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WELSHPOOL. ) DECAMPING.—At the Folic? Court nn Friday, )etore S. Powe;l, EQ Thorns* Jo: es, of Stoie, was irouifht up in charge of P., Humphreys, a: d verged by John Powell, porier at Forden Work- house with leaving the Workhouse before performing iiip ttsk.—Sentence! tofonrte-n days' hard labour. FIRE BRIGADE.—On Saturday en-eniiiir, the fire orig ide under the command of the superintendent, Mr Tom Davies, met at the engine house, and 1or the first time rigged thunsdves out in th-ir new helmets, unics, trousers, and Neapolitan boots They were photographed by Mr Anderson. The turn-out to paracie the town was witnessed by a large number. A piir of hortea wrre kindly lent by Mr Richards. Lioyal O-k, and the engile had undergone an im. orovemens. The costumes, with belts and hatchets, JrCS -nt )d a neat. Itnd saiart appearance, and put one in mind .f "ur oitv brijftv.es. At 8 p.m. the men were nt u tatf ed to a saoner at. the Bull H\>tel by Ooun- Üibr Charle-t G dloway, who by Irs nil iri:<g ze A at he Council Chumbir, i as been ius^rum ntal in securing the outtit. BOROUGH Pi,, CTY On Tuesday, beiore D. P. Owen, Esq. (chairman), Col. Twyturd, W. r £ >?er. E. 0 Jones, and D. W ill, Esqrs., Thomas Eva-is, Lower-sireet, Llanfyllin, was charged by P.S. Humpbrevs with being drunk and disorderly, and was fined 14. a ,d costs. The following were also fined for a similar ffenoe George Hamer, mas m, ou Jaiv 8t», in Be'-iiew.-treet, by P.S. Humphreys, filled 2-i 6d, including osts; Thomas Gardiner digb^treei-, on Jnly 7th, by P.S. Humphreys, fined 2s Od and co-ti; 11 ry Turner, Raven-^trcer, July i-t. in Raven-street, by P.C. Rees, fi,.ed Is un: os BVI'TIST CUAFKL.—O a recent Timr uv (""1,g (itirittl- the f-ciltlrnønt of t: e election-) 11¡,) members ;oEnected with fie above place of -^orsnip II). t >g*tner to partake of a s cial cup of t. a. ai.d with ,,he oi)j-et of eel bra.tinlllU 8. qllitJt but very OTJjO.\ ahle way t-lie fir-t an ..veraary <>f i ne settlement, amongst r.hem of thc.r pss or, the Rev T huws-»n. Alvan- tage was taken ot the opportunity to tes ify !n a practical maimer the:r appreciation of his ministry, and to shew the loving regard in which lie is held by the members and congregation This took the form of a pnrse of trold. which was suitably acknowledged by Mr Riiwson. who, in response, spoke leeiirgly of the hapi in as he had experienced in the work at Welshpool, an t> e uniform kindness which be had received from the members and friends. Ii may be stated that during Mr Rowson's pastorate the con- gregations have largely illcra.sed, while the Sunday school has reaped ths benefit, not only of having the presence and teaching At the Pa-tor, but the advantage of his training in the singing. Mention shouid also be made of the fact that through his energy (backed up by ths efforts of the members, and the kind support of some outside frinnds) very great improvements have been effected in the chapel premises, new windows having been supplied, And extensive alte-at'ons carried out, which have resulted in t is p ae, of worship b,- if not elaborate in appearance, at le .t comfortable and cheery. CHURCH SUNDJo. y SCHO )LB. I h annual treat took place on Thursday, July 2ht. at Pool Quay, in a larg'1 field adj -ining the village, belooging to the Karl of Powis, and kindly lent by Mr Jones, Bank Far.-n. The sc o ds assembled in Berriew-street at It noon, and marched to the Sevevn-srreet Bridge, to r h-i strains of the band of the 4th Batallion of the Sonhh Wales Border-rs, under the conductorsbip of Mr Fred Owen. The children, parents, and friends were then conveyed to Pool Quay in seven boats, which were taken charge of by the following gentle- man, who acted as captains-No 1, Mr Cowan and Mr K. H. Owen: 2. Mr H D. Bwratt; 3, Mr Wm. Humphrevs 4, Messrs J. Francis and Leonard J ones; 5, Mr J. Whitcall; 6, Mr Charles t'. Morris 7. Rev. Llewellyn Jones. The place of rendezvous was reached about 2-30, when snorts and games were in- dulged in till tea time. The arrangements for the tea were carried out satisfactorily bv a committee of ladies, viz., Mrs Addie, Mrs G Davies, Miss A. Jones, Miss M. N. Owen, and Miss Roper. After tea the band played selections of music for dancing. The sports were ably carried out and managed by Mr H. Lloyd, and the captains of the boats assisted. Teachers present: Miss A. Jones, Miss M. N. Owen, Miss Roper, Mrs Thomas Evans, Miss Miriam Jones, Miss A. M. Jones, Miss Barker, Miss Lucy Jones, Miss Thomas, Miss Beyston, Miss Maddox, Mr Robt. Owen, Mr H. Lloyd, Mr Wm. Ireland, Mr John Jones, Mrs Shuker, Mias Riddidl, Messrs John Francis, Leonard Jones, Mr Williams, and Mr 10. H. Farrner, hon secretary. Gu tgrog School: Miss Edith Francis, Misses Rudge. Miss Lottie Jone-, Misses Lilly and Rose Dovaston, Miss C. Morris, Miss L. Morris, and Miss Smith. Christ Churcn School: Miss Farmer, Miss Lucy Farmer, Miss Jessie Smith, Miss Harries, Miss Davies, and Miss Jones. Belan School: Rev LI. Jones, Miss Smith, Mrs Br e?e and Mr Breese. Amongst those who were present and assisted at the tea, sports, games, &c., wee-lr" F. H. Hawkins, Mrs Maxwell, Mrs Rober a. P .(,1 Q/iay, Mra D. P. Owen, Miss Jones, Mrs T. M. Price. Mrd Roper, Mrs Huxley, Misses Jewill, Po d Quay, Mrs John Jones, Pool Quay, and Miss Waine, Mr T M. Price, organ- ist, Captaip Westby, Messrs E. Jones, Thos. Jones, C. Galloway, and Mr John Jones, Pool Quay. The whole of the arrangements were under the eenial management of Rev Grimaldi Davies, vicar of Welsh, pool, ind the Rev F. H. Hawkins. In the afternoon Mr E. Jones, Bull Hotel, ran brake.) from the town, and being half holiday many availed themselves of the out. Theru were over a thousand present. At 7-30 the Rev G. Dviet addressed the scholars and the company, and thankel the v;sitors for their attendance. The Vicar then proposed votes of tha iks and cheers for the following: The'Band, tadies, Sunday school teachers, and to Mr W. F. Addie, tne superintendent, who was unavoidably aoseot. A vote of thanks was also accorded to the vicar, and carried with three hearty cheers. A move vaj then m-ide for the boats, and the ride home was b 'o 'rupHshed by nine p.m. The band played from r, e boats to the Town Hatl, and were followed bv a long procession. "God save the Q,-ieen was then played, and thus terminated one of the largest and most successful Sunday school treats held in Welsh- pool.








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