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An interesting ana.lvsis of the number of votes given at the General Election, has been compiled by Colonel Geo. B. Lloyd-Verney, of Cloch-faen, Llan- idloes. The numbers are arrayed in table form and are very convenient for reference purposes. The price of the return is 2d. and the publishers are Pulman & Sons, London, W. The first pocket of this year's Worcester Hops passed the public scalps on Friday, the 12th inst. They werd grown by Mr H. T. Taylor, of Showle Court, Ledbury, and purchased by Messrs Webb & Sons, Hop and Seed Merchants, Wordsley, Stourbridge, who sold them to Mr Benjamin Elwell, of the Delph Brewery. Brierley Hill, at .£10 per cwt. Here is a splendid opportunity for some aspiring Englishman or Welshman who may be disappointed in getting the peerage to which he considers himself entitled from Lord Salisbury or Mr Gladstone:—" A French prince desires to sell, in absolute property his title and arms. The whole guaranteed by authentic parchments of the reign of Henry IV. Apply at once to M. Paul Delamoye, Boulevard Ornano 18, Paris." SHREWSBURY FLOWER SHOW.—We have to remind our readers of the annual show and fete which will be held in the Quarry, Shrewsbury, on Wednesday and Thursday next. The attractions at this old established centre are now too well known to need repetition. All that need be said is that they are fully up to the average, and that those who decide to spend a day in Shrewsbury will go there witk every prospect and opportunity for thorough enjoyment. THE EXPENSES OF THE BOROUGHS ELECTION.— The election expences of Sir Pryce Pryce-Jones, the successful Conservative candidate for the Mont- gomery District, amounted to X361 5s 9d, exclusive of personal expenses ( £ 33 14s 6d) and returning officer's charges (, £ 90 12.^ 6d). The expenses of the Hon. F. S. A. Hanbury-Tracy amounted to X216 10a and his personal expenses, which are not included, to .£55. The maxium amount allowed is £ 380, exclusive of personal expenses and returning officer's charges. ST. ASAPH BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—A BARD IN THE WORKHOUSE-The fortnightly meeting was hild at the workhouse, St. Asaph, last week, Mr Edwin Morgan in the chair.—The Rev. T. F. Williams, vicar of St. Asaph, reporting in the chaplain's book, spoke very highly of the efficiency of the teaching in the schools, and the progress made by the children. The rev. gentleman further expressed his sorrow at finding tbat" Llew Llwyfo," one of the ablest sons ot Wales, was an inmate of the workhouse.—The Master, in reply to a guardian, said the bard was ad- mitted into the house on the orders of the Denbigh relieving officer. BARDIC CONGRESS AT TREFRIW —The annual as- sembly of the Welsh bards, founded A.D. 525, by the Fall Throat of Song," Taliesan, was held Thursday at its ancient seat on the shores of Geirionydd Lake, in the heart of the Snowdon Range, under moat favourable conditions of weather and attendance.— -dernian Samuelaon, of Liverpool, who some three years ago became a member of the mystic circle," under the cognomen of Tubal Lleifiad," opened the proceedings in the usual impressive form.—Subse- quently, at the Public Hall, Trefriw, before a large assembly, Tubal Lleifiad" read an interesting address, Ap Merdyn" presiding, and was supported on the platform by a number of other bards.—At the close of his addre-&, several pieces of music were rendered illustrative of Alderman Samuelson's oration. SHREWSBURY CORN MARKET, SATURDAY.—The cutting of oats has become general, and in the earlier districts reaping machines will be busy in the barley towards the middle of next week. Wheat will not be ready for a fortnight. On the whole the prospects as to quantity and quality are favourable but with respecs to the latter everything will of course depend upon the weather. Wheat has met with a heavy trade since the date of our last report, for local supplies have been much in excess of the demand. Oats and other feeding corn have been firm in value. Flour has been dull, but for offals a better demand has sprung np. Our market here to- day was thinly attended. Wheat met with a dull sale at barely last week's prices.