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LLANIDLOES. TOWN COUNCIL.—The monthly meeting of this body was held on Thursday last, Aid. W. Thomas presiding. The Finance Committees' report was read and adopted.—The question of erecting a building on the piece of land in Bethel-street was again brought forward and after some discussion referred to the Scavenging Committee.—The Scaven- ging Committee reported that nuisances existed at back of Bethel-street, north side of Wellington Ter- race on property belonging to Mr John Breeze and Mr Daniel Davies; in Smitbfield-street on property belonging to Mr Edward Jones, Pantydwr, and that Mr Kinsey's property in High-street had been con. nected with the main sewer. The Committee also recommended about 50 yards of curbing for the east side of High-Street, and 28 yards in China and Long Bridge-stieets on property belonging to Chancellor Phillips, and that 20 syphons be ordered together with enough 6 inch pipes to make a truck load The question of arranging a scale of tolls, which '.vas referred at the last meeting to the Committee, they now referred to the full Council.—Considerable discussion took place with regard to what steps should be taken to secure the abatement of the nuisances reported-particularly the well-known one in Bethel-street, which has been before the Council so many times, and ultimately it was decided to give 14 days notice to the owners of the property to abate the nuisance, otherwise they would be summoned.—The report was adopted. CALVINISTIC METHODIST SCHOOL TREAT.—On Friday, the 5th inst., the tea party in connection with the English Calvinistic Methodist Sttnday School was held in a field kindly lent for the occasion by Mr Edward Davies, of the Farm. The day was fine, and about 300 sat down to tea. Mr Daniel Higgs and Mr Evan Mills catered in their usual good style. The tables were presided over by Mrs Hamer, London House, Miss Ellen Owen, Mrs Kitto, Hafren Terrace, Mrs Rogers. Bryndu, Miss Rogers, blirs Pollie Morgan, Miss Cissie Mills, and assisted by Mrs H. Mills, Mrs Mills, grocer, and Mrs Beedle. After t a the usual games were indulged in, and the com- pany dispersed, after having spent a very enjoyable evening. SUNDAY SCHOOLS TRIP.—The annual trip to the sea, side, arranged for by the Sunday Schools of Llan- idloes, was run on Wednesday last. The several Sunday Schools of the town, including the Church. Presbyter ian, Baptist, Congregationalist, and Wesleyan Methodists united together, with the result that the excursion was the largest ever run from Llanidloes. It was computed that nearly 3000 joined the trip. Three trains were run, the first going to Aberystwyth, the second to Barmouth, and the tt-ird to Aberystwyth. The railway company provided splendid accommodation, and are deserving of praise for the manner in which they carried out all the arrangements, the last train reaching Aber- ystwith before nine o'clock. The weather was all that could be desired, and everyone enjoyed them- selves to their hearts content. The return journey was commenced between six and seven o'clock. and all reached home again in good time. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS,—THURSDAY. Before W. Thomas (mayor) and J. R. Pryce, Esqrs School Cares.-E. Ralph Owen, Mary Morgan,* and ihomaa were fined 5s. each including costs fur nut sending their children regularly to school.- Inspector Lake, in the absence of Owen Mills (attendance officer), proved the case*. Non-Payment of Rates.-Thomas Worthington was summoned for non-payment of poor rates. He was allowed one month to pay. Assault and Battery.—John Lewis charged John Brown with assault and battery on the 3rd July.- Complainant said that on the day in question he was in Mr John Henry Jones's (barber) shop in Church Lane. The defendant was also there, when an argu- ment arose. Complainant went out after he hadbt en aroruine a. little time, and stood outside the Queen's Head talking to Thomas Bradbury, when defendant came out of the shop and unexpectedly gave him a bio-,v.-By the Mayor: Defendant struck complainant down and there was blood all over his face. Defend- ant also kicked him on the ground. He afterwards went back into the barber's shop.-Defendant said that complainant wanted to bet with him in the barber's, but he would not do it, and after some argu. ment he went outside, and drawing his coat off said he could "wipe him out" at any time. Defendant then went out and struck him two blows but he did not kick him at all.-Complainant denied that he pulled his coat off, and used the words imputed to him.—Inspector Lake said he arrived at the place shortly after the row and took the complainant and afterwards the defendant home.—Case dismissed. Annoyed at being called a Tory.-Samuel Lewis appeared in answer to a summons charging him with being drank and disorderly on the 22nd ult.-P.C. Hugh Jones deposed that on July 22nd about 10 p.m., he was on duty at the Lower Green and found Samuel Lewis drunk and shouting, so be ordered him to go home.—Defendant said it was election time, and he was annoyed by a lot of women shouting after him and calling him a Tory. He was not drunk, and was only shouting, which he did not think hnrted any. body.-Inspector Lake said that defendant was an old sportsman, and when he had a drop of drink and went down to Hafren-street he imagined himself king of the place and shouted as if he was calling upon the dogs. He had not been before them for 15 or 16 years before.—The Mayor said he hoped he would be as long before he came before them again, and dismissed the case. Highway Offence.-Patsy Manion was charged by P.C. Hugh Jones with allowing his horse to stray on the highway leading from Llanidloes to the Van Mines on Sunday, the 31st of July.-Defendant'a wife appeared, and said that they had leave from the man at Brongeifr to put the horae into his lane to graze, but that he had broken out on to the road.— Fined 2s 6d including costs. Drunk and Disorderly.-P.C. Hugh Jones charged John Jerman with this offence in Long Bridge-street on the 4th August. Defendant, who did not appear, was fined 2s 6d including costs. Putting Dogs to F-ight. -Inspector Lake charged Maurice Pryce with putting two dogs to fight on the street. He said that on the 16th of last month he was on duty in Great Oak-street, near the Old Market Hall, when about seven o'clock in the even. ing he saw a large crowd opposite the Trewythen Hotel. He proceeded to the place, and found in the middle of the crowd two dogs fighting, and. after a freat deal of trouble, they were parted; but the efendant, who was very much excited at the time, tried to set them on again. HA had occasion to caution defendant for a similar offence previously.— Defendant's mother appeared, and said they were not his dogs, and that they began fighting and he could not stop them.—Inspector Lake said defendant was a member of a gang who were a disgrace to all society and becoming a great nuisance in the town. He asked the magistsates to assist them in suppressing this nuisance, and with their support he believed he should certainly do it.—The Bench imposed a fine of 41 and costs, and said they hoped it would be a caution to him. They were determined to assist Inspector Lake to keep order, and it was quite time that this nuisance should cease. Drunk and Disorderly.-Thomag Edwards was charged by Inspector Lake with being drunk and disorderly.—Inspector Lake said that on Saturday night, the 30th of last month, a little after eleven o'clock, he was on duty in Long Bridge-street. and found defendant parading the street with a large crowd and quite drunk. He was making use of the most abusive language, such language as was unfit to be repeated in court. After a great deal of trouble complainant managed to get defendant home. Complainant said that defendant was another member of the same gang, and had been in that court no less than fifteen times.—Defendant, who dil not appear, was fined 10-t. and costs, in default one month's im- prisonment.-Inspector Lake also charged Evan Griffiths w th being drunk and wanting to fight, at 11.10 p.m., on the 30th ult., just opposite the Unioorn Inn. He several times requested him to go away, and at last caught hold of him, when about half a dozen of his friends volunteered to take him home, which they succeeded in doing, eventually.—A fine of 10s and costs was inflicted.







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