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NEWTOWN. S;r PRTCE I'KYCE-JONES, and Lady Pryc<- Joues are now staying with the "members of tneir family at Dolerw. ALL SAINTS' CHURCH, LLINLLWCHAIAKN.—The preacher at tbe evening service at this Churh on Sunday evening last was the Rev. J. Williams, late rector of Newtown. There was an unusually large attendance. BAPTIST CHURCH.—The Rav. T. E. William, of Aberystwith, has accepted the unanimous invitation of the Newtown Baptist Church, to become its- pastor. He will enter upon the duties of the pastor- ate the first Sunday in October. MODE I LING IN CLAY.—In the list of persons who have received second-class certificates offered by the Science and Art Department for modelling in clay appears the name of Mr R. Nettleton Goodwin, ct Warminster. THE NEWTOWN SUBSCRIPTION WELSH HARP — Mr John Roberts, the renowned Welsh Harpist, besfs to return his warmest thanks to those kin. friends who contributed to the above, and state- that it came to hand on Friday morning last. The instrument, which is a verv tine one, may be seen any time at his home. Mr. Roberts would feel very thankful for a small subscription towards putting in new strings. PRBSKNTATION.—On Thursday evening a deputa- tion waited upon Mr M. E. Farwell, who for two years and a half has been assisting the Rev J. Harries in the Newtown Wesleyan Circuit, and pre s -nted him with a purse of gold on behalf of a large number of e-nbacribers. The presentation was made by Mr C. J. Newell, ex-circuit steward, and feeling y acknowledged by Mr Farwell, who left the town on Saturday to undertake work on a London circuit. SUNDAY SCHOOL TRIP.—On Friday week the -cholars and teachers of the Calvinistic Methodist (Crescent) and Milford Road (Congregational) Sunday Schools had a trip to Borth. The weather was rather doubtful in the early morning, but improved as the day advanced, and eventually turned out very fine The trip was much enjoyed by the 350 persons who availed themselves of the oppo-tunity ot ViSiLi. g tbe seaside. The Congregationalists were entertained a the Hotel, and the Calvinistic Methodists at the A sembly Rooms. POLICB INSPECTION.—On Monday, Col. Legge made his annual inspection of the Montgomeryshire Constabulary. The inspection took place at the Police Court, Newtown, and there were present tb, Chief Constable, the Deputy Chief Constable, In- spector Lake, Sergeant Tanner, and Sergt. Morgan. The inspector expressed himself highly pleased with the men, and the way in which the books, etc., were kept. He afterwards left to inspect the various police stations in the county. I.O.G.T.-At the weekly session of the Nil Desperandum" Lodge held on Thursday evening last, the officers for the ensuing quarter were installed J) the L.D., Bro. J. Oliver, assisted by Bro. E. Watkins, and Sister Miss Mills, They are as follows :-C.T.. Mr J. Liddle; V.T., Miss Jandrell Sec., Mr J. Williams; T., Mr R. Goodwin; F.S., Mr T. H. Bnmford Chaplain, Mr W. Griffiths Marshall, P.C.T., Mr G. Newell; Guard, Mr J. C. Goodwin Sentinel, Mr Albert Davies; A.S., Mr T. Evans; D.M., Miss M. E. Jones. FATAL ACCIDENT.-On Saturday afternoon, a Pad accident which terminated fatally occurred to a littl. child, aged three years, the daughter of Mr Bennett joiner, Stone-street. The little girl was playing 01 Kerry-road about the time tne bus's were coming from the afternoon train, a-id one of them in pats nji knocked her down and it is supposed the wheel- passed ovr her. She was carried home aud medical id sent for, but when Dr. Silver arrived she had expired. The doctor found the neck broken, but does not think the wheels passed over the body, there being no inquiries indicating this. An inquest wil, be bold on the body to-day. "OLDE WELSH FAYRK."