, &c., SUMMER COVERT COATS & OVERCOATS, Light Summer Suitings and Trouserings. FIRST-CLASS CUTTER. HENRY MORGAN, b404 CROWN SHOP. NEWTOWN MONTGOMERYSHIRE CARRIAGE WORKS SALOP ROAD, WELSHPOOL, TABLISHED 1837. G. I JERS & SON (OF OSWALD ROAD, OSWESTRY). Assortment of Carriages of our own Manufacture always in Stock. REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. ESTIMATES FREE. <008 I GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. Parish Church, Newtown. MR. J. MACRONE WILL GIVE AN ORGAN RECITAL In the above Church (by kind permission of the Rector and Churchwardens), ON THURSDAY, SEPT. 1ST, 1892 VOCALIST: MASTER PHILLIPS (From St. James's Hall Concerts and Barrett's Renowned Boys' Choir, Manchester). To Commence at 8 o'clock. dl45 A Collection will be made. NEWTOWN, MONTGOMERYSHIRE. FIRST GREAT EWE FAIR (SPECIAL) Tuesday. September 13th, 1892. Annually on SECOND TUESDAY in SEPTEMBER. By order of the Local Board, dl5 WM. COOKE, Clerk. NEWTOWN & LLANLLWCHAIARN CHURCH CHOIRS. THE UNITED FESTIVAL Will be held in the Newtown Parish Church, ON FRIDAY, SEPT. 23rd, 1892, When the following Music, with Orchestral and Organ Accompaniment, will be rendered MENDELSSOHN'S 13th Psalm." SPOHR'S God, thou art preat." TORRENCE'S HTMN, Euroclydon." GOUNOD'S 0 come ye to the Cross." BEETHOVEN'S Hallelujah." SOLOIST Miss MARION PRYCE, R.A.M. CONDUCTOR REV. D. D. PEIRCE. Further particulars shortly. dl20 J. LLOYD HUGHES, Secretary. Tailoring and Outfitting ESTABLISHMENT, 14, BERRIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. I BEG to state that I have just received a Choice SELECTION of the NEWEST DESIGNS in WOOLLEN CLOTHS, and that, as in past seasons, it will be my constant endeavour to gain the oon. fidence and recommendation of my Customers, by supplying at Moderate Prices well-made Garments (with good style and fit), of thoroughly sound and durable materials. I would call special attention to the following lines:- Black Worsted COATS AND VESTS, made to measure, from; 30/- Scotch Tweed BUSINESS SUITS, from 40J- A Splendid Line in TROUSERINGS AT 14j. the Pair, REMARKABLY CHEAP. Soliciting a continuance of past kind favours, WALTER J. DAVIES. AGBNT FOR THE CROWN LIFE ASSURANCE Co. &218 -D.&V I -E SS SHILLING HAIR RESTORER FOR RESTORING THE COLOUR, STRENGTHENING AND RENEWING THE HAIR. This Preparation removes Dandriff, restores the natural oolour of the Hair, and prevents it falling off, imparting to it a fresh, healthy vigour, aid soft lossy luxuriance. IT IS NOT A DYE. Will not stain the skin or the most delicate head dress and will be found equal, if not superior, to the more expensive Hair Restorers. DAYIES'S NURSERY HAIR WASH. THE MOTHER'S FRIEND, THE CHILDREN'S COMFORT. Pleasant to use, and perfectly harmless; One appli- cation will positively destroy all Nits and Parasites in Children's Heads, and immediately allay the Itching and Irritation, while an occasional applica- tion will always keep the Head in a thoroughly healthy and cleanly condition. PREPAJRED ONLY BY G. E. DAVIES, CHEMIST, I WELSHPOOL.