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WALES AND WELSHMEN. Mr David Williams, under-manager of a colliery at Treherbert, Rhondda Valley, was killed on Saturday by the fall of a roof. A plivate inquiry into the recent serious railway accident at Penmaenmawr was held on Saturday by Major Yorke, representing the Board of Trade. The annual meetings of the Baptist Union of Wales are to be held at Carnarvon on the 15th, ltitb, 17tb, and 18th inst., not in September as has been inadvertently stated. In connection with his presidency of the National Eisteddfod of Wales, at Rhyl next tnont t, the Lord Mayor of London will pay a visit to C r- narvon Castle as the guest of Sir J. Pulestoo, the constable. In a rush of people at Llandudno on Monday night, to see a vessel which was in distress near the Little Ormeshead, Robert Whalley, a gardener, of Manchester, was knocked down by the lifeboat waggon and killed. The annual coaference of the clergy and laity of the diocese of St. Asaph, presided over by Bishop Edwards, is to be held at Bala on September 13 and 14. The opening sermons are to be preached by the Bishop of Chuster in English, and by the Rev Daniel Jones, vicar of Lampeter, in Welsh. In the Chancery Division, on Thursday week, Mr Justice Kekev. ich had before him a motion dealing with the copyright of The Autobiography of Edward Lerd Herbert, of Cherbury." The plaintiff, Mr Sidney Lee, in 1886 prepared a library edition of the book for Mr J. C. Nimmo. Mr Nimmo sold the copyright subsequently to Mr W. W. Giboings, who in May last announced a smaller edition of the work from which the preface, the introduction, and other parts, were omitted. The name of the plaintiff was given as author and the date as 1892 and the motion was to restrain defendant from issuing the work as the work pre- pared by the plaintiff. His Lordship, in retming the motion, said plaintiff's remedy consisted in an action for damages for libel if his reputation wa, affected by the action of the defendant. A WELSH TOWN ON SALE -Messrs Dew and Son, of Bangor, on Tuesday commenced in the Town Hall, Portmadoc, a four day's slIle of the freehold property and chief rents, in all 52 i lots, belonging to Mr Roche. The estate comprieef. nearly the whole of the town of Tremadoc, together with a large number of shops and houses iu Port- madoc and several outlying farms. There was a large attendance, and Wednesday's lots, which included a number of chief renta at Portmadoc, realised a good figure. Messrs Breese, Jones, and Casson are the local solicitors fer the vendor. Loss OF THREE LIVES AT A COLLIERY.—As the night-workers were leaving No. 2 pit,Clydach Vale, Rhondda, owned by Mr D. A. Thomas, M.P., on Wednesday morning, a serious accident occurred resulting in three men, named Evan Husrhes, John Rowlands, and Thorns Owen, being killed. Th deceased were clearing the sump at the bottom ol the pit, when a stone arch fell, and precipitated them into the water in the snmp. When taken out two of the men were found to be dead. Hughes lived for half an hour after being taken out of the pit It is stated that the arch had been found t< I be dangerous, and that masons had been instructed to repair it on Saturday, but failed to keep the appointment. The pit was only opened ten months ago. THE NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD. The National Eisteddfod at Rhyl promises to be a great success in every way. The date has now bten definitely fixed for the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9 b of September. Among ihe distinguished visitors some member of the Royal Family and the Loi c Mayor of London are expected. The number of competitors for the various prizes amounts to ovet 4,000, which, we believe, establishes a record." The concerts will be of the usual high charade., [among the artists expected being Miss Macintyre, Itliss Maggie Davies, Miss Eleanor Rees, Mr Ben Davies, Mr Frangoon Davies, and Mr Norman Salmon. The Bangor Choral Union, under the leadership of Dr Roland Rogers, has been engaged for one of the concerts. WALES NEGLECTED BY THE WESLEYANS.