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-t-" £1j B .l'.¿L; i., The weather has been very favourable rov harvest- ilJg, and the wheat crop, which aI, midsummer did i.,ot look like coming within 250,000 qr. of as eight- million total, is now expected to be 250,000 vtv, over the eight millions. There has therefore been a net improvement on the six weeks equal to half-a-nul!ioa qr. on the yield. When all is said, however, the Eng.. lish wheat crop of 1892 will not be an average, and even with continued fine weather the total out-turn will probably be a full half million qr. short of what it was last year. Barley lias come on remarkably wall of late, and will now be very nearly an average in bulk, while the quality will be better than usual. Oats have not made at all equal progress to that made by wheat and barley. Opinion continues to vary with respect to this crop, but the best judges put the promise at from 5 to 10 per cent. under the mean. Bearis for the second year in succession are » disappointing yield. About a third of the wheat in Sussex, East Essex, and the Isle of Thanet is in shock, but there are plenty of districts south of the Thames where no wheat has yet been cut, and ibe East Anglian farmer is as a rule only making a begin- ning from to-day (August 15). The fine weather and upright condition of the crops facilitate ft rapid harvesting. English wheat is in better- supply than usual for the fag-end of a cereal year. Lincoln and other markets come 6J lower on tb, week, and there is a very general disposition to clear old corn at 30s to 32s for red wheat, 504 to the qr, and 32s to 34s for white. The present average I,lgf 4801b is equivalent to 31s per 5041b. Sales thus far are estimated to have equalled 6 960,607qr against 7,595,722qr last year, and 7,958,319qr in the year before. The reserves of unsold English wheat we-. reckoned at980,000qr on August 6th; they may noW be put at 860,000qr. Foraign wheat has advanced 3d per qr for Indian sorts, the final crop report* showing that the yield was seriously deficient, A similar fractional advance is quoted on American wheat owing to a decline of over 3 per cent on the promise of the spring wheat crop. Russian wheat, on the other hand, is 6d lower on the week, while Californian, Chilian, Australian, and Argentine may be called unchanged, but with a tendency apainet the holder. Flour is the turn easier. At the Baltic there has been a fairly good demand for Californian wheat cargoes at 348 6d, or 3d declined on the week, and also for Walla Walla at 32a t5d per qr., at a Bimilar decline on that quality. Tbe sales of these two sorts of Pacific wheat have exceeded 50,000 qr., or twelve times the volume of London business in English wheat. Other cargo sales have included New Zealand wheat at 30». 6a., a decidedly low price. No. 1 Northern spring, three cargoes, at 31s. 3d. No. 2 at 28s. 3d.; fire 1.6 Plata at Sis. 3d. and six cargoes of No. 2 Caloutta at 31a. per qr. Maize cargo sales have been briak, and have included over 150,000 qr. of round corn for September and October shipment; sales of Argentine have also been liberal. Prices have been :-Golots, 23s. 3d best La Plata, 22s. 6d.; second, 22a. 3d. f third, 21s. 9d. per qr.; Danubian, 22s. 6d. per qr. ? Poti, 22s. 6d.; Samsoun, 22s. 3d.; Salonioa, 22s. 6d. per qr. American is held for 23s., which is above buyers' views. Other cargo pales have included Saida beans at 22s. 6d., Casablanca at 26s, 3d., Smyrna at 26s., Saffi at 26s. 6d., and Barbary si 27d. 3d. per qr. Twelve cargoes of Azoff barley have been sold for automn shipment at 17s. 3d. per qT. The new Egyptian cotton-seed crop is offered tor November shipment at J66 per ton.-Mark LOW- Express.


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