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CRICKET. NEWTOWN V. GUILSFIELD. The above teams met on Saturday for the return match on he Newtown Ground. Newtown batted first, and put on the century before the fall of the last wickets. Mallinson, Taylor, and Breese were the only double figures. The visitors then went in, and looked like winning, having 56 to their credit for the loss of only three wickets. Robinson played a very useful innings, scoring 38, when he was caught and bowled by Tom Jones. Not until58 went up was any change made. O. Taylor was then put on in place of P. W. Jones; this had the desired effect, the last seven wickets only making 18 runs. Taylor 3 for 7, Tom Jones 3 for 27, P. W. Jones 1 for 29, Walford 1 for 2. This put Newtown with fourteen wins to their credit against three losses. Next week they visit Aberystwyth. The following were the scores:— NEWTOWN. W F Riohardslbw., b Makepeace 0 H Mallinson b Makepeace 10 O D S Taylor c and b Thomas 22 H E Breese o Owen, b Thomas 26 CCJoneebThomas 9 W Walford c Auetin, b Makepeace 8 A Toby b Makepeace. 2 P W Jones b do 4 Tom Jones o Owen, b Thomas 1 J E Williams not out 2 E B Rooae b Makepeace 0 Extras. 16 100 GUILSFIELD. A Robinson e and b T Jones 38 H Mytton b T Jones 3 C M Thomas b P W Jones 0 H D Barrett run out 11 Makepeace b T Jones 2 G Owen c P W Jones, b Taylor 4 G H Mytton run oat 0 E Herbert b Walford 3 R E Jones b Taylor 2 F Austin b Taylor 0 E Lloyd not out 2 Extras 9 74 WELSHPOOL V. OSWESTRY. Played at Powis Castle Park on Saturday last, and after an exciting finish, the visitors won by 7 runs. For the home team H. A. Harrison, Mont- gomery, played capital ei. Icket for 12,-four threes, while for Oswestry Captain Hamer aud H. W. Sabine were top scorers. OSWESTRY. R T Gough c Lewis, b Baines 0 F C Campbell b Baines 1 G Whitfield b Hart 2 R Hughes b Baines 1 Capt. Hamer c Baines b Hart 17 Rev R M Green c Baines b Hart 2 A G Price b Hart 2 F J Gough b Hart 1 H W Sabine (not out) 6 Serj. Wilson b Baines 2 H Vaughan b Hart 1 Extras 9 44 WELISHPOOXI. Baines b R T Gough 1 Pugh (run out) 5 J Yearsley b R T Gough 5 H A Harrison c F Gough b R Gough 12 Jones t F J Goughb RT Gough 0 A E Hillman b Sabine 5 H Lewis c F J Gough b R T Gough 2 J Hart c Whitfield b R T Gough 3 Williams b Sabine 0 H Dovaston (not out) 0 J E Jones b R T Gough 0 Extras 4 37 The home team were afterwards photographed by Mr J. H. Anderson. The was a large number of spectators present witnessing the match. MONTGOMERY F. R. W. WAREHOUSE. This match was played on the ground of the former on Saturday, when the visitors received the most severe beating which has for some years been administered to them on the Lymore Ground. The following were the scores R. W. WAREHOUSE. W Morgan b Williams. 0 F Marston b A Eaton 0 W R Wood b Eaton 2 A Edwards b Williams. 4 J L Williams b Eaton 12 E R Pugh b Eaton 0 E A Taylor run out 10 A W P Jones c Harris, b Eaton 0 F P Keay not out 3 A Tucker b Eaton 0 A Jones b Williams 1 Extras. 8 40 MONTGOMERY. A Eaton b Edwards 29 R E Harris b Williams 9 T S Davies at Taylor, b Pryce-Jones 19 C B Williams b Pryce-Jones 7 C S Pryce c Marston, b Pryce-Jones 0 C P Davies at Taylor, b do. 0 W Fitzhugh do. do. 19 P K E »ton b do. 8 J E Tomley b Edwards. 5 L Griffiths not out 1 J Tipping b Edwards 10 Extras 14 121 WELSHPOOL V. NEWTOWN. Played at Newtown on Saturday week, and re- sulted in a decisive win for the former:- WELSHPOOL. J Pugh, b Taylor 12 Baines, c Kelly b Taylor 20 T H Yearsley, b Taylor 7 H R G Harrison, b Wilson 33 F G Nicholls, run out 0 DR Jones, b T Jonf-s 1 A E Hillman, b Jones 0 R J Williams, b Richards. 4 R DovaFton, c Breeee b Wilson 3 D S Williams. not ont 5 H Smith, b Walford 2 Extras. 14 101 NEWTOWN. W F Richards, run out 11 H E Beese, b Baiues 5 A J R Wilson, b do 0 E H Keliv, b do 6 Tav or, c Dovaston b Yearsley 5 H Hibbott, b Baines 4 C C Jones, c Smith b Dovaston 5 T Jones, b Baines 0 W Walford, st Nicholls b Baines 8 W Jones, not out 0 H Lewis. b Baines 0 Extras 4 4&

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