—The Rev John Hughes, Wesleyan Minister of the Man- chester Welsh circuit, has issued a strong protest. against the treatment of Welsh minillters and Welsh Methodism at the hands of the Conference officials. He complains that seldom is a Welsh minister placed upon the Connexional committees, though in these committees almost every year important resolutions affecting Welsh work are discussed and settled. The regulation requiring Welsh candidates for the ministry to preach two trial sermons.one in Welsh and another in English, he considers a great injustice, as it may happen that a candidate from Wales may never have heard, much lesa preached, a sermon in English. Through the action of the secretary of the northern branch of the Examination Committee, which met at Didsbury in July, he says the most promising young man Welsh Methodism has produced for a long time has been lost to the ministry. Through these acts, he declares the Welsh are being alien- ated from Methodism. MEETING OF WELSH LIBERAL MEMBERS.—The Welsh Liberal members held a meeting on Wednesday and re-elected Mr Stuart Rendel as chairman. Mr Arthur Williams resigned hie position as one of the secretaries. He wa succeeded by Mr J. H. Lewis, and Mr D. A. Thomas was re-appointed as the other secretary. On the motion of Mr T. Ellis, seoonded by Mr Bryn Roberts, a resolution was carried expressing renewed determination to support the Home Rule Bill; emphasising the fact that Wales, for the fourth time and by even more striking and over. whelming majority than heretofore, has declared its convictions in favour of Welsh disestablishment and dieendowment; rejoicing that the Liberal party is now in a position to redeem the pledge given by the National Liberal Federation that that measure should be the second object of Liberal policy; and finally expressing a deter- mination to spare no effort to seoure the adoption by the present Parliament of a measure for the disestablishment and disendowment of the Church in Wales. Mr Rendel is to place the resolution before Mr Gladstone. A CURIOUS WELSH WILL CASE.—The suit of Keen v. Edwards, referred from the High Court of Justice for trial at the City of London Court, came again before Mr Commissioner Kerr last week, by adjournment. Mr Cripps was counsel for the plaintiff, and Mr Olam for the defence. The action was brought by Mr W. B. Keenn, trustee of a bankrupt printer's estate, against Mr Evan Vincent Evans for 224 19a as secretary and a member of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodo- rian, and for .£62 4s as secretary of the National Eisteddfod Association, of which Sir J. Puleston was treasurer, and a large number of Welsh gentlemen members of the executive committee. The defendant admitted that the work was done, and the case was adjourned for the purpose of adding the whole of the members of the two associations as defendants, and this had now been done. The defendant said at the former hearing that the defendant companies had a counter claim for .£200. Mr Cripps now said that the defend- ants had agreed to a verdict against them on terms which it was not necessary to make public, and there was to be a judge's order against them if neqpssary. WESLEYAN METHODISM IN THE SOUTH WALES I)ir.TitiCT.-Several members are returning to former circuits, and will be heartily welcomed by them. The chairman (the Rev. T. Morgan) goes to Brynmawr for the third time; the Rev. J. Morris Owen returns to Merthyr after an absence of only three years, and the Rev. Perer Jones comes back to Cardiff. The Rev. Thomas Manuel, assistant secretary of the district, goes to Peny- graig, which place the Rev. A. C. Pearce is com- pelled to leave by the exigencies of stationing, much against the wishes of the circuit, in order to undertake the superintendency of Llanidloes, whieh is, practically, a billingual circuit. Mach- ynlleth has a doable change, the new ministers being the Revs. John Roberts (0) and J. Row- lands (A)—both good preachers. The Rev David Morgan, who has been on the sick list" for two I years, but is now restored to health again, takes charge of Aberayron. The Rev. Pater Jones (C) returns to the "North," and his place at Mountain Ash will be filled by the Rev. Hugh 0. Hughes, of i Llanidloes. The Rev. D. Williams (" Dewi Mai of Porth, effects a simple exchange" with the Rev. R. William Jones, of Dowlas. The Rev. Henry Pritchard becomes a supernumerary for one year, bat will still reside at Tjefbgiwys, with a anpyly to assist him.