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ELECTION PETITIONS. THE number of election petitions which have been or are about to be presented against thfJ return of sitting Members appear to be unusually large, and indicate a more than ordinary intense struggle between the two political parties. With respect to the trial of the various petitions, the Times states that it has been decided that the hearing of Parliamentary election petitions shall not be proceeded with until after the Long Vaca- tion. It is now over 18 years since such a petition was tried during the Vacation. As the election petition Judges are selected annually there will be three new ones appointed at the commencement of the Michaelmas sittings in October next, and the three present Judges, Baron POLLOCK and Justices WILLS and BRUCE, will consequently not try these petitions. Should it be found, however, that there is a considerable number of these cases to be heard, it is very probable that two Courts may be formed, in which event Baron POLLOCK, the present senior election Judge, would most likely be asked to sit for the purpose, as two Judges are necessary to form a Court. TORY METHODS IN RADNORSHIRE. IF the reports to hand are to be relied upon, the Tory Party in Radnorshire, exasperated at the loss of the seat, are adopting some strange methods of taking their revenge. It is stated that on Saturday, July 16, a Radnorshire farmer went to two of his labourers and inquired how they had voted in the election. Upon finding that they had voted for the Liberal candidate, they were summarily, dismissed, the employer in one case remarking, in reply to the natural query, Who told you I fvoted for Mr. EDWARDS ? "You did vote for Mr. EDWARDS; I shall not want you any more." We have described such conduct as strange; and yet it is not strange in the light of the history" of the Party to which this benevolent employer belongs. It is tut the re-appearance of the old spirit in a new guise. The hills of Radnorshire are redolent with many a tale of oppression in the olden times, and, if the oppression of lo-day takes upon itself a more refined and genteel form, it is not, on that account, any the less cruel and bigoted. Such cases as those to which we have referred deserve to be published throughout the length and breadth of the land, and if, in Radnorshire or any other con- stituency, an employer desires to possess the con- science as well as enjoy the labour of his employes, we hope the attitude of the public to such a person will convince him that he is a tyrant, and induce him, out of shame's sake, to depart from ways so unworthy of the present day. With the two labourers who have ruthlessly been turned adrift we express the deepest sympathy, and hope our friends in Radnorshire will see that they are not allowed to suffer for conscience sake. CHURCH DEFENCE SUNDAY. ON the 30th October, from the pulpits of the Established Church of England, sermons will be poured forth by the hundred in defence of the maintainance of the Establishment, and in attack upon all who seek its abolition. In other words, we shall have a great Christian sect setting aside a special Sunday in order to propound the doctrine of religious inequality, and to perpetuate what, by this time, almost every disinterested person must regard as a national injustice. And strange to say, the great Church which adopts this course is the one which charges it as a sin against Nonconformist ministers that they occa- sionally introduce politics into their sermons. Political sermons, indeed! Why, on the last Sunday in October the pulpits of tie so-called National Chureh, from which there oug-ht ever to .ssue the great message of peace, unselfishness, I.. 'i r and justice, will he turned into so many political platforms, from which, instead of peace, will come :1 message to maintain to safeguard selfish interests, to impede the cause of justice and equity, and to perpetuate social and religious disunion-a message which has already done much and may do still more to engender all un- charitableness. What Churchman of the type of Archdeacon FARRAR will think of this prostitution of the sacred office we can easily imagine; but we fear the majority of the Clergy are so absorbed in the struggle that an appeal to them 11:1 p to rise above the level of virulent partisanship will be made in vain. What we can do, however, is to hope and work for the accomplishment of the legislative measure which will make unnecessary such effusions as it will be the misfortune of thousands to listen to from the pulpits of the Established Church on the date we have men- tioned. AT the half-yearly meeting of the Cambrian Pailways Company, held on Tuesday, Mr. EDWD. DAVIES, J.P., of Plas Dinam, High Sheriff of Montgomeryshire, was elected a director in the place of the late Mr. R. D. PRYCE, of Cyffronydd. AT the Newtown Petty Sessions on Friday, and at the Llanidloes Petty Sessions on Thursday, several cases arising out of the recent election disturbances came on for hearing. THE public examination, by the OFFICIAL RECEIVER, of Mr. CHARLES JONES, solicitor, of Welshpool, was commenced at New town, on Thursday, when a lengthy statement was made by the bankrupt.

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