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CHORAL FESTIVAL AND PRESEN- TATION AT LLANIDLOES. Ihe anuual choral festival in connection with the Llanidloes Wesleyan Circuit, waa held on Monday, at the Llanidloes Welsh Wesleyan Chapel. The first meeting, at one o'clock, was presided over by the Rev H. O. Hughes, and singers from the following Churches in the circuit were present :-Trefeglwys, Llawryglyn, Shiloh, Carno, Van, Llandinam, Llan- gurig, Caeran, Cwmbellan, Cefn, and Llanidloes. The singing this year was conducted by Mr R. Wilfred Jones, R A.M., of London. At three o'clock tea was provided for all the singers in the Public Rooms, and the tables were presided over by Mrs Hughes, Wesley Honse, Mrs Thomas James, Mrs Meadins, Mrs T. Humphreys, Miss Jones, Oak, Miss Evans, and the Misses Bees, Medical Hall, Mrs Williams, Liverpool House, Mrs Thomas Jerman, Short Bridge-street, Mrs Swancott, Mrs John Morris, Picton-street, Mrs Evan Jerman, Station-road, and Mrs Hamer, Corner Shop, assisted by several willing hands. The evening meeting began at five, and was opened with prayer by Mr Williams, of Carno. A long programme of hymn tunes and anthems was gone through, and the conductor expressed himself as highly pleased with the singing throughout. The singing was accompanied by two harmoniums and a pianoforte, the accompanists being Mr W. It. Row- botham, Llangurig, Mr E. Lloyd, Llawryglyn, and Mr T. E. Hamer, Llanidloes. An excellent address was given by Mr James Griffiths, Llangurig. At the close of the service an interesting ceremony took place in the form of a presentation of a beauti. fully illuminated address, and a purse of gold to the Rev H. O. Hughes, in recognition of the exceptional services rendered by him in the circuit during his ministry. The address was read by Mr Thomas Ashton, Llanidloes, and was as follows :— Llanidloes, August lath, 1892. To the Rev Hugh Owen Hughes. Reverend and Dear Sir,— Tour ministry in the Llanidloes Wesleyan Circuit has reached the specified, limit, and whilst regretting your de- parture from our midst, we are glad of this opportunity of presenting you with this address in token of our apprecia- tion of your labours of love, and also your successful adminis- tration of the affairs of this circuit. It is with pleasure that we testify that as superintendent you combined the meekness and gentleness of Christ with a zealous loyalty to the rules and traditions of Wesleyan Methodism. On entering upon this circuit we noticed with what care you had examined our affairs, gauged our neces- sities, and calculated our resources, and we now freely con- fess that whilst your plans and methods at first did not always commend themselves to us, you won our confidence.; the energy you bestowed upon the work, and your earnest- ness, secured our feeble co-operation, and we rejoiced with you in the triumphant issue invariably secured, thanks to your foresight, skill, perseverance, and self-denying labour; we firmly believe that this circuit must always remember, with gratitude the period of your ministry, because you laboured to produce results which we shall continue to enjoy.; Truly we have entered into your labours," and in this gift' we trust "that he that soweth and he that reapeth may, rejoice together." That as pastor you have always been conscientious and faithful. Your presence brought .gladness into many a sorrowful home, and your words of kindly counsel and ad- monition, and your fervent prayers led us, your flock, to feel Ahat "you comforted us who were in any trouble by the comfort wherewith youyourself had been comforted of God." We felt that you were jealous over us with a Godlv jealously, identifying yourself with us, you directed us in all things to this end-" giving no offence in anything that the ministry be not blamed, but in all things approving yourself as the minister of God." That as a preacher you convinced us that your aim was to "hold forth the word of life" faithful to the Gospel in its simplicity and purity. Such was your earnestness of pur- pose and your love for our spiritual welfare that your speeeh and preaching was not with dubious words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power." We are glad to think that your work was not limited to our circle, but that you rendered willing and efficient service to the temperance cause, apd other social movements in the front of all good work, and we took courage to follow. Under such circumstances it is not strange that we are loth to part with you, bnt we gladly commend you into the care of Him whom you have served so well here, and we hope and pray that our God and Father may prosper you in all your future undertakings, and that the Spirit of the Most High will guide you into all truth, taking of the things of Christ and revealing them unto them you 1 for the edification of many and finally we pray that you and your little family and Mrs Hughes, a "true yoke fellow and fellow worker" be preserved in the service of God to minister unto the wants of the children of God, and to build up the churches of God wherein you may be called upon to labour. On behalf of the circuit we, the circuit stewards, attach our signatures. (Signed) David Lloyd, Williage Savage. —The presentation was made by Mr D. Lloyd, Llawryglyn, the senior circuit uteward, who spoke in Welsh", and referred to the good work which had been done by Mr Hughes in the circuit, and wished him God-speed iu bis new Bphere of labour,—The puree of goid was presented on behalf of the circuit by Miss L. Millie Hamer, of the Royal Oak.—The Rev H. O. Hughes returned thanks in a most effective speech, and referred to the kindness he had received from all the friends iu tbe circuit. He and bis good wife, he said, had never spent ft happier time in their lives.