—Quotations.— White wheat 4s. lOd. to 5s. Od. per 751bs red wheat 4s. Sd. to 4s. lOd. per 751bs barley 4s. Od. to 4s. 6d. p 701bs; oats 16s. Od. to 19s. Od. per 2251bs pease 15s. Od. to 16s. Od. per 2251bs beans 16s. Od. to 17s. OJ. per 240lbs.— IV. L. Browne and Co's Circular. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS.—Approximate return of Traffic receipts for the week ending August 7th, 1892 -Miles open, 237. Passengers, parcels, horses, carriages, dogs, and mails, £ 5,103; merchandise, minerals, and live stock, < £ 1,733; total for the week, £ 6,836. Actual trdffic receipts for the corresponding week last year :-Miles open, 237. Passengers, parcels, horses, carriages, dogs, and mails. < £ 5,074; merchandise, minerals, and live stock, .£1,501; total for the week, < £ 6,575. Aggregate from commencement of half-year to this date, X29,492; aggregate for corresponding period last year, £ 29,584. Increase for the week, passengers, &c., < £ 29; merchandise, &c., < £ 232. Decrease, Passengers, parcels, &c., XOOO; merchandise, &c., < £ 00; total decrease for the week, .tOO. Aggregate increase, passengers, &c., .£389; merchandise, & < £ 000 aggregate decrease, .£481. Aggregate decrease from commencement of half-year, £ 92.—ALFRED ASLETT, secretary and general mariasrer. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, ABERYSTWITH. —A meeting of the Council was held in London on the 3: d inst., Mr Lewis Morris presiding. There were also present Mr Morgan Lloyd, Q.C., hon. sec., the Rev Llewelyn Edwards, M.A., Mr Lewis Angell, Mr Willis Bund, Mr T. J. Thomas, The Principal (Prof. Roberts), Prof. Angus, and Mr T. Mortimer Green, registrar. Mr Edward Anwyl, B.A., of Oriel College, was appointed Professor of Welsh in succession to Mr J. E. Lloyd. Mr Anwyl was educated at King's School, Chester, from whence he gained an open scholarahip at Oriel College, subsequently obtaining second class honours in Classical Moderations and a first class in the final school of Literae Humaniores. He has since continued the study of Celtic Philology, and has attended courses of lectures at Mansfield College. Mr Auwyl submitted testimonials, speaking in strong terms of his qualifications from the Provost of Oriel, the Rev Dr Fairbairn, Professor Rhys, Professor Margolwnth, Mr Owen M. Edwards, Mr Gwenogfryn Evans and others. Professor Rhys says of him He has made great progress in the study of the Celtic languages from the point of view of Comparative Philology. He is an excellent Welsh scholar, and is making great strides in the study of Irish; speaking generally, I cannot better express my view of him as a scholar and student than by saying that I expect great things of him." At the same meeting Mr Edward Edwards, of St. John's College, Cambridge, was elected Lecturer in History and Economics. Mr Edwards was educated at Bala College and at the University College of North Wales, where he graduated B.A. in the University of London, obtaining honours in English Literature and History, and subsequently for two years took part in the teaching of these subjects as scholar assistant to Professor Reichel. At the close of this period Mr Edward s proceeded to Cambridge, and after obtaining a foundation scholarship at St. John's, gained second class honours in the Moral Science Tripos, and the highest place in the M.A. examination of the Univer. sity of London in Mental and Moral Science. Mr Edwards submitted testimonials dwelling upon his ability and promise from a large number of gentlemen, including Professor Sidgwick, Dr Keynes, the Rev A. Caldecotr, Dr Ward, and Mr W. E. Steitland, of Cambric ge, Professor Henry Jones, of St. Andrews, Professor Foxwell, of University College, London, Principal Reichel, and Professor Arnold, of Bangor' and Professors Ellis Edwarda and H, Williams of Bala.