—Our advertising columns to-day contain interesting particulars as to the holding of a righte merrie olde Welsh Fayre in ye Public Halle of ye ancient towna of Newtown, on Mondaye, Tuesdaye, and Wednesdaye, August 15th, 16th. and 17th, in aid of ye building fund of ye National Schools of Newtown." An attractive feature of the Fayre will be a reproduction of "ye old Market Halle of Newtown" as it used to stand in Broad-street. The novelty of the proceed- ings and the excellent object in view will no doubt ensure a large attendance. ATTEMPTED BURGLARY.—On Saturday morning last. about two o'clock, Mr John Owen, The Wood- lands, was considerably alarmed on hearing kuci cries for help, which proceeded from the next house, occupied by Mr John Pugh.. Upon going there lie discovered a ladder placed against the front bedroom window, and upon making enquiries found it had been made use of by a would-be burglar to enter the hou-e. The servant had heard him open the window, slid on peering through her bedroom door saw him strike a match. She at once gave an alarm, and the intruder beat a hasty retreat, without having effected hie purpose. NEWTOWN AND LLANLLWCHAIARN GAS AND COKE COMPANY'S ANNUAL MEETING.—A share- holder's meeting of the above Company was held on Tuesday last, when there were present: Messrs J. H. Ashford (in the chair), T. M. Taylor, R. Lloyd, T. A. Forster, T. Rees, R. Morgan, and O. D. S. Taylor secretary. The balance sheet was adopted, and a dividend at the rate of '6 per cent. per annum waa declared. The retiring directors were Messrs J. H. Ashford and Mr W. F. Thomas, who were re-elected. Mr R. Tilsley was re-elected auditor for the following year. Mr T. A. Forster proposed, and Mr T. Reell seconded, "That the best thanks of the meeting be given to the Chairman and Directors for their able management of the Company during the past year." LLANLLWCHAIARN CHURCH SCHOOL FESTIVAL,— Brilliant weather favoured the holding of this event, which came off on Wednesday afternoon last. The scholars and teachers assembled at the National School, Penygloddfa, at two o'clock, where a pro- cession was formed, and headed by the Royal Welsh Warehouse Band (conducted by Mr W. Gamble), paraded the principal streets of the town. After- wards they returned to All Saints' Church, where a short service was held. Prayers were said by tl e Rev. Evan Jones, vicar, and the lessons were read V y Mr Edwar I Powell, the superintendent of the school. An adores5 upon the words Suffer little children to come unto Me" was then delivered by the Rev. J. P. Lewis, curate of Welshpool. The following hymns were sung :—" We love the place, 0 God," There's a green hill far away," and Onward, Christian soldiers." After the service the procession was reformed and marched to Plas-y-bryn (the residence of Mr Edward Powell), where an excellent tea had been provided by Mr Bebb, under a group of trees. The tables were presided over by the following ladies—Mrs Evan Jones, Mrs Edward Powell, Mrs. Purchas, Miss Pryce-Jones, Miss Adderley, Miss Hughes, the Misses Tanner, Miss Poynter, Miss Keedwell, Miss Shute, Mrs Abraham Jones, Miss Bowen and Miss Nellie Humphreys, and they were assisted by Mra W. F. Thomas, Mrs E. Humphreys, Mrs Hughes, etc. After tea, games, etc., were indulged in. At the close of the day the Rev. E. Jones proposed votes of thanks to Mr Ed. Powell, to the subscribers, and also to the ladies whO) tad collected subscriptions, which were suitably acknow- ledged. We are informed that between five and six hundred partook of tea. Fiitz.-Shortly after two o'clook on Saturday afternoon week the inhabitants of Newtown were rather alarmed by the ringing of the tire bed, and very soon the streecs were crowded with an anxious enquiring crowd. The news soon spread that a fire had broken out in a stable occupied by A. D. Dawson, Esq., on the side of the Canal Basin, anri adjoining the house occupied by Mr Geo. Hawkins. The fire brigade were instantly called together, and they immediately proceeded with the reel and hose to the scene of the fire. Arriving at the fire, it was seen that a large number of the residents in the neighbourhood had exerted themselves to such a degree that the fire was nearly got under, and with the assistance of the fire brigade, backed up by the fire engine of Mr