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WEEK'S NEWS CONTINUED. Forty-five persons have been drowned by the running down of a pleasure steamer off Helsing- fors. During the holding of the fete of St. Alfonso, a mortar, charged with dynamite, burst, killing 11 persons and injuring 32. The Unionists of Midlothian have resolved not to oppose Mr Gladstone's return, when he is called upon to form a new Government. The Church Defence Institution have arranged a National Church Sunday to be observed in all parts of England and Wales, on October 30. Shocks of earr> quake were experienced last week at Coblenz, Ems, and Weisbaden. At Cob- lenz buildings were shaken, but there were no fatalities. A pauper belonging to the Chester Board of Guardians recently died, and subsequent in- quiries showed that she was worth at the time of her death no leas than 1700. A woman was apprehended at Shepherd's Bush, West London, on Tuesday, on a charge of at- tempting to murder her daughter, six years old, by throwing her out of a train late on Monday night. A peerage has been conferred upon Lord Shand, member of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, and a knighthood upon Mr Forrest Fulton, Q.O., Common Serjeant of the City of London. On the 6th inst. there were 4,123 cases and 2,493 deaths in the whole of Russia. It is esti- mated, from official daily bulletins admitted to be incomplete, that up to August 1 there had been upwards of 25,000 deaths from cholera in Russia. During some excavations at Bishops Stortford last week a greit quantity of earth fell, burying two workmen. Prompt measures were taken to rescue them, but when dug out one of the men was dead, and the other was in a very exhausted condition. On Tuesday, at Berne, the Swiss Federal Council, at a meeting, ordered the decree to issue for the immediate expulsion from Swi, zerland of an Anarchist named Guibert, who has more than once avowed himself a staunch disciple of Ravacbol. A Clergy Pensions Committee, with Bishop Lfgge as president, has been formed in the diocese of Lichfield. The Committee start with a capital of X2,000, but it is anticipated that this amount will be largely increa&ed when the scheme becomes more generally known. Information has just reached Mold of an alarm, ing outbreak of measles and scarlatina in the little v llage of Gwernymyndd. The maladies have spread among the inhabitants with great rapidity, and intense excitement prevails. Over 100 people are at present, affected, and seven deaths are reported. Lord Salisbury, in addition to his public anxi- eties, is at present (says the World) a victim to domestic worries. The Queen has again offered him the dukedom which he refused in 1887, and now again he wishes to decline it; but Lady Salisbury and several members of the Cecil family are most anxious that he should accept it. MR PRITCHARD MORGAN'S DOLOELLEY ESTATE. —It is understood that, through the intervention of friends, arrangements have been made to pre- clude the forced sale of the Bryntirion estate, the Doloelley property of Mr W. Pritchard Morgan, M.P. Part of the mortgage has been paid off, and the balance will be paid in December. A principal mansion on the estate will be converted into a I.tlge hotel and boarding-house, and parts of the estate will be let on building leases. RELICS OF WATERLOO.—A Dalziel's telegram from Brussels, dated August 9, states:—Whilst digging near the field of Waterloo to-day, at the junction of the road to Charleroi and Nivelles, some workmen came across six skeletons, to which some threads of the English uniform were cling- ing, the buttons bearing the number 15." The remains seemed to be those of young men, to judge from the teeth in the skull, and they each bore bullet wounds, showing how they had met their death. »