David Edwards's, it was eventually brought absolutely under control. It appears that the building was used as a stable, also as a store for hay and straw. That portion of the building in which the fodder was kept was open to the yard, and was frequented by the children of the neighbour- hood, who assembled there to indulge in games. On the morning of the fire several children were seen plaving around the stables, and shortly afterwards a Mr John Morris saw smoke issuing from the the building, and the children were then throwing stones into the building. Suspecting that there was something wrong he at once rushed around, and upo/fi' arriving near the stables he found that the childre n had deeamped and that the fire had assumed seriotoa dimensions. He at once gave the alarm, and several at once came to his assistance, resulting as alreadiy stated, in mastering the fire. The stable adjoined Mr Hawkins' house, and some of the rafters from the stable can into the wall of the house, and upon examination. it was found that these were burned almost to their extremities, so that really tøhe residence had a narrow escape. P.S. Morgan made enquiries as to the origin of the fire, and for sometime he was unable to find any trace, bdtt approaching a group of children he was rewarded for his diligence by hearing a little girl relate h01,v she and others were playing there, and one of their number had a box of matches and some paper, anti then this one, more mischievous than the rest, sett fire to the straw. Alarmed by what they had d0n they at once ran away. The building is the property- of the Shropshire Uuion Railway and Canal Company,' and is almost gut'.ed, the roof having fallen in, and one end having given way and been thrown to the 0roond. The damage is ostimatal at between ] AW Md A70. J R.W.W. TRIP.—The annual trip in connection with the Royal, NN"el,h Warehouse was sun to Aber- ystwyth on baturclay last, when an enormous number ot p, rsons availed themselves of the low filre (Is üd) to take a look at the briny." NEWTOWN CHURCH SCHOOL FESTIVAL.—This annual and long looked for event came off on Thurs- day las", The scholars numbering nearly 500 met at the Church about three o'clock, where a service was held, conducted by the Rector (the Rev E. A. Fishbourne) and the curate (the Rev F. M. Hamilton). Afterwards a procession was formed, and marshalled by Mr Beunett Rowlands, superintendent, headed by the Royal Welsh Warehouse Band and the banners of the School, paraded the principal streets of the town The piocession presented a very neat appear. ance with its numerous flags and bannerettes. Tea was provided iu the National Schools, to which between six and seven hundred sat down, the cake beirg supplied by Mr Evan Bebb. The caterers this year were Miss Langworthy, Miss Macrone, Mies Kin?, Miss birch, assisted by l\Iis Bessie Jones and -.IN a Swain, who, it is needless to add, admirably cairied out the arrangements. The tables were presided over by the following ladies :— Mrs and Miss Talbot, Mrs Fichbourne and the Misses Ricudo, Misses Jones, Bank house, Mrs B. Rowlands, Mrs Bridgeman, Miss Turner and Miss Birch, Mrs Goodwin and Miss Morris, Mrs Birrington, Mrs Palm r, Mrs Pateraon, Mrs Kershaw, Mrs Schofield, Miss Griffiths, Mrs Pryce, Brynaire, Miss Dolby, Mrs Percival, Mrs W. Davies, Miss Barrett and Miss B. Jones, Mrs James and Miss James, Mrs Ashworth and rsses Jenkins, Misses Jones, King, and Owen, Mrs anc Miss Kinsey, Mrs Macrone and Mrs Powell. After tea an adjournment was made to the grounds of Newtown Hall (kindly lent by Capt. Pryce-Jones), where various games were indulged in, and the band played for dancing. Amongst the gentlemen who contributed towards the children's enjoyment were the Rector, the Curate, and Messrs W. H. B. Swift and Bennett Rowlands. During the evening Inum. bara visited the grounds, and evidently appleiaced the pleasure and walks along the bank of the Severn, hich flows by the side of the Park.












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